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Post Reply Game - I wish for the person below to...
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Posted 3/2/09 , edited 3/2/09
I'll see him awake in iris flower's bed and took his pic, he he... [sorry, i can't describe his looks...]

I wish for the person below me to approach the awaken Azuma and bring him some tea ... Do whatever you want after that.
[becareful he might do something wild to you... ]
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
Approaches Azuma, bringing him a cup of tea... After that, I don't do anything... (wasting my chances)

I wish for the person below me to ask him out on a date!!!! (and get rejected hopefully)
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
In front of Seiso

C_V : "Nee, Yunoki-senpai. Would you like to go out with me in this saturday?"
Yunoki : "Why I need to do that? I don't have obligation for it. Plus, you seems not really interesting..."
C_V : "Well, that's too bad... [turns around]. I have a private information about Hino-chan, but you're not interest. I'm leaving!"
Yunoki : "[reach out his hand] whoa wait! I'll go. [devilish look] but you better keep your word about 'private information'."
C_V : "[nodded] You'll keep me in good mood, I'll give you an information about, [whispering] ... Hino-chan's bra size..."

I wonder what are Yunoki going to do with Kahoko after this...

I wish for the person below me to track Yunoki and Kahoko after I tell him the information and the date is over
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Posted 5/2/09 , edited 5/3/09
Okay! I'm spying on Yunoki after he leaves. After hiding behind boxes and such, I find him leaving a very....dirty store... (What the heck is going on???) Yunoki is holding a box. I wonder what's in it. He goes to Kahoko's house and rings the bell.

I wish for the person below me to see what he says to her.
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Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/8/09

*tries hard to find a proper place to eavesdrop*.......... *listens carefully and stares into space not knowing what to think* But here's how the conversation starts;

Yunoki rings the bell and kaho quickly opens the door and she almost gets a shock

Yunoki: *winks* surprised to see me eh??? *he gently grazes her face with one hand while carrying the box in the other*

Hino : *blushes* Yunoki-senpai........ what are you doing here??

Yunoki : *yunoki grins* I was bored so I thought i'll drop by to annoy you a little.... And what's with that look on your face? Oh wait its the box isnt it?? *he whispers something* (I was unable to hear what he was whispering) * he stops whispering*..... And guess what its for yu Kahoko... *he hand her the box smirking*

Hino : *turns more red* I..I...I cant accept something like this???


I wish for the person below me to find out what's inside the box yunoki gives kaho........
Posted 9/5/09 , edited 9/5/09
Me: Hino-chan!!!

Hino: Yes?

Me: A friend of mine told me that Yunoki-senpai gave you a box yesterday!!

Hino: E-Eh?? How did that friend of yours know??

Me: Well, she's your neighbor, and she was nearby when he gave you that box... And you were blushing too when he gave it to you!!! What's in it?? Spill, Hino-chan, spill!!! *excited best friend mood on*

Hino: Umm... Well, it's...

Me: Yes?

Hino: Don't tell anyone...

Me: I won't, I promise...

Hino: I-It's... I mean... Uh...

Me: Is it really that hard to say?

Hino: *nods* Well... Actually... The contents of the box is...a-a set of l-l-lingerie...

Me: WHAT????? Yunoki-senpai gave you WHAT????

Hino: W-With a note...

Me: What note?

Hino: T-The next time he comes... He wants me to wear them.... *her face is soooooooo red by now...*


WHOA!!! I wish for the person below me to just ask Yunoki when he's going to meet Kahoko next lol
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