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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 15-Feather's Touch

I woke up feeling warm,and comfortabler than usual.

'Strange'I thought to myself as I heived a sigh

'I feel so comfy and warm,and safe'I smiled

"mmm"I grouned as I opened one of my eyes

"Good morning sunshine"I heard someone whisper in my ear

I blinked as last nights memorie came back to me,and I remembered who had accompanied me to bed.

I flushed and flew up from my comfortable sleeping postition.

"N-Natsume!you said you wouldn't do anything weird!"I accused,as I started to remember the sweet smell from his skin and breath.

"I never said anything like that.And beside's you were the one that cuddled up to me"He smiled as he layed back against my pillows.Arms behind his neck and his blue eyes shinning.

"I did not!!"I gasped breathlasy as I swayed from the room spining.


"UUhh I'm fine...just a little dizzy"I sighed as the room span.

I closed my eyes wearily.

I heard Natsume's heart beat,and his smell suduce me.

'I really am turning into a pervert!!'I gasped as I tried to ignore the fact that I was lying on Natsume again.

The room slowly stopped moving,and my eyes opened catiously

"Feeling better?"He asked almost sounding concerned

I nodded

I heard him snicker

"So anyways you were the one that was snuggling into me"He smirked

"Was not!!"I growled as I sat upright again and started to get off the bed.

"You know you talk in your sleep"

I froze.

'No way he heard me talking!!???NNOO!!'I cried out in my head

"What did I say!?"I flung around to read his face

"hhhmmm can't say" he smirked

I frowned

'Hes so cold,he can't even tell someone what THEY were even saying in their sleep'I wined

"Anyway get out of my room!!"I ordered

He shook his head

"I'm the one that tells YOU what to do,after all you belong to me"I clenched my teeth togeather as he said this,but I new I might as well not say anything because he would stop me anyway.

I sighed

"Whats your stupid comande now"I let a growl slip through my teeth

"You never ended up doing my homework cause you ended up getting sick so..."He thought silently


"Sure,one sec"I said as I turned in the direction of the bathroom.

"Not there,here"He smiled as I started to catch on

"Here.Now!?"I gasped

He smirked

"Thats an order.And then I'll be fine with you not getting my homework done."

I stared at him.I flushed the deepest red that you could have on your face.

I'd be..stripping!?I gasped

"I-I can't do that!I'll get even sicker with the cold air touching me!!"I looked down at the floor

'Why? hadn't he said that he had seen me change.Surely he couldn't be thinking of watching me change all the way!?'


I stared at the floor but noded

" pictures ok...? >////< "He nodded.

I sighed.The only thing I could think was 'kids don't try this at home,or at the age of 13...'

And I started to pull off my white tank top.

'At least I was wearing a braw and undaware so then it'd take longer for him to see completely...unclothed...And maybe someone would come in and stop us?'

I thought about that for a second but didn't like the thought.

It'd be even more embarrising.....

As I took off the tank top I could've sworn Natsume blushed.

'Was it just me seeing red,cause this is so embarresing?'I wondered as I started to tug my pink checkered short-shorts off.

'How embarresing' I blushed again

I was now wearing my bra,and undaware.What now?No one had came in sadly.

Maybe he'd ask me to stop because of how ugly I looked?

I started to look up at him and noticed a hint of pleasure on his face,and that his face seemed to be red.

'Huh?'I wondered

"N-Natsume...Do I have to do this?"My voice gave way, in at the end

He stared at my face for a second his blue eyes looking through my yellow one's

"Well"I saw him start to get up and walk in my direction

I started to walk backwords in the direction of the bed that he had been sitting on.

I felt myself hit the bed lightly and lose balance.

"Ouf"I grunted as I noticed Natsume on top of me

"I could help you"He smirked

'AHH!!PERVERTED NATSUME'S BACK!!'My thoughts started to get clouded as Natsume played with bra strap.

"N-Natsume...!"Natsume pressed his lips to mine as I started to speak

"nnn N-Natsume,Please I don't want to do this"I blushed as I thought of a definition for 'do'

"Thats a lie,your face is completely red,and you aren't pushing away"I saw a seriose look come over Natsume face.

"N-Natsume,I'm only 13 and..."I paused

"I-I don't think this is right..."I felt Natsume's jaw tighten as he kissed my neck lightly

It felt like feathers over my skin

"you'll...have to give me something in return to stop this"He spoke while he started to kiss my lower body

"nnn..O-OKAY"I gasped through my mouns of pleasure.

"I'll tell you what happened yesturday" I gasped as I felt him kiss my neck like before.

"hhmm might need more than that sunshine"He smirked as he licked my ear

A shiver of pleasure came up my spine were natsume had been holding me,so I was sure he noticed.

"O-Okay"I thought for a second as his hands reached for my chest.

"I-I'll obey you more"

"hhmm that might just cause more of this to happen"he smiled evily as he losined my bra strap

"Yeah but...I...have nothing else to give"I said glumly

I felt his hands felt my body.Memorizing it.

"hhmm then...What marry me."I froze

'What does he mean??you can't even get a legal marriage in Las Vegas at this age!!'

"How"I whispered

I felt a smile come up his face as he kissed my body once again.

"We can get married later on when were old enough"

'What am I thinking,I shouldn't even think of marring someone that I don't love!!Plus he'll deffinitly do things like this to me all the time!!'

That actually didn't seem so bad when I thought about it that way....

'Wait!!NO!!I won't marry him'

I shook my head

"No just let me go"I ordered Natsume

I felt his smile turn into a frown


"Yes,Now let go of me"I hit him in the head,and kicked him as I tried to escape his hands,and touch.

No I wasn't going to give my life away like this!!
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
Chapter 16-Partners

I finally pushed Natsume off of me when I said "Natsume STOP!!!"

Actually he mostly ran off...

I stared at the door were he had left from

'What's with him?'I wondered

'He really acts like he has two personalitys...'

I blushed as I looked down at myself,I looked like I had just went into a paper shreader...rather my clothes did.


I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror I had desided to tie my hair up in a ponytail today.

I had to wonder why no one had come with all the noises that were coming from this room.

'From me....'I flushed

I shook my head

'I'm sure that they didn't notice!!'I cheered myself on

I opened the now closed door and stepped out

'I wonder what time it is...?I hope I'm not late for school...'

I started to walk down the large stairs and into the dining room

I saw Clara glaring at Natsume

Irie reading the newspaper

Daley annoying Kukaii,and Danial

and Ami playing with dolls on the floor.

"Uh...Good morning"I smiled

Everyone looked up,some with shock on there face

"Why are you up"Irie asked

"Um..School"I answered blankily

"But May you were really sick yesturday and probley are still not really well..."said Kukaii

The others nodded their heads

I shook mine

"I'm fine"I insisted as I sat in a chair farthest away from Natsume

'So I guess they really didn't notice'I flushed

"hhhmm are quit red aren't you?"I heard a whisper from behind me

I jumped

"I-I'm fine I said!!"I said in an annoyed tone

I looked up from the table were I was staring

I saw Irie staring at the two of us.

'What is he thinking?'

I got up suddenly remembering something

'Crap!!I didn't get my homework done!!'My thoughts cried out

'eeerrr now what!!!??'

I started to run upstairs and grabbed onto some books from my bag

I started to write done what I thought the answers were,on the small peice of paper


"Hey if your going to school,then you better go now or you'll be late"A voice said in my ear

"Ah!"I gasped as I turned around

"Would you stop doing that"I saw him smirk

"Why I thought you enjoyed it"His smirk got wider

"Seriously its like you have 2 people living inside of you"I said in an annoyed tone

His smirk vanished,and I could've been imaginating it but did he flinch from my words?

"Heh who knows"His smirk reapeared

But there was something behind it...?

I stared at him "Well I got my homework mostly finished so I guess it'll be all right..."I murmered

I grabbed my homework and shoved it into my bag

"You do relise that half of that peice of paper is wrong right?"He asked cooly

"N- Is Not!!"I growled

He smiled

"Sure heh"He turned around and started to walk towards the door

'He acts like nothing happened this morning...just like last time.But don't guys even talk about that kind of stuff?'I wondered

I stared at him but started to fallow him towards the door.

I looked down at the floor


It was 2nd periode when we got to school,so yeah we were late.

"May-san"I heard Amu whisper from beside my desk

"What?"I whispered back

"Who are you chosing to be partners with in the other class for the assinment?"She asked

I shook my head,I had no idea who I'd be partnering with in the other class.

There was an assiment this week for home economics and the class beside us were going to be our partners.

The problem was that the class beside us was Natsume's class....

I heard the door creak open and a teachers head pop in.

"Should we come in now?"The teacher asked

Our teacher nodded,and the teacher walked in along with half a class of boys

"Wah Any girl that gets to go in half a class of boys is ssoo lucky!!"I heard girls whispering from behind me

'Once you get to meet them you won't think that...'I sighed

Finally I spotted him...Natsume.

'Any girl that gets him is going to be sorry...'I thought silently

I saw the girls eying the him.He was already tookin it looks like...

'Not that I care!!'I repeated in my head

"Now class this class is in ours so we must treat them kindly and let them have the honor of chosing their partners.

-sweat drop-

'great...if he wants a girl to serve him all day that'd be me....'

'DEMO!!He wouldn't have much fun with me so he'd probly chose another girl!!'I smiled

"Now chose your partners class"The other teacher smiled

They all nodded and walked around the class and started to chose their partners.

I sat at my desk with my head on my hand

'I wonder who'll ask me?'

I looked around and saw boys staring at me with red faces


A handsome boy walked towards me with black soft looking hair and deep brown eyes

I blushed

'hes cool looking'

"Um,Clog-chan would you like to be my partner"He smiled weakly

I looked down at my desk


"She's my partner!"I heard Natsume yell out as I answered

"H-Huh?"I asked looking confused

"Your my partner"Natsume said answering my confussion

"EH!!Since when!?"I asked

"Since now"He growled

I stepped back he looks seriouse...


"Thats an order,unless you want your picture all over the school"He said through his teeth

I nodded

'he was cute too....'
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 17-Project along with the truth

"Has everyone found a partner?"The teacher asked

Everyone nodded

"bbboo ,why did I have to be stuck with you"I cried out

"Jeez why does this even bother you?"Natsume asked

"Because that guy was...."I paused

"And you'll just order me around all day anyways" TT~TT


"See you didn't deni it!!"I wined

The class started to begin there projects

"Ah Amu-chan your with Kukaii!?"I gasped as I saw amu blushing next to Kukaii

She nodded

"Thats great Kukaii's really nice"I promised her

She smiled shyly

I turned back to Natsume and saw him glowering at me

"W-What!?"I gasped

"Do you like Kukaii?"He asked

"H-Huh?What are you talking about?"I asked

He sighed "Never mind..."

I nodded "k"


It had been so far 1 hour and we had a whole day to finish the assignment so we were doing pretty good.

Except for the fact that Natsume was ordering me to grab all the suplise while he made half the cake.

"Natsume-kun can I have a break please!!"I said weakly

"Sure and I'll post these pictures up while you do that"He pulled out the pictures of me changing from his pocket.

I sighed "Fine I won't"

He smirked

"Can I at least go and have a bathroom break?"I asked

He sighed but nodded


After I had went to the washroom I started to go back to the classroom but someone blocked my way

"Um...Excuse me"I said as I started to move around them.

They blocked my way again

I looked up and saw their faces

"Uh-Oh"was all I could say

"You haven't stopped following Natsume around still!!So now your going to pay,again"Lucy said;her hair covering her eyes.

"UUMM like I had said,I don't really have a choice"I shuddered from the hate in her words

"Oh so you think were just being the bad one's in this story"Kate growled

"I didn't say that"I put my hands up in front of me as I tried to to explain myself.

"I don't like Natsume that way.So you don't have to worry."

"Yeah but the problem is if he likes you!!not if you like him"Kate said,threat in her voice.

I flinched back

" me...?"I muttered

It just didn't seem possible asspecially since I didn't like him....

But why did my face feel warmer

"No its not possible.I'm just someone he likes to tease and bug.Maybe even hurt..."I whispered

They laughed

"Then leave his side,and let Kate be happy"Lucy smiled,and put a hand on my shoulder

"I can't just like I had said"I muttered

"If what you say is true...then make him hate you"I gasped

'I never thought of that...but why does that thought make my head spin and hurt...?'

"I don't know"I muttered again

I saw there faces darkin again

"I-...I need to go back to class..."I mumbled I started to walk around them but I felt someone push me

"ouch"I whimpered as I lyed on the floor defencles.

"Just leave him alone,your only trobeling him"Kate whispered

I breathed

"I heard from the princapal that your family died just because of you"Lucy whispered hatefully

My breath cut short

'Stupid princapal'I muttered in my head

"Yeah thats true...I have nothing left,and no one to live for..."I whispered

I started to get up "I haven't exactily lived this long,my hearts I don't care what you've already ripped it out..."I whispered

I heard a gasp's from behind me,and in front of me

I turned around and saw Natsume walking towards us

'how longs he been here...?'I wondered as I looked behind him and saw Danial,Darley,Amu,and Kukaii

' long have THEY been here?'

Natsume stopped when he got to us

"Your not alone"He whispered in my ear

I felt tears run down my pink cheeks.

"I always did want someone to say that"I whispered back

"Always..."I repeated

Natsume looked into my empty eyes and then faced Kate,and Lucy.

"She has no choice but to follow me around,and listen to what I tell her.Its my family rules."He growled at Kate and Lucy

I saw Kate shake a little

"B-But...I've always liked you...and it hurts to see you with another girl..."Kate confessed

"I'd only like you if you had a pure heart.And you don't have a pure heart if you heart others like you did now,just for your love life..."

I saw Kate flinch back from his words and run away,with Lucy following behind her.

"Are you all right?"Natsume asked me

"I guess..."I flushed at how close his face was from mine.

He smirked at my reaction

"What?Do you like me being close to you like this?"He grinned

I shook my head "Of course not,who would!!jeez you really do have two different personalitys!!!"

His grin vanished once again and he turned around.

Amu ran towards me

"Jeez!!you never told me someone was bullying you!!"she cried out

"Sorry" I muttered

"It just started yesturday"I smiled

"Well lets go finish the project!!"I grinned

"Already done.I finished it when you left..."Natsume said

"Eh!!Really the whole cake?"

"Yep"he smirked

"I bet its terrible though"I smiled
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 18-Irie's Past

The day had finally finished and and Kate,and Lucy hadn't said a word to me all day.

And I felt happy for oncew in my life.

I actually had a family,and friends.And it wasn't fake it was real

And Natsume even said I wasn't alone.

'Ah life is good'I laughed

"What are you smiling about"Natsume asked as we were being drivin home

"Nothing really"I grinned

He sighed

"Jeez,why do I have to get drivin home with Natsume,and now its gotten even worse because your around"Clara wined

I frowned

'Was I that annoying?'

Natsume seemed to notice my reaction and glared at Clara.Eyes full of hate.

I could have sworn Clara shuddered

'Ah my first hectic week of school has ended!!and now the weekend has come and me and Amu are gonna go shopping'I smiled


I walked in slowly.

"Ah May-sama,how was your day at school?"Presea asked as she came from the kitchen and grabbed Natsume,and my bag's.

"Pretty good"I smiled lightly

Natsume started to walk up the stares.

"Oi"I looked up at him

"Do my homework"He ordered

"EH!!No way!!"I grouned

"Thats an order"

I frowned

I hated having to obey him like this he could at least say please,or thank you!!

I nodded,as he motioned to his bag.

I grabbed his bag from Presea's hands and walked upstairs slowly.


As I got in my room I plopped onto my bed

"Ah so tired"I grouned

"And I still have to do stupid Natsume's homework..."I grumbled

"And why's that"I heard a husky voice ask

I looked up and gasped

'crap Irie heard me!!'

"Ahahaha no reason really..."I smiled weakly

"hhmm is that so"Irie murmered

I looked away from his stare

"May..."he murmered

I looked up


"Do you remember your parents at all?"he asked quietly

I frowned and looked down

"No"I shook my head

'Maybe nows a good time to ask him if he does'

I sighed

'Go May Go!!'I cheered myself

"Um..Irie-kun...I went in a room one time..."I started

He looked up

"And I saw my whole biography on a computer"I saw his eyes widen

"I was just wondering...did you know my parents?"I asked in a whisper

The room fell silent

"Yes"he finally answered

I looked up at him

"I knew your parents,they were good people.And my friends"He murmered

I stared at him,my eyes widened

'they were friends?'

"Infact I loved your mother"

I gasped

"You...Loved...her?"I repeated

He nodded


"Irie-kun come over here"Haruhi smiled

I smiled back "What is it?"

I saw Haruhi pull out something from behind her back.

She threw it at me

'A water ballon'I laughed

"You got me"I laughed

I saw Kyo come out from behind a bush and grab her waist

Haruhi gasped but laughed as Kyo started to lift her up and spin her around in the air

"haha Kyo put me down"She giggled

I ran over to them and grabbed onto Haruhi's legs and helped Kyo twirl her around

"hahaha"we all laughed

Back then we were always togeather and enjoying each others company

I loved Haruhi,and so did Kyo

But in the end Kyo won Haruhi's love....


"Kyo,Haruhi smile"Haruhi's girlfriend chimed

"hehe okay"Haruhi smiled and kissed Kyo's cheek

They both laughed

I smiled too but only for their happiness not for me being happy for them....


"Irie-kun I'm having a baby"Haruhi chimed into the phone

"Thats great!!"I congragulated her

"Yes,and me and Kyo want you to name her"I could here her smiling on the phone

"Its going to be a girl?"I asked

"yes"I heard her laugh on the phone

"Stupid Kyo"She laughed again

"So anyways we want you to name her Irie"I could here the smile on her face and I couldn't help but smile too.

"I'll have to wait and see what she looks like before I name her"

"Your right Irie-kun,your so smart and considerate"She said happily

"heh,yeah I guess..."

"So how far are you along??"I asked;trying to change the subject

"About 5 months so far"She smiled

"So she's most likley going to be born in spring"

"hhmm thats your favorite season right?"I asked

"Yes!you remembered"She laughed

"Stupid Kyo doesn't remember"

"hhmm"I smiled


I had been invited to a celbration party to celabrate the baby's birth and decided to go.

"Irie!!I'm glad you could make it"Kyo smiled at me as he placed his arm around Haruhi's waist.

I looked down at the small infant and looked at her deep yellow eyes.

She was beautiful a mini Haruhi.

Amazing.I thought

Just looking at her made me happy and smile.Nobody could ever hate this child

Even if she was the daughter of the man that married my love.

I didn't hate Kyo I just felt enviouse while around them.Their happinese,and love that they shared for each other showed.

It was obviouse that no one could break it.

"Yes no way in hell would I miss your 2nd most special day"I smiled

Haruhi seemed very happy to hear that

We all sat down togeather almost everyone there that they new.

Everyone except Haruhi's mother.

"Esme not here yet?"I whispered to Kyo

He shoke his head "she's not coming.Since she doesn't except me into the family,she won't except the baby into the family either.Because she is the daughter of me."He murmered

"I see she's as snobby as ever"I muttered

Kyo tried to supress a laugh

"Heh I guess"He smirked

"Irie-kun"Haruhi Called me

"Yeah?"I looked over at her

"Have you thought of a name for the baby?"She asked

"hhmm"I thought quietly "Let me see her for a sec"

She nodded and passed her down to me.

I looked down at the sleeping infant and saw gold blond locks of hair starting to grow.

"She's going to be a buet"I murmered softly so that I wouldn't wake her.

Kyo nodded "She's going to be a nock-out just like her mother"I saw Haruhi blush from the corner of my eye.

"What month is it today?"I asked as I tried to think of what day it was.

"May"Haruhi ansered

"But why?"Kyo asked

I smiled "We'll name her May"

The room fell silent,and I felt Haruhi grab the child from my hands

"May...May its perfect!!I never would have thought of it!!"Haruhi smiled a breathtaking smile.

I saw Kyo blush

"Her name is May...May.Harkyo.Clog"She said gleefully as she put her and Kyo's name togeather to make May's middle name.

"May"Kyo murmered as he held the baby....
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 19-Parents Death

I stared at Irie as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Irie named me?

And he loved my mother?

What did it feel like every day to look at the desentint of the one you love??

What did it feel like to look at.Me?

I couldn't imagine how it must have felt.

Irie stared at me in the eyes for a few second before I could speak

"How...How did my parents die?"I asked him as I remembered my thery,of my parents dieing because I was born.

I couldn't believe that anymore after hearing how much my mother and father loved me.

"They got into a car accident"He paused,to look down at the floor


"Irie-kun were coming to pick May up in just a second,were almost there"Kyo said into his cell phone.

It had been a week or two since I had named May and since then I had become her gaurdian.

So if anything ever happened and Kyo and Haruhi died,I would get to be parent of May.

Today I was babysitting May for Kyo,and Haruhi while they were at a party

I nodded "Ok,and by the way does May have any baby food in her bag?"I asked

I heard Kyo ask my question to Haruhi "Yes top left pocket"Kyo repeated Haruhi's words into the phone.

I nodded as I looked through a small bag

"Ah got it.Does Haruhi have a diagram of the bag or something?"I asked Kyo

I heard him laugh "Its called parenting Irie you should try it some time"

I laughed "Yeah i guess.I think I'll just stick with watching over May for the time being"I smiled

Suddenly I heard car wheels screech through the cell phone,and a loud crash

I heard Haruhi scream along with Kyo's last breath....

"Kyo!?Kyo whats happening!?"I yelled into the phone

Their were no answers

"KYO!!??HARUHI!!??"I yelled again but all I could here was rain,and the sound of steam coming from the engine.

"Kyo,Haruhi stay with me.No.Stay with May!!She wouldn't want you to die!!"I cried out as I ran upstairs to grab my cell phone so that I could call 911 and still talk to Kyo,and Haruhi.

"Kyo"I heard someone whisper on the other line

Haruhi's voice...

"Haruhi are you there!"I yelled again into the phone,as I dialed 911 into my cell phone.

"Irie-kun....?Kyo's hurt"I could here that she was injured too

"Haruhi just stay still and I'll call for help,where are you right now!?"I asked frantically

"I-I don't know..."She murmered

"Haruhi stay with me,Kyo's fine I'm sure.And May will be hurt if you die!!"

"Irie-kun there's lots of blood..."she whispered

"Hello 911 emegancy-"I heard a voice say speak into my cell phone.

I explained what was going on and they said they'd look for any rought that they could've takin to get here.

I nodded

'How could this be happening' Words repeated in my head


I lost two good friends that day....and May lost a family....

From what I'd heard a drunk driver had ran into there car.

Kyo died instantly from trying to protect Haruhi from the large shards of glass that had shattered from the window.

Which explained all the blood.

And Haruhi seemed to know she was dieing and died in Kyo's arms from trying to save him from dieing...

But of course didn't succeed....

I had the right of keeping May as my child.And to be her father.But I couldn't seem to fit that into my head.

I couldn't imagine becoming a replacment father for this child...

I'd never be good enough to surpase Kyo and Haruhi as parents anyway.

And...I couldn't face looking at a mini Haruhi....

So I gave her to the one woman Haruhi,and Kyo would NEVER give may too.

I gave her to Esme...

Haruhi's mother.


I stared at Irie once again.

He was my gaurdian?

And my parents...they died that way??

I guess it would be easy to die since were only human.

But from fairy tale books I had read when I was younger it didn't seem like parents could die so eaily.

I thought they were supposed to protect you?

If they were then aren't they industructable?

"Did my mom say anything else before she died?"I whispered


"What?"I wondered

"she said 'tell May I love her and will always be watching over her with Kyo...'"

That did it.

"How could she such a long sentance before dieing"I weeped

"I guess because she new you might need to here that someday..."He answered

I looked up from my weeping and stared at him

"I did"I cried out as I leapt up and hugged him.

He seemed shocked at first but hugged me back.

"I'm sorry for leaving you like that..."He whispered

I cried out again

"It was just so hard looking at you.At your face...You really do look like her you know...?"

I closed my eyes

'Thanks mom,thanks dad.I guess you really do love me.I love you to.'
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Chapter 20-Transfer Student

After a few seconds I released Irie-kun from my hug

"But what made you want to take me back from Grandmother?"I asked

He looked down at the floor

"Actually Clara did"

"H-Huh!!??"I gasped

'Clara,the diobalical girl herself!?'My thoughts raced

He nodded

"She asked about my past for a school assignment..."He paused

"And since I'm her only family I told her about my past.And somehow ended up telling her this story"

I stared at him as he continued

"And she ended up being quiet upset with me for giving you to a woman who's as 'stiff as a pole'"he smiled

I stiffled a laughed

'Stiff as a pole.Thats Grandmother for sure!'

His frown returned "And she told me 'what kind of man would do something so cruel to the woman you loved baby,and your best friend?'"

I blinked back some tears

'He must have been suffering all that time...'the words whispered in my head

"So I thought about it,and decided to see if you could live here.Which wasn't taht hard to do since when that woman smells cash she'll do anything for it"I laughed

I nodded

"And you were worried that she'd reconise you.So you sent your manager"

He nodded

"So thats all there was to it..."He said as he started to get up and walk towards the door

"Oh,and don't be so hard on Clara she's actually a good girl.No matter how hard it is to believe.I think she's just lonley"I nodded

' I was...?'

Irie nodded and left the room

'I don't know how I actually obsorbed that whole story.Amazing...'I laughed

I lied down on my bed

'Gosh I'm tired.To tired to turn the light off...'I yawned

What time was it even??

I turned over to my alarm clock and read...11:30 p.m

'To late' I cried out

I turned off the lights after a long try to get up.And finally succeded.


"May-sama time for school"I heard Presea call me,as she opened the window curtins

"Uh to bright Presea,just a few more minutes of sleep..."I murmered sleepily

"No Irie-sama said you have to get up earlier"I said as she pulled my blankets off me

"Uh!!What happened to worrying about me getting sicker...?"I wined

"Well you seem fine so its time to get up"I grouned

"Besides I feel like somethings gonna happen today"She smiled

"What are you some kind of fortune teller?"I grumbled

She laughed "Who knows"

I smiled

"Okay,Okay I'll get up"I said as I jumped off my bed.

"Ah!"Presea gasped

"May-sama why are you wearing your uniform to bed?"She asked as she looked at me

"Ah sorry I was tired and...forgot...hehe"I muttered as I looked away from her face

She sighed "Oh well,I think we have another uniform in your closet for back-up"

-sweat drop-



"Sorry for making you guys late"I apologized to Clara,and Natsume as we ran to our classes

"Geez are you always late!?"Clara growled

-sweat drop-

"S-Sorry"I smiled weakly

"For once I agree with her,your always late"

"Hey!Its not my fault I stayed up to late!"

"Then who's is it?"Clara argued

I sighed "Never mind..."


"Your lucky May you just made it"Amu whispered over to me

I breathed deeply "Y-Yeah!"I laughed lightly

"Okay class"The teacher started as he walked into the classroom

"We have a transfer student"The teacher shuffled some papers togeather in his hands

"Kouchinawa would you like to come in and introduce yourself?"The teacher asked

I heard the door slide open,I looked up slightly as I heard footsteps aprouch the front of the class

'Ah'I blushed lightly

'Hes so cool looking' My thoughts twisted in a spiral

I heard gasps come from all around the classroom as the cool looking blond haired boy,with green eyes stepped into the classroom.

I looked around and saw all the girls with hearts in their eyes.Even Amu!

'Am I the only one who's not like this???'I thought frantically


"Natsume"whispered Kukaii from behind me

"Did you feel that?"He asked

I nodded

I felt the power of another matchmaker come into the school...and infact it was VERY close...

"I think its in the class next to us"I murmered without looking back at him

"May's class?"Kukaii gasped

I nodded

"We better check it out Natsume..."I nodded once again

"Follow my lead"I murmered

"Kukaii feels sick Mr.Kolind"I stode up

He nodded "Take him to the nurses office and see whats wrong with him"I nodded

I placed my hands over him,acting like I was helping him walk.

After we were out of the classroom we ran towards May's class.

'This precence is VERY strong...'
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Chapter 21-Date

"My names Ken Kouchinawa I am from Paris,my family moved here when my father found work"He smiled a breathtaking smile that even made my heart thump.

'Who is this guy...?'I wondered as I caught something from the corner of my eye

'Is that Natsume and Kukaii!?'I tried to hide a gasp

'What are they doing here!?'I wondered

Natsume was staring at the transfer student,when he seemed to notice my stare

"What are you doing here!?"I mouthed

He put his finger to his lips to shush me

I shook my head

He mouthed "Thats an order"I pouted

'This guy...'

What was he even doing here?I wondered

I looked back at the transfer student and noticed him looking at me

'W-What how did he notice me?' I stared blankly at him

He smirked

I saw him ask the teacher were he would be sitting

The teacher pointed to the desk behind me


He walked towards his desk but stopped at mine

"I hope we get to know each other"He smirked

'W-What!?Hes just like Natsume!!Hes got 2 faces just like his!!I wonder sometimes if my theory about 2 people living inside of someone is true...'

He started to walk towards his seat once again and sat down.


"Your so lucky May~!!"Amu wined


"What do you mean?"I questioned

"Well look at you you are sitting in front of the cutest guy in school,and he even seems insterested in you!"she smiled as she bit into her lunch

"I don't like him...He seems like hes got two faces..."I murmered

She thought about that for a second "Well I guess if you say that then its probly true"

"Huh..?How?"I asked

"Well you seem to see the real person in people all the time"She smiled

"I guess..."I muttered as I stared at my small lunch

"Yeah but you do relies that girls are gonna start to target you"

"E-Eh!?No way!"I cried out

She nodded "Well 1) You live with the second cutest guy in school.Natsume of course.And you hang out with him often for reason's that you can't tell people about."I nodded my head

"And 2)You sit in front of the cutest guy in school and he seems to like you"I sighed

Thoughs were good reasons....

"O-Oh well don't worry about it May-san"She tried to cheer me up as I became depressed

"U-Um we didn't get to go shopping on the weekend so what if we go after school"She changed the subject

I looked up at her

"I do need some new clothes.."I mumbled

"Yeah of course every girl always needs new clothes"Amu smiled

I laughed "Yeah I guess so"I smiled.

"hhhmm shopping huh?"I heard someone whisper in my ear

I nodded,but then jumped back as I noticed that the voice that had just spokin was inches away from my face,and was Ken.

"A-AH!!How long have you been their!?"I growled

"hhmm a while"He smirked

"That means the whole time doesn't it" I muttered

I looked over at Amu "Why didn't you tell me"I wined as my cheeks filled with a red moisture

She shook her head "I didn't see him honestly"She frowned

I saw him smirk from the corner of my eye.

But a fake smile return onto his face as we both looked back at him

"Jeez would you go away!!"

He frowned

'Looks like hes never been denied by a girl before.'

"But all I wanted was to go shopping with you 2"He went chibi

"W-Wait you a date!?"Amu cried out

He nodded

"Sure"Amu said with hearts in her eyes

"You guys go and have fun"I smirked as I started to sneak away

"Your coming to"Amu said her face darkened

"O-Okay!!I'll go,I'll go!!"I repeated

"Why me,Why me"I cried.
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Chapter 22-My first Date is with this guy!?

School had finished quicker than it usually does and I hadn't gotten to think much about this crummy date I was going on.

All day I could feel the eyes of fan-girls bouring into my back.

Natsume seemed to busy to give me orders today so I pretty much had something good happen.

"May!"Amu called me

"Yes?"I asked in a sigh

"Were going to meet at the train station at 5:30 so make sure to be there and ready,with money!!"She scwinched her eyes togeather

I sighed,but nodded



I had changed into a light pink short dress like top,with a flower designe on it.And I wore black leggings underneath and had my hair in a ponytail once again with strings of my short blond hair hanging out in the front.

"Ah May!!!"I heard Amu call out as she ran towards me pulling Ken with her.

"Hey"I smiled lightly

"Ah you actually look decent"Ken snickered

"W-What!!Of course I do,don't insult me if you asked to come shopping with us!"I growled

I saw a smirk apear on his face

"hhmm I guess.I did complement you didn't I"I frowned

'this guys such a sceiz...'

"Lets just get this over with"I turned away from them and walked toward the train.


"WAH!!this is cute May"Amu showed me a jean skirt that was a little higher than the nee.

I nodded

"I agree its cute."I smiled

"Hey I think you'd look good in this"Ken showed a black short-short-short!!!dress,and a pair of sleek black leather boots that were nee high.

"I think thats the shortest dress I've ever seen"I heard Amu murmer

I snapped out of my shock "YOU PERVERT!!"I screamed as I charged at him and did a sky attack.

"Sky uper cut"I heard a little kid yell

"EERRR!!"I started to punch him

"H-Hey I was just kidding"he laughed

"Well I'm not!!" I growled

"Do you think we should stop them?"I heard a store clerk whisper to Amu

She shook her head "Let them get it out of their system"

the clerk nodded as they both watched my kick him.

"Who do you think will win?"I heard a guy ask his friend

"I'm betting on the blond,she seems to know what she's doing."

"I'll take that action"A guy shook the other guys hand

I saw Ken grab a broom and place it on the ground.

But I was to feriouse to get what he was doing

I steeped on the broom and it flung and hit me in the face.

I fell back words and landed on a cart of clothes.

The boy looked over at his friend that had betted on me to win the fight.

The boy that had betted on me gave the other kid a 5$ bill.

And then I blacked out...


"Ow"I wined

"Ah!!May are you coming around?"I heard Amu ask

"I guess this is a good chance to say sorry because she can't attack me right now"I heard Ken say from a distance


'Oh he better think again about me not being able to hurt him'

I calculated where his voice had come from and kicked in the direction

I heard a whine of pain,and then someone drop to the ground

"I forgive you"I said miscellaneously

"May that was cruel"Amu yelled at me

I frowned

"Well I'm just returning the favor for making me colappes in public"

I heard her sigh

"OW!"Ken cried out

I smiled

I opened my eyes and the world span

I squeezed my eyes shut again

"May you ok?"Amu asked in a concerned tone

"Yeah"I lied

'I feel dizzy...stupid Ken.I should have kicked him harder"I heard Ken laugh.

"Huh whats so funny?"Amu asked

"Nothing"He laughed

I sighed

'I'd better get up soon or else Amu will worry....and we'll miss the great sales."I heard Ken stiffle a laugh.

I opened my eyes slowly

'Uh so sickening....'I wined

"May are you sure your ok..?we could go home"

"I'm fine"I lied again as I smiled weakly

"Now lets go find some bargins!!"I smiled

Amu smiled to.


In the end all I bought were 2 tops,3 skirts,1 pair of jeans,and hair supplies.

Amu had found MUCH more deals than I ever could.

I sighed as we got off the train.

"Well I had fun"Amu smiled

"Lets do that again some time"She continued

I smiled too "sure"

"Well see you tomorrow May,Ken"She smiled and walked towards a her home.

It was close to the train station

"Are you walking home?"Ken asked

I nodded

We hadn't talked much throughout the day so that we wouldn't make Amu upset if we fought.

"Its dark I'll walk you home"He smiled

"I'm fine"I lied

"I can take a few thugs or 2 if they come my way"I continued

he frowned

"I don't care what you say I'm walking you home"I glared at him,but gave up knowing how stubborn he acted.

I sighed

"Fine just don't come near me"I growled

He nodded,a smirk apeering on his face

"And no smirking"I added

He laughed "No promises there"I sighed but flushed lightly

I turned away from him and walked in the direction of my home.


"Well see you tomorrow"I murmered as I looked back at him

He smirked "Sure"

'I still don't like this guy.I would have rather walked home with thugs'

I saw him smile

"Well then..later"I started to walk towards the gate to open it when I felt him stop me


"After a date the girl gets a good night kiss from the guy.You should even know that"he smirked

"I know that so go-"

He cut me short as he pressed his lips to mine.

My eyes widened

'W-What!!'My thoughts rambulled

I seperated from the kiss and stared at him

"Good night"He smirked and walked away...

'W-What was that?'I gasped as I touched my finger tips to my lips.

"EERR!!"I snapped out of it "How dare he!!"I growled as I started to rub my lips with my arm franticly.
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Chapter 23-Phone Call

"May-sama!!!"Presea called

"May-sama!!"She repeated

"What?" I grouned as I hid my puffy eyes under the covers

Last night when I had come back from shopping Natsume had yelled at me...and for some reason it really upset me...


"May"I heard Natsume call out as I walked into the beautiful beautiful home.

"Oh Hi Natsume"I chimmed

He looked upset,and...annoyed?

"What's wrong?"I asked

"Why did you come home late?"He growled

"Huh?I left a note saying that I was going shopping"I answered

"With who?"He said in an irritated tone

"Amu,and that new transfer student in my class"

I saw his face darkin and flames shot up in his eyes

"Stay away from that transfer student"He growled

"H-Huh?"I said with a shocked look on my face

"You heard me"He growled as a dark aura serounded him

" you not like him"I asked

"That doesn't matter just listen to what I had said and stay away from him.And thats an order"He yelled

"Um...ok"I nodded

"Jeez always falling for the first guy you see"He grumbled

"W-What!?"I yelled

He looked back at me

"I don't even like him and let me tell you this.You don't own me!!So stop acting like a jerk!!"I screamed as I stormed up the stairs and past him into my room.


'Baka Natsume whats with him...'I grumbled as I rubbed my sore eyes

"time for school"I could tell she was smiling

"I don't feel good"I mumbled

"AH!!REALLY!?"She asked frantically

'I don't like worrying Presea....sorry'I thought sadly in my thoughts

"I'll go and call a doctor and-"I cut her short

"I'm probly just tired Presea so theres no need to call a doctor,I proboly just need a little sleep"

I wasn't sure if she had heard me but it seemed that she was just thinking

"ok...I'll have to ask Irie-sama for permission to let you stay home though so just wait a second..."She murmured as she walked out of the room.

I sighed 'Whenever I was sad Marble would notice,and try to cheer me up'I thought sadly as I wondered how she was doing.

I heard Presea's footsteps enter the room

"Irie-sama said its ok for you to stay home.But if you don't rest and seem to be fine he will send you to school"

I nodded "ok"I sighed as I closed my eyes and started to drift into a dreamless sleep.


Threw out the day Presea kept on wakeing me up acctidently whenever she came in to check in on me.

"Sorry May-sama"She apologized for the 20th time

-sweat drop-

"Its ok"I lied as I finally faced her.

Hoping that my puffy eyes were no longer their.

Presea walked out of the room as the phone rang

I could here what Preasea was saying because she was talking on the phone that was a room next to mine.

"Hello Wilder Recidents Presea speaking..."

I heard a long pause before Presea spoke

"Sorry mame I can't understand you if you talk so fast"She paused again as she listened to whoever was speaking

"Who?"She asked

"A lady May is not feeling well at the moment..."She started but paused again

"Yes...I'll tell her.Whats your message?"She asked


"Okay I'll tell her to call you later when she feels better."


"Yes no problem....okay have a nice day"She hung up the phone.

After a few minutes Presea walked into the room

"Who was that?"I asked weakly

"Ah its one of your old friends from were you used to live"She answered

My eyes widened

"Was her name possibly...Marble?"I asked

She nodded

"What was her message!?"I jumped from the bed and put my hands on her shoulders.

She stared at me shocked but answered "She said 'Please tell May to call me.I miss her and can't belive that old swine actually sold you'"She repeated her message

I laughed as tears came from my eyes

"Marble"I smiled

"Same old Marble"

Presea stared at me

"Was she your good friend?"She asked as a smiled started to apear on her face

I nodded as happy tears rolled down my cheeks "My only friend.No.My dear friend Marble..." I murmered

I wipped my tears

"Did she give you a number to call her?"I asked as I calmed down slowly

she nodded as she handed me a price of paper

I smiled happily and grabbed onto the folded peice of paper and read the numbers aloud.

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Chapter 24-Reunion

"May-sama you mustn't get up you need to rest"Presea urged as I ran towards the closet to grab some clothes

"May-sama!!"Presea cried out

I felt bad for disobeying her but I needed to go...

I needed to see Marble's face...

My friend...

Presea ran in front of me and blocked the entrance to the closet

"Move Presea please"I begged

"No!Irie-sama ordered me not to let you leave."she argued

Then it hit me.

'Always following Irie's orders no matter how stupid they were.Always going to HIM instead of anyone nearby.Did Presea have a crush on Irie-kun?"I wondered

I shook my head

'Nows not the time to think of something like this'

"I'm sorry about this Presea"I apologized as I stepped back slightly and ran but leaped onto the floor and slid underneath her.

I heard her gasp as I opened the closet door and entered it.I quickly looked the door and placed a cart row of clothes in front of the door for backup.

'I never real had looked around in here so perhapes there's a window...This place is pretty big.So you never know' I thought hopefully.

I looked around and grabbed a pair of black skiny jeans,a black turtel neck top,and a white half cut white with black stripped sweater to put over the turtel neck top.

Hey I had I look half desent for a reunion.

I changed and looked around the HUGE closet like room for a window of some kind.

And spotted one.

'OH come on!!What kind of closet has a window in it!?Look at the chances I wasn't actually thinking their would be one!But I guess I should be just grateful'I nodded as I started to open the window

I heard banging on the locked door and the sound of arguing

"I'm really sorry Presea"I murmered as I grabbed onto a pole that was coming down the house.And started to climb down the 2nd story house.Er mansion...

After I had landed safley but roughly on the ground,I started to run towards the entrance.

After I somehow managed to leap over the entrance wall I started to run and look for a near by taxi.


After somehow managing to pay enough for the taxi ride over to Marble's house I gasped for air.

I hadn't been exercising as much recently so I was out of breath.

I looked up at Marble's small antique home.

Marble's home,I smiled

I walked towards her entrance and rang the door bell.

I heard someone run to the door and open it quickly

"Whatever your selling were not-"Marble cut short as she looked up at me.

"Heh...I'm not really selling anything but I could use the money to get a ride home"I smiled at her face

She looked so shocked and surprised.

"May"She said in an out of breath gasp

"Yep.The one and only.Its great to see you again Marble"I cracked up as I felt tears start to fall from my eyes.

I saw I wasn't the only one crying,Marble was too.

She lunged her body at me and gave me a bear hug

"If you miss me that much then don't kill me.Can't breath"She let go of me and smiled

I gasped for air but smiled back at her


"I can't belive you ran away from home just to see me,thats just like you"She laughed

I laughed with her

"I guess you know me well enough"I smiled

"So have you made any new friends at your school"She asked

"Yes.But only one her names Amu.I'm sure you two would get along"I laughed

"hhmm who knows." she smiled

"So whats your new family like?I'm sure anyone would be better than Granny over there"

I laughed

"There very nice.Turns out the man that took me in.Er bought me actually new my parents and was my gaurdian"I saw her face shockin

"No way!?"She gasped

"Way"I laughed

I explained the same story Irie had to me and she cut in every now and then with comments,and question's that I couldn't answer.

After the story she continued to ask questions about my new life.Till there wasn't really anything left to ask.

But Marble seemed to find some...

"So may what's this Natsume guy like?"Marble asked in a flirty tone.

"Ah-Ah-AA"I stopped her

"Nows its my turn to ask the questions"I smiled as she pouted

"Nothing really happening here since you left.But your lucky,you seem to have knew things happen every day to you"She wined

"Ah!Not lucky,Un-lucky"I corrected her

"And to answer your question before slightly,Natsume is a pervert with two faces and a jerk"I grouned

"But the transfer student seems to be like him alout to from what I've heard"Marble started

"Ah!I know,both have to faces.They both act kind and considerate.When there actually just pervs,and jerks that like to teas"I pouted

She laughed "Seems like your type"She smiled

"What do you mean?"I questioned

"Well you are quit the bad girl type aren't you?"she smiled and went on "You sort of have to faces of your own"She paused to see if I was listeing

"One of your sides is quit a sassy responding type,and another is very shy and kind"She smiled

"Don't you think you should give thoughs guys a chance if there like you?"She asked

I didn't answer

"Maybe that supposid 'fake' nice side is acually there real side,and their just shy and hide it"She went on

I sighed "Man!You make everything i think about day long sound like rubish"She laughed

"I guess"She smiled

"Oh yeah,were are your parents?"I asked as I looked around the room

"Poker"She answered simply

I laughed

"They sure do like it.They go to it day long as soon as they get some cash"I grinned

She laughed

"Gosh I hope I don't end up inheriting there love of poker"She laughed
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Chapter 25-Trouble

"May"Marble whispered as her head hung upside down off the couch with soda cans all around.

I had stayed much longer than I'd thought I would and ended up getting drunk...rather 'sugar drunk'In Marbles point of words.From drinking so much soda.

I burped "What?" I closed my eyes as my head hung off the couch upside down like Marble's

"Why did you come here?"My eyes flew open and I looked over at her

"Why,I thought you wanted to see me"I murmered

"Yes of course I always do."She started

"But May.You wouldn't come so quickly unless you had a reason"

I was silent

"What happened?Why are you sad?"She asked,staring at my face

I laughed lightly "You always notice"

"I'm your friend.Its our job."I laughed

"Why?What made you upset?"She asked in a whisper

I shook my head "I got upset for some reason when Natsume yelled at me"I mumbled

I saw something in her eyes click "May do you like Natsume?"she asked

I shook my head frantically "Ew no!Where did you get that thought from Marble?"I looked over her with weary eyes

She laughed "Yeah I guess your right"

I smiled

"But May you shouldn't get upset over something like that and come here"She frowned

"I didn't just come here because I was sad Marble.It was because I missed you.Every day I woke up in the morning I wondered 'Is may waiting for me to wake up for school?'"I felt tears fall from my eyes

I heard a sob from beside me.

Marble's sob...

"I thought of you too"She cried

"Oh Marble"I wept


"May are you sure you want to walk home alone?Its almost past midnight.Its dangerouse"She worried

"Don't worry my home is close to here"I lied


'Darn it she saw through me again!'

"I could give you money for a taxi"She offered

I laughed

"Wouldn't your parents want to use that for poker?"She laughed

"But seriosly May you can use it!"

"Nah!I'm ok Marble save that so that you'll have some money to use when you go bankrupt"I joked

"No there won't be anything left anyways.They'll somehow find it."I laughed

"Well I'll see you later Marble,I'll call you tomorrow probly"I said as I started to walk down her stairs from outside her house

"Bye May be careful"She said as she gave up bribbing me with money.

"Bye"I smiled and started to run in the direction of home...or at least I thought home was in that direction...


I was lost.

I sighed

Lost in this dark city in 1 in the morning.

Only these kind of bad things could possibly happen to me.

'Lucky my butt'I growled as I looked around in the dark empty streets.

I felt tears well up in my eyes

'Oh come on!!!I'm not THAT bad at following directions'I thought as I remembered asking a police officer for direction about half an hour ago.

And wounded up getting even more lost

'The police officer must have failed geography or something,and been terrible with directions' My thoughts murmured.

Suddenly I heard footsteps

I looked around frantically and saw someone's shadow appear.

'Maybe this person can help me!'I cried out as I started to run in the directions of the shadows.

As I ran frantically to the person there figure started to appear and suddenly I could see there faces.

I gasped and stopped in my tracks.

"Ah would you look at that!Such a cute kitten hanging around in the night"I heard the memorible voice speak

'T-These guys....'

-sweat drop-

'Thats it!God hates me!he absolutely HATES ME!!'My thoughts ran

The leader of the basketball gangsters stepped out towards me,smelling his usual smell as always.

I jumped back each time he came towards me

"Hey boss I think that's Natsume's woman"I heard one of the leaders friends speak

'W-Woman,NATSUME!!If you seriously tell people that then if I live through this.You will be sorry for ever calling me 'your' woman!!'I thought angrily forgetting about the leader that was coming forward.

"Hey kitten.Its nice to see you again.I guess you must have decided to ditch that kid and look for a 'real' man,and you looked for me right?"


"Of course boss.I mean what kind of lady wouldn't want you?"One of the other gangsters comented

"Well I am pretty great aren't I?"He chuckled to himself

-sweat drop-

'Poor guy he doesn't even relise how out of lead he actually is in the 'real' world'I frowned

All the gangsters clapped in sink.

'Was I supposed to lie about something too and say he was SO my 'type' or something?Cause its wrong to lie'I tried not to laugh from what I had said.

Suddenly I felt the leaders hands push me into the back of a brick wall.

'W-Wait!What is this guy thinking!?'I thought scarcly

I saw his face lower to my level and start to come closer to mine.

Suddenly it hit me.Was he going to kiss me

I felt tears water in my eyes as I thought about how gross that would be.

I closed my eyes hoping for him to stop

'Natsume-kun help!!'I cried out in my thoughts

Suddenly I felt wind brush past me,and my eyes opened slowly.

As I opened them I noticed the leader flying in the air

(note:in slow motion.Every story needs a dramatic affect!! ^-^ right girls!? >/// ^ )

I saw him slam into the ground and his gangster friends all crowd around him

"Boss you ok!?"They asked

All he did was grown

The gangsters looked up angrily at my rescuer

"How dare you do that to boss!!"One of the gangster growled

"What?You want to do anything about it?"My rescuer asked as I heard him crack his nuckles

Their eyes widened

"N-No!!Were very sorry!!"One of the gangster screamed as he ran away

"Hey wait for us!!"The gangsters said in sink as they picked up their leader and ran away.

"Hmph not so tough"I heard the voice grumble

'Wait...IS THAT NATSUME'S VOICE!!??"I cried out in wonder

I heard him step towards me his feet echoing around the aly way.

He stopped and sat down on his nee at my eye level

"Are you ok?"He asked,I nodded slowly

Their was a long pause

"Did he do anything to you?"I could here his words were full of acid.

'Why did he sound so seriose?'I wondered

I shock my head

He sighed


He breathed in "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WORRIED EVERYONE IS!!!!!!!"he yelled

I blinked


I felt new tears well up in my eyes,as replacements for the old one's.

Tears started to well down my cheeks and my cheeks reddin'd.

"Gomen!!so sorry"I repeated as I felt my head lower into Natsime's chest

"I'm sorry for worrying everyone really"I cried out as alagater tears poured down my cheeks.

I heard Natsume's heart thump....
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Chapter 26-Real kiss


'Dammit stupid girl were the heck is she!?'I growled as my blue eyes survayed the area.

'She's probly lost or something..."I heard my other self (I had actually named him Kazune) think agressivly.But I knew he was worried about her too...


I rung the door bell and heard someone rustle to the door,and open it

"Um...hello?"Said a girl with brown long hair.

"Sorry to bug you at this time,but is your name perhapes...Marble?"I asked

Her eyes widened

"Are you looking for May perhapes?"She asked urgently

I nodded

'Easy...she could be trying to protect her or something...'Kazune hissed

"Oh no..."She said in a mortofied tone

I stared at her face

"She left about an hour ago..."She looked up at me with a terrified stare

"I insisted on her taking some money to get a taxi to take her home but she didn't want to bug me and take the money"She frowned

"I should have made her take the money...or at least stay the night here"She placed her hand stressfully to her forhead.

"Do you know which way she went?"I asked urgently

She nodded and pointed to her right

I nodded and smiled at her "Thanks" I noticed her blush as I ran in the direction May had went

'Easy Natsume...Normal people can't take in that much' Kazune warned me

I nodded absent minded

'Were could she be?'I wondered


I stopped running to breath

I placed my hands on my nee's

'Man...'I growled

'Natsume...hear that?'Kazune murmered as we listened

'W-Wait!What is this guy thinking!?'I heard a voice say urgently

'May' We both thought in sink

'She's that way!' Kazune urged as I followed the small voice.I heard it get louder

'Natsume-kun help!!' I heard her voice break

I turned right urgently as I heard her desperate cry.

And saw her.

No...I saw them.

Kain's face.No his lips inches away from hers.

Tears in her closed eyes

Then...I felt Kazune posses my body.

He punched Kains face bruttely.His body flying in the air lips puckered,and nose bleeding.

'Hope it leaves scarer's" I heard Kazune growl from my body

His friends gathered around him urgently

"You ok boss?"one of them asked

We heard him groun

We saw his friends look up at us angrily

"How dare you do that to boss!!"One of the his frineds scowled at me

I felt Kazune's anger grow "What?You want to do anything about it?" He cracked his nuckles threatningly

Their eyes widened

"N-No!!Were very sorry!!"His friend cried out as he ran away

"Hey wait for us!!"His friends cried out in sink as they picked up their leader and ran away.

Kazune smirked "Hmph not so tough"

We heard a sniffle and saw May staring at us from the corner of our eye.

Kazune started to walk towards May stiffly

'Man...made us so worried for nothing' Kazune grumbled

'Nothing?Did you see how close his face was from hers?' I thought angrily as I thought about it.

He didn't say anything but I could feel that he was pissed about it just as much.

We sat down on our nee and looked at her.

Her tears slowly vanished.

We both felt relief flood through us to see that she was all right.

Or seemed to be anyway...

"Are you ok?"He asked just to make us both sure.

She stared at us but nodded slowly

'Good'I breathed

I heard Kazune stiffle a laugh from my concern.

There was a long pause as he asked the question that had both annoyed us the most to think of...

"Did he do anything weird to you?"We said seriosly

She shook her head

relief flooded through us once again.


We started to remember all the frantic people in the house who were worried,and upset.

And we felt anger scorch through our body.

We breathed in


She seemed shocked and only blinked probably starting to get back her awarniss and to reality.


We saw new tears form in her eyes and erase the old one's

And start to fall down her rosey cheeks

"Gomen!!So sorry"She repeated as she lowered her head and rested it to out chest

'I think you went to far' I whispered to Kazune

'Whatever,you were also feeding the fire' he cordered back

I didn't like to admit it but he was right.I did feed the fire.

'Well she's all yours' He mumbled in our head as I got control of our body once again.

"I'm sorry for worrying everyone,really!"She cried out as more tears flodded her cheeks,and vision.

My heart pounded.No.Our heart pounded as she got closer to us.

'So warm...' I breathed.

She cried for a while,not getting up from leaning on us.And wondering what made our heart thump.

We wondered if she had even noticed it because she hadn't said anything about it when she was very curiose.

'Maybe we should do something to her to make her angry and then she'll forget about being sad?'Kazune suggested.

It may have seemed mean but honestly that was his way of worrying about her too...

'You just want to do something to her.Not help her' I accused

He laughed

'I think I could servive a day or two before I'd need to do that'

I felt my mind,and body go numb as Kazune conected his mind to our body.And controlled it.

I could tell that Kazune was going to do something perverted but May seemed to notice his sudden deep breath and looked up at him.

Her eyes were red from crying and had a redish,sort of purple ting underneath her eyes.

Her gold hair messy,and her breath smelling like soda.

"Natsume-kun?"She called out quietly

Kazune's heart fluttered

We felt are face get slightly warmer but it was probably not visable to the human eye.

She stared at us with big eyes.

"Can I...kiss you?"He mumbled under his breath

We looked away.

But from the corner of our eye,we could see her rosy cheeks become flushed with a light red

'He really does have to personalitys' We heard a voice say in our head

'But...I really have a hard time understanding if he really is nice,or is just mean either way...' she continued as she thought

'Demo...I...don't hate Natsume...nor do I like him...'She thought slowly

Kazune took this as the 'ok' sign and lightly put his hand under her chin.

Cupping it in one position delicately.

Her eyes widened as he leaned in and we closed our eyes.

We felt presure on our likes and the soft texture of skin,and lip underneath ours.

' I feel strange?' her thoughts ranged raggedly.

Kazune liked hearing her thoughts so that he new when we teased her.Or...HE teased her pervertedly he would know if he was going to far.

But he got annoyed because half the time we were around her.We couldn't read her thoughts for some reason...

Unless it was important.

Kazune uncupped her chin,and released his grasp on her lips.

We stared down at her rosy cheeks as they blushed a deep red.

May stared back at us,but then wabbled a little

"O-Oi are you ok?" We said frantically

She nodded absently as she closed her eyes lightly.

'Did she fall asleep?'I asked as we stared down at her position.

Curled up in a tiny ball leaning onto us.

"baka..." Kazune growled as he picked her up in a bridal stance and walked in the direction of home....
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Chapter 27-Love Triangle

When I woke up I could feel my heart pounding

'Was that a dream?'I wondered

I remembered Natsume's warm lips touch mine

And the thoughts I had thought in the dream.

But you can't think in dreams can you?

I lightly taped my finger tips to my lips

'Warm' I murmered

I closed my eyes and felt my head hit the pillow with a soffened landing

"Oi you awake?"I heard a voice whisper in my ear.

I shook my head

'To tired' I groaned

"You are if you could respond to that"He chuckled

"Uh..."I groaned and opened my eyes slowly

"Natsume...-kun?"I said in a cut off word

"The one and only"He smirked

He looked tired

His eyes were bloodshot,his blond hair was a mess and wasn't as shiny.And he wore the same clothes my dream!

I flung half way down the bed 'Wasn't a dream,Wasn't a dream'I cried out

" long have you stayed here for?"I asked slowly and uneasily

"All night....why?"He yawned

"W-Well you look really tired"I noticed the concern in my voice

"Well I could sle-....I mean WERE WHERE YOU LAST NIGHT!?"He growled

"I got lost...kinda"I smiled weakly

I heard a growl come out from behind his clenched teeth

Then I saw a spark in his eye

'What is he thinking...?'I worried

I grimaced as he got up and started to climb onto the bed

He crawled towards me slowly

"W-What?"I studdered

"Punishment"He smirked

I got ready to run but he grabbed my ankles and held me in my postion

"N-Natsume stop"I ordered

"No way"

I heard the door creak open

"Natsume OFF"I growled

I looked over and saw Irie at the door staring at us

Eyes bloodshot

I pushed natsume's chest and used my eyes to make him look over at the doorway.

He instently got off me and sat next to me

"Hey Irie"He smirked

Irie raised an eyebrow

I looked down as I felt Natsume's arms crept around my back and around my neck

I glanced over and saw him staring at me

Eyes full of warning

Like a deer in front of headlights I looked away.

"May"I heard irie's voice apear

"Your friend called and said she's glad your safe"

'safe'My thoughts wandered to last night

The night were I had no recalecion too.

The night were I thought Natsume was a dream and his question to "kissing me" came up.

The dream that was reality.

I nodded "Sorry...for worrying everyone"I murmured

He nodded "Just don't do it again"

I had to wonder if there was another meaning to those words.Could he have been talking to the both of us?

Natsume,and me?

Irie turned towards the door and gave a sideways glance to Natsume

I heard a growl come out from under his STILL clenched teeth.

After Irie left Natsume got up and walked towards the door.

"Looks like we got caught this time"He smirked

I didn't get how he could joke about something like this but I didn't really care.

I was going to have to lock my doors tonight.


"May I can't believe you"Amu hissed under her breath as I sat down into my seat

"You came to school after some thugs do that to you!!"She continued

"Well I was fine when I woke up so I decided to go to school"I answered her absently as I looked through my book bag.

"Well you don't exactly have to have an attendance record of 100 you know"She growled

I shook my head "I know that its just...I seem to trouble them"I looked over at her finally

Her eyes were red too

'Did I worry her too?'I wondered

"Who?"She asked

"The wilders" I looked down at my desk as I sat down

"Of course you don't" She smiled

I shook my head

"Everyone was looking for me and is now tired and upset with me,and I'm not exactly the person they want to see right now..."I felt my face drop

"Don't say that!!If they worked so hard to look for you then they don't hate you!!!"I thought about what she had said but couldn't seem to fit in my head

"Amu...I think I'm going to leave"Her breath got cut off

"W-What!?"She said,out of breath

I didn't answer her "I'm even worrying you"I felt tears fall from my eyes

"You don't"Amu was crying to now

I didn't look at her as she turned me to look in my eyes

I didn't even seem to notice the addiance that was watching now

"And besides that,were are you going to go!?"She put her hands on my shoulders

I shook my head "I don't know..."

The room fell silent

Suddenly I felt the awairness of some other eyes

I turned around and saw Ken staring at me

For some reason it hurt when he stared at me like that.

I looked away

My legs tenced for a run but I felt someone grab my arm and tow me towards the door.


"May"Whispered the persons voice in my ear

I felt tears come down my cheeks

'Man....I've been crying to much recently.Its all because of these people.They softened me up'I cried

I felt someone pull me into a hug position

But I instantly reconised the blond hair.


But I didn't pull away in fact I let him hug me.

"You can live with me"He murmered in my ear

My eyes widened

I stayed silent

"If you need a place to stay"He muttered

I felt his breath brush past my ear,and the smell of it intoxicate me

I flushed

"Really"I whispered

He nodded

"Thank you"I murmered as more tears streamed down my cheeks

He pulled me back and I thought I had down something wrong

But instead of that his lips crushed mine

He released me from his short kiss,but I demanded more

My lips crushed his in a second our breaths intangled

as we seperated from our second long kisses we were gasping for air deeply

'W-What happened!?My body moved on its own'I gasped

"Heh,I guess you enjoyed that right?"He smirked

"Shut up"I growled

"What am I right?"He laughed

I growled "No you aren't...I just..."I wandered off

from the corner of my eye I thought I saw a spark in his eyes

"hhhmm so your body responded"He laughed

"W-Whatever you jerk"I yelled as I threw punches at him

He laughed

"heh ok I'm just joking"I flushed

I heard a growl from out of no were.

I turned around and gasped

Natsume was standing there face red with rage

What rage!?

'Why I didn't do anything to him.And no one did anything to him.'

"Hands off her"He said through his teeth

I stared at him shocked saw Ken step in front of me.

"Calm down"Ken growled

"May get over here"Natsume said through his teeth.And before I could say anything else he added "order"

I stared at him but did as I was told

"Why are you listening to him"Ken asked angrily as he stopped me

I looked down

"Because I have something on her"Natsume growled

"What!?"Ken said angrily

"This"Natsume flipped something to him



He looked at it and all his anger vanished

'W-What is this...?'

"Do you have copies of these?"Ken asked

My jaw dropped


"What!?"I heard Natsume growl and grab onto my shoulder

"What did you say!?"Natsume said full of rage


"Calm down"I saw Ken give Natsume a warning glance

'JUST WHATS GOING ON!!??'my thoughts cried out
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Chapter 28-Personality Twist

I stared at Natsume's as his rage continued

Why was he asking me a question when I didn't say anything?My thoughts wandered

"N-Nastume....-kun?"I studdered

"You do relise that theirs no turning back from this decision?"Said Ken as he stepped in between us.

Natsume's eyes cooled,and he took his grasp off my shoulder

He turned towards ken and slitley nodded

"Well"Ken faced me

"You seemed to notice"He started

My head cocked to the side

"Notice?"I repeated

He nodded,and cool smirk apeering on his face

"About OUR 'Real personality' as you would call it..."

I saw Natsume scoff

"You see we really do have two personalitys"He confessed

My eyes widened

"What?"I questioned

I saw Natsume's eyes read my face wearily.

"You heard me"

I didn't say anything

'All though's time's I had thought Natsume really did have two two people inside of him.And all though's time's I thought Ken wasn't really as sweet as everyone thought he was.I was right ALL along?'

I looked at the ground

"Right"I laughed

"You guys are just teasing me right?"I continued to laugh

I saw them grimace

'Are they seriose...?for some reason I believe them but.But.Thats not possible right?'

"It is"I heard Natsume cut into my thoughts

'Did he just-?'

"Yeah I can hear your thoughts too.Er we can hear your thoughts"He answered

I stared mouth hanging open

"Not all the time though...only on ocassions that you are thinking seriosly"Ken cut in

I continued to stare

'No way:'


'No way in hell'I thought in a disbelieving tone


'All though's times.No.All thoughs thoughts I thought around them.'My face darkened


'All thoughs time's I-'I gasped

"....!"My eyes sparked

"You two....!"Threat in my voice

"You bastards!!!DO YOU KNOW HOW PERSONAL A WOMANS PURE THOUGHTS ARE!!!"I lunged myself at them,and saw relief flood their faces as I growled

I started to punch them both but they didn't even flinch.

They actually seemed happy.

"heheh like he said we barley hear you anyways.So no need to worry"Natsume laughed

Then suddenly I saw his gears start to rotate

"But just what was so important in your thoughts,anyhoo?"He smirked

My face turned bright red "you pervert!!"


I felt Natsume and kens arms lock around my waist and pull me in the direction of a near by stump

They sat me down and looked at me.

"W-What?"I murmered shyly

"Nothin..."Natsume murmered

"Anyways you must be a little curiose about what our personalitys are,and why we have them.Right?"Ken asked

"Not really"I shrugged

"I already figured that out a while ago,both of your personalitys are perverted."

I saw Natsume try not to laugh

"right"Ken chuckled

"But you must wonder why we have them right?Its not exactly normale"Natsume continued on Ken's behalf

I shrugged "Everyones got a 2nd personality right?You guys just have two personalitys that have there own strong opinions"

"And that are alive"Ken corrected me

I nodded absently

"But theres a little more too it"Natsume started

"You see there are more of us"said Ken

"And the point of pretty much our entire existance is to find our soul mate,to continue on the next genuration of our kind"Natsume continued

"Thats all?"I asked

"Well its not exactly easy.We don't know were they are.So we have to look around the whole world"I felt my jaw drop


They nodded

"But I don't get it.You have two personalitys.And the only thing you live for is to make a new generation?"I murmered

"Isn't that a little sad to live for?"I asked

"Yes but...when you meet your soul mate.You can NEVER find anything more happy then to see their face"Ken smiled slietly

I nodded

I guess I could understand that if you loved the person

"But why are you telling me all this...?"I asked

Natsume and Ken looked away

"Well you see..."Ken started

"Your our soul mate...."

I stared absently at the two of them as there words started to sink in and hit me

I felt my jaw drop

"I'm your...WHAT!?"I screamed

"Is that even possible, I mean you can ONLY have one soul mate!!??"I gasped for air as they covered their ears

"Well thats the weird thing you somehow are the soul mate of both of us..."Ken murmured

'so Ken me...?'I felt the world spin and my face deepin the redist it could ever turn

I saw Natsume's face turn red.

"N-No way!?"I cried out as I wabbled on the tree stump.

"You can't I mean...I don't like you guys that way..."I LIED

Ken grimaced

Everyone didn't say anything

"Then...I'll make you fall in love with me"Ken had a seriose look in his eyes

I flushed "What!?"

"You heard me."Ken started to walk in the direction of the school.

As Ken walked he looked back "Feel free to play as well Natsume.We enjoy a challenge"He smirked

I heard Natsume growl

Ken continued to walk away,and left me in shock,and Natsume with rage in his eyes...
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Chapter 29-Desperate Attempts to win the heart...

I heard the school bell ring as we stared after him

I slowly snapped out of my shock

"N-Natsume-kun class is starting"I murmured as I took my eyes off of were Ken had left and looked over at Natsume.

He didn't look away from his glare


"I heard you"He growled

"What are you so mad about?"I laughed weakly

I already new why.But it just didn't seem to fit in my mind.

I heard a low growl come from under his clenched teeth.

I tensed for a run

'Hes really pissed off isn't he...?But I don't get it.I'm not the soul mate type.I haven't even ever fallen in love before!!'

He glanced over in my direction as I got in a postion to run

"Never?"He whispered

'Crap!!I forgot he can read my mind'

"Stop reading my mind!!"I growled as I ignored his question

"I can't really help it"He said with a plain expression

"W-Whatever I'm going to class see you later"As I walked past him he grabbed onto my rist

"Did you really."He swallowed

"Kiss him?"He said through his teeth

I looked away from his stare

"I....-I don't know what happened ok..."I murmured

"So you did then"He said through clenched teeth,his grasp on my risk titened

I looked down at his hand around my now red rist

'Its starting to hurt' My thoughts wandered

"Good"He growled but he dropped my rist

I stared down at the ground

Why did my heart hurt?

He started to walk towards the school leaving me their...


"May were did you go before?"Amu asked as she took her lunch out from her bag

"No where"I lied

She stared at me knowing that I was lieing but didn't ask me anymore questions

"So May are you going to the school festival?"Amu asked as she bit into her lunch

I looked up at her

"Festival?"I repeated

"Yeah.Weren't you listening?"

"hehe Kinda..."I scratched the back of my neck

She sighed "Well theirs a festival next week"She smiled as she saw my face become exited

"You CAN help if you want,so then everyone will enjoy it"

I thought about that for a second

"If Amu-chan goes then May will go to"She laughed

"Okay then lets go ask our homeroom teacher later"

I smiled and nodded


"hhhmm you want to help in the festival?"Our teacher asked as he scratched his bald head

We nodded "Just to help set up the boths and such"Amu added

He nodded

"Of course it'll be a great help"Me and Amu looked at each other and smiled

"Arigato"We bowed and started to walk in the direction of the door.


"Well see you later May-san"Amu waved as she walked in the direction of home

I smiled "ok bye!!"

I started to walk in the direction of home before I could draw attention to any near by car that was supposed to pick me up.

As I walked I heard another pair of feet from behind me.

I turned left and heard the pair of feet continue to follow me

'What are-,are these poeple following me?'I started to walk faster and heard them start to walk faster to match my pace.

'Great now theirs stockers around here...!'

I started to brace into a run as they followed behind me.

There feet barley making a sound on the ground anymore

'They sure are agile...'

As I ran I got annoyed

'These guys are so annoying I fumed'

I suddenly stopped abrutly and turned my body in there direction to give them a peice of my mind.

But as I did this I saw that there was no one their.

"W-What!?"I growled

I started to turn around but felt someones breath near my ear.And a pair of hands grip onto my waist

'W-Who is this?'

I felt my anger cool,and awairness come over me.

'Most guys that do this to a girl.Are always bad news...'

"Hey your pretty cute..."Murmured a voice in my ear


"Go check out some other middle school student"I growled as I but his arm

"OW!!"I heard him cry out

My cheeks puffed

"Serves you right"I growled

But then it hit me

'Could this be Ken,or Natsume's way of wining my heart...?By resquing me?Thats pretty cheesy'


-face darkens-

"Where's Ken..."I growled

"Huh?"I heard a voice from beside me sound surprised

"They put you guys up to this right?"I guessed

I felt the hands that were around my waist move.

"heheh your pretty smart"I turned towards the voice and saw a boy with black hair that was tied up into a pony tail.

And a boy with purple hair standing their

I growled "How much will he do?"

"heh who knows"The purple haired boy laughed

My face darkned "is he that desperate?"I asked

"Don't know.And sorry if we scared you"The black haired ponytailed guy apologized

I sighed "Its not your fault"I shook my head

"Anyways tell him sorry,and better luck next time if it really matters that much.I gotta go home"I said as I waved back at them and ran in the direction of home.


I sighed as I landed on my bed "I was scolded when I was only 10 minutes late..."

'I really am troubleing them here...'I sighed 'I'd better leave soon...but were should I go...?Grandmothers again?will she actually take me in??'I wondered as I closed my eyes.

To tired to think...

I twisted my body towards my pillow and reached for the lamp,and switched it off.

'A place to go...'My thoughts wandered as I driffted to sleep
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