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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/16/08
ELF: Bang Sang~ (greetings in alien language)

Sungmin: Bang Sang~ This isnt our language~ Ours is more special Bung Syang?~ sounds a bit vulgar. ㅋㅋ

ELF: New Heart (a kdrama) has ended~ Can only listen to Kiss The Radio~

Shindong: “Single Daddy in Love” is even more interesting. ㅋㅋ

ELF: When I received a reply, I was also given a 1 million won bread at the same time!

Heechul: Give me half the bread

ELF: Ah~~ Really complicated~ I got a shock~ Wah!! *** (Some dialect from Donghae’s hometown)

Donghae: Ah~ I’m also from Joella (全羅道), nice to meet you~~

ELF: Oppas, I’m being pestered terribly. ㅠㅠㅠ

Sungmin: I’m also being pestered terribly. ㅋㅋ

ELF: Oppas, do you want to know my sleeping habits?

Sungmin: No, so scary .. ㅋㅋ

ELF: Oppas, I want to succeed in booking tickets!!!~ Oppas, I will be going as Heenim’s fans, please remember me~~ ㅋㅋ

Angel Teuk: Coming dressed like Heechul?? Where will you be? Oppa will go there. ㅋㅋ

ELF: Oppa, if there’s not enough helpers at the dorm, contact me immediately ㅋㅋ

Ryeowook: What if it’s too dirty?~ ㅋㅋㅋ

ELF: Oppa, oppa! Let’s get married~ You dont need to say anything else, just reply~ ㅠㅠㅠ

Yesung: Reply. ㅋㅋ~

ELF: Attack on the Unsightly Boys!!!! (.. honestly, i dont know how to translate the title .. sorry /:) Kouwoo! ^0^

Heechul: Wanna die?

ELF: What’s on Super Junior’s bread

Heechul: Sesames, sesames

ELF: SJ everything~ SJ everything~ All of SJ smells good and looks good!

Heechul: The same as you

ELF: Cylindrical eggrolls are so interesting. 룩~룩~룩셈부르크 (Luxemburg’s lyrics)!!! What’s the next line~?

Angel Teuk: 아아아리헨티나

ELF: Oppas!! Oppas should wait for ELFs when dancing!!! We always get so mixed up

Eunhyuk: Ah, is that why you’re angry? I’ll coordinate with ELFs next time before dancing!! Don’t be angry~~

ELF: These days oppas are looking really charismatic

Kyuhyun: Im cute

ELF: I might be going (to Japan) to study

Kyuhyun: Don’t go

ELF: Because I really like (Super Junior), my heart is nearly bursting with love~ Min oppa, I love you~!!

Sungmin: Ah~~ If its bursting, not allowed~~

ELF: Omona ^^ I smell something weird, reminds me of Donghae oppa!

Sungmin: Move away ..

ELF: Super Junior are idiots

Kangin: What?!

ELF: Seeing Super Junior will definitely scream!!!

Sungmin: Super Junior

ELF: Ah! Oppa~ What will Oppa do in UFO (town) tomorrow?

Sungmin: I’m from outerspace~ Going back to our planet on an UFO

ELF: I know what you did last night~ Be careful when you’re going home!

Donghae: I’m so scared - - I did nothing wrong~

ELF: Teuk is an ahjussi! Starting calling yourself ahjussi, you already reached the ahjussi age!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Angel Teuk: Why should I!!!!!!!! I’m Oppa!!!!!!!

ELF: Kangin oppa! You have a beer belly~ Is it because you keep drinking? Please quit!!

Kangin: … Didn’t you notice I slimmed down?

ELF: Oppas, what’s the accepted age difference for dating oppas?~ Until which year? ㅎㅎ

Yesung: Um!~~~~~~~ Age isnt a factor~ ㅋㅋ

ELF: I bought a pair of shoes recently, but its an imitation~ ㅠㅠ~! The brand is fake!

Donghae: How can this happen?? Come, Oppa will go with you!!

ELF: Some oppas’ replies are too common~~

Eunhyuk: Even then you’ll still understand our hearts?

ELF: Getting close, idolizing, getting closer, staying with (oppas) every second … … What do we get in the end?

Heechul: Your mum’s beatings, naggings … and exploding electricity bills and lousy results, but you’re the greatest ELF!!

ELF: These words “Love you”~~

Donghae: I love you~~ Really grateful for all your support~ I love you ELFs

ELF: What are you thinking about now!!! You??? You!!! Thinking about ELFs???

Ryeowook: I’m discovered~~ ^-^ ?

ELF: Oppa’s appetite doesnt look good, did you eat something wrong?

Kyuhyun: Your love caused food poisoning~

ELF: Oppa~ A friend from the next class is boasting because she got a reply~~

Heechul: Don’t be envious, it’s your turn to boast~~

ELF: I feel a bit bad toward other (SJ) Couple, but …… KangTeuk is Zzang!! Really!!

Super Junior: Isn’t it EunHae!?

ELF: Teuk oppa, “Park Jungsoo belongs to Kim Youngwoon”, shout it on KTR once

Kangin: Understood~ Leeteuk is mine~

ELF: Has Teuk oppa ever taken control over Kangin oppa before?

Kangin: …… Do i look that weak?

ELF: Donghae oppa!!!! Please!!! Marry!!!! ELF!!!???

Hyukjae: I oppose to the marriage

ELF: bangsang! gailang gailang “ bibienbiongbiongdongdidadibulangbulang!~ The one who can translate this is the best

Heechul: Kim Heechul nice!! daksong~~

Angel Teuk: Sounds like the beautiful love between SJ and ELF~~

Kyuhyun: ㅋ , this guy’s popularity …

ELF: Magnaes zzang! Oppas, listen to me!! Aren’t the magnaes’ replies superb trends?

Yesung: I say …

Kyuhyun: You .. Are you Eunhyukkie?

ELF: Can’t sleep But there’s nothing to do .. Ah .. So boring ..

Ryeowook: Can’t sleep~? ㅋㅋㅋ

ELF: (At this time!!!!) Yes!! Can’t sleep =_=

Kyuhyun: What to do

ELF: Super Junior 83LINE!! Calling all magnaes (Ryeowook Kyuhyun) Just as well, Oppas dont have nicknames Say something to the oppas!!

Kyuhyun: Hyungs come here~ ^^ Have you found it (nicknames)?

Yesung: I give up

ELF: Why are oppas all so skinny!! Grow some meat

Angel Teuk: Sorry …

ELF: Ha choo .. Ha ah .. ㅋ !! Ha ah .. Choo ㅋ .. Ah .. ㅋ .. /What am I saying?

Eunhyuk: The same thing .. ㅋㅋ

ELF: I .. dreamt of watching mature (themed) animes with Hyukjae oppa … What kind of dream is this?

SJ: Mature (themed) anime dream … If Eunhyuk watches this, his eyes will become as red as lanterns!!!

ELF: Why isn’t there any replies from Siwon oppa?

Donghae: Busy praying …
ELF: ELF is working hard and voting~~ Please wait~~ For the awards~~ The awards will come flying

Heechul: The award .. When it comes .. Please avoid the corners. Your head will break if it hits

ELF: Kibum oppa!! Oppa has no hands or feet!! There’s no reply at all ..

Ryeowook: No fingers …

ELF: The best with words in Super Junior.

Kyuhyun: Me?
ELF: Are oppas humans? How can all be so handsome!!!!

Hyukjae: I’m not human~ Aren’t I a precious stone?

ELF: Who are you~ I’m ELF~ Who are you~?

Heechul: What’s with the informal tone

ELF: Kyuhyun oppa’s double eyelid surgery looks so natural, Oppa is really zzang!

Kyuhyun: I think so too~~ I’m so zzang~

ELF: Super Junior are idiots

Ryeowook: bada’s baby~~

ELF: Do you want to marry me~~ Youngwoon~~~

Kyuhyun: What about me?

ELF: The Eldest Son of the Village (the title of some movie)

Kyuhyun: That idiot is you (a character from the movie)

ELF: Donghae oppa, shall we go watch a musical??

Kyuhyun: Why can’t I go?

ELF: Donghae oppa, let’s go eat sashimi together .. My treat!!

Ryeowook: I really really like sashimi too!!!

ELF: What’s sexy back, please explain!!!!!!

Kyuhyun: Do I really have to?

ELF: Eunhyuk oppa is watching porn right? Heard you were caught in the act

Hyukjae: You’re reading fanfictions right! Caught in the act too? —– ELF faints~~

ELF: Kyuhyun oppa pretends to be abdominal everyday .. That’s so fake!!!

Kyuhyun: o o

ELF: Oppa~ Your mind is elsewhere right?

Kyuhyun: o o

ELF: Oppa I want a seat!

Kyuhyun: Super Show sold out in 1 minute

ELF: Wah~~ (Oppas’) Replies are so sincerely sent!! So touching, so touching {purposely exaggerated}

Kyuhyun: Of course

ELF: The handsomest man on Earth is Cho Kyuhyun (I AGREE~! ^^)

Kyuhyun: I know

ELF: Abdominal!! Abdominal Kyu!! Why do you reply everyday~~ So evil

Kyuhyun: Don’t like it?

ELF: Oppa I’m so bored, play with me~~

Kyuhyun: - - ?

ELF: Oppa is an idiot

Kyuhyun: Compared to you, Im a genius


Heechul: Hu
ELF: Oppa .. Love these days are too restricting. Give me something special

Ryeowook: ㅋ (cough)

ELF: Do you like me?

Kangin: Hng

ELF: What is oppa doing?

Kyuhyun: Sleeping

ELF: Kyu oppa, is there really something? Why are you so steadfast~

Kyuhyun: …………………

ELF: Oppa, I’m a little nervous. ㅠㅠㅠ

Kyuhyun: ㅋㅋ

ELF: You’re been selected, obey now. Please shout. GO!

Kyuhyun: GO

ELF: I’m alive because of oppas, ㅋㅋㅋ

Kyuhyun: ㅋ
ELF: Pretending that we’re in love now, please do an in love expression!!!

Heechul: in love expression

ELF: Youngwoon Raccoon~ (Full House, nickname given to Kangin by Anya)

Kangin: Say that again

ELF: Because there’re no replies, I feel bad -,-

Kangin: Don’t be

ELF: Oppa I .. Booking tickets .. I’m so nervous ㅠㅠㅠ

Kyuhyun: 0 0

ELF: Kyu oppa, I’m also becoming steadfast

Kyuhyun: 0 0
ELF: Super Junior is stupid~ Didn’t think of that right~~ Tsk~~~ ^0^ Immature Junior~!!!

Kyuhyun: Reflect (ASHDJSGKJSDHGK! reflect! xDDDDD)

Original source: UFO Town
Credits: onlysj13 + yumetheny
Translations: yumetheny
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