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Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/18/08
sorry for the "ing"
for watch"ing"
didnt mean that!
its episode 1-9
[[drama finished]]

    episode 1:Homicide by arson...Complete criminal vs the 4 sisters

    episode 1 part 1!
    episode 1 part 2
    episode 1 part 3
    episode 1 part 4

    episode 2:High Class Beauty Salon Murder! Disappeared Daughter

    episode 2 part 1
    episode 2 part 2
    episdoe 2 part 3
    episode 2 part 4

    episode 3:Marriage Meeting a Murderer! Popular Actress In Danger

    episode 3 part 1
    episode 3 part 2
    episode 3 part 3
    episode 3 part 4

    episode 4:Woman Who Was Loved By a Reaper

    episode 4 part 1
    episode 4 part 2
    episode 4 part 3
    episode 4 part 4

    episode 5:Murder by hypnosis!? The sisters who kill themselves
    episode 6:Revenge At a Hot Spring?! The Secret of the Mixed Sex Outdoor Hot Spring
    episode 7:Revenge of the Hair Regrowth Agent? The Secret Trick to Vanishing Bride
    episode 8:The Cursed Piano Geniust! The Linked Murder Mystery
    episode 9:Stalker and the Kiss of Death!

    you should get the point how the episodes go..!
    E N J O Y !

    friday october 17 2008
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