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Latest Asian News/Buzz

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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
"Amy Nobleza Invited to the Ellen Degeneres Show,"
Saturday October 18, 2008 Philippines

6 year old AMY NOBLEZA, 2nd placer on the recently concluded Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) Little Dreamers, was invited by Ms. Ellen Degeneres to her show in the US after being impressed by her performance of Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It".

Ellen Degeneres remains to be one of the few US talk show hosts who's close to the heart of many Filipinos around the world as she has shown support for undiscovered great Filipino talent, not just once but twice already. Many would recall that it was Ellen who invited Charice Pempengco before any other US personality took notice of her talent. Arnel Pineda, current frontman to the legendary American band Journey, also had his debut performance on US soil on Ellen's show. Arnel performed with the whole Journey band to promote Journey's new album "Revelation" which has already received Platinum status in the US.

What you might not know:
Amy Nobleza is the screen name of Amy Mae Libot

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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
"The Philippines Madrigal Singers Will Hold Concerts for the Benefit of the UP-PGH Cancer Pediatric Ward," Saturday October 18, 2008 Philippines

The Philippine Madrigal Singers, also known as "MADZ", will hold a concert for the benefit of the children in the UP-PGH (University of the Philippines - Philippine General Hospital) Cancer Pediatric Ward. The concert will run for two days, October 25 and 26 (8pm) at the CCP Main Theatre. Ticket prices range from Php 309 to Php 10,300. Tickets are available at Ticketworld.

The Madz is one of the most awarded choirs in Asia, having consistently won all the prizes in the most prestigious international choral competitions for many years. Because of their impressive track record and musical virtuosity, the Philipppine Madrigal Singers is now regarded as the one of the world's best choirs. (source: Wikipedia)

The Philippine Madrigal Singers (PMS) is also the first-ever choir to win the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing twice (in 1997 and in 2007).

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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
"Ruffa Gutierrez: Charting Herstory,"
Wednesday October 8, 2008 Philippines

By gay ace domingo
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Actress, beauty queen and talk show host Ruffa Gutierrez is charting her life in such a manner that she will not lose her way without the klieg lights. She’s juggling the demands of motherhood, work and studies every day, and tries to find a balance between worship and work on a Sunday.

Those who’ve met or talked with Ruffa Gutierrez – whether they’re long-time associates of the actress or just passing acquaintances – mention one thing about her: that she’s very nice. Not just “nice” but “very nice.” The representative of Bulgari who brought jewelry for the People Asia cover shoot had met Ruffa at another pictorial and found his encounter pleasant. “She’s very nice,” he said, echoing what many others have said.

It’s very easy to like Ruffa because the star is agreeable. In the entertainment industry, she is what would be described as “magaling makisama (easy to get along with).” For instance, as host of The Buzz, she is occasionally provided with dresses to wear on the show. There are moments when although an outfit is stunning, it may not necessarily be flattering for her. She will wear it, nonetheless.

“Because I don’t want to disappoint,” Ruffa whispers.
Incidentally, Ruffa’s daughters Lorin and Venice were not feeling well on the day of her People Asia shoot. Lorin, the eldest, had an ear infection, while Venice had a sore throat. Both were also nursing a slight fever when they reported for class at their international Montessori school. So that morning, the school officials called Ruffa to request an earlier pick-up time for the kids. Ruffa fetched her daughters herself and cheered them up once they all got home to the Gutierrez family residence in Dasmariñas Village, Makati. “I watched the High 5 Christmas Special with the girls. It was fun …,” she recounts. As soon as the girls settled for their daily nap, Ruffa proceeded to fulfill her commitment for the afternoon. “I just sneaked out. After the shoot, I’ll go back home.”

Love for reading

Ruffa’s life revolves much around her two children now. Ever since her much-publicized separation from her husband, Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas last year, Ruffa has taken it upon herself to raise Lorin and Venice the best way she can. Just like a regular mom, she brings her girls to ballet class and reads them bedtime stories. This early, when Lorin is just learning how to read and Venice has yet to master her ABC’s, Ruffa is already trying to inculcate in them a love for books. She says, “I read Bible stories to them. They love stories about princesses. They love the encyclopedia. They love the I Spy and activity books.”

The actress who had teeny-bopping fans shrieking during her 13, 14, 15 and Underage Too days in the ‘80s, was actually a nerd! “As a child studying in elementary, I remember I couldn’t see the blackboard so well because my vision was blurred. I was always a bookworm. I used to read a lot of novels and biographies, just anything and everything that interests me. I used to read even in the car and even when there was no light,” she confesses.

Her fascination for the printed word remains as strong. Each month, she buys “bundles and bundles of magazines,” the types of which range from news to fashion to entertainment. “Sometimes I buy magazines about being a mom as well,” she adds. Whenever she’d come across something that catches her attention, Ruffa would make sure to have a record. If it was an eye-catching item from a magazine, she’d tear the page and put it in a scrapbook. If it was an inspiring quote from a book, she’d jot it down in her notebook. “Whether it’s a line from someone I look up to or the hottest fashion must-have, I just have to take note of it. I love writing it down.”

The lady is partial to self-help and inspirational books. “When I became a mother, I read all the books about how to take care of a baby. When I became I wife, I read a lot of books about being a wife, like The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Mother.”

Last year, in the midst of her controversial break-up, Ruffa found solace in reading Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. “Since then I’ve been using what I’ve learned from The Secret and I’ve been applying it to my life,” she reveals. “It says in The Secret that whatever you want to happen in your life, you really have to believe it and think that it will happen.” This, and especially the fact that she was at a major crossroad, got Ruffa to writing her list of goals – she came up with an astounding 87!

She enumerates, “It includes everything from having a photo shoot this year to making sure that my kids are set for the rest of their lives, to making sure that I would prioritize God in my life even if I have The Buzz every Sunday, which is supposed to be a day of worship.” This list written (not typed) on yellow paper is Ruffa’s own Secret. She keeps it locked inside her closet and looks at it at least once a week, “Just to remind me of the things I need to do.” When she does go over it, she makes sure that there will be at least one item that she can highlight as accomplished. “I’m my own boss,” she reasons. “So I always set high standards for myself.”

Student of fashion

These days, Ruffa is channeling her positive energies into creative endeavors. She has decided to put up her own fashion line, and in preparation for this, she has enrolled at the School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA) run by designer Amina Aranaz-Alunan. Ruffa is taking a course in Product Merchandising and Fashion Development and is one class away from completing it. As soon as she finishes her merchandising course, she plans to study jewelry design.

Ruffa would have wanted to launch her first collection late this year, but because of her busy schedule, that plan has been postponed. (She tapes for the ABS-CBN version of Betty La Fea thrice a week and shoots her product endorsements and movies in between tapings.) “It’s just a matter of implementing them and having the time to actually meet with the people who are going to help me launch my brand. I guess I have to polish on my time-management skills,” she sighs. “But my ideas are in my head. They’re never going to disappear.”

Sharing her experience

Aside from books and fashion, Ruffa’s other passion is doing charity. Last year, she and her brothers Richard, Raymond, Ritchie Paul and Elvis, mounted a big benefit entitled “Rrrampa for a Cause.” The event had a celebrity bazaar and a fashion show. The money from the bazaar and the ticket sales raised millions that were donated to various charities.

It goes without saying that Ruffa’s charity work is a fulltime commitment. Much of the helping that she does happens in simple ways that do not get publicized. She grants requests to tell stories to underprivileged children. She also visits homes for victims of domestic abuse to share her experiences and encourage these women to build their self-esteem.

Leaving a dysfunctional marriage was difficult she admits, but it can be very empowering. “I think with me, I said, ‘Enough is enough. For me to walk away and leave the other things behind, and just hold what was in my hands was a major decision. The fact that I’d be free and empowered is something very significant to me because my parents always taught me to stand up for myself, be strong and not let anybody push me around.”

Some may take a lifetime to recover from hurts, but not Ruffa who herself is surprised at how fast she was able to cope. “Sometimes I still cry when I remember things but I think I was able to overcome my problems. Trying to start all over again and pick up the pieces – that’s something that I myself am even shocked (with). I am still here standing, smiling and working like nothing’s happened.”

Ruffa, post-Yilmaz

It is very clear that Ruffa’s specific goals are directed towards what she believes as her main life purpose: “To set a good example for my kids because I have two little girls that I need to be responsible for. Their future and their life are all in my hands. I have to make sure that they’re educated enough and strong enough to face the world. I have to make sure that they live with the guidelines and principles that I believe in and that their father believes in.”

It’s interesting to note that not once during the entire interview did Ruffa mention the first name of her ex-husband. Still, whenever she refers to Yilmaz, there’s that tone of respect and maybe even reverence. “He’s still the father of my children. I want to continue to respect him and have an open relationship with him,” says Ruffa. “The kids can talk to their father, but sometimes, it’s quite difficult. There are days or weeks that I don’t hear from him. Sometimes I hear from him and it’s not happy. It’s always a different story every week.”

Problematic as her marriage was, Ruffa would rather dwell on the happy memories. “Actually, I would want to write our love story one day,” she says. “I’ve actually asked his permission and he said, ‘Why don’t you just write my life story – the man with two faces?’ So he’s admitted it – that he has two faces!”

Ruffa recounts that she and Yilmaz had a bit of a debate about what the ending of that story would be. She says Yilmaz jokingly suggested a scene straight out of a Godfather movie. “I told him, ‘My God, how morbid! Can’t it be a happy ending? We Filipinos love happy endings.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but happy endings do not happen in real life.’ I’m like, ‘Really!?’”

A new chapter in Ruffa Gutierrez’s life has just begun, and each day as she writes and makes her life story, we can be sure that with her fortitude, her story will be truly joyous. “There are so many things to look forward to. Life is beautiful. I look forward to growing up with my kids, spending time with them, playing with them, just guiding them and showing them the right way,” she says.

“There’s so much to look forward to,” she repeats. “Life is a blessing.”
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
Osaka Showtime - "F4's 1st concert night in Osaka,"
Saturday October 18, 2008 Japan

Taiwan's four-man unit Idol "F4" hold their first Osaka concert on August 17 in Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka), filled with the full crowd of 16000 people. On October 3, F4 started their Japan tour, the start of their 7 sold out concert series.

The concerts in Osaka will last for 3 days. "People in love," and also showed Osaka dialect. From all four stages with each solo, with all 26 songs on stage personality was deployed to the front.

credits to damze of

[email protected]
Credit thanks to Laiou of Vicpower


Highlights of Osaka Concert/ Differences in Osaka 17th show from Yokohama & Tokyo:

Differences in Osaka 17th show from Yokohama & Tokyo:

- during entrance to concert hall, each audience were given a round paper, supposed to hold up when Zai sing Wherever U are

- During 1st F4 segment, they did not change to the gold color outfits.

- When left with Vann on stage, after singing So Ba Ni I Ru Ne, he took off his top & tore off his pants and showed the gold pants.

- After Ken's 1st segment, he said "obviously my arm is okay now". And he heard from i-ken that 1 of his fan had to go for operation but will come for Osaka concert. He asked the audience to clap and encourage her.

- Vann told the audience: "when i say O, u say Saka"

- Ji Yi Pin Tu: Jerry was disguised in pink bunny outfit - 5 animals appeared on stage instead of the usual 4. Jerry was pushed down and his bunny head fell off, revealing it is Jerry. After walking 1/2 of the stage, bunny costume was tore off and Jerry was in a red suit.

- During Qing Fei De Yi, Zai tried to kiss Ken again but Ken strongly resisted.

- For Love Love wave, left with Jerry and Zai to play again. And the conversation btw both of them was so funny... Jerry didn't say start when he signalled to begin the wave, Zai said Jerry does not follow the procedure ("cheng xu" in mandarin), Jerry followed by saying: Yes, I am Yan Cheng Xu.

- After 1 metre and b4 Hitomi Tojite, Jerry spoke a whole bunch of Japanese when seated back facing the piano. only caught that an impt person - his mother is there.

- U are my persistance part, during the ending Zai n Jerry held hands and Jerry kissed Zai's hand and cheek.

- F4 interaction on stage: hi 5, low 5, putting arms ard one another, Ken jokingly tried to push Zai off stage, Vann helped Jerry when Jerry had problems with his mini mic.

- they will remind one another when 1 of them was not in position. Ken called out: Öܶ­£¬Çë»Ø¡£(Director Zhou, pls come back), when Zai was still not in the centre stage position with the other 3. Zai pointed and reminded Jerry his actual position when Jerry walked wrong direction.

- touching part towards the end when each of them said a few sentences. roughly remembered was:

Ken said: It's the 5th show, Thank u to fans who came from different countries.

Zai: "Thank u his other 3 frens - refering to other F3, and thank u Vanness for praying for him again"

Vann: "Thank u for coming for the 5 shows, and thank u for coming to the show today. sure i'll see some faces again tomm It's a beautiful sight."

Jerry said a bunch of Japanese sentences again....

Source:, October 18, 2008]
roughly translated
credits to michi of onlyF4
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
"Chen Qiao En & Ethan Ruan, Ariel Lin & Joe Zheng attends the Golden Bell Awards,"
Sunday October 19, 2008 Taiwan

“Xiao Tian” Ethan Ruan overcomes all obstacles and has been confirmed to attend the Golden Bell awards. He and Chen Qiao En will present award as “Mr and Mrs Ji”, against the other screen couple Joe Zheng and Ariel Lin!

Ethan Ruan turns down advertisements for the GBA

“Fated To Love You” is nominated in six categories in this year’s GBA. Recently it was rumored that Ethan can’t attend because of overseas work arrangements. But yesterday his manager Xiao Ba said: “Already turned down all work and will support the GBA wholeheartedly.” Regarding whether Ethan will walk down the red carpet with Chen Qiao En, Xiao Ba said that they are trying hard to arrange. Chen Qiao En’s manager Li Shixiang also said: “It’s still some time from the awards ceremony, everything is not yet confirmed.” It appears that she does not want to give a definite answer.

Raine Yang and Mike He coupling broken

SET also said yesterday that since “Mr and Mrs Ji” are both attending, they will try to get the cast of “Fated” to walk down the red carpet together, with Mr and Mrs Ji leading the group. Lin Mei Xiu who is also nominated and the crew of Fated will join them.

The GBA organizing community, Azio TV, also revealed that Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En as well as Joe Zheng and Ariel Lin of “They Kiss Again” will be paired and present awards together. But the couple of “Exchange Love” Raine Yang and Mike He who are also supposed to present awards can’t make it because Mike He is filming “Hua Wu Fei Xue” in China!

Idol drama award presenting turns into power fight among TV stations


Idol drama favorite “married couples” Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En, Joe Zheng , Ariel Lin, Mike He and Raine Yang will not only be pitting popularity, fashion and award win in the Golden Bell awards. They will also be having headaches over who should present what awards. This is because it concerns the honor and face of television stations. According to sources, it has turned into power fights among the various TV stations.

Ariel Lin has postponed her Japan work trip to support the Golden Bell and will present an award with “hubby” Joe Zheng. Yesterday the organizing committee asked Joe Zheng and Ariel Lin to present the “Best Marketing” award. The hot favorite for this award happens to be SET’s “Fated To Love You”, causing Ariel Lin and Joe Zheng who are representing GTV to feel awkward. According to sources, GTV is privately furious and had warned Ariel Lin’s manager Zhou Mei Yu to “consider carefully”.

This year the four top idol drama actresses are competing in the Golden Bell awards. The competition is intense. Not only are each actress’s fans competing in each major poll; the two largest TV station, GTV and SET, are monitoring the situation closely. The “Best Marketing” award may not be as attractive as the individual awards; but to the TV stations who are aggressively marketing their products overseas, this award is viewed as an important award for team strength.

Last year SET’s “Tian Xia Di Yi Wei” beat GTV’s “Hana Kimi” to win the “Best Marketing” award. According to sources, this causes GTV to feel unhappy. This year GTV is not nominated for this award, but SET’s highly popular “Fated To Love You” was nominated in many categories and is a hot favorite this year.

Therefore, when GTV learns that the organizers wants to let their “representatives” Ariel Lin and Joe Zheng present this award, they immediately express that it’s not appropriate. Yesterday Zhou Mei Yu said that Ariel Lin originally had work arrangement in Japan during the day of the awards ceremony, but she was able to postpone it a few days ago and has confirmed her attendance. She had indeed received the organizer’s invitation for Ariel Lin and Joe Zheng to present the Best Marketing award and will discuss with the organizers to present another award instead.

The organizers also said that it has not confirmed the award presentation list. Other than Joe Zheng and Ariel Lin, Chen Qiao En is also confirmed to be presenting an award with Ethan Ruan. The organizers originally hoped that Raine Yang who was nominated for “Exchange Love” will pair up with Mike He too, but because Mike He is still filming in China, it is not known whether he will be able to make time on his schedule to return to Taiwan.

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by meosles @

FTLY and TKA screen couple pitting popularity in the Golden Bell Awards
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
"Jay Chou admires Jerry Yan's artistic personality,"
Saturday October 18, 2008 Taiwan

Jay Chou makes 101 disappear, he's finally realised the wish in the lyrics of his new song, actually it's just play on angles.

"The artists I sign must have an artistic personality." Jay Chou spoke of the reason that attracted him to signed Jerry Yan under him, since Jay Chou has started his own company he has signed up Gary Yang and Jerry Yan who both have this same point of similarity, Jay Chou is also looking forward to working with "Violent Dragon" in dramas.

Concerning how Jerry Yan is referred to as "Tortoise Hair" and "Hard To Please", Jay Chou has a different interpretation of it: "He has a lot of his own views, he has a lot of demands on some details, I can understand this being a Capricorn, he has the personality of an artist." yet he expressed that Jerry Yan shouldn't reject people calling him "Violent Dragon", Jay Chou said: "His performance in "Meteor Garden" was very colourful, for people to call him Violent Dragon, it means he was very successful in his acting in the drama."

In the new album "Capricorn", Jay Chou challenged the duet he did with Fei Yu Qing with a "man to man duet" with Gary Yang called "Wandering Poet", plus mixing the duet with Mandarin and Taiwanese produced a fresh effect. Jay Chou expressed that next he hopes to work with Jerry Yan in dramas, he said: "Jerry Yan's performance in dramas is a bit more popular, he can even break into the foreign markets."

Jay Chou clarified for the third time the rumours with Jiang Yu Chen, he said: "If there's nothing then you have to clear it up." He indicated the reason for being single right now: "The main problem is time, I feel that I shouldn't be putting my efforts into love right now, I'll wait until after my career gets to the peak, I'll consider getting a girlfriend with "marriage as a premise". But before that, I'll reserve the right to make friends."

Mentioning the popularity of Tanaka Chie who was the female lead in the "Common Jasmin Orange" MV, Jay Chou said: "In order to help her, I helped recommend "Cape No 7" ages ago, recently I've seen a big improvement in her Chinese, when we were filming the MV, we couldn't communicate at all."

Regarding the success of "Cape No 7", Jay Chou said: "I hear that it's been out for many weeks but there are still lots of people queuing up to buy tickets, it's really touching." Seeing the reports about how difficult it was for director Te-Shen We to get the film started, "Director Chou" has been getting numerous invites, it is estimated that "Secret 2" will start filming at the end of next year, he said: "Compared to that I'm really fortunate, but I hope that on a day when someone looks for me to film a movie, as long as it's only directing and not acting, that'll show that my directing has been truly acknowledged."

Violent Dragon- "Bao Long"- Jerry's nickname by the media

Source: UDN
This article is translated by
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
"SMA Station's Top 10 Asia Rising Star - F4 #1,"
Friday October 18, 2008 Japan

Sma Station show at Japan (hosted by Katori Shingo- SMAP member) about the next Asia Rising Star Generation


1. F4
2. Kwon Sang-woo
3. Jay Chou
4. Song Seun Hun
5. 房祖民
6. Lee Jun Ki
7. Chang Chen
8. Nicholas Tse
9. Huang Xiaoming
10. Rain

uploaded by pizhero
posted by seiwleng8983
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
"Tokyo Film Festival Opens with Green Carpet,"
Sunday October 19, 2008 Japan

(L-R) Karena Lam, Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro


The 21st Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) opened Saturday with a Green Carpet welcome ceremony to celebrities and film stars in the hope of conveying the message of environmental protection.

Hong Kong Director John Woo and cast including actor Tony Leung of his Chinese ancient epic Red Cliff, which will open the screening section of the film festival, walked with Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso to inaugurate the event.

Hollywood actress Julianne Moore also appeared with her Japanese co-star Yoshino Kimura, for the thriller "Blindness."

Fifteen films will screen in the competition section for the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix, including two Chinese works, "Claustrophobia" directed by Ivy Ho and "Super Typhoon" by Feng Xiaoning.

A number of other works, for instance Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's popular patriotic epic "Assembly", will be shown in a wide range of sections to feast movie fans. Walt Disney's animation "Wall-E" will close the curtains of the festival.

(L-R) Tsumabuki Satoshi, Ueto Aya, Abe Hisoshi

Organizers of the 21st TIFF, scheduled for Oct. 18 to 26, declared that this year's event will highlight several new activities with ecological themes.

Those activities include a screening section specially dedicated to movies on environmental protection and a symposium focused on the environment.

Japanese actress Yoshino Kimura was inaugurated as the "Green Ambassador" of the film festival, and a new award will be given to an outstanding new film that gives due consideration to nature, the environment and ecology.

U.S. actor Jon Voight will serve as the president of the jury. Other members of the jury include Japanese scriptwriter Koji Takada and Chinese director Huo Jianqi.

Organizers announced earlier the festival's Akira Kurosawa Award, which is to honor distinguished personalities in the film industry, will go to Nikita Mikhalkov, the award-winning Russian filmmaker and Chen Kaige, a leading figure in Chinese cinema.

The TIFF, established in 1985, aspires to be recognized as one of the four best film festivals in the world - in the same league as Cannes, Venice and Berlin, which now stand at the summit of themore than 2,600 international film celebrations. However, it faces stiff competition from neighbor Busan of Republic of Korea.
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08

chickenfeeder wrote:

CarmelM412 wrote:

"There’s no accounting for Personal Taste"
October 14th, 2008 // by javabeans

And to think, we almost had Joo Ji-hoon (Devil) and Yoon Eun-hye (Coffee Prince) back together in Personal Taste [개인의 취향], playing a straight guy masquerading as a gay guy to live with a straight girl (who harbors a crush on her gay friend but thinks he’s playing for the other team).

Now, not only will these two not be appearing in the drama together, the entire drama production has fizzled.

The drama had been in the pre-production stages, but PD Kim Sang-ho (Fantasy Couple) explains that the reason for this project’s demise was due to a difficulty in casting. Yoon Eun-hye pulled out of the project while the scripts were being written and they were unable to recast. Furthermore, Joo Ji-hoon’s involvement in the project was greatly “exaggerated” by the press.

Bummer. The drama, which was to be based on the novel of the same name, sounded like farcical fun in the making. Maybe I’ll just have to read the book instead.


so sad...i was hoping for another drama from the two...very disapponting....but still hoping that YEH will reconsider...hehe...

Second that.......was looking forward to the series when info was first released...
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29 / F / Singapore
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08

CarmelM412 wrote:

"More news on Baek,"
Thursday October 16, 2008 Korea

After the devastating news on Choi Jin Shil’s death, people can’t stand looking or hearing about Baek. People have been searching and looking for Baek, but we finally found a picture of Baek (the picture above).

Her full name has also been giving and her full name is called Baek Seung Yun.

This heartless rumor spreader caused the death of Choi Jin Shil’s death. She made rumors on the internet and caused Choi Jin Shil to go overboard and hang herself.

The story is starting to reveal more than ever. More news is starting to come out, and police are trying hard to keep the stories in. The rumor started with Baek saying that Choi had gave four million dollars to Ahn Jae Hwan and expected a return of the money. Ahn Jae Hwan was unable to pay the money, causing Choi Jin Shil to hire gangsters to threaten Ahn Jae Hwan. After that, Ahn Jae Hwan had taken enough and killed himself.

Choi Jin Shil was also suffering the death of Ahn Jae Hwan. When she saw the rumors all over the internet, Baek knew Choi Jin Shil knew about the rumors so Baek finally found out about Choi Jin Shi’s cell phone and called her to apologize. This call caused Choi Jin Shil to go into more depression causing suicide.

source: kojaproductions

such a fucking bitch
not like she is pretty herself
i hope she will feel guilty abt this for the rest of her life
srsly she's too much
i hate people like her
spreading rumors w/o getting facts right

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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
Rain in Harper's Bazaar magazine

World star Rain also known as Jeong Ji-hoon modeled for "Harper's Bazaar" on the cover!

The new hot look for this winter is the Military Look which Rain has modeled in for the world top 18th model Hye Park.

He has been busy working outside Korea in the U.S for movies for two years and now he is coming back. In his interview, Rain talked about everything through his debut, new albums, his love stories, and his passions very honestly.

Rain released his new album through "Rainism" this 15th.

After the movie "Ninja Assassin", it is known that he has been wanted for a comic action and melodramatic romance movie. However, he hasn't made any decisions yet.
original source:
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"We Got Married Episode 30 Picture Summary"

October 19, 2008 by coolsmurf

Once again did not watch the live telecast. Here are the pictures.

Alex brings the babies and visits Shin Ae at the photo studio where she is having a photoshoot (Sweet Love Scandal pictorial) with Son Ho Young. Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk are so cute in the pictures with the babies.

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Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/20/08
"SBS Inki Gayo MC did Son Dambi’s Micheosseo,"
Monday October 20, 2008 Korea

Performance of Inki Gayo MC ‘Heo Ijae’ to Son Dambi ‘Micheosseo’ dances has been surprising everyone.

SBS Inki Gayo Oct 19,2008 edition, showed the famous chair choreography dance of micheosseo song of Son Dambi, who has been gain more attention from the moment she released her Bad Boy single, while previously already recalled as the female Bi.

Micheosseo is featured Eric Shinhwa who had been joining the Military In October. Micheosseo sounds Retro and Eric Shinhwa, was writing and directing the rap lyrics and also rapping in the songs.

News Source : Newsen
Translated by: Marina Frisca
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"Lee Da Hae has her wedding,"
Sunday October 19, 2008 Korea

It looks like Lee Da Hae is the new face for women who models for weddings. She recently did a “My Wedding” shoot and made the gowns look really neat.

Her face and her poses brought the light out of the photos. It surely grabbed a lot of people’s attention, especially women. Lee Da Hae’s new photoshoot makes the dress look really exquisite.

source: kojaproductions
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"Kim Jong Kook 5th Album Intro + Family Outing Preview,"
Sunday october 19, 2008 Korea

Kim Jong Kook received lots of popularity with songs like One Man, You’re Loveable, Letter before his enlistment. He will be making his comeback soon and many are anticipating about what he will offer this time.

In just 2 days time on the 22nd, Kim Jong Kook will be returning with his 5th album titled Here I Am expressing that the power-packed vocals is making a return. A total of 14 tracks will be included on the album.

The title track Today More Than Yesterday makes you feel you are listening to Kim Jong Kook’s own love confession. Most of his songs are pertaining to the confession theme and the melody is familar and pleasing to the ear.

Another song Thank You is kind of similar to One Man and talks about the pain of losing your love. Others include the light-beat hip-hop dance tune Forever and mid-tempo tune Long Long Time. Kim Jong Kook plans to make his return via variety shows on tv before his album release. And one of them is Family Outing. Preview of Kim Jong Kook on the next episode of Family Outing.

source: coolsmurf
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