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Posted 4/17/07 , edited 4/17/07
OK. I haven't managed to watch a new anime in several months (other than Black Lagoon of course), I have scrolled through all the anime offered on this site, looking at the blerb, pictures and name and just cant find one that I think will interest me too much.

I'm looking for something that definately isn't set in a highschool, and/or loli. I need something deeper, with interesting characters that have decent backstory, and aren't 'stock' anime characters. I want something 'dark' i guess, the more twisted the better, something that makes you think. More or less any genre is open to me, but I can't bring myself to watch a bland vanilla love story unless it has some very clever writing. Nor can I watch another silly sci-fi action borefest unless it too contains the aforementioned.

Find me something I like and I'll do some donating :)

For a bit more help, I love (off the top of my head): Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, Perfect Blue,Elfen Lied, Akira

Stuff with a bit more bite.

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Posted 4/17/07 , edited 4/17/07
Remember when I PMed you asking for Anime recommendations?

The reason I did was because we cannot allow every member to post a 'reccomend me an Anime' thread, there is already a thread for that.

Watch Monster.....also I would recommend to PM azrael910 or BasouKazuma ( or type in the search basoukazuma pick to see his recommendations) sorry cocky but I have to lock this

Seriously Monster has pretty much everything you listed

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