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Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/16/08
Character intro

-YaoYao is a member from the Blackies but did not star in THE LEGEND OF BROWN SUGAR CHIVALRIES
-Apple is a member from the Blackies but did not star in THE LEGEND OF BROWN SUGAR CHIVALRIES
-YaTou is a member from the Blackies and starred in THE LEGEND OF BROWN SUGAR CHIVALRIES,she is
also Wangzi's rumoured girlfriend.The rumour started when both became close to each other during the filming
-XiaoXun is a member from the Blackies and starred in THE LEGEND OF BROWN SUGAR CHIVALRIES
-WangZi is rumoured to have a feeling for GuiGui and GuiGui is also rumoured to have a feeling for him.But later
he began to be paired up with Yatou.
-MeiMei is a member from the Blackies but did not star in THE LEGEND OF BROWN SUGAR CHIVALRIES

One day, The Blackies and Lollipop had a private party to celebrate XiaoXun's birthday.The cast of THE LEGEND OF BROWN SUGAR CHIVALRIES had formed a small group and were playing the game < True Or Dare>.As GuiGui was not one of the cast, she knew she would be extremely out of place if she were to join the group.

YaoYao: OMG! Look at how close WangZi is to YaTou! They look so adorable! Extremely compatible.I am sure
there is something going on between them~

Apple:Yeah!!! Haha But... What about GuiGui? Isn't that her WangZi?

YaoYao: Dunno.Thats up to WangZi to decide.Base on what i see, him seem to like YaTou a lot!!!

Apple: * Squeals in agreement*

Unknown to them...GuiGui had over heard their conversation.She was sitting alone at a corner eating her dessert.She was feeling very lonely and felt like crying.

GuiGui: Does WangZi really like YaTou?They both seem together...This is the first time that
WangZi did not ask for me.This is the first time he has completely forgotten about.It seems that in
his eyes right now, there's only Yatou...

As she spoke, a tear rolled down a cheek and dripped onto her hand.However, she was a courageous girl, not a weak one.She immediately wiped her tears away and stood up to get a drink.As she was doing so, she bumped into Yatou...

Yatou:GuiGui, why does your face look so red?Especially your nose!.......Did you cry?

GuiGui: (a bit flabbergasted) Cry?No,no,definetely no.I am okay.Maybe it's a bit humid in here.

Yatou: Humid..But the air-con is on! In fact it's so cold that i started shivering.But i am alright now because
WangZi was sweet enough to lend me his jacket.He even rubbed my hands to keep them warm.....

Upon hearing this, GuiGui's head shot up and stared at Yatou

GuiGui: (in a soft whisper) Wow you are very close to him huh...

Yatou;( a evil smile crossed her face)Well, not as close to him like you are.But i think he's really sweet.He is always so caring. For example he always help me to carry my lunchbox around during filming and....etc etc...

Yatou pauses a while, takes a peek at GuiGui and says

Yatou:The crews all say we are like a couple.Even i feel like we are...

GuiGui:(shocked but still in a whisper) Huh?

Yatou: Oh well, i am going back to WangZi already bye~

GuiGui was left standing there, her spirits lower than ever.She felt like crying but she knew as soon as she started crying, it would mean that she admitted defeat.So, instead, she maintained her usual playful mood and hopped to the group that had filmed The Legend Of The Sugar Chilvaries.

GuiGui:(Forcing a wide grin) Hey all! What are you talking about?

XiaoXun: Oh we are talking about the filming and...

XiaoXun was suddenly cut off by WangZi

WangZi:(irritated) About out show, and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with you.

Everyone had their eyes fixed on WangZi , they were all shocked by the tone of voice he used to speak to GuiGui.Despite feeling really hurt, GuiGui continued to put up a brave front.

GuiGui: I only wanted to ask a bit.I didn;t have anyone to talk to just now.So i was feeling a little bored and...

She was cut off by WangZi

WangZi: Ok.Ok, i get it, you don't have to keep talking it hurts my ears to keep hearing you talking.

This round everyone was stunned.It was well-known that WangZi and GuiGui shared a very close relationship and it was unusal that WangZi gave a cold shoulder to GuiGui.What made WangZi behave this way? No one really knew...

GuiGui: I...

GuiGui could no longer control her emotions.Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stood there motionless.
One of the girls from the blackies, MeiMei saw what happened and knew she had to do something.But what?She decided to call Aaron to settle the problem.He was perhaps the only one who could take good care of GuiGui when these type of things happen.

XiaoXun:GuiGui, don't cry, WangZi, what's up with you, why are you being so mean and curt today? am not sure.Just get her out of my view!

GuiGui:I don't want to get out of your view! Do you really like Yatou?Why are you behaving like this?

By now, GuiGui was crying so badly that the room was silent and everyone was staring at her.Upon hearing this question, Yatou decided to take action.

Yatou:WangZi already said that he does't want to see you.So get out of his sight!

When everything seemed to go wrong for GuiGui, Aaron rushed into the room.He saw what was happening and immediately went to GuiGui's side.

Aaron:(softly and gently)Hey, don't cry.I think you look really ugly like this.WangZi is not worth your tears.Come on.

Aaron gently grabbed GuiGui hand and looked hard at WangZi.

Aaron: Forget it WangZi, I shall take care of GuiGui.

He then led GuiGui out of the room.

The scene that Aaron "rescued" GuiGui made many of the girls heart melt.They felt that was the most romantic thing a guy could do for a girl...

On the other hand, WangZi was so mad that he stormed to the toilet where he bumped into MeiMei.

MeiMei: You were jealous of GuiGui being so close to Aaron right?That made you want to be so mean to her yeah?


MeiMei:Now you have nto only hurt her but also lost her.

WangZi didn't know what to say.He only knew that whatever he did to GuiGui would be one of his biggest regret in life.

WangZi:(Thinking) GuiGui, you forgive me and give me one more chance?

To Be Continued
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24 / F / EARTH xD
Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/16/08
Aaron's part is really small in here.But as the story continues, their realtionship would become closer
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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/16/08
OMG! it's so interesting!! hehe, shall look forward ^^
nice job xD
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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08 later wangzi will try to snatch guigui back from aaron??
but it's too late i think..haha
yatou here is so mean anyway...she n guigui are supposed to be friends~
but still good though^^
keep up the good work!!
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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/27/08
yes!!! aaron got gui2x!!! yes!!!
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Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08
woah! Wang Zi is mean in this! but its cute
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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 10/31/08
OMG so interesting!!!! up dated more plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
ya tou taking a bad char lma0s :D
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