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Naruhina or Narusaku
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Soultaken wrote:

Louice wrote:

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Louice wrote:

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asaness4713 wrote:

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asaness4713 wrote:

NaruHina. . .

i really like Hinata. . .

she's so cute. . .

and she's quite have the best personality. ,.

and she cares a lot about Naruto. . .

no one cares a lot about Naruto except her., .,

What about Sakura?
Hinata just worries about him in the Chuunin exams..that doesn't prove anything
Has Hinata ever seen Naruto in his Kyuubi form? NOPE

Well Sakura is a good friend to him but he's in love with Sasuke. . .
Well she also loves Naruto but only as a friend. . .

and you're wrong saying that Hinata just worries about him in the Chuunin exams. ,.
cause there are so many episodes after the Chuunin exam that shows that she is truly concern to Naruto. . . especially the mission where they will find a Bikochu. . .
Hinata saw how Naruto is depress and sad when Sasuke leaves the village. . . so she thinked of a way how she could help Naruto. . . so she suggest this mission to Hokage-sama. . .

And even if she sees Naruto's kyuubi form, I think that Hinata's feelings for Naruto will be the same. . . because Hinata loves Naruto not for what he is but for who he is. ,.
I think that Naruto will soon recognize Hinata's feelings for him. . .

How can you be so sure she's in love with Sasuke?? Has she ever had like a REAL conversation with him?
He was just a crush. Now they're looking for him, because he was a precious friend and part of Team 7. That doesn't mean he loves him.

Uhm...fillers doesn't count in any relationship. I'm talking about the manga.

And when I said she hasn't seen Naruto in Kyuubi form, I meant, that she doesn't know him as well as Sakura.
I think Hinata just sees Naruto as a boy who became stronger no matter what others tought. She just sees him as an inspiration.
While with Sakura, they share a bond that nobody will replace.

erm...i think we're sure that sakura likes sasuke.. in the start, shes all crazy about him like other girls. which is like really sad. what do u mean REAL convo? hes in their team and isnt crush like the same as liking him?
maybe sakura has changed feelings for sasuke in shippuden, but hinata still hasnt changed her feeling for naruto!!
hinata doesnt just see naruto as someone whos grown stronger, its so obv she likes him
about the fainting and stuff. its cute and obv, and worrying about him all the time.

yeh, maybe sakura likes naruto only as a friend
and i think the whole village knows naruto is a kyuubi, and just cos sakura is in naruto's obv she knows more about him.
and hinats's feeling towards naruto will never change.
while sakura only started to like naruto (maybe even only as a friend)

Well in that case, you're forgetting something important
Naruto has liked Sakura from the very beginning, don't you remember???
Hinata likes Naruto, but Naruto will never return those feelings 'cause is a one-sided love, so yeah, you can say Hinata's feelings won't change, that doesn't mean Naruto loves her too.
Naruto loves Sakura, and Sakura is starting to like Naruto more, so there's no chance for Hinata.

NaruSaku 4 ever!!!

yeh, i was gonna say that in the beginning as well, but i forgot..oops yeh, naruto does have a crush on sakura at the very beginning, but you can not say he wont change his feeling for her later on in the story, he might start to notice hinata a little. (you wont know till the very end) and in shippuden, they look more like friends ok, if they like each other, why dont they just like become boy friends and girlfriends!! yeh, i can say hinata's feelings wont change, but that does not mean naruto won't! (besides sakura might have chnged her feeling for sasuke, so how can u be sure naruto wont have feelings for hinata at the end?) i dont care what happens and what other people says, to me narutoxhinata till the very end!!!!

I can say the same about you, how can you know Naruto will notice Hinata????
When you said that you didn't care what happened at the end, you just accepted that the probabilities of NaruHina are minimum
Oh, and could you tell me in which part besides the chuunin exams, Naruto and Hinata talk? Like a real conversation?
You NaruHina fans just wish for something that won't happen.

a few episodes after sasuke left, they do missions together, ugh! thats why i said you will never know until the very end!!! no one knows!
so you wont know what really will happens and this is not going anywhere, im putting my bet on naruhina, and you can put ur bet on sakunaru, theres still a sasuke and a lee, but sasuke is probably going to end up being a loner,....and lets just leave it here!
and p.s: us naruhina fans are NOT wishing for something that wont happen! we wont know till the very very end!!!

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cant choose
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I think that Naruto deserves HInata because he needs someone who actually cares about him, sakura didn't even care about him until sasuke left konoha!
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naruhina is better
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i dont like ether of them...but narusaku~~
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Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/2/09
NARUSAKU........these guys are inseparable ! They deserve it !
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Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/5/09
Naruto & Sakura ofc
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NaruSaku FTW! Hinata is too shy to even talk to Naruto. Sakura sooo belongs with Naruto.

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I'm so ready to get shot for saying this. Everyone in this thread is going to say NaruHina cause they don't want Hinata to feel all sad and lonely. And truly if that's going to be the outcome if she gets rejected than Hinata can do better without worrying herself over Naruto all the time. I say NaruSaku and there's really no need to explain. There's been more obvious evidence and moments than Naruhina, and despite that Sakura is a main character. I'm pretty sure she's always going to come first than Hinata. And for the NaruSaku is just friends argument all true love always starts off as friends.
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^ Definitely!

Naruto doesn't see Hinata like he see's Sakura, the up coming scenes. 'We'll see more Narusaku goodness. :3
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