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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/18/08 , edited 10/18/08
Okay I decided to do a perspective of what had happened in "I'm what!?" With May as the main charecter but in this story I'm letting Natsume/Kazune have the spotlight.Seems like its going to be hard.But I'm pretty sure that I'm going to write this,so if ANYONE liked "I'm what!?" Please cheer me on for this!!
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/18/08 , edited 10/18/08
Chapter 1-Lies

The day started off as any usual bland day ,the maid with long blond hair came in and woke me up.

Of course Kazune was pissed off about waking up so early in the morning and took control of my slumped body and snapped at her

"Get the hell off my back I'm trying to sleep hear"She instantly ran off quickly to talk to Irie and ask him if she should get me up but it was obviouse even to Kazune

'Whats that supposed to mean'He growled

I ignored him as he began to talk trash about me.

It was obviouse that the maid seemed to like him.Which made no sence in my mind.

He didn't exactly have a social status but then again,neither did we (Natsume and Kazune).

'Clara will get in here any second anyway to hurass us so lay off'I growled

'Clara'Kazune thought drily as he pictured strangling her in his thoughts.

I cut off that thought and replaced it with him trying to become closer to her.

'Well you aren't exactly best friends with her'Muttered Kazune smugly

'Because you always inturupt our talks whenever we seem to be getting in a good conversation,and intrude them with smug remarks about our childhood'

He chuckled darkly to himself as I got up and and walked to our closet and grabbed our red chekcered shorts and white half unbuttoned shirt and began to place it on

'Thats because,I don't like to assosiate with Smug-No-It-Alls'I growled at his remarks

'Well maybe I do' I saw him make a face in our head my face...our face was frowning but seemed to have an idea in our eyes.

'Don't think anything stupid you ass-' Our thoughts were inturupted as the maid that Kazune had scared off before walked into our room and studdered,saying that it was breakfast.

Kazune snarold in our head,but I ignored him and nodded to her and walked out of the room,and down the long stairs and into the dining room were Ami sat on the floor playing with her toys next to Clara's chair were Clara stared down joyfully at her but looked up and began glaring at us.

I couldn't help but smirk as Kazune's feelings on the girl entere my amune system.

'Stay quiet'I muttered as I walked over towards them and sat down next to Darley and Kukaii who had as usual come for breakfast.

Darley was telling a joke to Kukaii about some sort of bannana peel when I interupted their talking and asked were Danial was.

Darly grinned "Hes helping your father with something"Kukaii nodded absently as he tried to get the punch line to Darleys joke.

Darley got back to telling Kukaii his joke just as Danial,Kaichi,and Irie stepped into the room.

They all seated themselves at their usual seats,but didn't seem to be paying attention to all the eyes (except Ami,and Darley) on them.

Danial was pointing at something on the computer "You see this is probly the location were she is"He paused to move his finger around the area.Or map on the computer screen "Granch Street"

'Thats a few hours from here'Murmured Kazune

'I didn't know you were paying attention,let alone pay attention to directions'

'Shut up'He said sowerly.

But just what were they talking about,I had to wonder...

'Better ask Danial later'I murmured to myself rather to "anyone" else.

'right' He scoffed 'he won't say a word about whats going on,hes always "looked up" to danmed Irie'

He was right,but what else could we do 'No big deal anyway, I guess'I murmured

'If its in OUR house, then it is' said Kazune.

I nodded absently.


"Oi, Danial."I said as I caught up to him as we all (Darley,Kukaii,Danial,and me) walked out of the over sized house.

he glanced back at us and slowed down his speed walking so we could walk normally.

"What?"He asked emotinlessly.

"What was that crap that you were talking to Irie about?"Kazune asked

He grimaced at the thought of us noticing "Nothing.Just some computer buisness that your father asked me to take care of"

We glared at him 'the ass is lying' Swore Kazune 'Some friend'He spat.

I took over our body "You sure?" He nodded

I didn't like to hurass him,but I felt that if he didn't even tell us a bit of the truth the whole thing was a bigger deal than helping Irie with a little computer work.

And Kazune wasn't going to let it drop,just as much as I wasn't.

Just what could be going on...?
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
Chapter 2-A New Family Member

The day had started and ended the same way as it always did, walking to school,Darley talking about some girls he teased,going home with Darley telling us another one of his unamaginable jokes.

We never got anything out of Danial,and whenever we brought up the topic he'd change the subject.

All of it was infuriating.

Finally when we reached home,the guys invited themselves over

'As usual' Me and Kazune said in sink.

But Kazune found this would be a perfect time for us to pop another question that Danial couldn't ignore.

"So Danial, you goin' to tell us whats goin' on in my house"Kazune said,as he invited himself into me/our body.

Danial looked shocked that we'd try te same thing again but got what was going on when Kukaii,and Darley began askin questions about what we were talking about.

I heard Kazune snicker in our thoughts at how smug he looked.

"You can't keep secrets from ALL of us" I said darkley.

He scratched the back of his neck and pulled out his laptop from is book-bag.

"You see"He started "Your going to find out later..."He murmured

We couldn't believe it.Was it SUCH a big deal not to tell us?

Kazune was cursing in his thoughts as he began thinking of yelling at Danial and telling him things like How dirty it was of him to chose Irie over his friends.

I ignored them

"Why can't you just tell us"I said blandly.

He shock his head "Sorry Natsume" He muttered

I looked down,my hands shaking with Kazune,and my rage combinding togeather and making it unable to move.

Danial walked towards his head,knowing that I wasn't exatly wating to talk to him at the momment.

He knew how I felt,I could tell,or at least I thought that...

'Thought' Kazune scoffed

I continued to ignore him and try to calm down.

When I finally regained my composur I looked up to see Darley waving goodbye,and Kukaii standing next to me.

Kukaii knew how hard it was to have to personalitys and keep a good compossur even when his wasn't a rage producer.

I heard Kazune growl

'Its true'I thought emotionesly

"You okay?"Asked Kukaii

I nodded absently "Damn,I hate when I can't controll my...our emotions..."I muttered on my hands and nee's

Kukaii nodded "I know..."

I looked up at him finally and saw that he looked in pain.

I didn't understand why.Was it because he didn't like to see his best friend in pain?

I didn't know.But I didn't like to see him with that sort of expressionless pain as well.

Kazune took controll of my body and slapped Kukaii in the back "Man,don't be such a wimp" He smirked.

Kukaii looked up at Kazune and noticed the sudden change of feelings and smiled lightly.

"Yeah" He laughed.

After that Kukaii left saying he'd be back soon.

I nodded

'Damn.We never got anything out of Danial.Even after that,I have no idea how to get it out of him'Gummbled Kazune

I shock my head 'He said we'd find out later...so maybe we should wait..?'I muttered

He growled 'No'

I sighed and started to walk towards the door of our huge home.


The sun was slowly setting and the wekend was about to start,and I was planning what to do when a rucus downstairs broke into my thinking.

Kazune was getting irritated by the sudden voices that kept on passing by our room,and decided to check it out.

'Who cares?' I muttered

He growled 'I do.This might be about what Danial was talking about' As soon as he said that I got up and walked over to our door,and to the stairwell were Irie,and Kaichi stood,maids surronded him with frozen faces.

When I looked closer it looked like he was holding...someone?

'So this is what Danial was talking about...later...'I murmured to myself rather than Kazune.

I saw a picture pop into my head,of Kazune nodding.

Kazune took over our body and speed walked down the stair well and towards Irie.

"What the hells this?"He growled,sounding angry for some reason when he wasn't

Irie looked up at us,with his usual cold eyes.

"A new Family member."He muttered as he walked towards the stairwell with his arms tight around the younge girls body.

"I heard she's going to be living here from now on"Murmured a maid

"No way"Said another.

Kaichi caught into their little conversation and gave them a cold glance.

They all went pale and begun what they were doing before.

'New family member?'Whispered Kazune

'Living here'I whispered.

'Why?'We thought in sink
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