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Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/15/08
Well... I have an uncontrollable "curly" hair...
and I want it straight...
Whenever I use a straightening iron, It makes a curl on the end
any tips to having a straight hair when its not naturally that straight?
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Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/15/08
It depends how curly your curly hair is. What I mean is that I for example have naturally wavy hair, with a flat iron it ends up being straight. However, my cousin has really, really curly hair - think white afro - and if that's the case with you, as far as I know, it doesn't matter what you do, it will always remain curly. Neither flat irons and chemical straighteners are effective on afro-type hair.

But.... you could just try using a better type of flat iron? I mean, if you have one of those really cheap ones, of course it'll be crap. If you want a good one you have to spend more money.
Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/16/08
負離子;Japanese hair straightening(Yuko System)

Your hair stays straight permanently(untill your hair grows out), leaves hair straight and really shiny.
Quite expensive but it looks worth if for those that has hard to manage hair.

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