Cho Seung Hui
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Posted 4/17/07 , edited 4/17/07
Alright, my information on the V-Tech shooting stuff proved to be false. (I had been using internet sources which amounted to gossip on the net. I feel stupid and will watch myself in the future.) However, turning to the news it seems that the shooter was a S. Korean American student at the school. His name was Cho Seung Hui.

Apparently he was a quiet guy who kept to himself. He was an English major, but his teacher recommended him to the school physiatrist after reading his disturbing stories. He was also, (supposedly) on drugs for depression. People said he had recently become very violent and prone to anger.

If you ask me the guy’s most likely got a severe case of 2nd case bipolar. If he was a simple sufferer from chronic depression the medication would have worked. However, doctors often make the mistake of only prescribing bipolar patients to antidepressants. This being said it seems likely to me that this could be the case now.

People with bipolar disorder, (and I know this cuz apparently I’m bipolar to a minor degree.) have a tendency to be artistically talented. As I understand it this guy was an exceptional writer. They also tend to be intellectually blessed, and looking at the information I’ve found on him I’m inclined to believe he is.

If my diagnosis is correct then I can theorize that nothing recent set him off. (Bipolar people stew on ancient things and go into manic fits about events that other people would have long forgot.) Still, this is just a loose theory. Bipolar people also have a tendency to be very talkative. They make comparisons that nobody understands, and have masses of rapid thoughts that pass through their mind almost too quickly to put into words. Yet, that’s exactly what they will try to do.

Anyway, if I am correct I think this could have all been prevented. Either by proper medication or by close scrutiny of the murderer. What do some of you think? Do you feel it would have been at all possible for anyone to predict the V-tech shooting? To prevent it? I have doubts that there was a lack of any hint to Cho’s “turning” point.

Also, if you were to diagnose Cho with the information you have, what would you say was mentally or emotionally wrong with him? Do you think he had a point he was trying to get across? What actions do you think should be taken to avoid future tragedies? What are your general thoughts on the guy?

Personally I think he was just unwell. I do honestly think he was bipolar at this moment. Still, he’s responsible for his actions. If he had failed to kill himself I would have him sentenced to death. (That is if I had any control over his punishment, which of course I would not.) People who are always kind and then break into something like this make more sense to me. I can more easily forgive them, but this guy sounded like he had always been an egotistical jackass. Even before he turned into a murdering psychopath.

P.S I know there was a thread on V-Tech, but this one is focused on Cho. Not the victims.
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Posted 4/17/07 , edited 4/17/07
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