Post Reply Why do you hate vampires?
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Posted 10/14/08 , edited 10/15/08
I hate vampires because they are sickening and because I am so sick of hearing about them in the media through Twilight and Vampire Knight and Trinity Blood and all that other stuff.

What about you?
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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/17/08
I hate hearing about almost all of it period. Or fangirls screaming about vampire "bishies" =_="
Plus, half the vampires are like....soo generic and the same as every other main character in something you see out in the world.

There's like only...a few vampire characters overall that I like.

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Posted 2/4/09 , edited 2/4/09
They are so emo. They are very sickening, I mean what kind of moron would allow a vampire, or in my definition "the-living-dead" drink their blood? And I just get so irratated when people say "I wish I would die and be reborn as a vampire" I mean seriously, dude, if you want to be a vampire that bad, just kill a random person and drink their blood for god's sake.
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