HS7 radio show ep 5
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umm. okay, since i see many people asking for this..

5th Radio Show (October 06th 2008)

It's only Keito & Yuto doing the radio this week

Okamoto: Good evening, this is Hey!Say!7’s Okamoto Keito

Nakajima: Good evening, this is Nakajima Yuto

Okamoto: We’ll get the show heated up just the two of us this week!

Nakajima: Yeah. It’s just two of us

Okamoto: Yeah

Nakajima: The time has finally come. It was my dream to do a radio show with Keito.

Okamoto: Really.

Nakajima: Yeah, I’m so happy. I always look forward to all the funny comments you’d make.

Okamoto: Don’t expect on me too much

Nakajima: Sorry

Okamoto: Don’t we get along pretty well?

Nakajima: We do. We go to places a lot.

Okamoto: We also went to a movie a while ago

Nakajima: We did. Let’s go again.

Okamoto: What should we do?

Nakajima: Doesn’t the studio feel bigger?

Okamoto: Yeah it is bigger. I just felt that, too.

Nakajima: The studio is big because it’s just the two of us.

Okamoto: Yeah

Nakajima: I can see the outside

Okamoto: Oh yeah

Nakajima: Wow, I can see the outside!

Okamoto: Then, should we…

Nakajima: Hey, do we have anything in common?

Okamoto: It’s that… we are pretty tall.

Nakajima: You’re right.

Okamoto: I’m 172cm right now

Nakajima: I’m [17]3cm

Okamoto: I’m trying my best to get as tall as you right now

Nakajima: You’re drinking milk, right?

Okamoto: Yeah, about 500ml every day. I drink milk everyday but Yuto and the others are telling me that only my bones will get bigger

Nakajima: Because milk only makes your bones bigger

Okamoto: A little trivia there

Okamoto: But your height will grow, too

Nakajima: Shall we start, soon?

Okamoto: Let’s

Dream come true tune

Okamoto: We’ll present to you new segments so please listen carefully and send us your thoughts

Nakajima: Please enjoy until the end

Dream come true tune

Okamoto: To start off, I’d like to present you, listeners, a segment you can join in by mail. First it’s…


Everyone: Yeah

Nakajima: Gosh, the echo sounds so cool

Okamoto: This is a segment which we are taking requests of the talk’s keyword and to talk about it.

Nakajima: Oh~

Okamoto: I’d be happy if they could send us keywords that are easy to talk about

Nakajima: Yeah. What could we talk about?

Okamoto: Hmm…

Nakajima: Something we’re good at. What would that be? Keito would be that… what about Billiard?

Okamoto: Yeah, billiard

Nakajima: You’re good at billiard right?

Okamoto: Well, yeah. I am good at billiard

Nakajima: You just said it yourself though

Okamoto: I got carried away

Nakajima: Are there any uncommon knowledge you can share with us?

Okamoto: About billiard?

Nakajima: yeah

Okamoto: You know how sometimes people are sitting on the table?

Nakajima: Yeah, with their backs facing the table? They look cool

Okamoto: Yeah, I see that sometimes and you’d think “wow they look like they’re a good player” but most often, those people aren’t even touching the ground

Nakajima laughs

Okamoto: And you have to have your feet on the ground at all times in billiard

Nakajima: Oh yeah

Okamoto: Other people might think they are pretty cool but I think of them as “what are they doing?”

Nakajima: Like “why are they showing off” kind of thing

Okamoto: Yeah. For Yuto it’d be… bugs

Nakajima: Yup, bugs

Okamoto: Don’t you love bugs?

Nakajima: Well…. Lately, I’ve been starting to dislike grasshoppers

Okamoto: Starting to dislike them?

Nakajima: Yeah because, I don’t know why but they keep jumping towards me and I’m like “why do you love me so much?”

Okamoto: Yeah

Nakajima: And if you look face to face with a grasshopper, they are actually pretty disgusting

Okamoto: But… bugs are

Nakajima: I’m so sorry, you hate bugs right? I’m sorry

Okamoto: No, remember a while back with you, me, and Chinen went to…

Nakajima: Is it that water strider thing?

Okamoto: We went to a lake

Nakajima: I found a water strider. I showed you it and let you sniff them because they actually do smell like candies. But you actually hated them right?

Okamoto: I just don’t like them…

Nakajima: I saw it in the magazine. I was like “Oh, that’s what happened” and my mood got really low.

Okamoto's interview from Duet Oct 08
☆Yuto likes bugs. The other day, Yuto and I just happened to pass by a lake and he told me “Keito, water striders really smells like candies, so I’ll let you smell one!” and he went off looking for one. To be honest, I don’t like anything buggy. But he brought it to me really happily so I put up with it even though the legs were moving in front of my face… (tears). That’s only because Yuto went all his trouble to find one for me. Let’s keep this talk a secret from Yuto (laughs).

Okamoto: Because you were holding three water striders in your hands

Nakajima: They really do smell good

Okamoto: I know

Nakajima: So you understand

Okamoto: But I’m not good with bugs

Nakajima: Okay, then I’ll be careful next time

Okamoto: Really? You caught a cicada the other day and showed me that, too

Nakajima: Sorry. I’m really sorry. I’ll try fixing that. I’m really sorry

Okamoto: Okay. Well, this isn’t the only new segment so I’d like to announce it now. It’s…


Okamoto: In this segment, we are taking requests for a phrase you want us to say

Nakajima: Oh~

Okamoto: Yeah, something that we wouldn’t normally say

Nakajima: Eh~

Okamoto: Send us some

Nakajima: I see.

Okamoto: For example, it’d go like this…

Nakajima: Do you have an ecobag?

Nakajima: Wait a minute, is this okay? Is this how its ganna go?

Okamoto: Yeah

Nakajima: “Do you have an ecobag?” ?!

Okamoto: You don’t say that often

Nakajima: Not at all but it’s important if you think about how the Earth is right now. We have to think more about Earth. Do you have an ecobag?

Okamoto: Ecobag? I have one

Nakajima: Really?

Okamoto: My school bag is really big, it’s actually is a backpack and it’s really big. I have my big ecobag in my backpack right now.

Nakajima: So you do use it

Okamoto: Yeah. I’m like “I’m eco”

Nakajima: You should all use one too

Okamoto: We announced 2 new segments today but there’s actually another segment

Nakajima: Eh!?

Okamoto: Yup. We are going to announce it in tomorrow’s broadcast so, please listen to them.

Nakajima: Please listen to a song for now.

Okamoto: Theme song for the drama, Scrap Teacher. New song by Hey!Say!JUMP. It’s Mayonaka no Shadow Ho-i.

[Yes, I know it’s “Mayonaka no Shadow Boy” but Keito actually said “Ho-I”]

Mayonaka no Shadow Ho-i.

Okamoto: It’s already time for us to apart.

Nakajima: Yup

Okamoto: We are waiting for your feedback for this show and we just announced two new segments so it’d be great if you start sending us some.

Nakajima: Yeah. If you are sending by mail, send to 105-8002 Bunka Broadcast Hey!Say!7’s show. The email address is [email protected]

Okamoto: Beside from the new segments, send us your thoughts on the music, any questions you have for us, or anything you want us to do.

Nakajima: Please listen to us next time!

Okamoto: It was Hey!Say!7’s Okamoto Keito

Nakajima: and Nakajima Yuto

Okamoto/Nakajima: See you tomorrow!

credits: [email protected]

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thanks for the translation~!

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~Kyaa! it's Keito and Yuto!!! XD!
arigatou for sharing this again...
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24 / F / My new account :3
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ZOMG I totally have theeeeeeeeeeee greatset thing for them to say !!!

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thanks for sharing : D
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