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Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/23/08
okay, this is the class where you learn how to make avatars

it's okay you don't really need to use photoshop you can use photo editing websites like

this is a fairly easy website to use just pick your shape add picture and your good, but the bad thing is you can't make the shape vertical so your best shape for an avatar is a square. the fonts are pretty good, but the tilting isn't good at all it only goes to 45% and most people would rather have 20% diagonal. the effects are also okay but i think a variety you be much better and there aren't that many. the borders are also very plain you can't really do anything about them, and once your finish it adds a link at the bottom which makes the picture seam a bit bad, well that's just some of the things i don't like


now i haven't really used this site yet but from the looks of it...... it looks bad. the aliment isn't all that fair. if you want to put it somewhere in the middle of the center and the right side...... it won't let you. the fonts aren't very good either cause there is no variety, but some of them are good. when i looked at the site i don't think i saw place where you can upload a picture but at the bottom i did see that they give you that background...... well there goes your freedom. over all i think the link before this one was better


okay this is what i think a good one for making adds and what not not avatars, but this group does provide everything so i did not download this but i saw examples. i thought they were good with the transitions and all but nothing really drew attention my eye that much. over all it might be good for making avatars, banners,adds but i don't know this cause i haven't used it


personally i think that this site is only good for banner cause you can't add your picture you can't move, enlarge, shrink the words and it covers up everything really. if you use this you could probably use it as a link or something


this one you also have to download. from the looks of it, it might be good, but it reminds me of what's it called.... uhh i don't remember but oh well you can use it if you want


okay to describe this in one word RETARDED. this looks sooo stupid i don't even know why someone would make this anyway STAY AWAY FROM IT

uhh i feel like a critic instead of a teacher

anyway to make a good avatar without using photoshop is to find a REALLY good website and your basically fine oh i forgot to tell you about paint

okay Microsoft Paint........ i think

okay this is a very good tool if you want to crop, edit, resize. anyway this helped me out lots of time when i'm trying to put together pictures. i'm not very good at doing that like bri but with paint i've put together many pictures and they turn out great. you can't add words or stamps but over all i think i like paint alot, you just need to copy and paste alot but once you get used to it you can become very experienced with it

well most of all to make a good avatar is to be really skilled or have a really good avatar maker.

wow O_O i really feel like a critic right now


someone asked me to give a report of this site i think it's really good. you can crop easily and they have a variety of effects and animations the borders are okay sort of plan but still good. added text and placing them is also really easy. the color choice is good and over all this is a really good site

but i'm not say that just because i use it but because it's true

if you find a site you think may be good but you don't know just quote this post and give me the link then i'll reply to you when i'm not busy and tell you if it's good or not ^_^
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Posted 10/21/08 , edited 10/22/08
you could also use, its a pretty good n easy site for animation stuff
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