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Bloody Monday is a manga adaption starring Miura Haruma! He will be playing the lead role in this drama. It tells the story of a virus deal clinched in Russia on Christmas eve.
Purpose: unknown.
Two clues: a mysterious lady "Maya", one of the gangsters, and "Bloody Monday", the keyword for the project.
Will be aired on October 11, 2008!

Fujimaru Takagi (高木 藤丸, Takagi Fujimaru)
A 2nd year high school student and a member of the Newspaper Club. Unknown to everyone (but his father, the PSIA, and the Newspaper Club), he is also Falcon, a hacker prodigy who hacks into corrupt people's computers and brings their crimes to light.

Maya Orihara (折原 マヤ, Orihara Maya)
She purchased a virus in Russia. She is currently undercover as Maya Orihara, a biology teacher in Mishiro Academy High School. Under her facade she shows others she is a cold and calculating killer who doesn't care who has to die to achieve her objective and even plans to kill Fujimaru's friends at the first chance she gets. Antagonist.

Otoya Kujō (九条 音弥, Kujō Otoya)
A 3rd year and the President of the Newspaper Club. He is Fujimaru's childhood friend. He is also, Fujimaru's "back up." He was the only one that knew about Fujimaru's supreme hacking skills, and was the one that told the Newspaper Club (with Fujimaru's permission) about the Takagis' work.

Ryūnosuke Takagi (高木 竜之介, Takagi Ryūnosuke)
Fujimaru's father who works for the Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA) under its secret Third Division aka Third-I as its Vice Director. He was framed for the murder of Director Okita, and is on the run.

Aoi Asada (朝田 あおい, Asada Aoi)
A 2nd year and the Vice-president of the Newspaper Club. She was Fujimaru's father's apprentice in karate. She seems to have a slight crush on Fujimaru.

Mako Anzai (安斎 真子, Anzai Mako)
A 1st year and a member of the Newspaper Club. She is a fan of the hacker Falcon. After discovering that Fujimaru was him, she gained a slight crush, more of an obessesion with him.

Hide Tachikawa (立川 英, Tachikawa Hide)
A 2nd year and a member of the Newspaper Club. He seems to be naive and the least intelligent of the club, but he tries to help Fujimaru in anyway he can.

Haruka Takagi (高木 遥, Takagi Haruka)
Fujimaru's younger sister by two years. She seems to be suffering from kidney failure. Haruka seems to have a slight crush on Otoya.
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Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/18/08
wow can't wait to see it! only because miura starring out in it<3
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i love this show. i wished it was subbed faster though.
I love Miura in this!!
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