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(p = persun)

P1:hey dd u hear?
P2:omg! seriously?
P1:yah..she was lik ''hey'' n he was lik ''uh...bye..''
P2:=OO i cant believe it!!!!
P1: now i hav a chance to meet him!!! u dont...i do!
both:ughh!!! *fights*

tomB0yzz (me):ujh....wuts all thz fuss?
P1:wel,wer fightn cuz she jealous im gunna get the guy...
P2:no she is!!!
Both:stop copying me! im serous!
tomB0yzz:dd u guys rehears trhz?
both:no we dd not! stop that! ughhh....

make up ur own storie lik i dd ok??
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my story:
The Two Lovers.

tomB0yzz:*bumps into thz guy*
tomB0yzz:srry!! i d-dnnt...
GUY:its k n uh...
GUY:hey wuts ur name?
GUY:wow..cute name..*wink*
GUY:so uh...nvrmnd....uhmm..
tomB0yzz: w-wut r-r u-u t-tryn t-to s-say?
GUY:well..,homecomings coming up so i was wondering..if..
*bell rings*
tomB0yzz:oh! i g2g to class ill see you...
GUY:uhmm...yea...bye....*opens hand with a charm in it*
GUY:*sighs n goes to class whr tomB0yzz is*
tomB0yzz:*bumps into the guy* oh im srry..
GUY:hey can i ask y-
teacher:ok class sit down plz..!
teacher:ok we're learning..
2 HRS LATER.....
teacher:ok class time for lunch!
tomB0yzz:*runz to locker crying*
GUY:*goes to tomtom* hey wuts wrong?
tomB0yzz:*crying voice*:my bf n me jus broke up...*sniff*
GUY:oh hey...can i ask u sumthn?
GUY: *gives u a charm* will u b my gf?
tomB0yzz:*looks at the guy*.......
tomB0yzz:i dont kno wut to say...
GUY:say yes i luv u for all my heart..*kiss*
tomB0yzz:*squeal* uhmm.....s-sure! *hugs*
GUY:grt..cum on lets get to lunch..
tomB0yzz:of course!
both:*walks to lunch 2gether*
misty:ughhh.....that is my guy....i cant believe he chose her instead of me...
misty:*stands thr mad*
GUY:years from now wen we're older will u marry me???
tomB0yzz:y-yea...of course! *hugs*
GUY:*kisses u deeply*
tomB0yzz: (wow bettr thn kill_switch n im serious)
GUY:i love u~
tomB0yzz:i luv u too....*hugs n kisses*
GUY:we we're meant to be 2gether....4evr!
tomB0yzz:yes we were...*almosts kisses*
GIRLS:ahhhhhh!!! omg its him!!!!
GUY:cum on lets run! *grabs tomtoms hands to the parking lots*
tomB0yzz:why we're we running?
GUY:u kno those screaming girls?
GUY:they lovd me wen i told thm i was in a hot band..
tomB0yzz:ohh...honey i only care about u n no1 else ok?
GUY:i will guide n protect u through life~
tomB0yzz:aww~ thnx...but my ex is so lame...i dont evn kno why i went out wit him..
tomB0yzz:i dont evn wana talk about it...
GUY:of course my love...~ n can i live at ur place?
tomB0yzz:yah! *hugs n kisses* i hav my own house lets go!
GUY:ok...*gets stuff into tomtoms house*
tomB0yzz:hey its gettn pretty late...lets eat dinner thn go to sleep ok?
both:*eats dinner thn goes to sleep*
tomB0yzz:gooodnite honey!~
GUY:goodnite to~
GUY:morning babe~
tomB0yzz:morning honey bear!
GUY:lets get to skool now
tomB0yzz:ok...*changes n goes to skool with my bf*
GUY:*holds tomtoms hands*
tomB0yzz: ...
*we both get to skool*
GUY:run! *grabs tomtoms hands n goes to the janitors room*
tomB0yzz:....*breathes deeply*....o-out.......o-of......b-breath...
GUY:well,thz will make u feel bettr...*kiss deeply*
tomB0yzz: :w00t:
GUY:dd that help?
tomB0yzz: *faints*
GUY:*catches tomtom*
tomB0yzz:*wakes up an hour later* w-wut happnd?
GUY:u faintd cuz i kissd u..~
tomB0yzz:oh yea rite...h-hey ddnt u want to ask me about homecomning or sumthn?
GUY:oh rite yea! will u go to the homecolmning with me?
tomB0yzz:yes! *hugs*
misty:oh hey its the stupid new girl...haha!
GUY:wut do u want misty?!
misty:oh! (sexy voice) hello honey *holds the guy close*
tomB0yzz:get ur fu*kn hands off my bf u b*tch!
misty:ur not the boss of me!
tomB0yzz:*kicks misty n she lands in the trash* haha! whos laughn now loser!
GUY:*kisses u*
GUY:i love u~
tomB0yzz:i luv u too~
misty:ughhh....plan B....>=)
misty:tom the principal wants to c u..
tomB0yzz:*goes to the principals offlice*
GUY:*goes with her*
misty:ur not going anywhr..>=)...*almost kisses him*
tomB0yzz:*pulls misty offa my bf* wut the f*ck do u thnk ur doing!
misty:hey i jus want my ex-bf back!
GUY:misty we broke up...its all over now..stop tryn to gte back with me!!
GUY:*grabs tomtom n holds her in my arms*
tomB0yzz:i luv u honey~
GUY:me too....
tomB0yzz:honey i ddnt get a chance to get ur name...
GUY:its Kyle...
misty:wut evr....kyle i cant believe u chose her instead of me..
GUY:she was my first love....outta all my gfs...i choose my fav...shes nice,sweet,full of emotions n i love her soo much~
misty:wut evr im still perfect 4 u!
GUY:no ur not ur jus a piece of crap! in my world u dont evn exist!
tomB0yzz:m-mayb i should go?
GUY:no...stay..misty.....go!! leave misty! leave me n my gf alone! god ur annoying misty!
mistry:wut evr...
GUY:[whispers]:hey honey im srry 4 wut jus happnd...
tomB0yzz: .......its ok.....*sigh*
GUY:u ok?
GUY:hey honey i want to sing u a song...
tomB0yzz:ok sure wut is it?
GUY:''My life is brilliant.

My life is brilliant
my life is pure
I saw an angel
of that I’m sure,
She smiled at me on the subway,
she was with another man
but I won't lose any sleep on that
cause I got a plan.

You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful, it’s true
I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don’t know what to do
cause I’ll never be with you.

Yes she caught my eye,
as I walked on by
she could see from my face
that I was f****** high
and I don’t think that I'll see her again
but we shared a moment
that will last til the end.

You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful it’s true
I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don’t know what to do
cause I'll never be with you.

Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalala La

You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful it’s true
There must be an angel with a smile on her face
when she thought up that I should be with you.
But it’s to time face the truth,
cause I'll never be with you''

tomB0yzz:awww~ thnx honey! *kiss*
GUY:anytime....*hugs tightly*
kill_switch:hey wuts up guys?
kill_switch:h-hey wuts wrong?!
GUY:*crackes knucles*..ur the loser my gf broke up with!
tomB0yzz:wuts so funny?
girl:that guy is hanging up the flag!!!!
GUY:i took care of him..*hugs*
tomB0yzz:aww~ 4 me? ur super sweet~
GUY:yes i dd it all 4 u,n thank u,ur cute n beautiful,^^
tomB0yzz:hehe~ thanks..


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wth? i dont get thz...
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write a story u fuckn asshole!
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