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I'm What!?

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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
Chapter 30-Is it really a One sided love?

In my dream I felt some sort of pleasure on my lips,and magical hands around my body.

The face of the stranger that was providing my this pleasure and dream was shady

And I wondered who this person was.

But for some reason whenever I thought about who the person was a slight hope popped up in my head,as Natsume's face apeered in my mind.

'Why would I want Natsume to do this to me?'I thought wearily

I felt his lips smoothly climb up my neck,and then back down my body.

I felt his magical hands move to were my light white pajama tank top straps were,I felt him start to pull them down.

Almost as if he didn't want to disturb me.

But I already knew he was their?Why didn't he notice my awairness

I grouned as my top somehow magically came off,and all that was left to keep my chest not visable was my bra.

My small light purple bra...

I felt his head lower and kissed my body

'uuhh to much pleasure for me in this strange dream...'I mouned

Suddenly I felt the person freeze,and seem to start again quickly as if he new what i was thinking...


Could hear my thoughts!?

My eyes flung open and I pushed the person that was over top of me.

"Natsume"I hissed

"What!What are you doing in here!?"I growled

"Do you know this is actually a crime.Its called Rapping!!"I hissed as I looked at his face

"No its called molesting"He corrected me

"Jerk"I growled as I started to sit up and noticed my reflection in the mirror.

No top.Revelible Shorts.Messed up hair.Face red from pleasure.And guy sitting inches away from you with no top on.

'Does he even relize if anyone caught him.What this would look like!?'My thoughts growled

"Yes I do and they'd wonder what 'we' were doing."He corrected me

I flushed as I looked down at myself

I flung my arms over my chest and blushed a DEEP red

"N-N-Natsume!!!"I yelled as I lunged at him

He smirked and dodged me which made me land on his lap.


"heh...what do you want more."I flushed

"OF COURSE NOT"I said.My words full of acid

"How did you even get in here!?"I growled

"Window"He said absently as he admired my body.

I squinted at him 'Windows.Thats what I forgot.The window.'

I felt his hands grasp around my waist and his body press into mine.

I lost my balance and fell backwords

he landed overtop of me

His arms holding him up

He looked into my eyes

And lowered his face.

"Do you mind"I blushed and was about to say "No way in hell are you kissing me again!"but for some reason nothing came out.

My eyes closed without my comand and I felt Natsume's lips press to mine.

His lips slowly left mine.

My eyes opened slowly,and so did his but something in my body felt weird.

And I was a little ciriouse why so I lightly tapped my lips to his.

'Something feels different'I murmured

our lips slowly lifted from each other and I felt Natsume's hands slowly move down to my shorts.

He slowly tugged my shorts off

We were going to go all the way tonight weren't we?

why?I wasn't ordered.And I sorta want him to do it...

This is SO bad.But..I it with with my own will....

Was it really a one sided love all along?
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
Chapter 31-Late Night....

"Hey May are you all right?"Asked Amu as I stared absently at the classroom blackboard

"Y-Yeah"I smiled weakly

"May are you all right?Really.You've been in a daze all day"She asked sounding concerned

"Yeah just tired"I laughed

"Sorry to worry you Amu"I smiled

She smiled back "Don't worry May we're friends I'm supposed to worry"taht sort of reminded me of Marble

I laughed

"Yeah and its my job not to worry you"I smiled

She laughed "Oh yeah Amu would you mind if I invited a friend to the festival?"I asked

The festival was now only a few more days away and I was worried if Amu would mind if I invited Marble

"No.Who are you inviting?"She asked

"An old friend named Marble"I smiled brightly

"Okay I'm sure if she's one of your friends that we'll get along"I laughed "Thats what she said "

"Hey Amu...would you mind if I stayed at your place for the time being till the festival?"I asked

She stared at me with curiouse eyes but shook her head

"I don't mind.But why?"She asked

"Well we live so far away from each other so I thought it'd help you if we worked close togeather"

She didn't believe me.I could tell.

"Ok"She murmured as she looked down at her books.

I didn't want to go home because everyone was giving me the cold shoulder.Even Natsume now


"Okay May,just get permission from Irie and grab your clothes and you can come over."said Amu

I nodded "ok see you later"I murmured as I walked slowly home.


"Ah Ami-chan"I smiled as I walked into the huge house

She looked away

I stared at her but walked towards her

I felt like their were alout of eyes on me but I couldn't find were the stares came from

"Ami-chan.Can you do me a favior"I asked as she looked away

"Ami-chan?"I murmured

"Clara onee-chan said to not talk to you"said Ami

My eyes widened and i felt my jaw drop

My stomack did somersaults

Then Irie-kun's words repeated in my head.'She not as bad as she looks'

"heh don't worry,I won't be here much longer..."I murmured

I saw her eyes widen and she turned around quickly

"Is May onee-chan leaving!?Ami-chan's sorry if Ami-chan hurt May onee-chan"She said with tears in her eyes

I frowned

"Don't worry about what I said.But Ami May onee-chan isn't going to be around much,anymore...I'm sorry to have always troubled you.So please tell your papa thank you for taking me in.These months (Note:I know it wasn't exactly months but it was more dramatic) were the best times of my life"I smiled at her happily and stood up

I walked up the stairs and towards my room,and quickly grabbed all my favorite clothes,and all of my other things.

I tugged the bag downstairs and walked towards the door.

Ami was still standing their with tears in her eyes.

Ami-chan...we didn't talk much but we always were very close.

I walked towards her

"Ami don't worry ok"I smiled lightly.tears now coming from my eyes too.

"Here take this"I pulled my mothers engagment ring off my finger and handed it too her.

"pretty"she whispered as she held it

"This is VERY important to me Ami so I'll always be with you."I whispered

She looked up at me.Eyes big

"Why's it important to May onee-chan?"She asked

"Because this was my mommy's ring.My daddy proposed to my mommy with this ring"I heard a deep gasp.

And relized taht I had forgotten about the eyes that were on me before.

I stode up amiditally and walked towards the door.

I tugged my bag along with me and took one final glance at the house.No.My first ever home.And family...

"Bye Ami-chan"I whispered as I ran from the door way and towards Amu's home.

They would probly figure out were I was going but I needed to leave.


"May.You really are running away from home aren't you?"Amu whispered as I lied in the uncomfortable couch


"I know May.I can't change your opinion right?Just please be careful.And at least go to the festival"

I was about to say no but she added "please"

I sighed and smiled "I'll do it for you and Marble"

I could see some sort of releif flood her face.

Her parents were going to be out for a week thats why Amu didn't mind inviting me over.

bring bring

We heard the phone ring.

Amu rushed out of the room and called me over.

"What is it??"I asked as I reached were she was.

"Some lady on the phone asking for you"She whispered to me

I nodded

I didn't know any lady's...?

I picked up the phone from her hands and placed the phone to my ear


"Ah,so I did call the right place"I heard the voice say

I gasped


"May you ok?"Asked Amu concern in her voice

I nodded absently

"What do you want?"I said coldly

"Well I heard you ran away from the Wilder estate so I wondered if you needed a place to stay"

'No way in hell would she want to take me back in.Unless their was something to me'

"Whats the catch?"I asked coldly

"No catch.Jeez young folk these days.How rude."I was silent

"Look.All I am doing is offuring you a place to stay"I didn't say anything

I sighed "Ok...When can I come?"I saw Amu watching my expression wearily

"Any times fine dear.See you soon"And she hung up the phone

'Offering,no catch,dear.This SO had a catch!!But...I have no were to go so...'

"Whats going on May?"Amu cut into my thoughts

"Nothing.I just got a place to stay"I smiled weakly

She grinned "Thats great!!"

'At least one of us was happy'


"May are you sure that you don't want to go to school?"Amu asked as she put on her shoes.

I nodded "Natsume,and the others will be their...and if they actually want me back.Then they'll try and take me back home.I mean to their house"She frowned

"Just don't worry"I smiled

"Easier said then done"

"I promise I won't leave,other than going on a walk"I smiled

she sighed "okay,okay,I believe you"She smiled slightly

I laughed "okay then you better get going or you'll be late for school"She nodded and left

'its lonley being alone...'I whispered in the back of my head as I stared at the door were she had left from.
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 32-Worth

I decided to go on a walk so that I wouldn't feel so alone in this empty house


I placed my hands behind my back and smiled as I saw some younge kinder gardens walking in a line behind one another

'I wonder if I'll ever get married,and have a baby'I blushed at the idea

"That wouldn't happen"I laughed at my small dreams

I heard a car screech to a stop

I turned around quickly thinking that it might be Irie and the others.

But it wasn't.

A bunch of shady men wairing black suits ran towards me and grabbed my rists

"H-Hey!!Just who do you think you are!?"I screeched

They didn't answer and pulled me towards their car.

"Help"I cried out as they tugged me along

"Help!!"I cried out again as I saw some teachers that were with the kinder gardens look in my direction

Their eyes widened as one of the teachers told the other to watch the students and call the police

I continued to cry out for help as they through me in the car and stuffed some kind of cloth into my mouth.

It made my eyes water,because the smell,and taste from it was terrible.

I started to relize that the cloth had drugs in it but slowly paced out

"Help"I murmured dryly as I slowly went into a daze.And soon.Sleep.



"uuuhh my head...uh..."I grouned as I felt the ack in my head

"W-What...?"I mumbled as my eyes fluttered open

"Ah,I see your awake"Said a familior voice

"Were am I?"I growled but it came out rather sluggish

"My house of course"answered the voice

'Okay recently I'm getting pissed off.If someone kidnaps you they should come up with a better answer than "My House"!!!'

"And weres that?"I started to face the person and gasped

"Granch Street of course"

"Grandmother!?"I gasped

"W-What!?Why did you kidnap me?"I asked shockingly

"Don't kid with me"She growled

I stared at her 'kid her?about what!?'

"What are you talking about!?"I growled

"Hhhmm so you don't know.I guess that idiot Irie"I flinched "Wouldn't relize how much your worth"

'Worth?I'm worth as much as any non parentless kid.'

"If its about me then I should know"I growled

"My.You've got quit a tounge on you"She growled "I'll have to change that again."

I felt my face turn red with rage

'How dare she!?'

"Anyway.Your parents left you 50 million dollars in their will"

I felt my jaw drop

'Is everyone from my mothers side rich!?'

'But anyways why does she read my parents will NOW of all time's and not when they past away!?'A growl came from under my clenched teeth.

"And thats why you want me!?"I practically screamed.Practically...

"Well your gaurdian obviously gets right to that amount of money"


"What do you mean?"She asked

"I mean.My mother,AND father would be hurt if you hurt me"I answered her

I saw her shake it off "Will do thoughs people good"


"Not that man!"She yelled

I flinched back "that man"....Father?'

"He's family if he made your daughter happy!"I growled

She shook her head "Not if I don't agree to it"I stared at her in horror

'Is she some kind of spoiled child?'

I saw her pull something from out of her pocket and grab a pen off a near by table

"Sign this"she ordered

"Like I would"I growled

"hmph.So were going to do this the hard way then?"She assumed

I nodded "guess so"

She snapped her fingers

I saw men in black suits tugging someone along with them

'Wait is that'I saw the pink hair wave "Amu!?"I gasped and stood up

I felt a wave of nausia swope over me and fell back onto the chair that I had been sitting on before.

"We picked up your little friend just in case you wouldn't corporate"I gasped

"How can you treat people like this"I said as tears form in my eyes

"hmph just agree to sign the document and we will let her go"I thought for a second

'They'll let her go?But if I do this mother and father might hate me...all there money going to the one woman they hate the most...'

"Fine"I agreed

She smiled evily and handed me the document

I stared at it

"Well!"She shook the peice of paper

"I agreed to sign it"


"So let Amu go"She sighed and snapped her fingers once again

They let Amu go and she squirmed in the direction of the door

They waited

I just stared at the paper

"I did as you said"I answered their thoughts simpily

I saw my grandmothers face redin


"I'll teach you some respect!!!!"She growled as she through something at the men in the suits


One of them walked towards me but Grandmother stopped him

"Not her.The one downstairs"My eyes widened

"WHAT!?"I cried out

I heard a scream from downstairs

I didn't even care how dizzy I was I had to protect Amu!!

I started to run towards the door fighting past the hands that were trying to hold me down.

I made it downstairs and saw Amu cornered at a door

Her eyes full of tears

Her hands,and body shaking with terror

"Amu!"I cried out as I saw the gun mans finger tighten on the trigger

As I ran over to stop his shot I felt dizzy.Almost as if my concionse was leaving me.

I lost controll of my body.

last thing I saw was the gun man in front of me,gun aimed at me.

But I was pretty sure it was because I got in his way.

The last thing I heard...was the sound of the trigger.And a shreak....
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 33-My pain is his pain

"May!!!May!!!"I heard the desperate cries

"May don't leave me"cried out the voice

I heard the sound of someone crying.No.People crying.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in head

"MAY!!"The cries continued

"May..."I felt tears fall onto my face.

Am I dead?

Because I never thought it would hurt in heaven.Or is this hell?

Cause it felt like it.

It hurt...

"Is an ambilance coming soon!?"I heard the mourning voice ask

"Yes it should be here any second"I heard another voice answer his question

"May please,do you hear me"He cried out

I wanted to say yes but I couldn't find my voice.

All I could find was the pain

Who is this person that makes my heart beat faster?

I felt something tickle my lips

"Her hearts slowing down!?"Amu cried out

I felt the lips leave mine in a second and crush mine once again with air.And memories...

'Natsume...?Is that you?'My thoughts wandered

His lips left mine quickly

"Yes"He cried out

'Natsume don't be...'I breathed 'So loud...'breaths

'They might figure out about your pursonalitys..'I breathed again

But it didn't seem to to help me

'Ah'I cried out as I felt pain streak through me


'I-I'm hurts so much' I cried 'I don't feel real...and I feel as though I'm drifting away...'My thoughts wandered along with my body

I heard him breath in deeply and his lips crush mine once again

"N-Natsume"I heard a voice cry out



I heard a noise of running feet

"How long has she been injured?"Asked a voice as I felt myself being moved

'ah!'I flinched

"she's-"I heard the voice's dissapear and the sound of running feet from behind me

"I'm going along with her"Natsume insisted

"Me too"Said another voice

I heard a sigh but someone agree to their request and thats all I remembered...
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 34-Dreams

"May,are you awake yet?"I heard a voice whisper in my ear

I breathed slowly,and heard an annoying beeping sound each time I breathed

"May..."He whispered "I love you"

I felt my heart thud and the sound of the beeping thing get quicker

'Natsume?'I whispered in my thoughts

I heard a quick gasp

'Loving someone that died,and that ran away from home,and that didn't love you back,and that rejected have really bad taste in woman.I hope you know that if you can hear me...'I whispered weakly

My head hurt

I heard him laugh lightly and weakly

"Your not dead"He murmured

'I am.But I never knew it hurt so much when you died...'

"Thats because you got shot in the head"I flinched from the harshness in his words

"sorry"he muttered

'No problem.And...Why can you hear my thoughts so well today?I thought you couldn't hear them really'

"Heh so you actually paid attention to Ken's description of us..."

'Of course I did!'I flinched as I felt my head ack.

I shouldn't move then

My body stiffened

"And I don't know...we sorta are guessin its because you need to hear someone's voice to stay conciouse...."He murmured

I started to nod but remembered that I couldn't move 'I get it....'

"So I'm going to hear about you"I could hear the smirk on his face

'What,no way' I growled weakly

"HHMM order"

I sighed

I did need to hear his voice for some reason...

'What do you want to know'

"What are your dreams?"He whispered

I was silent 'Their pretty pathetic...'I murmured

"try me"

I sighed 'I want to get married and have a baby'

"Thats all?"he asked

'See!!you think their stupid!'

"No,its just that...well you could have thoughs dreams with me..."it took me a second to relise what he meant but when I got it I felt a blush creep onto my face.

My yellow eyes fluttered open and I tryed to turn over and look at him.

But I didn't suceed

"Y-You mean...?"

He blushed lightly

" could marry me some day you know"He murmured

My blush deepend

'Is he proposing to me' I gasped

"B-But were only 13..."I murmured

I saw his eyes widen and hope in them.

"So thats not a no then!?"I looked down

"I never said yes or no"I growled

He smirked

"So you don't hate me then?"He whispered into my ear

"O-Of course I don't what ever made you think that!?"I muttered

I saw him frown

"Well I- I mean we thought you hated us after...a few nights ago..."

I looked over at his now sad face

"I never said that"I started

"You just assumed that and didn't even talk to me.Do you know what that makes a girl think"I saw him smile and then a smirk apeer on his face

"What does it make a girl think?"He lied his head on my chest and stared at my face

"Y-You know what it makes a girl think!!"I growled

"What?that I had sex just to have sex and didn't love you?You know thats not possible"

"Maybe I don't"I challenged

"A-Anyways it didn't really matter"I lied

"Really?"he smirked

"I guess it didn't because you didn't stop me even when I didn't order you"

-sweat drop-

damn how'd he remember!!

"heh"he smirked

We heard the door open and saw a doctor standing in the doorway

Natsume instantly got off me and asked the doctor how I was doing

"she seems to be fine somehow the bullet missed her brain"

We gasped

"H-How is that possible!?It was aimed perfectly at her!"Natsume asked urgently

'mom, did this didn't you?Arigato.'I smiled
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 35-I'm going to what!?

It had been a week since the incident with me getting shot in the head.

And in that week nobody was aloud to visit me,and turns out my grandmother was sent under house arrest

Everyone believes that she somehow bribed the judge and such so that she could get a shorter sentance,and to get sent under host arest

So some police are working for Irie-kun and are looking for proff to get the judge in trouble,and my grandmother sentanced to "man slotter" hehe

I stared out the car window as the familior street passed me,and homesick swoped over me.

Home.The place that I had decided to never go to ever again because of my pressence and that preccence was troubling them.

I heard a tap on the car window and looked up to see the hospital driver standing there

"Ah sorry"I apologized as he opened the door and I stepped out


"Sorry for troubling you to take me home"I apologized once again

he smiled

"Don't worry about it.Its my job"He smiled once again and walked towards the car.

I waved as he left

Home.The words repeated in my head

I skipped towards the entrance

I opened it slowly and stuck my head through it.

"hello"I called out


'I guess they forgot that I was coming hehe Oh well.'I dragged my heavy bag in but a sudden wave of nausia

I swerved but suddenly felt a a pair of hands come around my waist and hold me up.

"Uh"I grouned

"Hey you ok"Said a concerned voice.A concerned Natsume.

"Yeah"I lied

He sighed

"May"I heard a group of voices gasp and heard a bunch of footsteps

"Are you all right?"I reconised Irie's voice

"I'm fine"I laughed weakly

I heard sighs

"May onee-chan"I heard Ami's high pitched voice brake through the silence

"Ah Ami!!"I smiled brightly

I walked towards the voice and saw her behind everyone

"May onee-chan,Ami-chan took care of May onee-chans ring so Ami-chan was a good girl"I smiled brightly at her

"Of course you were"I smiled and lifted her in the air and spun around with her

She giggled

I heard someone cough

I looked over and saw everyone stairing.I had forgotten that their was an adiance

I looked around at the familior faces Clara,Irie,Amu,Darley,Danial,Kukaii,Natsume,and even Ken.

I placed Ami on the ground and blushed

"So-"I started

"I guess I missed the Festival"I muttered to Amu.Trying to make small talk.

"Yeah"Amu laughed

I smiled at her


After a little bit of small talk with everyone which included Clara (shocker!!)

I saw Natsume stand up

Everyone looked over at him

"I..we have something to say"Natsume started


"Me and May are getting married in the futur"

I felt my jaw drop

"I'M WHAT!?" (note:dramatic,yet corney lol) I stood up quickly

"You did agree to it"

"I did not"I growled

"You did"

"Did not"

"Did too"

"Married?"I heard Irie-kun intrupt our scwable

I didn't really want to object the thought of marrying Natsume.But it was embarrising >///<

After all I just found out recently that I LOVED Natsume...

"You two are- "I nodded slightly

I flushed as I felt Natsume's hands go around my waist and pull me closer to him

"But we'll need your blessing before..."Natsume said,I guessed he was trying to make me happy.

Irie shoke his head "I know.I just think its to soon"he whispered

No one said anything

"I know.But we aren't getting married at the age of 13 obviosuly"I laughed

"You don't think I'd let Natsume get away with that do you?"I smiled

He smiled lightly back "No"he laughed

"But when are you going to get married?"He asked

"probly 18 or 19"I smiled

"that long"I heard Natsume wine

"Natsume"I growled

He chuckled to himself

"All right then I give you my blessings"Irie smiled

My eyes widened and I saw Natsume grin

"Good luck on your new life"I heard Ken murrmur.
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F / In the middle of...
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Chapter 36-Engagement

"May!?Where did she go!?"I heard Marble cry out as she looked for me

"She's at it again!She knows that she can't see the grome a day before the wedding!!"I heard Amu grumble

May Clog 19 years old college student at MickMaster University.And soon to be May Wilder....

Its been 6 years since the last time Natsume proposed to me

And 2 years ago Natsume left to study abroad to learn how to become a Doctor.

And as his fiance I had to insiste that he should go even though I'd know that I would miss him dearly...

But now hes back!!

I'm still worried that he might have found a prettier girl than me and fell in love with her,but so far it seems that he still loves me.

"May"I heard the flock of voices call out to me and I searched through the rooms of the huge church

'Were could he be?'My thoughts wandered as I looked through the small rooms.

Suddenly I heard the wind whistle from a room,along with a small snore.

I walked in the direction and saw him.

Blond hair blowing lightly from the open window.

Breathing slowly and peacfully

'Oh!Hes tired...'

I walked towards him quietly and peeked at his peacful face

"Jeez Natsume....You shoudn't work yourself so hard"I murmured as I brushed his hair away from his eyes.

I walked towards the open window and looked out it.

The day looked as peaceful as any other day.But it wasn't

The day was hectic with only one day till the wedding I had to have another fitting for my wedding dress,and another hair stylist come and try styles for my hair.

And throughout the day.The thing that bothered me most was the fact that i still hadn't seen Natsume since he had gotten back.

And now he was asleep

'I wonder if anything has changed between us?'My thought wandered

"Never"I heard someone whisper into my ear and grab onto my waist and pull me into their chest

"Natsume?"I wondered

I heard him chuckle

"Who else?"I felt his grasp on me unravel and he turned me around and looked in my eyes

"Unless some other guys been doing things like this to you while I was gone..."Was he seriose?

"like Ken..."he accused

"baka.No way would I let another guy do these kind of things to me"I whispered blushing deeply at how I was still alowing him to do weird things to me.

"Beside's you already know that hes happy being with Amu right now"

Amu was now with "her dream guy"as she would put it.And knows about his personality's.

But since you can never stop loving your "soul mate" Natsume was worried that he'd try to steal me away from him.

But I trusted Ken with Amu

He seemed to really love her

he chuckled to himself "hhmm is that so?"he smirked.

"Of course"I smiled


"So hows your dream coming along for becoming a doctor?"I asked

"Pretty good,and pretty bad.Even in these cases.I should have paid attention in school"he sighed

I laughed "that bad already?"he growled

"I bet your doing worse"He accused

"N-No I'm not!!"I growled

he laughed

"heh who would of thought"


"May..."Natsume mumbled


"I missed you"He whispered


"I did to Natsume.Both of you"I smiled at them both

They smiled back

Blushing actually...

"By the way..."Natsume started as he pulled something from his pocket

"I never got a chance to give this to you..."

I stared at him as a little white box apeared in the palm of his hand

My eyes widened

"I looked everywere for the right one that suited you.And I found this so...I hope you like it"He muttered as him face turned bright red and he opened the small box

A beautiful ring apeered into veiw

It was beautiful 'so pretty' My eyes sparkled

"May Clog"He started as he got on his left leg

"I've loved you ever since I met you.And thats no joke"I smiled at his seriouse face as tears poured down my cheeks

"Will you marry me?"He asked

I nodded "Yes.Of course you baka.You don't have to go to so much trouble to ask that stupid question again"I smiled as tears continued to fall.

"I have a quetion for you before I put on this ring"I started as he looked up at me with curiose eyes.

"Do you love me?"I whispered

"baka of course I do!Do you even need to ask that"

I laughed "yes.Yes I do"He smiled slightly as he slipped my mother,and fathers ring off my finger,and replaced the empty spot with my new ring

"I know its not nearly as beautiful,and important as your parents ring but..."he looked down

I smiled and pulled him into a hug

"No its even more important."I whispered "Just like my parents would want it to be"

I released him from my hug and admired the ring on my finger

I quickly put my parents ring in my pocket

'They wouldn't want me to waist my life staring at their past.They'd want me to enjoy my present futur.'

"May"I heard Natsume murmur.

I looked up and saw his face coming towards mine

"I can't hold back anymore you replaced me to my other personality"He murmured

"good"I whispered as his lips crushed mine
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Chapter 37-My Too Romantic Wedding

"May,May!"Marble called me as I sat in the small uncomfortable seat

"U-Uh!What is it Marble?"I smiled weakly

"I called you forever"she wined "And I said 'Do you like this hairstyle?'"She asked

I looked into the mirror as the hair dresser tapped her foot impatiently

The huge locks of curls covered my head

"uuumm"I didn't have any words to this

"Less poffy?"Amu suggested

I laughed weakly

"If she laughs like that then she must want something totally different"Marble sighed

'H-How does she notice these things?'


"Were going to be late!!"Marble cried out

"Dash Dash"Amu cried along


"okay Amu we'll be right behind you-"

"Er in front of you"Amu corrected her

"Right.So just follow behind us and try not to faint"Marble smiled brightly as her ankle length green dress swayed.

"Good luck"Amu smiled as she patted me on the back.Her red puffy knee length dress moving with her as she followed Marble to the door.

I gulped

"By the way"Marble started as she looked back at me.

"Who are you going to walk down the ial with?"She asked

"Down?"I questioned

"Don't tell me you have no one!"She cried out

"Well I have no father and mother with me right now.Er their probly here but since there deseaced they can't walk me down"I laughed at myself

"B-But!!what about Irie!?"Amu asked

"He was busy walking Natsume down the ial" I answered simply

"Men"They said in sink as there hands clamped over their faces

I smiled "It doesn't matter to me.Everyone that I love is here so I'm happy"They stared at me but nodded;smiling.

"Good luck"Amu repeated this time with support.

I nodded

"Un!! "

Amu and Marble slowly opened the doors and walked down the ial slowly

"May you can do this"I repeated to myself

'I love Natsume so I WILL do this!!'

I closed my eyes and slowly walked towards the door and opened it

I heard gasps come from all around me,and the sounds and flash of camera's

I opened my eyes and focused on the one person that meant the most to me


He stood with a white suit on,and a white tie around his neck

Looking perfect...

Perfecter than I did at least

I remembered the white dress I had changed into

My hair had ended up being simply tied up in the back with little strands of hair in my front hanging out

My eyes had white eyeshadow over them,and Amu and Marble insisted on blush,and lipstick so I agreed to it to make them happy.

As I reached to were Natsume stood I was awair of ALL the eyes on me.No.Us

I saw Natsume's face reddin

'Why is he red?I'm nothing special'I saw his eyes squint at my thought

"May Clog,Natsume Wilder.We are here today to gather on your love"The preist started

And before I new it we were at our vows....

"Do you promise to love Miss Clog for the rest of your life?"

"I do"Answered Natsume

I smiled sweetly at him

"And do you Miss clog promise to love Mr Wilder for the rest of your life?"

Tears rolled down my cheeks

"I do"I could hear the addiance's silenced tears,and cries now.

Natsume slowly pulled out a ring and placed it onto my wedding finger (the same as the engament ring)

I smiled at the beautiful ring and pulled out a ring for him that was quit smimilor to his only more masculent

"Then you may kiss the bride"The preist offered Natsume

I had been thinking about this for half of my life and always felt embarrssed about the thought.

I saw his eyes slowly close and his face come to mine.

My eyes closed autamatically and I felt our lips meet.

I heard the claps of the addiance roar through the room full of people.

Ami was smiling happily in her little flower girl dress,Irie seemed to be deep in thought,And everyone else was smiling.Even Clara.

I looked up at Natsume who stared down at me

Our eyes met.

I quickly looked away from his hand and grabbed onto his hand and smiled at him

We were now married what would it be like from now on!?

An adventure

I guessed...
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Chapter 38-Reception part 1

"Congragulations May,Natsume"I heard a flock of voices say as we walked out of the church into the beautiful sunlight.

"hehe thank you"I smiled a blush apearing on my face

I still never liked being the center of attention

"I hope that everyone has enough time in there day to go to the reception"I heard Marble,and Amu asking around

I laughed

I felt a pair of hands on my waist and felt Natsume's hands pull me into his chest

"Natsume?"I whispered

"You do look special.No.You are special"A blush crept onto my face

"Trust me.You have no IDEA how perfect you look"I smiled

He laughed

"Your winning"I frowned

I sighed

"Any ways,don't look so great or else I might have to lock Ken in some kind of closet at the reception"I laughed

"I should be the one telling you that"I said as I saw a few girls on the street admiring him

He chuckled to himself Kazune probably said something....

"May!!"I heard someone call out

I turned around and saw Darley taking a picture of us

I laughed at his expression

He looked so excited

"May"Natsume whispered in my ear

I felt his hands grab my rist and start to run

"N-Natsume were are we going?"

"Reception of course"I laughed

"That fast"He smirked


"Ah so pretty~!!"I looked around the huge building and looked out the window and saw a bench outside next to the lake

"I think they might have went a little to far though"Natsume said sarcastically

And he was right

It had almost everything that a wedding had to have,or didn't even need.

-sweat drop-

"I think so too...."


Everyone had arrived at the reception

And were congragulating me and Natsume.

Some time in the party Natsume was tookin some were by the guys.

"May"I heard someone say I turned around but no one was their

"who?"I whispered

I looked around to see if one of the guys was just teasing me again.

But no one was there

I heard the wind,and decided to go outside


I sat on the bench and looked at the moons reflection on the lake

Suddenly I was aware that someone was their but I couldn't see anyone

I took my parents ring from my pocket and looked at it.

It seemed to shine even though it was dark out

I started to look up but gasped

Their.Standing in front of me.Were to people floating over the water

Their faces were peaceful

And they didn't say anything

They just sorta observed me

They reminded me of someone...


From a picture!

I tried to remember were I had seen these faces then relised were I had seen them.

They were from the picture that Irie-kun showed me.

No.Not just any picture.My parents picture

"Mom?Dad?"I whispered

They seemed to glow and smiled at me

I smiled lightly back at them

"I guess you came to see me because this is an important day right?"I whispered as tears came down my cheeks softly

They nodded

"Thanks..."I murmured

"May"I heard a voice say from behind me.

My parents dissapeared

I sighed

"May its dangerouse to be out here alone"Natsume growled

"I know,I know"I muttered

"Hey May."Natsume sat beside me

"Clara seems happy.I heard her say that if I make you sad she'll beat me up"I laughed

"So after all these years were finally friend?"I smiled

He laughed too

"I guess so"

"Hehe the more the marior"

Their was a long silence

"I guess Irie-kun must be happy too"I murmured

"Why?"Natsume asked

"Because he said before the wedding that 'I'm another haruhi,So I must enjoy life for her'"I smiled at that thought

"And he added 'For Kyo too'"I laughed

Natsume smiled

"hhmm is that so..."He murmured


"Hey May."


"Lets make though's dreams that you wanted to come true."I laughed

"1 down 1 more to go"He smirked


It was now the middle part of the party and everyone was starting to dance

"May!What are you doing here!Your supposed to be dancing with your man"Marble growled

"uh.To tired"I grouned

"The bride can never be tired at her own reception!!!"Marble growled as she pulled me from my seat and towed me to were Natsume,and Kukaii stood

I saw Marble's eyes light up.

She dropped her grip on my arm and whispered to me "Who's the orange haired guy?"

I stared at her but answered "His names Kukaii"

She walked over to him and asked for a dance very shyly

I felt my jaw drop

"Marble has a thing for Kukaii"I murmured utturly shocked

"And seems like Kukaii has a thing for Marble"Natsume muttered as shocked as I was

"D-Does that mean!!"I gasped

He placed his hand over my mouth "You'll ruin it for them"I growled but nodded

"By the way why'd you come over here?"He asked

"Marble wanted me to dance with you"I murmured

'Why does my face feel red when its nothing even embarrassing!!!'

"Sure"He muttered


As we danced I heard something voices?

No 2 more voice's 1 was familior but not the other...

'Natsume I never thought she'd actually offer to dance'I heard a voice snicker

'Shut up' someone growled

I gasped and dropped my hands from his neck

I heard the voices stop breathing

"N-Natsume did you say something?"I whispered

I saw his eye brow arch


"N-Nothing..."I murmured

'hhmm great she's turning senial'I heard the voice continue

I growled

I started to walk in the direction of the table I had been sitting before.

"O-Oi what are you so upset about?"Natsume asked as he followed me

"I'm not senial"I growled

I saw his face shockin

I pouted at the table

'It can't be she can hear me.Us?'The voice corrected himself

"Its kinda not hard to miss"I growled

'W-What!!!!!!!'Natsume gasped
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Chapter 39-Reception Part 2

'Since when' Asked the voice urgently

"A few minutes ago when you said that you'd never think I'd 'offer' To dance.Which I DIDN'T"I growled

I heard the voice chuckle

"Well thats Kazune"Laughed Natsume

My eyes widened

"W-What!!Why can I hear you guys"

'To loud.Shut her up for me'

"be quiet"murmured Natsume

"God I've got to live with this for the rest of my life!!??"I cried out

I started to notice all the eyes on me

'uuhhh just be quiet' Growled Kazune

"No way!!"I growled


They sighed


"Whatever it doesn't matter he isn't really a bad person.Er personality.Thats his way of caring."


I slammed my head into the table


"Moron you'll get hurt if you do that"yelled....probly Kazune..?

I nodded slightly

I looked up and felt a little blood drip down from my head

Kazune sighed and lowered his head and kissed the injurey.

I blushed


"Hello?"Said Ken into the mircrophone

Everyone looked up at him

"I have something to say"He murmured into the microphone

Everyone waited

"I've asked Amu to marry me.And she said yes"The room fell silent and then the loud sounds of congraulations and applause's

"Ah Amu and Ken are getting married"I said happily

'To many wedding's this year' Murmured Kazune

I stepped on Natsume's foot


"Ow!!"They both yelped

"That hurt you know"Kazune growled through Natsume's body

"Good"I hissed


"Well May,Natsume congrat's again and great party"Joked Kukaii

I saw Marble leaning into his arm.His arms around her waist

'Another wedding coming up soon I'm guessin' said Kazune

'Kazune!!' I hissed

I heard him chuckle

"See you later Kukaii,Marble"I smiled

"Thank you for coming"

"May you can't seriously think I'd miss this day do you?"

I laughed "No of course not"

She smiled sweetly at me

"Good luck on your knew life"Said Amu

"I should be the one saying that"I laughed

She grinned

I turned to Ken and saw him smiling down at Amu.

'hehe I'm glad Ken and Amu are happy togeather'My thoughts murmured

'You aren't the only one' Kazune joked

I glared at them

"Bye may"Amu and Marble said in sink as they hugged me

I flushed

"hehe Bye"I smiled

No not my new life... new family...

'Or a starter anyway' smirked Kazune

'I guess your right' My thoughts wandered

Our new life awaits...
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Chapter 40-Future

"Mama!!"I heard a voice break

"Mama are you getting up soon?"The voice continued

I opened my eyes slowly and saw her

My little angel.My baby.My 5 year old daughter Karin.

"uuhh mama's still tired"I yawned

"But mama said that you'd take me to the zoo today"I grouned

"Okay,Okay hunny.One sec"I sat up and rubbed my eyes

I saw from the corner of my eyes her staring

"Okay lets start the day"I smiled,and she grinned

May Wilder 26 years old

Mother of Karin Wilder

And wife to Natsume Wilder

Its been 7 years since I got married to Natsume/Kazune.And in thoughs years we fullfilled one of my life dreams.

I started to walk in the direction of the kitchen but stopped and looked over in the living room.

Natsume was looking over something with a flushed face

"Natsume what are you looking at?"I asked as I walked towards him

'Hide it moron' Kazune whispered to Natsume

"Nothing"He hid the object behind his back

I glared at him "What is it"I growled

He laughed

"I said its Nothing"As he said this I launched myself at him and grabbed the object from him.

A picture?

I looked at it and then reality hit me.

This was a picture of me.


The one that Natsume had black mailed me with


"You two"My face darkened

"AAHH Mama's on fire"Karin said in astonishment as I chased Natsume around the room hitting him.

Yes my family...

And my Future...

And my Dreams...
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sgurlrox67 wrote:


it must have took a long time to re post everything here! good job
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kyahikaru wrote:

sgurlrox67 wrote:


it must have took a long time to re post everything here! good job

lol yeah it did,it took lie an hour amazing eh?You;d think it wouldn't take too long lol but ty!!
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sgurlrox67 wrote:

kyahikaru wrote:

sgurlrox67 wrote:


it must have took a long time to re post everything here! good job

lol yeah it did,it took lie an hour amazing eh?You;d think it wouldn't take too long lol but ty!! :)

no i tryed doing something like that before... wasnt the funnest thing to do
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