--!c0ntest!..--avatar making..
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--this is 0ur first c0ntest..--the avatar making c0ntest!..--s0 y0u guys, please j0in..--y0u 0nly have 3 weeks t0 participate in here..

--here are the rules:

(1)--the picture must be alice manga or anime..--but i prefer manga xD..--anyways..--y0u can ch0ose whatever y0u want..
(2)this c0ntest is f0r the avatars pr0file..--s0 we must have a desied size..the size must be(width:150-200,length:550-600)..
(3)put y0u username in y0ur avatar bel0w s0 that it will be easy f0r us t0 kn0w wh0 made it..
(4)d0n't f0rget t0 put a text "--gAkuen Alice mAngA"..--0f c0urse it's the name 0f 0ur gr0up..


--me and the m0ds will be the 0ne t0 decide wh0 will be the winner..--we will ch0ose 0nly 3 t0 p0st 0n the gr0ups pr0file..--the 1st place's avatar will be the avatar f0r the pr0file..--s0 guys, please j0in and participate in hee..--thanks xD..
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here's mine !
Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/30/08
Here's my entry...,,
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