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Which do you prefer?

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29 / F / In your pants. >:D
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/12/08
I much prefer girls.
Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
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24 / F / Desu~, Desu~
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/16/08
Girls >///> So much sexier.
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24 / F
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08

OrochimaruWife08 wrote:

Rinako-chan wrote:

Deidarafangirl14 wrote:

I prefer girls.

This would probably be because girls just look better than guys, and alot of guys are jerks. (No offense to any of you guys on here)

lol XD, I totally agree with X3, girls are smexi! no offense to any guys though

same here! girls r just delicious! but u have some biys thatc an be smexi too! lol XD no offense to either sex though !

same here!i totally agree,girls just look hotter than guys...n they are attractive...i guess...
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25 / F
Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/23/08
i love em Both
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26 / F / emerald city
Posted 8/5/08 , edited 8/6/08
i don't know, i like both but i feel more comfortable around girls...i guess thats cause we can relate more
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08

Omok wrote:

Note: Most girls said they prefer girls *grins*
Note: Most guys said equal *grins*

Well, for me, I'd have to say, its 95% girls and maybe JUST MAYBE 5% guys? o_o; (I'm not even SURE if i like guys or not; but hey! maybe a girly guy can work out? ._. )

lol i think a girly guy would work, a guy who looks kinda like a girl, not so sure about a guy who acts girlier than me offense to anyone else


Bill from Tokio Hotel

He would make a cute girl XD...

( I always bug my friends by saying that he looks like a girl X3 )
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27 / F
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/13/08
GIRLS!!!!! although i have a boyfriend... but in the future if my bf and me breakup well i gtting myself a GF... GIRLS are soooooooo hot
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29 / M / Philippines
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
I dunno lol xD Actually,
I dont care if its a He or She, I'll just have to wait patiently, I'll let god to do his thing-
but I do prefer guys lol xD im such a weirdooo
guys bcos im into yaoi stuff ryt now haha
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25 / F / th grotty shit ho...
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
girls u can b more honest with them un they're easier to talk to un lots of guys i know r jackasses XD (no offense to all the nice guys out there <3) but guys give better hugs
Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/7/08
well both
but i find miself going 4 Girl more
but than boys
but really more townds da Girls
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/3/08
i so prefer girls cuz the guys i noe r like realy stupid exept the one that r smart but those r also the annoying ones and i so agree with Liliana15, girls liking girls is so hot
Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/9/08
long as we have that wavelength and catches my fancy ^^
Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/21/08
eh.. thats hard.. i guess for me it depends on their personality more then their gender
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