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Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/15/08
So, why do you guys hate Vampire Knight?

I think it's stupid. I hate it that the manga was/is serialized in Shoujo Beat. T_T I love almost everything else that's serialized in it, but I think Vampire Knight hardly classifies as shoujo manga.
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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/17/08
Oh, it classifies as a shoujo but... THE STORY SEEMS SO GENERIC! Yeah, so a lot of anime have pretty much the same plot but different characters. Vampire has no complex characters at all. Only ONE cool character: Ichijou Takuma. Why? Because he likes manga and most likely eats pocky >=]

There's like..nothing NEW about it. It used to be cool but people raving about it made me sick to the stomach about it. Blah. I want to throw mushrooms at all of them.


FANGIRLS! THE NIGHT CLASS OR KIRIYU ZERO IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT BISHIE!!!!! THEY ARE NOT BISHIES!!!!!!! They are all... They all look the freaking same! ESPECIALLY in the manga. Do you know how many times I have to flip through the pages just to see which character is which because they all look the same, have the same hair style, the same eyes, and etc. The girls even look the same! >=[

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