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Hope you guy's like it.. and please.. don't go nuts on me if u see some weird grammar jammed in...

The moon hung high in the night as the sounds of crashes emit from a small house. A young girl was thrown on the ground. Her father, watched as her mother pulled her hair and beat her. Screaming in pain, the girl cried for her mother to stop. After a while, the father carried the girl to her room and locked the door. Her room was at the top of the house and far away from her parent’s room. In the room, Alice, a frail girl with dirty blond hair and green eyes, silently cried.

“Am I not good enough to have your love, mommy?” she thought, before falling asleep.

When she woke up, she looked out the small window in her room and saw that the moon was still out. She slowly stood up from the cold floor and limped towards the window. She pulled the window open and stared out. Alice looked out into her front yard and saw a small white rabbit darting to a rabbit hole. Around the rabbit’s neck was a pocket watch which it wore as a necklace. The girl seemed to be fascinated by the rabbit and began to climb out of the window. As she was maneuvering towards the gutter pipe, a strong gust of wind blew her off the roof.
Alice fell into the rabbit hole and out into a forest. She looked around her and took in everything she saw. As she was looking, she noticed the white rabbit looking at her and then darted off. Alice quickly got up and chased the rabbit until her legs gave way. She sat on the ground trying to catch her breath when a black cat with glowing red eyes approached her. The cat circled Alice before sitting in front of her.

“What an ugly girl. So dirty and pitiful“, the cat purred.

Alice stared at the black cat, surprised that it had spoken. Though a bit hurt from the cruel words, she did not feel any hatred towards the cat.

“E…excuse me? W.. who are you? Do you know where I am?”, Alice asked.

“ You’re in wonderland my dear.. I am Cheshire Cat. And where might you have come from, ugly duckling?“, Cheshire cat asked.

“I came from Earth of course! Did you see a white rabbit run by Mr. Cheshire?”

“I might have. He could have gone anywhere.”

Alice looked confused at the cat’s response. Suddenly, a sign appeared in front of her and the forest cleared up into a forked road. The cat grinned and disappeared into a black mist. She looked at the disappearing mist and frowned, saddened that the cat did not stay any longer. Alice stood up and limped to the sign. The sign had a picture of a hat pointing to the right and a castle pointing to the left. She looked at both and decided to walk on the right road. The sounds of music played in the air as she got closer to her destination.
When she arrived, she saw a long table and a short man with a tall hat. She stood where she was and watched as the man threw tea cups in the air. The white rabbit sat at the table clapping its hands together and laughing. The man, called the Mad Hatter, soon spotted Alice and approached her.

“The ugly duckling has come to join our tea party!”, Mad Hatter exclaimed in joy.

“I’m not an ugly duckling! My name is Alice!”

The white rabbit and the Mad Hatter laughed. They dragged Alice to a seat and stared at her. She felt a bit happy that they wanted her to join their party, but it seemed as if they wanted her there to make fun of her. The words “am I not good enough to be loved?” came across her mind again.

“Who lives in the castle?”, Alice asked.

“The lovely Queen of Hearts! She’s adored by all for her kind heart!”

Alice looked at the Mad Hatter with interest as he told her more about the Queen of Hearts. Alice thanked the Mad Hatter for letting her join their tea party and got up to leave. The Mad Hatter grabbed Alice’s arm and pulled her back in the seat.

“You can’t leave yet Alice. It’s rude if you leave in the middle of a party!”, the Mad Hatter exclaimed.

Alice tried to stand up and leave the party again but the white rabbit held her down. She looked over her shoulder at the rabbit and he smiled at her.

“ You can’t go yet, Alice. Stay and eat some cake with us.” , the white rabbit said with glee.

Alice pushed her chair back and forced the rabbit to let go of her. She grabbed the butcher knife, that was used to cut the cake and held it up. The Mad Hatter and the white rabbit backed away from her and Alice ran back to the fork in the road. Cheshire Cat sat on top of the sign smiling at the running girl.

“Did you find your rabbit, poor ugly duckling?”, Cheshire cat chuckled.

She turned to Cheshire cat and glared at him. Cheshire rolled onto it’s back and smiled at Alice.

“Why don’t you go back home, duckling? Ducklings don’t belong here.”

“What? I don’t want to go back!” Alice exclaimed.

Suddenly, a thought popped into Alice’s head and said good bye to Cheshire. Smiling, Alice went on her way towards the castle. When she reached the castle, she walked straight up to the Queen. The Queen looked at the young girl and smiled at her. Alice pulled out a knife from behind her. Within the blink of an eye, the Queen’s head flew off. Everyone stared in horror at their beheaded queen. Alice pushed the Queen’s body onto the ground and sat in her throne.

“I am the new Queen of Hearts. Love me…”
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