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How will it go on, after it started that shocking? Its all in your hands now!!!!

Please conduct these mini checks before you submit:

1) We have no word limit!!!!!!!

2) Make sure your grammar and spelling is ok. Little mistakes are fine, but take note that we are not your editors. And people who rate and vote for u need to be able to understand what you wrote.

3) Only subtle foul langauge is allowed, else we will delete it for you, or you will be disqualified.

4) No pornography. Any such entries will be disqualified immediately.

5) Please remember to be an ettiquete writer. If any entries that are found to be offensive, that entry will be automatically disaqualified.


1) Chapter Title: we'll use the one u provide, else if there is none, we'll decide one for you.

Please follow these rules to ensure a happy time for everyone here! *okies, now i sound like a shopping mall announcer....*

Time limit: 1 month. so the deadline is 1 mth from this post. 7th October 2008.

Happy writing! :D

EDIT: WORD limit from 5000 to limitless.
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it's 9th Nov one would able to write...*sigh. everything in this season starting to get cold. including moods. aw~
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Yeah seems so! But i am not the person who forces someone to write!!
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i know. but i just wonder why ppl already lost their interest to write....
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maybe it is my less time to do something for the group!! I will do something a my next full free day! =)
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this is rushed out, so the quality is not that good. i know i said that i will not write anymore here, but then, i cannot see this group in shabbles, so please just use the below as a sample. perhaps it can help inspire some works of some members.

"3 weeks left"… this is the sole remainder of the incident. He knew that he did save a girl from harm, of course, but there is no other memory other than the fleeting scene of the rape. 3 weeks…. And I still have yet to do all the things I need to do…. The things that I want to do….

All too soon, like an unwelcomed change in channel, his consciousness played at the rape scene. Not the one from before… he recognised it as the one where his parents died. How did he get out of the scene, he no longer remember. But there is something that he wants to do…. Something that tugs at his heart and his mind, slowly consuming his soul with that seemingly trivial desire.

"A-are you al-right?" the girl asked, reaching towards him with a hesitation of a stranger. Surely, they are not strangers, for he did save her life. He even invited her to his abode. But there is no way they are related. They do not even know each other's names. Names were important, for it defined a person. It defined his status, his position, and most importantly, it sparked the start of a relationship. Friends were made with names exchange, an activity so ordinary, there is no nationality that does not practice it. The girl wondered now, if she should ask him his name. For she does not know how to address him. She didn’t even know his name. The realisation hit her with a degree of sudden as she tried to get the boy's attention. He remained passively staring at her. Seeing, and yet not seeing her…. The girl did not like that.

"Hey… are you alright?" she moved her hands to pinch his sleeves and tugged at it gently, testing her strength as she did so. When she still did not get a reply, she wondered what was the boy thinking. He is so lost in his thoughts, she thought absent-mindedly, Jesus would have willingly paid to read it. Then, she wondered what was it that triggered his mind into such a possessive thinking. He did not respond when she called him. He did not respond when she tugged at him. What could he think with such an expression? The girl was slightly frustrated. The frustration bordered on her curiosity to know what happened and enveloped her unconscious emotions, for she felt attracted somehow by his serious and somewhat melancholy face.

She began to study his features… those were slightly puffy cheeks which dominated over a stubborn chin, propped by his dirty hands. The hands that grabbed at hers when they ran away from that vulgar man. The girl shuddered to think back the experience. She would do anything to forget it, she realised. Then again, what is the use of it all? They were all going to be dead. What is the use, then, of trying to forget? Yet, her pride rise high in her soul, as she does not will herself, small and powerless as she is, to be so dirtied and devalue her. She is still a human being, after all. She had her rights. No, she still have them. Will he…. The girl glanced back at the boy, and found his face so close to hers, his eyes boring into hers. She jerked back with a start.

"Wh-What?" she exclaimed.

"I had no idea." the boy answered truthfully.

"What no idea! Your face was so close!" she felt herself sinking into hot panic.

"You were the one who put your face so close… I didn't do anything!" the boy pressed his fists on his lap, which effectively pushed his back up straight. The girl stared at him, speechless as to how to talk her way out of this. "Hey, you were thinking something, I am sure. What were you thinking?"

Obviously stumped by her question, he took a breath back. Then, looking slightly ashamed, he replied, in a soft voice, "I was thinking about the end of the world…. Its sad, isn't it? There are so many things to do, and yet, here we are, stuck with a definite doomed fate. I wondered if that is what that was planned for us all."

"Well… have you heard about the aliens?" the girl asked tentatively.

"You mean, like star wars?" the boy asked with huge eyes, unsure of what to expect.

"No…. I mean, like… crop circles? Aliens from the past... Like, they reveal the future?" the girl tried again.

"I never heard of any crop circles."

"You should see them! They were sacred! They were said to be from aliens who lived and walked the soil of the Earth even before ice age. They were said to co-exist with humans!"

"Is that possible?" The girl nodded enthusiastically. "They were said to live during the times of the Mayas."


"They were the ancient civilisation that had a lot of accurate predictions."

"What did they predict?"

"Well, they predicted that the Spanish will come and live on their lands, and they predicted that the world will come to an end…. On 2012. After 3 weeks as of today." She held her eyes level with his face, and both of their breaths could no longer be heard. The girl did not know that she held her breath, and she did not know that the boy did the same thing. Then, when the boy let his breath out in a rush, hers followed as well, which made her realised what she had been doing.

"Like hell their prediction is going to be true." the comment came in a murmur; a last attempt to ignore the fact, so simply laid out to the unwelcoming mind.

"It's going to be true! They predicted that whites from the east will come to their lands, and it did! The Spanish came and lived on their lands! Then... Then… there is Hades two…." she glanced at him for a hint of anger before continuing softly, "it is a meteor that will land on Earth, causing an impact so huge, that it will cause the end of the world." The silence that ended this was stiff and unwelcomed. Both did not know what to say. There is no end of this silence, it seems, until the boy finally declared, though somewhat half-heartedly, “I don’t care for whatever hell they say are going to land on Earth, because of some stupid meteor or some old folk’s murmurings of the end of the world! This world is still young… and … and healthy! And full of vigor! It will be alright! We fought against so much right? We won the world wars right? We can do this!”

“This isn’t about the world war! This is about the aliens that tried to warn us that the end of the world is coming! They told us that in their crop stones, and also through the Mayas! The Mayas believed them! Their prediction is the same message as the crop circles that the aliens left behind for us!” Agitated, the boy rises and yelled, “what does they know? Do they live the lives we do?? For all we know, they are just some people making them out, trying to scare us all out! Telling us that we will die and whatever and whatever. Then, after that, they will say, ‘oh, you guys can live… but there is this condition’, and then they will get us to buy this and buy that. Fake us out of our money and our assets!” that came out in a rush, as tears gathered at the tips of his eyes. As for her, she was shocked. “That’s not true! On one will do that!”

"You don’t know anything about what it is like out there! You are obviously too pampered; given everything there is to be given by your mama and papa…. it’s about time you return to your parents, right? They will be looking for you, buying you whatever you ask for. Where are they?"

That bought a choke which rises imprudently into her throat. She tried to swallow the tears that seem to be exploding out of her eyes.
"They were gone."

- yuu

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yeay! an entry! something to read when i'm bored.
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Iijima88 wrote:

yeay! an entry! something to read when i'm bored.

sorry to correct u. this is not an entry. this is a sample.
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