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Post Reply Spoiler hints for the rest of Season 3
Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/31/08
what ever i was not able to see even a single episode of 3rd season or probably never will tooo bad i like yuri being a justfull king
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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 10/31/08

sever29 wrote:

midway-path wrote:

ooohhh this is getting really interestingg !!
so 100th will be the last filler huh?
well im happy bout it, i want to see more saraaaaaa
huahahahaha :DD
and who is shouri by the way?

thanks for sharing the spoilers!!

Shouri is Yuuri's older brother...He's the future Maou on Earth...we'll see more of Sara for sure!

oh yeah i forgot his name!! thanks :DDDD
Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/3/08

flourpinkz wrote:

Anyways, the NHK staff joked that Conrad is cheating on Yuuri... which gave Japanese ConYuu fans mixed feelings. On the one hand they're elated because "you can't cheat unless you're IN a relationship in the first place". Thus, NHK had hinted playfully that there is a relationship. The bad side is that...well, fans didn't like Conrad NOT protecting or attending to Yuuri enough. XDD;;;

I'm rather curious by what you said when you mentioned the relationship thing. Should I think what I'm thinking or are you implying something else here?
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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08

Sarah2929 wrote:

I'm tired of Conrad betraying, its boring and reminds me of Sasuke and Naruto in a way where its predictable to a point, (Conrad leaves but for the Yuri's own good of course, Yuri becomes upset and will do anything even forgetting that he is a King that needs to run a kingdom every now again but he go aganist everyone and not be responsible as a King and of course everyone will follow along) *Though in essence Yuri has done very little for the Kingdom as a King figure, its been Gwendal most of the way* I think. :D

yes, you are so true in all of that.its like on Ouran High School Host club, the "mommy" was the secret king. lol. i want someone else to betray him, like Gunter. wouldnt see that coming now would ya? i dont know, but i think it'll be nice with yuuri's big brother around, he's a fun character, though id like to see more of his school life. that episode would probably be a filler, but still, i want to know how he confronts things in the other life he needs to be worrying about also. =]] okay added my two cents. hehe
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Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/9/08
Can't wait for the rest of the episodes!!!
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Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08
Looks like there's(Maybe) gonna be a war.
The title of epi. 30 is "War Strikes Out" !!

So exciting, but I'm nervous at the same time.
Does it means that Gwendal, Yozak, Conrad and... Wolfram will be sent off to war.
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