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F / In the middle of...
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Name:I'm What!?
Genre:Romance,School life,Slice of Life
Summary:May Clog has no parents,and has know idea what type of people they were,let alone how they died.And her cruel Grandmother doesn't have any intentions of telling her.What will happen when she overhears her grandmothers plot to sell her for 250.000$Will she escape?Or will she be captured and tookin in by these people?Read to find out!
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 1-The Bargin

"May"yelled a voice followed by a knock

"May get up or else you'll be late for school so wake up already!!"

Hello my name is May Clog I am 13 years old and don't have parents anymore...

At the moment I am living with my grandmother who comes from a rich family but doesn't care what so ever happens to me.

"May!!"the knocking continued,I opened my eyes which felt sore from the light that was coming from the open window.

I sat up slowly and rubbed my eyes

"what is it Marbel?"I mumbled in a ruff crackly voice

"We have to go to school,if you don't hurry we will be scolded..."their was a pause as I got up from my old warn down bed and walked to the door.

I turned the nob slowly and it burst open making me fly half the way down the room

"get ready may!!"The brown haired girl said as she placed her hands on her hips

"I just got up and you want me to get ready that fast"I mutterd as I rubbed my butt which I had landed on when the door flew open.

"well..yes!"She yelled.

"Okay,I have to change so leave"I said as I sat up

"fine"she grunted as she walked over to the door and slammed it shut.

I stared at the door,and slowly turned towards an old dresser that must have been about 50 years old.

And opened it,I grabbed a plade gray long sleeve sweater and a matching skirt next to it.I threw the pair onto my bed and searched through the dresser for a white shirt.

I found one with a small dark blue lace around the neck.

I quickly changed and brushed my light golden shoulder length hair,and rain towards the door grabbing my book bag in the procces.

I opened the door and say Marble tapping her foot impatiently at the door.

"sorry"I grimaced apologetically as I scratched the back of my head.

She sighed and put her hand up to her forhead but didn't say anything.

She walked down the stairs of the fancy old house and opened the front door slowly.

"bye grandmother"I muttered as I heard a "humph" like noice from the dining room.Marble motioned to the door,and I did as she had showed.


It was the end of the day and I was walking home with Marble she was walking quietly as I hummed a nameless tune to myself.

After I got to the front gate of my grandmothers monsturres house Marble said goodbye and I started to open the gate.

As I got into the house I heard someone talking with my grandmother.

The person didn't sound like the usual people grandmother talked to,I thought to myself.

I crept into the living room and hid behind a wall and listened to their conversation.

"Yes just sign here and the 250.000 will be yours if you keep your side of the bargine"a man said.

I heard my grandmother grunt and mutter something under her breath

"Of course I will that girl has been nothing but a pain since she came here,when her petty parents died"I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from gasping.Was she...Could grandmother be selling me to someone!?

I heard a pen click and someone scribble something down onto a paper.

"When do you want her?"my grandmother asked.

"As soon as I can get her..."I could here the smile on his face.

I had to leave or else I'd be tookin away with this guy.

Not that I minded leaving grandmother but you could tell this guys no good news either!

I felt my body tense as I heard somebody sit up,I hid more deeply into the wall and watched as a young man with black hair that had DEFFINITLY had to much gell in it,and small black shadey glasses on,pass by and walk toward the door.

How terrible he must be waiting for me to get home from school.

I quickly tiptoed up the stairs toward my room and opened the door.

I the door lightly and ran towards the dresser I started to throw my favorite clothes onto my bed and grabbed a bag from the back of the closet ,I threw my clothes into the bag and grabbed my hair brush and tooth brush and other things I might need later on.

After I packed the bag to its fullest I looked around for 1 more item that I could bring.

As my eyes searched I heard someone coming up the stairs.

I gasped and quickly ran towards a small table which had a jeweraly box on it.

I opened the box and searched through it when finally I saw a small ring which was heart shapped,and had a few buetiful dimonds shimer on it.

The ring that father proposed to mother with...

I felt tears well up in my eyes I placed the ring on my wedding finger and grabbed my bag as I made a run for the window.

As I opened the window I saw the door open and my grandmother and the man from before standing their with their eyes full of shock.

Shock from not what I was doing but from,

If I died the bargin would be over...

As I got ready to jump from the second floor and into the rose bush I saw the man jump out and pull onto my shoulder which made me lose ballence on the window sill
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Chapter 2-Life Starting

As I fell backwords I felt myself land on something that cushioned my fall,I looked down quickly to see the man from before (barginer) lying under me.

I heard someone shriek and run towards us,their shoes tapping on the hard wood floor.

Of course it was grandmother.

"Ah!Sir are you all right!?"She asked in a delicate voice.Probobly because she was worried the bargin would be off and her 250.000$ would be gone I growled in my head.

The man didn't say anything he just grouned under my weight.

Grandmother quickly grabbed me by the rist and threw me towards the wall.

I yelped in pain as my head banged into it "now you listen here!"she growled as she shook her finger at me

"If you DARE try to leave,I will make your life misserable"she said,her words full of acid.

I stared in horror for a second but then snapped out of it

"to late,you already did make my life misserabel!"I yelled as I tried to unlock her grasp on my rist.

I saw steam flood from her face and her eyes have flames shoot up into the "WHY YOU!!"I saw her hand raise up to hit me,my eyes shut titley as I got ready for the hit,but someone quickly grabbed onto her arm and stopped her

"Miss Cain the deal will be off if you hurt this child" said a husky voice.

I opened my eyes to see a man with light brown hair,and dark brown eyes standing their.

My grandmother gasped and lowerd her arm.

"Fine"she sputterd "I despise this child anyway,take her away already!"she yelled at the end of her sentance

"she's just like her mother,who had to fall in love with that stupid man"she mutterd under her breath.Father?I thought quietly.

After she said that I saw the man that had saved me cring at her words.

He let go of her arm and grabbed mine and pulled me towards the door.

I tried to claw my way out of his grip but i didn't suceed once again...

He glanced back at the barginer who was giving the 250.000 to my grandmother,and grabbed my bag from the window.

The man once again started to pull me towards the stairs.

He didn't even flinch as I tried to escape even though his hand had so many scars from were I had been digging my nails in,and bighting.


As we left the house I saw the barginer catch up and open the door for us.

The man motioned for me to get in but I planted myself into the ground were I was standing.

The man that saved me sighed and lowerd himself to my level (because he was tall)

"do you want to stay here"what he said wasn't a question it was an answer,an answer that i knew wasn't true.I pouted but didn't move from were I was standing.

Finally I heard the barginer walk over.

I felt his hands rasping around my waist and picking me up.

I kicked him a few times but he just ignored it and tosed me into the back seat and looked the doors.

"Hey!"I finally spoke,they both ignored me and got into the car and started it.

I growled but finally put a seat belt on me because the barginers driving wasn't that great...or safe.


It had been about 3 hours since I was last at home...ER Grandmothers house.

And I was in a twilight state were I was half awake and half asleep.

I couldn't really think because I was in a state were I was to weak,or too tired to think.

But I could tell that we had stopped.

I felt a light shine onto me,it was probly the car light but I wasn't fully sure.

I lied there drifting to sleep as I heard a ringing noice from the car door start to go off.

I felt someone put their arms under my head and legs to support me.

Even then I could tell I was in a bridal stance,but I was to tired to care.

I listened to the annoying ringing sound stop with the car door slamming shut.

I heard murmuring from all around me,but other than that I heard the soft sound of waves coliding to rocks,and the 'rush' sound from it.

I could tell the the sun was setting in a different direction of the car which was on would probobly be on my left were the sound of the ocean lied.

I shivered as a brease lightly paced me,and felt someone's arms tighten around me.

Just who was this person?I wondered as I felt lights gleam onto my face,and the sound of the ocean disapear....
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Chapter 3-What's going on!?

I opened my eyes slowly to a bright light pink room,and the sound of the ocean.

I'm so warm I thought to myself as I rolled over to my left were it was darker and tried to fall back to sleep,which I knew wouldn't happen...

My beds always cold I thought again,and its always hard not soft like this mind wander'd as I let my body melt into the fairly cushiond bed.

"Wait!"I gasped as my eyes,and body flew up.This isn't my room!

I stode their for a second as my memory started to kick back in.

"Thats right someone took me here when grandmother sold me to some shady guy"I mutterd as I scratched my chin.But why am in some kind of warm bed?Weren't they going to do evil things to me...?

As I thought I heard the door knob turn with a light creak,I spun around quickly to see a young girl with long dirty blond hair and blue eyes walk in,in a maids uniform.

I saw her step behind the door to hide when she saw me.

I stared at her as she started to come out of her hiding place "...ano...hello miss Clog..."she looked down at the floor as she said this and blushed

"ano..."i started but then stopped."I-.....I'm your maid for now....ano...please take care of me!"she gasped and bowed down to me,I stared at her but then answerd "uumm sure..."The room fell silent.

"Well just tell me if you need anything Miss Clog"She bowed down and quickly retreated out of the room,I put up an arm to stop her but I hesitated.

Who was she...?I wonder'd.And were the heck am I!!??I rored.

I got up and walked towards the door,I had to figure out were I was!

As I walked out the door I saw some people with the same outfits as the young girl from before.

I ducked behind a door as the walked past me.After they were gone I ran to a open door that looked empty.

As I went into the room I heard footsteps from behind me.

I looked around as a sweat drop apeered on my head.

I saw a office desk and ran over to it and hid underneath it.

I heard voice's come into the room,and the footsteps seace as they entered the room.

"Mr.Wilder you don't need to worry yourself over a 13 year old girl,she would have been fine with that old woman"A man's voice said in a hushed ergant voice

-No responce-

"Sir please your just going to bring stress to the companie and yourself.He wouldn't want taht either now wouldn't he!!??"The man continued in his please.

Were they talking about me?

There was still no answers to the mans please and the room fell silent.

"Its not just for him..."The man finally answerd "its for her too" The man that was pleaing for him before didn't say anything else.

And I heard someone walk over to the desk that I was hiding under.I heard the chair squek under the person's wait and I saw a man's legs slip under the desk.

I arched my body deeper into the desk so that he wouldn't notice me,but I couldn't go any farther in!

I heard the man type something into the computer that was on top of the desk and say under his breath "She's sorta interesting anyways....I think Natsume will be interested in her too..."

After that I heard the chair squek again and the computer key boards fell silent.

I heard the door close slowly ,and the room seemed quit enough.

So I decided to see if the people had left.

I moved my stiff body over to see if their was anyone was their.

My eyes survayed the room,and found no one there.

So I sat up and looked at the computer that the man had been typing into.And I gasped.

My hole biography was on the computer even pictures of when I was younger,and even some from just a few days ago!creepy...I thought as chills were sent down my spine.

After I had seen the computer I decided to go back to my room.Beside's no one had noticed that I had been gone before.

I sat on the edge of the soft white bed and thought.

Did that guy maybe know my father and mother...?I wonder'd.As I thought I heard the door once again creak open and the girl from before apear.

She had a tray of snacks and food "I thought you might by hungry"She flushed and sat the food down next to me.

I nodded as the smell of bacon and eggs rushed through my nose.

I quickly grabbed a plate of eggs and bacon and scarrfed it down,I even licked the plate!

She watched in 'aw' as I scarffed down another plate of eggs and bacon.

After the second meal I placed the plate on a small table beside my bed.The girl was about to get up when I asked for her name,she glanced back and answer "Presea"
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Chapter 4-Answers

I nodded and said "its nice to meet"I smiled gentally,and she blushed

"Its nice to meet you too miss Clog"She smiled back shyly "please call me May"I asked,she nodded

"okay....May"I smiled again.

'I'd made a friend at this strange place....amazing...just goes to show u girls have got the power!!'I smiled at that thought.

I heard the door open and close quietly.

I glanced over and saw the man from yesturday that had saved me.

I stood up emidiatly and walked over to him "Where am I!?"I orderd.He stared down at me and answerd "my house"

I glared at him,of course I was,were else could I be but were is his house!?

"You new that your grandmother made a deal with me..."he paused " manager right?"he corrected himself.

I looked down at the floor and he continued "well she gave you to me for-"

"250.000$...right?"I mutterd as I burned a hole into the floor with all my hate

"that's correct"he nodded as he looked out at the window which was now open.

"Why do you want me?"I murmerd.

"No reason really...Just someone gave me the idea..."I looked up to see him smiling.

I glared at him

"Then I might as well go ho-"

"Is your home really with someone that sold you for some money"


"so what if is!?"I yelled as I looked up at him,eyes full of despair.He stared back and then turned around.

"This is your new home...and you'll do what we say if you want something to eat"He said as a spark came into his eyes and his face darkened.


I flinched back.

He got me.

He started to walk out of the room but stopped.

"Oh yes.Will you please change before lunch"He smiled and walked out of the room.

I felt heat flood my face "why that guy!!"I was ready to attack when Presea pulled me back

"calm down May-sama"She blushed as she said my name.I would have to if she hadn't added the 'sama'

"Presea you don't need to add the 'sama' just call me May"I smiled

She nodded "okay May-sama"

-falls over-

"Are you alright May-sama??"
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Chapter 5-Lunchtime introductions

After I had sat up and my annoyance from presea calling my May-'sama' was PARTLY gone,

She had decided to grab an outfit from the huge closet that must have had 4 rooms full of clothes.

She ended up grabbing me a long sleeved light yellow shirt with ;cuffs on the end of the arms and a light blue dress to put over top of the top,that was an adorable match.It was nee-length and came with 2 blue ribbons that Presea added to my blond hair.

After I was done being dressed up into barbie she lead me out of the room and down a row of long hallways,and people that were supposidly maids that worked for the 'family' that lives here,and 'me'.

After another hallway I saw 2 rows of stairs that lead down towards the entrance of the house.

We quickly walked down the stairs and into a huge room on the right side of the entrance.

I gasped as I saw a long table and people sitting in chairs waiting with empty plates in front of them.

I only reconised 2 faces.

One was the man that had resqued me from my grandmothers attack,and the 2nd person was the barginer from before.

The rest of the faces I didn't know.

Their was a younge girl with sandy blond pair,which had plenty of small pigtails in it,and light adorable bown eyes.

And another girl that might be around my age or a year older with tied up black hair,and dark green eyes.

They stared at me both eyes having different meaning one with excitment,and the other with curiosity.

I looked down at the floor as I tried to hide my embarresment.

I never did like being the center of attention.

I saw Presea move the chair so that I could sit down,I sighed but smiled at her as I sat down.

I looked up and saw everyone staring at me..everyone except the guy that was my savior and or else the 'devil'.

The room was silent.

Everyone looked away as they heard the entrance of the house door open,and the silence dissapear with the murmering voice's of people ecoing the huge house.

I glanced behind me to see 4 boys apeer out of no were.

One boy had a playful monkey like face that anyone would think was TOO happy....ANYONE,he wore a grey sweater and black shorts,and had brown eyes and a tenis hat that was facing the wall.

Another boy had glasses and black hair that made him look very smart and supperfishiol,he wore a white long sleeve shirt with a black tie around his neck,and black pants.

One boy had a orange hair and purple eyes,and wore a red T-shirt and black shorts.

But the only boy that seemed to catch my eye was the one that had blond hair and blue eyes that had sadness in them,he wore a light white shirt that was half undone so that you could see his skin and blue plade shorts.

The boys walked into the dining room,not noticing that the once silent room was now full of sounds from the 4 boys.

They sat themselves down,and grabbed there forks,and knives as they waited for lunch to come.

The room went silent again as the boys noticed all the weary eyes on them.

"You should ask before you invite people over"The dark haired girl muttered coldly as her gaze broke away from the other 3 boys and too the light blond haired boy.

"Sorry I'll remind myself that next time that I care"he cornered her back,as he placed his feet on the table

"Beside's I don't think anyone really cares...3 people against 1 the math"he continued as he gazed around the room at all the faces of the daily household.His gaze stopped on my face,his cold eyes observed me.

"make that 4..."he corrected himself

"I care!!"she screamed as she grabbed a fork and knife and slammed it into the table.

"Wait your a part of this family?"he smirked,as he lost his gaze on my face and closed his eyes.

The dark haired girl growled but gave in as maids started to bring in lunch.

I stared at my large portion of food in 'aw'.I had just ate I couldn't eat anymore!

"So"The blond boy started "who's she"He continued as he pointed in my direction.I gulped.

"A new member of the family..."My savior finally spoke

"If she gets on your nerves she will be punished"he added as he eyed me.

'Great...' I thought as I glared at him.

"Ah nice to meet'cha onee-chan!!My names Ami-chan"the little girl said gleefully with stars in her eyes

"Ano...Its nice to meet you names May"I said as I tried to smile,but failed.

"My names Clara.Nice to meet you"I looked over at the dark haired girl in horror as I heard the acid in her words.

"N-Nice T-To M-meet you Clara"I studderd.

'She's gonna be trouble'

I heard someone cough "My names Kaichi,nice to meet you miss"the barginer said in a gruff voice.

"My names Darley nice to meet you May"the monkey boy said with a smile

"My names Danial"The smart glasses guy said

"My name's Kukaii nice to meet you"said the soft smiled boy

The room fell silent as everyone waited for the blond haired boy to introduce himself but the seconds passed and he didn't so I gave up

"Its nice to meet all of you...please take care of me"I smiled.

I saw Kukaii nudge the blond haired boy lightly as I finished speaking,he sighed and opened one eyes to look at me

"Names Natsume..."he paused to cover up a sigh

"Son of Irie.Wilder over their"he said as he nudged his head towards my savior.
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Chapter 6-Bet

I tryed to hold a gasp

Irie Wilder!?

That was the same last name that the guy from in that office had said before.

And the guy that was named Wilder had my whole biography on his computer!

'So does he know my parents...?' I wondered

I heard someone cough and I looked up

"Ah...! Its nice to meet you Natsume-kun"I smiled a weak smile

He closed his eyes again "Yeah"

Everyone looked back down at there food and continued to eat.

'Just who are these people!?'


After lunch I had decided to go outside and try to figure out a way to escape

But after I had tried climbing the wall,and digging a tunnel,I had given up.

The boys from before had left about an hour ago after laughing at me and my escape plans...

So I couldn't think of anything else to do.

I stared at the beautiful ocean with wet eyes

'I wonder if marble had tried to wake me up this morning and I wasn't there...'

'I wonder if she is worrying...'

I wiped my tears as they blinded my vision of the beautiful ocean

'Maybe I should go ask that Irie guy if he knows my parents...?'I wondered

After a few minutes,I heard footsteps from behind me on the hard stone ground.

"May!"I heard someone yell,I blinked

Who is calling me I wonderd as I turned around and saw Darley,Danial,and Kukaii running towards me with Natsume behind them walking.

"Hey May,can you do us a favor?"Darley asked.

I blinked

"Favor?"I repeated

"yeah you see we have this bet with some friends"

"ass's"Natsume corrected

"No their our friends"Darley yelled back to Natsume

"So anyways we made a bet,and it involved if we lost they could kiss one of Natsume's sisters as a prize"

I felt my jaw drop

"What!!??I'm not even his family!!"I yelled

"Yeah but you won't get anything to eat,if you don't do this"Natsume threatend

"So!! I can stand a day or so without eating!"I growled

"Yeah but can you stand it for one month?"He bribed

I flinched back by the threat in his words 'hes just like his father!!'

"F-Fine!"I agreed in a studder

I saw Darley smile "Listen May you don't have to do this"Kukaii whispered in my ear.

I nodded

"Yeah but knowing him he'll still punish me"I whispered back.I had only lived with him for a day and I already new that!!


"u-um this place looks kinda shaddy you guys"I studderd

"Don't worry we always come here"Darley said as he tried to comfort me.

I nodded "O-Ok"

We walked down a closed of section of town,and into a aly that was pretty creepy.And now we were here.

Natsume stopped walking and spoke "Ok we've got a girl"

I heard a rustlling noice,and then stepped out a boy and a couple other guy with a basketball.

"Wait the bet is who wins basketball?"I whispered to Danial

He nodded "pretty easy in my calculations,since we have Natsume on our team"he answerd

"Yeah but these guys look pretty strong...."I studdered

"hhmm maybe..."Danial said in a calm voice.

Natsume,Darley,and Kukaii walked over to the group of gangster (they looked like gangsters...) and grabbed the ball from them.

"See"Darley pointed in my direction.The boys nodded and walked over to me

"Hey,she's pretty cute to be one'a your sista's"The boy said as he tucked his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

He smelled like beer,and other things...

He looked WAY to younge to be at the drinking age...

Just what type of people do Natsume hang out with!?
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Chapter 7-Basketball Game Surprise

The other boys that were with the guy that smelled like beer and had me stuck with him,walked away in a different direction.

Natsume,and the others followed from behind them.

After a few minutes of walking we ended up at a basketball court with gates all around it

I heard a click and something creak open

The boy let go of my waist and walked forward to the court

"So you all know how to play basketball right kids"The boy smirked

I saw Natsume flinch,and I guessed he was ready to hit the guy

Kukaii just nodded on Natsume's behalf and bounced the ball over to the other guys.

They grabbed the ball and got in some kind of stance

Natsume,Kukaii,and Darley did the same

"aren't you going to play too?"I asked Danial

he shook his head

"They can take them"he answerd

Right after he said that the gangsters passed the ball to a guy that was on the right of Darley

Darley spun around and tried to get the ball but didn't suceed

Kukaii got in front of the guy with the ball and tried to corner him and grab the ball,but the gangster passed to one of his friends that were near the net.

Natsume jumped in front of the boy and cought the ball he could catch it,and dribbled it towards their net.

Natsume shot and he got it in the net!


The gangsters were on there hands and nee's breathing deeply

So far it had been 4 to 0

And Natsume's team was winning

"A little tired"Natsume taunted as he sat down to their level

The leader of the gangsters eyes turned blood red

"Not at all kid"he walked towards Darley and picked up the basketball the Darley was playing with

"Hows about I make a deal?"the leader started

"whichever team shots this last ball into the net will win"He faced Natsume

"You thinking you might get a lil lucky"Natsume question'd

The leader smirked "maybe"

Natsume agreed to the deal and walked over to Darley and Kukaii and stood in there stance once again.

I clasped my hands togeather 'what if he does get lucky,Natsume shouldn't make these kind of deals even if his ego will be brused!'

And the game started

Natsume ran down half the court over to the net,as he waited for one of his team mates to get the ball.

Kukaii tryed to snatch the ball from the other team but the boy shot to another one of his team mats near Darley

Darley caught up and tried to grab the ball and suceeded.

But something wasn't right 'these guys are REALLY competitive so how did he get it so easily?'

I looked over to see the leader smiling

'why is he smiling?'I wonder'd

As Darley dribbled near Natsume so that he could shot to him I saw one of the team members run from behind him

The boy hit the ball out of Darley's hands and put out his leg to trip Darley

I gasped as Darley dropped the ball and started to fall

I thought nothing worse could happen but while he started to fall Darleys legs got entwinde in each other because the ball tripped his legs.

I heard darly whine in agonny as he landed onto the sament

Everyone ran over to him and saw that one of his legs were sprained,and the other was injured badly with cuts

"you okay"Kukaii asked in concern

Darley tried to nod,but winced

"hang on"mumbled Natsume as he tried to help him to the benches

Natsume and Kukaii helped Darley to the benches

And made Danial check his injuries

"Are you okay?"I asked in concern

He nodded and closed his eyes

"What are we going to do now Natsume?we need another team mate,and Danial's terrible with basketball-"

"And hes got to take car of Darley"Natsume continued as he cut off Kukaii

Natsume closed his eyes as he thought then a spark was in his eyes

I saw a dark aura revolve around Natsume as he looked in my direction.

I flinched 'he couldn't be thinking that I'll-'

"May have you ever played basketball before?"Natsume said as a twisted smile currupted his face

"O-Only once"I answerd

"Close enough"He smiled an evil grin that sent chills down my spine

Kukaii and Natsume grabbed both of my arms and pulled me onto the court

"H-Hey wait!!I don't really know how to play!!I'm terrible at basketball,let alone sports!!"I blurted out

"It doesn't really matter just stand there and then we'll be able to play"Kukaii said as he tried to comfort me

"Y-Yeah but what am I gonna get out of this anyway!"

"Food"Natsume answerd

"Wrong answer Natsume!!"

"hhmm"Natsume thought as he scratched his chin "how about...I'll give you a prize after words?"

I stared at him "prize?"I mutterd

"That is if we win"Natsume continued

"Okay but...whats the prize?"I asked

"Thats a surprise"He smiled

I nodded absent mindedly,and saw Natsume and Kukaii turn around and go into there basket ball stance again.
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Chapter 8-Surprise

I saw Natsume start to run towards the guy with the ball and Kukaii run half way up the court to the net just like Natsume had before.

Natsume grabbed the ball from the not yet ready team mate

He shot the ball half way down the court into Kukaii's hands

Kukaii shot the ball just as the leader jumped up,and the leader caught it.

The leader started to dribble the ball to Natsume,and Kukaii's net with his team mates gaurding him as he ran

Each time Natsume tried to get the ball,one of the other teams team mates would corner him,or get in his way

Kukaii started to run down the court towards Natsume to assist him

But also got cornerd off by one of the other team players

I ran towards are net as I saw the leader get near get ready to shot

I jumped up and grabbed the ball

Everyone stopped moving as they saw me there with the ball

I saw Natsume break away from his shock and start to sneak over to the other teams net

I saw him wave for me to shot to him

I did as I was ordered and shot the ball to Natsume

I saw the leader snap out of his shock as well and get ready to get in the way of the ball

But then Kukaii hit the ball with his hand

The ball landed half way down the court were Natsume was

Natsume ran over to the ball and shot it into the other teams net.

Everyone went silent

Then I heard cheers from Darley,and even Danial as Kukaii and Natsume ran in my direction and picked me up

"God I never thought you had it in you"Natsume breathed

"Great job May"I heard Darley cheer from the benches

Kukaii smiled and pated me on the back

Natsume,and Kukaii sat me down,and walked over in the direction of the other team

The team sighed and pulled something out of there pockets

'money?'I thought

"Your going to have to give more than that"Natsume said,threat in his voice

"You injured a team mate for a game"Kukaii continued for Natsume

"not just a game!!"The leader said as he looked over in my direction

-Sweat drop-

I saw Natsume shack his hand as if waiting for more money to come

The leader sighed and handed over a small bag

Natsume nodded "better"

They sighed and started to walk back into an aly

Natsume and Kukaii walked over in my direction

"Come on May"Kukaii smiled

I smiled weakly and followed the boys to the bench were Darley sat

"You ok Dar?"Kukaii asked

"Yeah its not so bad,it just needs some ice"Darley smiled

"And plus after watching May play I feel better"Darley smiled at me

"well lets go to my place"Natsume finally spoke as he helped Darley up


I sat in my room with my huge window open,and the smell and sound of the ocean filling the room

I sighed

It had been a long day and I still hadn' gotten the surprise that Natsume was supposed to give me if we won the basketball game.

I plopped onto my bed and closed my eyes

'I wonder why its so quiet when though's guys are here...'

Suddenly I heard the door open

I flew up from the bed and looked over at the door were Natsume stood

"What is it Natsume?"I asked quickly as I hid my body with a blanket and blushed

"Have a minute?"He asked as he raised an eyebrow

I nodded

He walked into the room and shut the bedroom door


'was that the lock?'I wondered

He walked over to my bed and sat next to me

"So..."I started "What do you want to talk about?"I asked as a blush crept onto my face

'Hes so close'I thought as I saw his blond hair blow lightly because of the wind

'NO!what are you thinking May,why are you thinking this now I didn't feel this way a while ago!'

"Oh...I didn't want to talk"I saw a smirk creep onto with face.

Suddenly I felt a little nervouse when he said that

"uuhh....then what do you want??"I asked nervously


He flung his body over top of me,and placed his hands over my rists and used all his strength to keep me from escaping.

"H-Hey!!Get off!!"I screamed

He smirked "why should I...? this is your surprise"And before I could say anything else his lips were over mine,all my strength in my arms,legs,and even mind vanished.

I felt a shiver of pleasure run through my body as he crept his hands over to the buttons of my nightgown (it was night now)

"Natsume"I mouned,as I tried to regain my sain and stop him but I couldn't see to conjure up any strength.

My eyes started to close from the pleasure I was feeling,and as my eyes closed I saw a spark light up in his eyes from me mouning his name.

'Does he have two personalitys or something!?'I screamed in my head

'Both are shady and rude like there father,but at least the other personality isn't doing echii things to me like right now!'

I mouned again as he got to the last button of my gown

My eyes flew open,as I relized that he wasn't using all his strength,and weight on me anymore because he was to busy with the buttons.


Natsume stared down at me as moisture started to buldge in my eyes

"we've only known each other for a day,and your trying to do weird things to me!!"I cried out

He frowned

"And why are you a totally different person now!?"I asked through my tears,as I looked away from his face

"who says this is a different personalty?maybe this is my actual personalty that I don't show"He said as he pushed me down again,my eyes widend

'The same personalty?'I repeated his words in my head as he began to feel my body after he finished the last button on my night gown.
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Chapter 9-Crazy Morning

'does that mean he is just pretending that he can actually be a nice guy..? and hes just a perv as a real personality?'I wondered as I felt Natsume pause to kiss my neck

'What am I thinking!?It doesn't matter what his real personalty is!!I just gotta stop him'

I quickly snapped out of my thought as Natsume kissed me on the lips again.

I tried to move my arms but didn't suceed

"nnn...N-Natsume Sto-"

"You don't want me to stop"he said as he stopped his attack on my lips and moved down my body

"I-I S-Stop!"I ordered weakly

"But that would break the deal we had"he smirked

"I don't care"I cried out as tears started to rush down my cheeks

He stared at me with cold penatrating eyes but did as I had ordered

He sat up from were he stood over me and looked at me

I stared back at his deeply,as teror shot through me at what I might have just done

He stood up and walked towards the door

He looked back at me as he reached the door and said "Don't tell anyone what had just happened"

He started to walk away as I sat up but stopped and turned around

"You might need to button that up again"he smirked and walked off

I stared back at him as I relised what he had meant about buttoning

I flushed and flew my arms around my chest to cover myself up.


"May-sama!!"I heard a voice from afare call out to me "May" I opened my eyes slowly as I heard Presea calling out to me

"May-sama its time for school"She smiled as I stared sleepily at her

"More sleep,thank you"I told her in a weak voice

"May-sama,your going to be late for school"She continued as she shook me

"!?"I repeated as I looked up at her

"Yes,Irie-sama got you into the same school as Clara-sama,and Natsume-sama"She smiled

"W-Wait!Natsume goes to that school?"I asked ceriosly

"Yes"she answered

"is that a problem?"

"N-No... just wondering...hehe"

So I was going to the same school as that diobalical girl,and the devil's son...Great...

I got up slowly from the bed and walked over to the window that showed the beautiful ocean.

"Neh...Presea-san...Do you know anything about Natsume?"I asked,not dareing to look into her deep blue eyes.

"No not really mame...why do you asked?"She asked

"No reason"I smiled weakly as I turned around and faced her.

She didn't ask any more question's and just walked towards the closet and pulled something out from the room.

"This is your new uniform"She said as she turned around and flashed the red checkord skirt,and white top around.

I remained silent

'I still haven't gotten a chance to call Marble and tell her what happened at grandmothers...'

Presea walked over to my bed and placed the uniform flat on the bed,and grabbed walked back towards the closet and pulled out a pair of black stockings and shoes.She walked back to the bed and placed the objects next to the uniform.

"Your uniform's here when your ready to change May-sama"She motioned her hands to the bed and walked out the door.

After I finished my daily morning routine which involved brushing my hair and teeth,and changing.I decided to go to the dining room and see if breakfast was ready yet.

I walked down the long steps of the stairs and entered the kitchen.And to my dismay Natsume,and Clara sat at the table.

Clara was glaring at Natsume as he sat in a chair,feet on the table and eye's closed.

Clara looked up from her galering and gave me a heated stare.

-sweat drop-

"Um....Good morning"I smiled

Natsume opened his left eye "good mornin"

I flushed

I sat down at the table and looked down

'how could he act so normal after...last night'I flushed a deeper red as pictures of last nights insident played back in my head

"oftley red this morning"I heard someone whisper in my ear

I snapped out of my thoughts and relised that Natsume's face was inches away from mine

"N-Not really...."I studderd

I swear I saw him smirk

"Maybe you have a fever"he continued as I felt his breath down my neck.I felt my face shad a deper red.

'why is he toying with me like this? is it fun or something!?'

I flinched away from him as I relised an addiance in the huge dining room

I glanced back to see Irie,Darley,Danial,and Kukaii standing there with smiles and red faces

I looked back down at the table

'At least not everyone saw it....'I thought as I remembered that the only one that hadn't seen this little feasco was Ami.

'So ALMOST everyone saw it...'

I felt like hiding in a hole,but knowing this guy he'd somehow find me anyway I thought as I glanced over at the smiling Natsume.

The rest of the morning had pretty much been a silent one,but you could feel the tenchion,and my humility in the air.

After breakfast I practically ran to the entrance were I was driven to my new school,and new daily test in dissmay.
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Chapter 10-New School

As I arrived at the school I relised all the girls that were starting to gather around the car that I was in

'wow attack of the school kids'I thought urgently in my head

I opened the car door,and tugged my bag along as I stepped out to my worst nightmare

'The first day at a snobby prepschool'I heard the dum dum dum music play in the back of my head

'just smile natrily'I reminded myself as I walked towards the school doors;feeling the stares of thousands of students on my back.

Was it just me or did they seem more interested than most kids do at usual schools...?

I stopped walking as a long line of girls walked in front of me and stopped.

'Is it just me or do they look like they have a bone to pick...?'

"u-um I-I'm a new student here s-so...please take care of me!"I blushed as I looked down at the ground

The girls stayed silent and I decided to take a risky chance of looking up at them

'face to face'the words were chantted in my head

As I looked up I saw the dark glares that they were looking at me with

'W-Why!?I said nothing wrong!?Why do they look so scary!?'I questioned as I remembered every words taht I had said.

So far it looked like I had said nothing wrong

'Then why!?'

"You"one of the girls finally spoke,her words full of acid

"Why were you in Wilder-sama's car!?"She growled

"H-Huh"I studdered

'Wilder....-sama...?'I thought quickly 'Thats that dreaded Natsume's name!So this is his fault then!?'I growled

All the girls pointed "How dare you step in and out of Wilder-sama's car with your filth you bug!!"The girl continued

"You mean thats Natsume-kuns ride?"I asked

'Good let the guy walk here,he deserves it for getting me into this mess!!'

"How dare an inselant bug say Wilder-sama's name"She scoffed

"Us the 'Wilder Fan-club' have known Wilder-kun for years you aren't the slightest bit worthy!"Another girl from the line of freak's....Er fan-girls continued for the leader

"That's right....but since your meerley a new bug to person to meet,we will give you just a warning"

The girl almost sounded proud of herself....

"Ah Lilly-sama is so kind"The row of fan-girls cheered

"I am aren't I,hohoho"

-sweat drop-

I quickly retreated from the group of fan-girls while they were destracted and walked into the school entrance

'I guess I should ask a teacher or something were my classes are'I thought as I walked down the long corridors and hallways.


After I had found a teacher which actually WAS my homeroom teacher,he showed me to my classroom and to a room full of kids.

As I stood in front of the class and the teacher introduced me,I looked around wearily as I spotted the fan-girls from before

'And would you look at that their all sitting togeather in a straight line 'I thought in 'aw'

"Would you like to tell us about yourself Mrs.Clog?"The teacher inturupted my thoughts

I blinked

"U-Um sure...My name's May, May.Clog and its nice to meet all of you"I paused as I glanced around the room "P-Please take care of me"I continued as I bowed.


It was now 2nd periode and so far no one had spokin to me,but I had noticed a few people glance over in my direction.

'That's was a good sign right?'I thought wearily 'At least I'm noticed...'I thought as I tried to convince myself to talk to someone

"Excuse me..."

I spun around quickly and saw a girl with rose coulered pink hair,and yellow eyes.

"U-Um"she smiled "My name's Amu Hinamori...nice to meet you"

I stared at her absently

'This is your chance to make a friend!'I praised myself

"I-I know its hard being new and all so if you get nervouse....or have any question's just ask me"she continued

I smiled brightly "Thank you,and its nice to meet you too Hinamori-san!"

"You can call me Amu"she flushed

"Amu"I repeated

'My first friend...'
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Chapter 11-Ordered

It was now lunch break and me and Amu had decided to eat togeather outside,on the grass.

"Wah Amu-chan your lunch is so big"I gasped as I stared at the huge lunch that the girl had in her hands

"I-I guess"She blushed as she unrapped a small cloth of some sort,that had kept her stacked lunch togeather

"hehe"I smiled

I stared down at my sandwhich that I had quickly rapped before leaving the house

"Is that all you have for a lunch?"Amu asked as she finally spoke

"mm"I smiled weakly,and bit into the ham sandwhich

I had never been a fan of Ham sandwhich's so this was gonna be a hard thing to eat each day if I kept on leaving so quickly

"U-um you can have some of my lunch"Amu offered

I nodded "Arigato"


"May-san Wilder-kun is staring at you"Amu whispered in my ear

"Huh?"A small peice of sushi dropped from my fork,as I thought about the fan-girls thinking something was happening between me and Natsume,if they saw him stareing at me.

I turned around scarcly and saw Natsume staring at me with a heated glance

'...great...thats not noticabal...'I thought as the sarcasam was heard

I saw Danial was busy doing something with a computer,Kukaii was napping on a stair at the back door,and Darley was playing some kind of prank on some girls.

Was he trying to get my attention?

Because anyone would notice a heated stare like that!

I sighed and started to stand up

"Were are you going May-san?"Amu asked as she stared at me and my glum face

"If hes glaring at me like that,then he must want something"I muttered

"I'll be back in a sec"I smiled apologetically

I started to walk in his direction,and felt the glares of the Wilder-fangirls,bouring into my back.They noticed the stareing...

"What do you want?"I asked codly

"You took my ride today"he growled

"Oh really?good!"I screamed

"Not good for you"I saw Darley,and Danial snicker quietly to one another,and Kukaii looking concerned

"And why is that?"I asked calmly,as a twist of worry started to swarm through me.

I saw Natsume pull something from his checkered red short pockets.

"Because of this"He said cooly as he showed the object to me

I stared at the object and then turned bright red,with anger,and embarresment


He shrugged "Thought I'd check out what you looked like when you actually weren't wearing anything.Wasn't that exiting"He spoke loud enough so the others could here

"So you took a picture of me changing!"I practicly screamed,but I remembered that their were still people around that could here this

'Good thing I hadn't tookin off all of my clothes today while I was changing,God must still be with me!!'I cried out in my thoughts

"Not 'a' picture,I took picture 's' "He corrected me.

I felt my face turn bright red

'Why me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'I screamed in my head

"Okay then"I said through my teeth as I tried to calm myself down

"What do you want?"

"hhmm I wonder....?"He smirked,as he pretended to think

A growl came out from behind my clenched teeth

"Name it you as-"He placed a finger on my lips and shushed me

I flushed

"hhmm how about you do whatever I tell you"he smiled slyly as he saw my eyes widen


"Then its settled,you'll do whatever I tell you to so that this picture won't be showed to anyone...anyone other than them"He smiled at the end of his sentance and moved his head in the direction of Danial,Darley,and Kukaii.

I blushed "Its not like you've already showed them!"I growled as I pushed his finger away from my lips

"Heh who knew you were smart enough to figure that out on your own"He smiled

"Whatever"I growled

"Now go and grab me somethin to eat I'm hungrey"

I would have said get it yourself but now I couldn't

I was now owened to him...and him alone.

'At least till schools finished'I thought again

I started to walk in the direction of the cafeteria,having no idea and no money to get the food

"Oh"I heard him add on

"And I order you not to say anything about...last night."He smirked

"You don't have to tell me to not say anything about that one"I said through my teeth

He smirked again,and threw something at me


"Buy me a bag of chips"He smiled

"And by the way you'd better be careful to watch yourself cause princess over there"He pointed towards an angry Clara storming over in our direction

"Is pissed off about talking our ride this morning"He smirked as he saw my eyes light up with a 'danger' sign gleaming in them

I started to walk quickly towards the cafeteria.And as soon as I got in I sprinted into a run.
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Chapter 12-Jelousy

It had been about 2 days since Natsume had tookin a picture of me changing,and though's 2 days were all about the constent ordering and annoyance.

Natsume seemed to be making knew orders each time he could

It didn't matter how stupid and usless they were,he's oder me to do it

And it was dreadful!!

"May-san...?"I heard amu speak

"hhm?"I opened my eyes sleepily

-sweat drop-

"Are you ok?"she asked unshurily

"No!I'm tired of this!"I yelled as I stood up with my arms in the air

"Natsume keeps ordering me around!And its only been 2 days,and I haven't got a chance to sleep"I cried out

" about you ask him for a break?"Amu suggested

I nodded as tears started to weep from my eyes "I already did,and he said 'sure and I'll get to enjoy posting this on the schools buliton board'"I mimicked Natume's deep,dark,shady,yet mysterise voice.

I heard Amu burst out laughing and tears start to buldge around here eyelids

"Uh...did I say something funny?"I asked as I put a hand out in front of me in her direction

"No,haha!sorry its just you were so great with his voice haha"

I smiled

"I guess hehe"I heard my cell phone ring

I opened the phone up and saw a text message in my inbox

'Hes already calling me?'I cried

I read the text message aloud "Oi come up to the rooftop with a bucket of water"

"He really does tell you to come alout,and do many things for him"Amu said glumly

I nodded

"Yeah but if I don't do this he'll put the picture on the school buliton board"

I had told Amu what was going on when she asked why I was leaving so much at lunch.And she's been the only one that has been giving me food.

Cause I never get the chance to make my lunch at home.Because I am to busy making Natsume's....

"Well you better go then May,I'll give you some of my extra lunch before you go home,ok?"She smiled

I grinned "Thanks Amu"

I started to turn in the direction of the classroom entrance to leave.


"You took forever"Darley complained

"Well sorry for having a life"I countered back as I used a speech that I had heard on T.V

Darley grouned and grabbed the bucket of water from my hands

"Whats the water for anyway?"I asked as my eyelids started to feel light,and I started to feel drousy

Darley smiled"Glade you asked its-"He began to start his explanation when Natsume cut in

"Don't tell her she'll spoil it"

I looked over at were the voice had come from

"Will not"I growled at the boy who was lying on the ground eyes closed,hands behind his head.

"Will to,and be quiet"

I was about to say something but Natsume continued

"And thats an order"

I remained silent and frowned.

I hated this...

I began to walk away when I heard Natsume call me

"And by the way I'm coming home late,so I need you to do my homework"he said as he opened his eyes slietly

I turned around quickly "What!No way I have-"Natsume put a hand up "Order"he added as he closed his eyes again.

I sighed an aggravated sigh and started to walk towards the rooftop door.


"May-san you look tired...are you ok?"Amu asked in a concerned voice

I nodded sleepily

"I have to be,I have to do Natsume's homework.Which is alout.And including how much homework we've got today,and that its due tomorrow this order is going to be a problem.."I yawned

'so tired...'

"Yeah look TO tired...Have you tried asking Natsume's father for help,so maybe he could get the picture back?"She asked

"I would have.But you haven't met him.Hes equally as demonic as his soon.I guess Father and Son do share resemblements..."I spoke sleepily

"Is the father as good looking as Natsume?"she asked

"Yeah I guess....I guess thats another thing Natsume picked up from his father.I guess looks CAN kill."I laughed lightly

"Well I gotta get going home"I sighed

"I'll see you later Amu"I smiled weakly

She nodded "Bye"


"Did you here!!someone dumped water on class B11's teacher!!"I heard a boy say as he passed me

"No way!Did they get caught?"A person next to the boy asked

He shook his head "No they got away.But the princapals holding a meeting about it."I heard them laugh.

'Now that I think about it...that was Natsume's teacher!!Same with Kukaii,Darley,and Danial!!They couldn't have...I must have helped them by giving the water'I gasped aloud


"Clog-san"I heard someone say behind me

I turned around

"Ah!"I gasped.These were students from my class!

'Maybe they want to be friends!?'I thought gleefully

"Um yes"I smiled

Was it just me or did they look angry?

"Hello,are names are Lucy,and Kate"She pointed to the girl beside her.She must be Kate.

"Um my name's-"

"We already no May-san"Lucy cut me off

"U-Um ok...what can I do for you"I smiled weakly

"We just need to talk"she smiled "Can we go somewere private?"

I nodded

"Ok then follow me"


"So what is it that you want to talk about?" I asked

"Well"Her face darkened

I looked away shyly at a bucket that has full in the sink

"You seem close to Natsume-kun"she started

"H-Huh?"I mumbled as I looked up

"And you are always following him around"

'following him around...!huh?'

"So we were wondering if you'd stop going near him"

"W-What?"I questioned

"Well you see she likes him"She pointed to kate "And it hurts her to see you always around him"She smiled

"And since your pretty you can go find some other guy to crush on and get."

"But I don't like Natsume-"I started

"Well then that just makes it easier for us.So can you please stop following him around?"

"I understand what you mean and I would leave him alone for you...if I could.But I can't"

"WHY!"Lucy screamed

"Because I am not-"

"I get it you do like him"Kate started her hands starting to shake

"W-What no I don't!Its a long story!!"I tried to explain but she started again

"I don't like storys"she growled.

Both girls went into attack mood and both of them attacked me.

Kate holding me down,while Lucy looked for a weapon.

The girl grabbed onto the bucket of water and eyed Kate to move.

Kate did as she was told,and ran off as Lucy turned the bucket over.

The water poured onto me and drenched me.

Lucy waited for the Bucket to be emptied and then ran off with Kate....

'why me,why me' The words played over and over again in the back of my head.

I felt my eyes water

I felt so alone and empty everyone hated me.

And it wasn't even my fault that they did!

Or was it?

It wasn't Natsume's fault that I got into this.No.It was because I had bad luck and a simpton that made everyone hate me.

That's why Grandmother sold me,and hated me.It was because I was such a terrible person...

Mother died because of stress most likely knowing a monster like me was inside of her...

And father died because he didn't want to be left on earth with a monster like me...

Thats why...

I looked down at my parents ring and saw the shine start to leave the diamond.

The shine leaving me...
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Chapter 13-Pain In The Past

It had to have been an hour since I had gotten water dumped on me and one hour since my heart had breather.

'it hurts'I whispered in my head

I started to get up but slipped and banged my head agenst the sink

"ouch"I murmered

I started to get up again.Feeling dizzy,and cold.

I needed to go home and finish Natsume's stupid homework.

I didn't even have enough energy to get angry about this.All my pain was MUCH stronger than anger.

My heart acked and thumped just like my head did were I had hit it.

As I got up I turned towards the bathroom door,and left.


I walked towards the entrance of the house and paused as I reached out to open the door.

Should I go home?I wondered

Do they want me to come back?

I opened the door anyway and walked in slowly and closed the door.

I shivered as I felt the cool as caress my drenched skin.

I heard footsteps climbing down the stairs.

"May-sama?Where have you been Irie-sama was worried"I heard Presea say as she walked towards me.

"Sorry Presea..."Is that my voice?it sounded....sounded...different.

I heard Presea gasp

"May-sama!!are you all right!?Your socked!!And"I saw her examining my face

"Ble-....Bleeding!!"She gasped as she sputtered out the word

"I'm fine"My voice was very dim

Whatever my face looked like,she wouldn't believe that I was ok.

I heard another pair of feet coming down the stairs

"Hey!where have you been?"I heard Irie ask angrily

I felt his hands on my shoulders

I looked up slowly

He gasped "What happened"He wasn't asking me anymore,he was asking Presea

"I don't know"she said franticly

"May onee-chan"I heard Ami sqeul happily

"Keep her upstairs Clare"I heard Irie order...probobly Clara...

"I'm fine"I tried to smile,but I couldn't seem to change whatever I looked like

"Get her upstiars"Irie ordered

I felt dizzy all of sudden.If what they had said about me bleeding was true then I'm pretty sure that I shouldn't feel dizzy.Unless I'm losing alout of blood.

But it doesn't hurt so I don't know how bad it actually is...

I started to sway,and felt hands grip around my waist.

everything went black.


'Dark' I heard someone whisper from afar

'I'm all alone' the voice cried out

'You aren't alone!I'm here!'I tried to say but nothing came out of my words

I saw something slowly apeer

Someone.A little girl with gold long blond hair in braided pigtails.

Was on her hands and nee's


No.Crying out to someone.Anyone.To comfort her.To be their for her.To take her hand.And say "I love you"

But no one came....

I cried with the young girl too.

I wanted to say 'I love you!'but I couldn't

The room lightened up and I saw the young girl in her room.

"Today is May's birthday,and I've been a good girl"



"So why hasn't mama and papa come to see May?"She frowned

"Grandmother said that they'd visit if I was good...So why haven't mama and papa came?"She wondered as,Face turned into an excrushinized stare.

I walked towards the door and down the old stair's.I walked into the living room and saw grandmother sipping tea with her friends.

"Grandmother"I called out

She ignored me.Us.I corrected myself

"Grandmother"She repeated as she pulled on the hem of the old ladys skirt

The woman glared down at me "What is it May?"She put on a fake smile

"Mama,and Papa haven't came yet."

Grandmother just stared at me and glouwered.

"Grandmother"I called out again

"Your parents aren't coming I told you that!Their dead never coming back!"She growled

"B-But"Tears started to roll down my pink cheeks

"But nothing.Their never coming back to see you!"She closed her eyes and sipped her tea.

"Darn kids"she muttered to herself and her friends.They laughed as I cried out for mother,and father to come back and ran upstairs.

"Mama,Papa.I've been good yet you never came back"I cried out "May's all alone"I cried out with her.

"Alone"We repeated togeather. "All alone"We weaped.
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 14-Lies

"Has her fever gone down?"I heard a voice ask

"Yes,but its still quiet high.I'm thinking that we might need to call a doctor here..."A voice answered the others question.

Was that Presea?

"hhmm"I heard someone thinking

"I wonder what happened"I heard a low voice wonder to themselves

"I called one of May-sama's friends,and she had said that May-sama hadn't been sleeping,or eating regularly cause she was too busy"

I heard someone heave a sigh

"Did she say what she was busy doing?"I heard a voice ask.Irie's voice.

"No,she said May-sama didn't want her to say anything about it"Presea continued

Another sigh

"Strange...I hadn't seen her eating recently.And her light was always on at night."Irie said,as he thought

'When did he notice things like this?'

"I-"I heard a dark,deep voice start but stop.

"What Natsume?"Irie asked.

'To noisy'I thought restlessly.

I started to roll over to my left side but a sharp pain on the back of my head acked.And I felt a sharp spassem come across my back.

'ouch'I thought restlessly as I went back to my position from before.

"Do you think she's waking up"I heard someone whisper.Kukaii?

I grouned as I started to open my eyes.

The room started to spin so I shut my eyes again

I heard everyone stop breathing,and then my bed jumped as a number of bodys pressed there weight onto the matress of the bed.

"Are you ok?"
"What happened?"
"Why didn't you come home sooner and this wouldn't have happened!?"
"Is your fever down?"

A number of question's popped up as I started to open my eyes.

My eyes were wet,and sticky from the dream I had,had.

I saw,and felt room became blurry,and spin.

"eehhh"I grouned as I tried to sit up bet felt someone push my body down again.

"You should rest..."Natsume mouthed as he moved his hand from my stomack were he had pushed me down.

I nodded as my face became more flushed.

I relaxed a bit as Natsume's face moved away from mine.

'Why did my heart skip a beat when he was near me?and he was close to me,so why didn't he teas me like usual?Cause he must have heard my heart thump...'I wondered

"May...What happened?why were you bleeding when you got home and soaking wet when you got home?"Irie asked me urgently.

I thought about it and tried to remember what had happened.

As I remebered I shook my head to his question's

"I just tripped while walking home"I lied

"And why were you late getting to the car that always picks you up?"He asked

I could tell that they knew I was lying but I didn't care.No matter how much they asked me I wasn't going to say a thing.

That girl only did though's things because she loved Natsume.

So I couldn't go and ruin it for her

"I was late talking to some friends"I smiled weakly,as I tried to make the lie's sound true

"And how did you get wet?"Irie went on asking question's

"It was raining,thats how I tripped I slipped,hehe clumsy me"I smiled shyley

"hah!nice try it didn't rain!"I heard Darley jump

"Here maybe.But at school it did"I grinned evily at him

He frowned

I sighed.All this lieing was making me tired,and I hadn't noticed it but my throught felt crackily and it hurt to speak.

Presea noticed this "Here May-sama"She handed me a glass of water

"Arigato"I croaked

I drank the glass of water quickly and sighed it took the flames away.

I heard Irie sigh

"May,why are you lieing?"He asked in an ajictated voice.

"who said I was lieing?"I asked

He sighed again

"Look I just tripped"Was I that bad of a liar?

The room fell silent.

'alone' the words played again in the back of my head.

'Alone...yeah maybe I was...But at least I had some people pretending to care....'

I smiled a little


Everyone had left my room,and were discussing what they thought MIGHT have happened today.

I lyed in bed and sighed and I losened my akeing mustle's into the matress.

'So tired' I thought sleepily as I yawned

'What was that dream I had?'I wondered.

I hadn't thought of my past much because it always brought tears to my eyes.

My childhood never was very pleasant.

So I never thought much about it.

My eyelids started to close without my order.

"sleepy"I murmered as I heard the door creak open.

'who's that?'I wondered as I started to drift into a twilight state.

I felt the matress start to sink from someone's weight

"oi"I heard a voice call out "You asleep?"He asked

"uuhh"I mouned as I felt some sort of pleasure shot through me

I opened my eyes a little

"Natsume?"I mouned

He didn't seem turned on like a few nights ago from me calling...Er mouning his name.But why?

"May"He called out my name in a whisper

"Why are you in here"I yawned

"I won't let you do anything to me like last night"I tried to sound feirce and strong but didn't suceed.It came out more like a plea,for him to do strange things to me.

'great' I sighed

"Heh Not like you didn't enjoy it."he smirked "plus the way it sounded through your mouth makes me think you want me to do strange things to you"I heard him snicker

"No"I said weakly,as I started to drift back to sleep.

"hhmm"he smiled,his face now inches away from mine.

"What happened today...?"He whispered a question in my ear

I was about to tell him my lie from before but he added.

"thats an order"I could see a grin spread across his face

"Please"I mouned

"If you really are worried about me then let me sleep"

He was about to say something when I whispered "please" again.

He frowned but nodded.

I saw him grab onto a peice of the blanket that was tucked under my hands.

"What are you doing"I gasped as my eyes started to close

"This is your punishment for not telling me what happened"I could hear the smirk on his face.

"beside's aren't you starting to get cold?"

Now that he mentioned it,I did feel a bit cold...

'But I am still hot with my fever!'I thought quickly as I started to agree with him sleeping next to me

"B-But"I blushed

"hhmm"He smiled

I sighed "fine just don't do anything funny!"I growled

"No promises"He grinned "Since I can do things to you because you belong to me and have to listen to my comandes"

"hhhmm"I was to tired to deni him owning me so I just went along with it.

The room fell silent and was soon filled with our soft breathing.And soon my light snores....
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