Crunchyland Walkthrough

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Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/17/08
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1.- at lvl 0 use explore to gain free exp, NEVER EVER use the explore botton after lvl 5

2.- when you lvl up from 1 to 2 you should pick what build you will be
a) full str = easy to kill low lvl monsters but problem with the life at high lvls
b) full vit = you will hardly die but slow killing all the time
c) full mgc = easy to kill elemental monsters but problem with the life at high lvls
d) str/vit = good balance between attack and defence
e) mgc/vit = good balance between Mattack and defence
f) str/vit/mgc = not good as the others but very balanced
NOTE: remember that most of the stats are modifed by the items

3.- depending on what your build will be you should pick your items, if you are a mage you should pick 1 favorite or basic magic(the 1 you will use the most)
(K)Knigth = full str, str/vit >>>>>> directed to atack
(M)Mage = full mgc, mgc/vit >>>> directed to do high atacks (because of elemental advantages)
(P)Paladin = full vit, vit/str/mgc>>> directed to defence, also can use attacks and magics as well

K = try to get items with dmg, defence and hp
M = try to get items with elemental dmg, def and hp
P = try to get items with def, and depending on you go for items that have dmg or elemental damage

4.- seafty for you and your money
a) always see what monster you have problems and try to avoid them with evade
b) always have atleast 3 pots of hp/mana (the purple ones) purple =5$, hp = 5$, mana = 5$ so why get the mana or the hp alone if you can get both for the same price...
c) if you can aford elemental scrolls get them so u can kill elemental monsters...
earth = dark avatar
fire = ravengin tree
water = i dont remember it
ligthning = i think is puarin(the harvest until lvl 35 i think...)


thanks to
shinji = for making this amazing page, and this awsom game
phame = for giving e the hope to get to lvl 99 still im not
bluewitch201 = for making all the best items i love! :D
aquastar421 = for being my model chibi as the only chibi 90+

this faqs is just for help...
im glad to help and buddy every1, just send me a pm if you got a questiong or if u got somthing i can add here
dont complain for:
spelling = im mexican eventho i study english seens i was 3 years old. :P
missed important things = i just did this cuz i want to help ppl, and im a human i can forget things
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