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Chapter 4 "Garden Where We First Met" photos at bottom page. x3
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Wrote A little More On Chap, 2. :]

Okeyy well i got bored=3 soo yehhh heres yet ANOTHER storii! ^//^
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Yes, This Is The Great UTAI YUZE! +D The Pic Up There Is Just Like A Banner From When She Was A Kid.

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tags: tragedy, adventure, supernatural, romance, comedy


Aw, why must we move so suddenly mum? I asked mother with a sigh as I nodded my head to the idea of moving. Utai, you know why. Mum said to me. I just can't got a new job in Japan! I mean its so far did you get this job again? I asked mum tilting my head a little, and chuckling. My boss offered me a job of a lifetime, and I'm accepting it Utai, no matter if you like it or not. Mum said walking away with her head held up high. GAH! It's just no fair, you have no idea how I feel about the situation! I said getting the last word. One will understand business. Mum said from afar. You never even once, considered my feelings! I thought as I finished cooking my dinner. -sniffs- Smells yummy~
[The day after]:
I can't quite put my finger on it...but this morning was unusually strange, I woke up at exactly 5:30am, I always tend to wake up after 10am. Its a habit, I guess habits die sooner or later eh? Maybe Japan wont be that bad...I said as I narrated. Utai dear, be a good girl and move the luggage in the car! The plane leaves at 5:45! We must make haste! Said mum grabbing a bag while eating her breakfast, simple toast. -stomach growls- Mum...I'm hungry! I hadn't had my breakfast yet!! I whined. Utai, you should of woken up earlier then. Said mum. 5:30 isn't early enough!? Jeez. I said as I made haste to the car with the luggage. -grunts in effort while putting luggage in trunk- It's so heavy! What do you have in here, mother?! I moaned straining. Just the usual stuff...paper work. Said mum finishing her toast. PAPER WORK!? I shouted with an annoying sigh. Well...good-bye home sweet home! I said as I walked up to the house door and locked it. Get in the car! Mum shouted as she shut the car door. C-Coming! I sat in the front of the car next to Mum.
[Tiyo's Part]
Hey, Kinto I think I'll need some help with this problem, I was never good with numbers. I said with a sweat drop. What? You have like an A+ in Geometry, and you need my help? Wait, is this just another excuse to talk to me? Kinto snickered. Whaaaat? No...I'm not like that anymore, I'm not as predictable as I was before! I said. Before...was yesterday Tiyo. Hahaha. Kinto laughed. H-hey you know my intentions are always pure~ right? *Announcer:* Tiyo Azamari, please report to the Main Office downstairs, thank you. Eh? Whats this about? Am I in some sort of trouble? I thought. "Oohh" The students said altogether. Heheh, What did you do Tiyo? I thought you were pure~? Kinto said with a smirk. I am! That's just not the case though... I added.
[2 Minutes Later]
Umm...Did you call me here earlier? I questioned the office lady. Yes, your father is here. Said the office lady. My father...? I said noticing my father from afar, sitting, waiting for me. Dad? I walked up to him. What is it? I said sitting next to him on the bench. I just got a call from your mother, she wants to move you to Japan. Mama does? No way...Kinto...I can't leave him now. -gasp- W-Why is it that my first thought was of Kinto... Tiyo? What do you think? Papa asked me. I wont do it! I said immediately. Wont you give it some thought? Papa asked looking into my eyes. I already have...Listen don't give me those puppy dog eyes like you always do! I always say yes when you do that! I shouted. Just think about it. Papa said getting in his car and leaving. -sigh- How can I give something like this...a thought?
[Back In Classroom]
Hey, Tiyo. What happened? Kinto asked while Tiyo walked into the classroom. -sigh- N-Nothing...really. I said. Nothing? Seems like something. Kinto said as he watched Tiyo take her seat. mom wants me to go to...Japan. I don't want to! But...I said being interrupted while Kinto said... You should take it into consideration. I've always wanted to go to Japan. And maybe your mothers intentions are good for you. Kinto said with a straight face, as if he didn't even care. But...I'll have to I thought. Maybe you should...go. Kinto said surprisingly. Go? I added. Yeah, as in go to Japan, its a good opportunity, new customs, culture, people and even clothes, you might even get to wear a Kimono! Kinto said shuffling threw papers. I don't want any of that...! I said as I began having watery eyes. All Kinto is how great Japan is going to be...what about US? Is that wanna say? I asked Kinto while he stopped shuffling his papers. Yeah...Since you mentioned it...Tiyo...Kinto said blushing. W-what? I questioned impatiently. "I'll miss you." He said that he'll miss me, I couldn't believe it...he actually... I narrated some more while going to my home and accepting my mothers request, Yeah, I guess I'm going to Japan! (Oh, and also Kinto held my hand the whole I walked back home.)



Utai, where is the bag with the red sticker on it!? Mama asked in a rush. Eh? *thinks* Maybe it fell off. I said simply. FELL OFF!? No, no, no, this isn't good at all! Mama said wondering around looking for the sticker. What is it? its just a sticker...I said. Its not JUST a sticker...In that bag I had very important documents, and that sticker represented my new career in Japan! If I don't show Japan this sticker, they wont let me get this job! Mama said frustrated. D-Don't worry! If it fell of I'll just retrace my steps!! I said running off somewhere, retracing my steps. Wait! Mama said too late. Hmm...Let's see...when I arrived at this airport...I went to the bathroom first! It was a long car drive. I thought. The stickers not here either! Oh, what will I do? I said walking out of the bathroom noticing the clock mark "5:41am". Only 4 more minutes until the plane leaves! I thought nervously. WHERE ON EARTH DID IT FALL!? I shouted when...A thought occurred to me. It wasn't ON the bag to begin with...I only just noticed it while I was arriving here...I last saw the car! Could it be!? It fell off in the car!? I thought as I rushed to tell Mama the important news. Mooooooom!~ I shouted running toward her, out of breath. What, what!? Did you find it! Mama asked out of breath also. Y-yeah...I think! Check the car! I shouted as Mama ran to the car. Funny thing is...It WAS in the car after much for retracing my steps! We almost missed the plane too! We were one minute late, but airport security thought it would be wise to give people more time...Lucky us! I narrated walking on the plane FINALLY! Japan. I said with a bright smile as bright as the sun. I never knew I would be this happy to go to Japan. I hated the idea...But now, I cant wait, Well, mother, say good-bye to this forsaken nameless city...once in for all right? "Yeah, once in for all." Mama said lastly.

Kuro High School..Welcome to the Darkness
Master, does Utai know about our existence? Said an unfamiliar girl with long blond streaks of hair. I don't think so...She may find it a surprise were still alive though... Said a mysterious unknown man. I been informed she has arrived in Japan this morning... Said the girl walking up to her Master. This morning eh? Master said looking at the girl with extravagant eyes.
So...Tiyo has already left huh? I wonder if she's having fun. Said Kinto looking out of his window, thinking of all the childish memories.
[Tiyo's memento from long ago]
Tiyo do you need this silver locket, the one with a sunflower on it? Tiyo's papa asked looking at the expensive looking locket. Hm? Oh wow...This locket is...I said being interrupted while someone barged in the room. Excuse me, everyone! But the hotel clerk would like a word with you Mr, Azamari. Said the hotel maid. What can this be about Papa? I asked holding tight to the locket. I don't know...Maybe we've overstayed our welcome here in Sephai Japan hotel? Papa said. No, I doubt it! We just moved here...And Mama isn't even here yet...I said looking at my locket sadly. She...she's not coming here Tiyo...Said papa. WHAT!? This sounds more like she sent us away...I thought. Papa walked out of the room and went to speak with the Hotel Clerk, While the maid excused her self and left too. -Sigh- This locket...Wow. A lot of memories stored in here...-opens locket with ease- Hm? Whats this? A glow of light. ((HINT: HINT: the memories she was talking about is NOT about Kinto. ;])) [To Be Continued]

(Continued...) Kuro High School..Welcome to the Darkness
There is too many boxes...-pant, pant- Utai says while lifting up boxes. No whining, Utai. Said mama watching me lift many boxes into the house. So this is our new home eh? Doesn't look so fancy...I thought. It's just the outside of it Utai. Mama giggles a bit. FINALLY, you laugh! Its been so long...ever since papa passed away...Utai said. Heh, I thought you would think it wasn't to fancy, your so predictable you know that? Mama said snickering. Ohh...I haven't even noticed! But mama...Utai was interrupted...Don't talk about your papa any more OK? Our main goal now is to make this house...a home, wouldn't papa wish that? Mama said grunting while picking up boxes. Of course. I said signing as if something was was..
[The Day After] (Also the SECOND day In Japan.)
I-I'm not doing any more decorating, or painting mama! This is as home-y as its gonna get!! I shouted wiping off some sweat. -phew- I haven't even noticed the time...Its 5am in the morning, time for school. Mama grinned. SCHOOL...WHAT!? Have you even enrolled me? I asked. Of course. Mama said simply. Buttttttttt...we worked on this tarnished house ALL NIGHT! Just not fair. Utai spoke. Well...listen you will fall behind on all the rules, its the first day of school that's all the teachers talk about on the first day of school am I correct? Mama said putting down her paint brush. BUT I'll fall asleep in each class without any rest! I said as I started to think about the first day of school...rules, rules, friends, boys! I said with a big smile as I barged out of my house and straight to school. Do you even know where it is UTAI!? Mama shouted running outside. Well...At least shes energetic. Mama thought as she waved good bye and shouted "HAVE A GOOD FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!"
[The school]


Chapter 4 Includes "Garden Where We First Met" photos.

This Is Where Utai And Her Mum Live. :}}}} (Pic Is Close To Similar; C'mon Give Me Credit There Aren't That Many Good Anime "Houses" On The Internet...-.-)

This Is Where They Will Live When They Become Famous In Japan! =D (This Is A Different Type Of Japan Just To Let You Know, I Made It Up. :} Sephai Japan.) (Meaning Close To Average Japan, Farther From Feudal Japan.)

This Is The School. ^///^ (K u r o H i g h S c h o o l.) (Since Its The Only School In Sephai Japan Its Pretty Big Eh. -.o

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