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Posted 10/13/08 , edited 10/13/08
these are the rules and other concerns for the group:

1 you can only request about 1 per week
2 if you would like to request an avatar, you need you submit the following:
*name/username: whatever you want to appear in the avatar (you can choose the colors)
*a picture that you want: it could be somthing that we chose if you want
*for you to choose between: circles, squares, or butterflies (this is for the framing)
*color for the border: (black, blue, white, green, red, violet/purple, yellow, orange)
---note: you can mix and match the borders just tell me if it is the inner one or the outer (inner is the one closer to the picture and the outer one is farther)
*other additionals: (skull, butterfly, a star, a bird with its wings open, a bird, leaf, mantis)
---note:those are all silouettes
3 your avatar will be done as fast as two hours, or as long as 2 days
4 you dont need to be active here
5 the purpose of this group is just to have fun and have a smashing avi
6 you can also request membership cards
7 for membership cards, you need to sumit me your:
*color of your choice-- note: there must be two colors (one for the border and the text)
*a picture
---note: membership cads are created the same way like this:(but sizes may vary)

here are the choices for the colors:
blue, dark blue, light blue, red, dark red, light red, orange, dark orange, light orange, green, dark green, light green, yellow, black, grey, white, violet, dark violet, light violet, dirty white, pink, light pink, dark pink
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