Mezame's Manga Coloring
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26 / M / quiet!..... im pe...
Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/16/08
Well since im a try-out here i decided to make this topic xD
well basically i will color your requests here so please post like this
Hair color: (color)
Eye color: (color)
Clothes color: (color)
Extra: crop. text. borders etc
Picture: ( in Spoiler)

Hair color: orange / blond
Eye color: green
Clothes color: purple dress with blue details and green band-aids. katana: purple wrapping on light blue. gold tsuba, brown sheat
Extra: crop ( only the girl ) text: Mezame

Finished Coloring

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Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/7/08
Hair color: dark brown 4 d girl n black 4 d guy
Eye color: blue 4 d girl
Clothes color: anyting dat matches
Extra: none
Picture: ( in Spoiler)

thnx!!! ^^
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