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Shida Mirai's Profile:

Name: Shida Mirai 志田未来
Nicknames: Shida chan Mirai or Mirai chan
I also read somewhere that she became close friends with Yamada and Kamiki and they both call her Mirai Chan
Born: May 10 1993 Kanagawa prefecture
Blood Type: AB
Height: 150cm
Horoscope: Taurus
Shida chan is shortsighted<-------
Entered the entertainment world at the age of six
Hobbies: Sports, Games, Purinto kurabu, Exchanging Photos, collecting coins, sending mail with hand phone
Family: Mother Father younger sister named Miyuu
Treasures: Friends
Fashion item: hat
Favorite Artist: Ayaka<---recently shes been liking kobukuro some others too
Favorite Movie: The Core
Favorite Chinese Soup: Miso Soup
Favorite School event: Camping
Favorite Fragrance: Citrus
Fears: Ghosts
Cats or Dogs?: Dogs
optimistic or pessimism?: Optimistic
Habit: Always does the Peace sign when taking pictures
If you were a boy what would you want to do? Get into a quarrel or fight Lol
Where would you want to live when you get older? Okinawa or near the Sea
What grade were you in when you started believing in Santa Clause? Second Grade
Proud Cooking: Omelette
Most respected person: Mother
Most respected person in history: Sei shonagon
Other occupation desired: secretary
Method to relieve stress: Karaoke :D
Favorite food: Tuna, Ice coffee, Tomato Soup, Mango, 煮物・ぬか漬け
Favorite bread: Tuna bread
Favorite Animals: Giraffe and Elephants
Favorite subject: Math
Least favorite subject: English
Special Skill: Imitating(friends), Horizontal bar
Favorite Sport: Badminton
(Shida is in the badminton club in her junior high school)
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite season: Fall (because its not too cold or too hot)
Least favorite season: Spring (because of pollinosis)
Favorite Comic: こっちむいて!みい子
Favorite Novel: Happy Birthday
Favorite Actor: Yuki Matsushita
Favorite Flower: かすみ草 Haze grass
Favorite Word: Smile

Credits: Shida Mirai Community and Blossomxkiss

Recently shes mentioned that she liked the author Yamada Yuusuke
Shes a casual dresser she doesn't like to show too much skin
Narumi Riko described Shida as being really lovable, tiny,cute, playful and friendly when they were doing a campaign together
Yamada said Shida was Yabai/Cool and that she was "really something" cheerful and very tomboyish
From what I know she really likes to make friends and she gets along with everyone
Shes bashful in front of strangers
She speaks her mind freely and has a really strong and positive personality

Yamada Ryosuke's Profile:

Name: Yamada Ryosuke 山田涼介
Nickname: Yamachan, Yamada, Ryo-chan
Birthdate: May 9th, 1993
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Lives: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Fav. Food: Strawberry, Eggplant, Meat
Least Fav. Food: Tomato, Fermented Soybean
Hobbies: Cooking, Fishing
Fav. Subject: Social Studies
Fav. No.: 4
Fav. Color: White, Orange
Fav. Sport: Soccer
Group: Hey! Say! JUMP
Former group: Kitty Jr., Tap Kids, Hey! Say! 7
Admiried senior: Domoto Koichi
PVs participated in: Seishun Amigo, Venus, Fever to Future.
He loves collecting coins. (He thinks it's fun)
He is very close to Nakajima Yuto.
He auditioned for Johnny's Jimusho on August 12th, 2004
He debuted with the group Hey! Say! 7 which was later integrated into Hey! Say! JUMP on September 24th, 2007
He doesn't want to have a girlfriend yet because he wants to be more successful in his career.
He doesn't like criticism.
Sometimes he's naughty and sometimes he's just quiet.
He likes hanging out with his group especially with Nakajima Yuto.
He is a loud person.
He is good at mimicking people. (monomane)
He starts to get close to Yuto when Yuto asked him to go back home together after school.
He treasures his two pet guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a hamster.
He is afraid of ghosts, dark places, and airplanes.
He likes girls who are kind and honest.
He wanted to be Ultra man when he was a child but when he got older he wanted to be a soccer player.

Yamada Ryosuke's Type of Girl

1. Girls with short hair
2. Girls with pretty eyes
3. Girls with small handbags
4. Girls who wear jeans
5. Girls who wear sneakers
6. Girls who are capable of handling things by themselves
7. Girls who don't whine and complain
8. Girls who are honest and bright
9. Girls who don't give up easily
10. Girls who are strong (as in personality)
11. Girls who speak their mind freely
12. Girls who are cool (kakkoii)

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