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Just state your name (or whatever you wish to be called), your favorite pokemon, and why you joined. Answer which ever one you feel comfortable answering! ^_^
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Name: Mizu (water) or Mar-Mar
Fav Pokemon: Pikachu!
Reason: I don't have anything against May, but she belongs with Drew. Misty has dibs on Ash.
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I ish Dana desu. :3
My favoriteeeeeeee pokemon ish Pikachu :D
Reason: Uhm...I just think they go together :3

the fanart are all so cute!
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HI i am jacky
fav pokemon i don't know they r so cool i like them all

reason: cuz I think that may goes with drew not ash
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Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/5/08
Hey, my name is Jeanie
My favorite pokemon is Squirtle
My reason for being here is because Ash and Misty belong together and so do Drew and May ^_^

yeah, i'm a pokeshipper and contestshipper ^_^
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the names ace
my fav pokemon...i have favs for each type e.g. for steel metagross, for dark get the idea
i here...coz i was invited
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me is maddie
dont know wats my favorite pokemon, hard to choose >__<!
reason why i joined is bcuz i HATE may and dawn and i get MAD when may or dawn is with ash!!! ash is misty's and may's and dawn's are someone else!!! nyeh!!!! >_______<!
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Hi hi! Actually, everyone knows me on here. I'm IloveShino.
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