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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 1/3/09
Name:WANTED Pirates
Rated:T for language and umm...yeah...T
Status:Complete (1-24)
Summary:Alice Dudley is no ordinary girl from the 17th century,even though she may be rich and have noble blood she iis 100% different from any noble family girl.No.She's different from any girl in the 17th century.She can sword play (really well),she's energetic,and adventuris,she's a hero in her own town and is known for helping anyone so what will happen when a band of the strongest pirates known to the 17th century ask for her help?Will she become a pirate?will she surpass the captain of the ship?Will she ever trust him?Will He win her heart?

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Chapter 1-Meeting

"Yo Ho,Yo Ho a pirates life for me~"I sang as I stared out at the sea.

"You musn't sing such songs.You'll curse us with a bunch of dafted Pirates!"Growled one of the navy captains.

"And we still have to arrive at bay,and get you home safley."He continued

I shock my head "But.Pirates can't be ALL bad...can they?"I lowered my voice near the end.

I shock his head reclessly "They steal from civilions,and the king.They taunt the navy,and they kill.Theirs nothing good about them"He named off as he continued to shack his head.

I looked down at the water

"But still..."I murmured

He sighed "Sir"A sailer walked over and put his hand to his forhead

"Their seems to be a storm bruing"They captain looked up at the sky quickly

"We think it would be best if we ancored here"He continued

"I didn't ask for your opinion now did I!!??"The captain growled

Both the sailer and I stepped back.

"N-No you didn't.I'm very sorry captain.What would YOU like us to do?"The sailor studered

"Keep going"He ordered

The sailor just nodded and ran towards some other sailors.

I looked back at the ocean as the waves clashed togeather

"Sir!!"Yelled a voice from above

"A boat is coming in our direction!!"

"Description"The captain ordered simply

"I think-"He looked closley "It looks like a pirate ship!"

"Damn"The captain cursed as he ran towards the back of the boat.

"ALL HANDS ON DECK!"All the sailors corused

"Mrs.Dudley the captain wants you to hide in his quarters."I stared at him in horror

"Pirates?"I whispered in astonishment as the sailor pulled me to the small room.

"Lock the doors and don't come out"He ordered as he ran to the other sailors which were going down a small pair of stairs that led to a bunch of canons.

I nodded as I shut the door and locked it.

'Pirates are actually coming?'

After a few seconds passed I heard loud whisling noices and loud banging noises

'They are...'

I heard yelling and then felt the ship shack.

I gasped as books fell from book shelves

I heard yelling and loud claning sounds.

I reconised the sounds imediatly


I had always been good at sword playing.

My toture had said I was terrible at first but as weeks passed and I kept practicing he said he had never seen anyone progress so far,so fast.

Although my father never new about my private lessons.

After all

What kind of girl that has nobel blood,is good at swords?


Not even a poor girl would or even could.

Or at least from what I new...

And I was only 11 at the very thought of it my father would probly have a fit.

So I never had told him.

My thoughts were inturupted by the ships shacking once again and the loud gasp and screams from fallen sailors.

I gulped

After a few more minutes of clanging metal the noise ceaced.

'It stopped' My thoughts wandered

I slowly walked towards the door not really sure if we had won the attack.

Then again the navy was the strongest attack force in the sea.

I decided to rethink my stratigy and at least get a weapon.

I tiptoed to the back of the room and something caught my eye.

A plate of metal.

A sword.

I grabbed the weapon and ran towards the door.Stopping in my tracks when I reached the door.

I slowly reached towards it and heard quriling voices,and cursing.

I opened the door all the way and stuck my head out the crack of it.

As I looked around I saw that all eyes were on me.

And that the navy was now on the edge of the boat with pirates surronding them.

I stared out in horror.

"I never thought that the navy would have a girl on this ship"A voice intupted my horror.

I searched the boat for the voice.

As I found the person I heard a loud bang and somthing silver catch my eyes.

I heard loud gasps from down the room

I found the silver object.

A sword,and also felt a sharp pain from my left cheek (a/n face cheek,NOT her butt cheek!!!lol)

A bit of blood dripped from my cheeks and slid down it.Making the wound look worse than it was.

I opened the door all the way and stepped out.

All the pirates.

'They looked only a FEW years older than me!!!'

'But how could they take the whole navy down?'

"aaww you ruined her face cap"I heard a voice snicker

I glanced over angrily

"Nothin much to look at"The captain replyed

I growled as I looked back at the boy/captain.

He had sandy short blond hair and black eyes.

He was.Quit attractive.

I flushed but remembered how much a jerk he seemed to be.

"Well you aren't exactly something special"I said,glaring at him.

He chuckled to himself

"Well you sure aren't a lady of the nobel navy"

I growled again

"I may not be much of a lady but I can at least clean up scumb like most girls.Though your a little bit bigger than the average scumb"

He frowned

"What are you imply'in"A Pirate asked

"I bet I can beat you in a sword fight"
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Chapter 2-Challenge

"Miss you musn't "I heard a sailor worry

But the captains thoughts were absent "How would she know how to sword play?"He murmured to himself.

I just glared at the pirates face,not listening to the distant Navy worrys.

"And how would a girl,let alone a girl from a Nobelist family know how to sword fight?"The pirate that had thrown the sword at me said

My eyes dropped from his face and to the ground.

It wasn't that big of a deal....right?

"A woman can do anything a man can do,and better"I growled my eyes lifting from the wood floor boards.

'This was going to be a match for the navys's safty and all woman that were doughted.'

I lifted my sword and pointed it at him.

"One match.Fair play"I growled

He chuckled to himself "A pirate doesn't play fair"And as he said taht he ran forward towards me with super human speed.

I gasped as he grabbed a sword that hung from around his waist and hacked at me.

I jumped back quickly as it came inches away from my face.

He ran forward not flinching as I hit him with my sword.Cutting his face.

I felt like we were playing tag.

He moved his sword and body easily,as I stumbled around just barly dodging his attack

I felt the stares of many worried Sailors (of the navy) bour into my back,and heard some chuckles from all around us.

The boy smirked as I barly missed another one of his attacks and banged my back agaist the back of the ship


I took this as a good chance to try a trick,and jumped up in the air and hit the back of my feet against the boat and flew in the air.

I slashed my sword at him,and he dodged it.

The sounds of swords echoed the ship as our swords clashed and each of us dodged one anothers attacks

Faces of shocked pirates,and sailors blurred past us as we danced to the melody

The pirate who I was fighting looked shocked,and almost seriose about how he was attacking me.

Like it was almost difficult...?

My back once again hit the edge of the boat after I bumped something with my foot from behind me and lost my balance.

I grunted as I hit the floor,and felt a sharp spassem of pain shiver up my ancle.

"Ah"I hissed as I placed my hand over it,wishing for the pain to disapear.

I looked up to see the pirate raising his sword in the air.

'Hes going to kill me?'I thought scarcly at the thought 'And all these people after I'm dead?'

I sqeezed my eyes shut wishing for death and pain not to come.

And some marical to happen and save my life.

But instead of pain,I felt something else...A touch?On my lips?

My eyes opened just as the pirates lips left mine

My hand left my ancle and up to my lips

'my first kiss...The jerk stole my first kiss'I thought in utter shock.

The boy walked towards a rope that hung on the ship and grabbed onto it not giving me a final glance.

He finally looked back at me just as the other pirates grabbed onto ropes and swung towards their ship and called out comands

"I'll see you soon"He murmured to low for anyone but me to hear,and then rocked in the direction of the ship and swung over.

"Miss!"A few sailors said as they ran towards me and others towards the pirates who most likely wouldn't be caught

"Are you all right?"They asked scarcly as I stared after the ship,no,the boy.That stole my first kiss...


The girl later on grew up,like any other girl would

Still wondering about the pirates words,and if she'd ever see him again,but tried not to think about it

She wasn't like any other NORMAL girl,let alone any NORMAL girl with royal blood.

She was known for being everything that royalty wasn't she was energetic,barbaric,curise,tom-boyish,and a leader.But out of all the things that she wasn't the one that stood out the most was that she was different.

Non of the royal blooded familys,or nobleists talked to her let alone her own father who continued to try and stop her sword play lesons by this unknown teacher.

But she didn't mind that the noblests didn't want to talk to her since she didn't want to talk to them either.

She hated the fact that she had been born with that sort of blood line.

She liked to help people,ACTUALLY help them without sending other people to do it.She's do whatever they needed help wth weather it was with money,or chores,or shopping she didn't care.

Just the feeling of helping someone,just the feeling of having something exciting like sneeking out of her room which her father had kept her in so that she wouldn't help any of the non pure bloods,and to see her teacher again,just the thrill of it was brilliant.

Her sword skills went to the highest that her teacher had ever seen

But her social skills with royal blood,let alone her own family plumited

The noblests found that she was nothing just born to be a comaner.

But to the "comaners" of her town she was a true hero unlike all the stuck up noblists.

And she liked the thought of that.

Being away from her "home" made her feel that she was free.

You shouldn't feel like your not free in your own home right?

But to that small length of freedom was going to plumit soon since her father had decided apon of feance that was worthy to bring up their status in the royal status.

And it had been decided that she would meet the man on her 15th birthday,since that seemed to be a good age for her to start "growing up" as a noblest and learn about the real world with her strict husband...

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Chapter 3-Attack

It had been 3 years since the pirates had attacked the navy,and she had not yet forgot about them.

And neither did her father.

He tried recless stunts to try and keep her safe.But not relizing that he was smothering her with all of this "protection"

-end of narration-

"Where is Alice!?"I heard father gasp in the distance as I ran down the grassy feild's.

'The gaurds will be looking for me non stop now....I better hide!'

But I couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen today.

It was sort of exciting since nothing really happened around here...

"Alice"I heard a voice grunt,hidden under the long grass.

I looked around quickly trying to be aware of my surondings just as my teacher had taught me.

As I looked around I decided to listen for some sort of sound.

My eyes shut automaticly as I listened.

I instantly caught onto something and walked in the direction of my left.

"sensei"I smiled

The old man lay on the ground not noticble from far away,and even up close.

His old gray beared scruffy,and his hair a mess.

"You know an old man could get stepped on from their.Your not very noticble anyone could guess that you were dead.After all look at your age"I joked as he grinded his teeth togeather and opened his old black eyes.

He stood up automaticly holding his back in the proses.

"I told you its my day off today no training"I stared at him in shock as I started to remember him telling me this.

"I never thought I'd hear you say something like that"I said in astonishment as I placed my hands on my hips

"Your always the one to want to practice,and I'm often agreeing with you"That was a bit of a lie.

I often did want to practice but I often got tired easily.

My lips pressed togeather in a straight line as I thought

"You aren't feeling ill are you"I said sounding concerned

I bent down to his height

"I'm fine"he grumbled

I stared at him.Annoyed.

"Well then do you want to train?"He asked seasing from rubeing his back

"Are you sure your alright?"I ignored his question

He nodded agressivly.Probly annoyed by my worrying.

I sighed in relief.

"Well if you ever feel ill just tell me and I'll take care of you"I smiled brightly.

He seemed happy for a second but shook his head once again "I'm fine.My you are the one getting old with that sort of old woman concern"


"What was that!!!"I yelled as I threw swings at him.But as always he dodged my desperate attacks.

"I'm only 14 let me remind you!!!"I growled

He chuckled to himself

"Your sword play is good,but your fist attacks are terrible"He teased

I growled once again but seased as I heard a scream.

No.Not just one scream.Their were many.

I thrust my body around searching for the sound but my face went blank with horror as I found it.

The small town was in flames,and people were scattering around from the one's that started it.


Instead of thinking carefully about were to hide and such like most noblest's do.Or even think about what to do for that matter.I ran.

Not running away.I ran TO the flames,the mayhem,the killing,the...pirates.

Everyone would die if someone didn't do anything.

I heard sensei's desperate plea's for me to stop and hide.But I didn't listen.I was to far gone.

As I reached the town I stopped abruptly in horror.My mouth hanging open.

My hand tightened over my sword as I stared.

Everyone.A lout of people.Not just the navy soldiers that tried to help.The citizens lay on the ground dead,or either screaming in terror.

I felt tears burn my red raged face.

'Those....'I couldn't find the right word for it.But I was in to much rage to think anymore.

Once again the hero.That took people before herself entered my body.

I grasped my sword as I saw a pirate run towards me sword in the air ready to kill.To kill me.

"Like in hell I'll die that way"I swore as I ran forward ready for the attack.Ready for the fight of my life.And futur.

Lives pass by us quickly
But new lives to protect the innocent are born slowly,and last a life time in our hearts...
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Chapter 4-Kidnapped

The pirate grunted as I used all my strength and ran towards his sword locking ours togeather.

I didn't look up at him.

I was to busy pushing to make him lose his balance and fall backwords.But he stayed rooted to the ground.

I finally looked up as I heard feet from behind me coming.

As I looked up I recognized the face of the pirate that I was fighting

He was one of the pirates from 3 years ago!!The one that was making fun of me and talking about injuring my face.

I frowned as I stepped back from him.

I didn't want to fight him.I wanted to beat up the man that stole my first kissed.

-angry aura-

"You"The boy stared at me with a shocked expression,but it soffened as he relized how flustered I was.

"heh your that girl from back then..."He murmured a smirk on his face.

I ignored his ignorance "What are you doing here?"I growled as I stuck my sword into the earth and leaned on it.

"Well I did tell you taht you'd see us again soon"I heard a voice whisper in my ear.

I turned around abrutly.

Their...layed the pirate that had stole something from me.He almost stood their in fashinobly,and almost cool stance like way...

I shock my head

'Hes still a darn pirate!'

I went on my tipi-toes and got up in his face

"What am I THAT hard to forget about"I joked icly

He just smirked

"Nah.Seems you seem more...hhmm whats the word for it..spunky?"He joked

My eyes flared angrily

"Shut up"I growled

I heard chuckles from behind me.

"What does a pirate want anyway at a navy filled town?"I stepped back and turned around.

"You should have been caught and killed by now"I made a face at the idea of more people dieing even if it was these...pirates.

"hhmm not a chance"Their was no joke to his tone anymore.

I turned around and faced him again.

"Anyway what do you want?"

"heh"He looked away from my face "You"He smirked

I frowned finally understanding why their were so many pirates around me now

"You'll have to catch me first"I said as I looked for an openeing and found one.

I quickly started for a run and leaped under the ground and slid under a pirate.

I got up quickly and made a run for it in the direction of the fields.

'I have to get away from this place or more lives will be tookin'


I heard deep breathing from behind me and new that this was was the end of the running.

I turned around ad relized something

"AAHHH!I forgot my sword down their!!"I winned as I remembered that I didn't take it when I ran for it.

"bboo"My lips went out,as I pouted.

"heh"I heard someone snicker "end of the run kid"The pirate smirked

I growled

"Its not over till its over"I reminded him.

He frowned "How far are you willing to go?"He whispered

"Are you THAT selfish?"

"Selfish?"I repeated,confussed.

He smirked his frown now gone as he ran forward and grabbed onto my rists.

"uh"I grunted

"What I mean is"He paused as I tried to bite him "The lives of hundereds of people in this town are at stake."He continued

I looked up at him with a horrorful expression

He just stared at me.

"Or at least the one's that are left over"

"Uh"I grunted as I tried to hit him "HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH THINGS!!??"I said with tears in my eyes.

"Their living beings!!Your own kind!!"I cried

My throat tightened

I used my other hand to hold the aking feeling.

The pirate losened his grip and put his hands on my shoulders

Before I could say anything his lips hit mine.

I tried to push out of the attack but lost feeling in my arms,no.Not just my arms.My whole body.

Not because it felt good or anything because he had some sort of poison on his lips.

Or maybe it was a sleeping postion??

I don't no I can't think!!!

My legs lost feeling and my body started to collapse but the last that I felt was arms under my legs and back.

I was in a bridal stance,I guessed

"Jerk"I whispered weakly

I heard him chuckle I was about to say "Only a weak man would do something like this"But my lips wouldn't budge and the sound wouldn't come out.

That was all i could remember anyway...

The adventurers romance will begin soon....
And steal your and everyone's heart away.
Just like the young pirate stole the girls heart away,and the young girl stole the pirates heart away...
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Chapter 5-A pirates life for me~

As I woke up all I heard was the sound of waves and seaguls.

My favorite sound...

My eyes closed again sleepily and I turned over to tired to think.

I felt a wind brush past me,and again...and again...

And a small snore.

Suddenly my eyes flung open as I remembered what had happened yesturday

"Ah!!"I screamed and fell from the bed.

My kidnappers eyes flung open from the sound of my scream.

But his face sofened into a small smile and then into a smirk.

"hhhmmm good morning darling"He joked

I growled

"Where am I!?"I roared as I started to stand up from were I'd fallen,but felt dizzy.

I felt arms wind around my waist and pull me into the pirates chest

"UH!Let go!!"I growled

He smirked again as he brushed his head against my hair "Your a pirate now.Pirates don't get whatever they want unless they earn/kill for it"

I frowned and tried to look up at him but didn't suceed.

"Who said I ever agreed to becoming a pirate-"But I stopped midsentance from speaking.

'Thats what him and his ship killed people for,they killed them not just because they wanted me for fun...but because they wanted me to join their crew?'

I started again "Not in a million years will I join your ship!!Not after what you did to all those people"I frowned again.

'It was all my fault?'

"Well then just more people will die"He paused "People that you loved...people that you protected...people that you helped"

"You killed them all"I cried out

His grip on my waist losened and I took that as a good chance to escape.

I hit my funny bone into his ribs and he grunted and fell back into the bed

"You won't get away.Theirs alout of men out their that will capture you for me.And then you'll be punished"He said in a weak breath but then he added "They'll be punished"

That brought chills to my spine.

I looked at him painfully but still tried to escape.

I opened a door that led onto the deck.And as he had said their were people all around that would catch me...

I couldn't least not now.

And if I were to escape I'd have to escape when we were near home.

Which would probly take years cause I doughted they'd go around their...

But if I somehow escaped to a place near their I could send someone to go and warn father taht their may be an attack from pirates!

I stooped in my tracks and stepped back into the room,shutting the door along with it.

I heard a chuckle in my ear,and I spun around quickly "Don't think I'm joining your stupid ship,I just have nothing better to do...Plus if their is ever killing involved I won't do it."I put up my circumstances

He mearly nodded,a smiled planted on his face.

He seemed to agree to those expectations

I nodded as well,absent minded.

'So I was going to be a pirate now...huh??'

So their future sets sail along with a few hopes and dreams...
And a new crew member...
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Chapter 6-My crew maties

The pirate pulled me out of the small room and onto the deck.

I looked around absently.Admiring and remembering my suroundings.

The pirate caught into my thoughts "Like what you see?"He asked

I jumped back from how close he was to my face.

"Of course not.This ships filled with more trash"I growled

He chuckled to himself "You might not want to say things like that when this ship is covered with 'trash' that don't take to kindly to jokes"He was smiling but his voice had alout of acid and threat in it.

Almost warning...

I stayed silent for a second as he pulled me around the ship with all eyes on me.

I didn't like having a pirate "holding my hand" in their eyes.

But right now I guessed that it was for the best or I'd be killed instantly.

He finally stopped where the ships weel was "Well"He started "Lets start with introductions"

'Hes GOT to be kidding me.What kind of pirate introduces people!?'

I remained silent as he began his name calling.

I guessed that he was just trying to make it somehow comfortable for me since I was the ONLY girl on the ship at the time...

"Krain"He pointed to a boy wearing ripped up old clothes and green hair and eyes on the lookout station "He's our lookout"

'Obviosly'I thought icly

"Amark"He pointed to a boy with black hair and brown eyes "Hes our wind...cartaker"He paused to think of the word for him.

And so on and so forth the rest were all pirates for all I cared so I pretty much ignored all the introductions.

He seemed to notice this after he shook a hand in front of my face from daydreaming.

But he didn't ask any questions and just continued...

For a pirate ship it didn't seem to livly,or large like most ships are for that matter.

But I didn't really care still.

Finally it ended


But it had somehow tookin a whole day for him to introduce such a small crew.And he seemed to be going pretty fast too.

Or either it was just fast because I was daydreaming...

But then again he seemed to get inturputed alout with questions about what to do next on the ship.

It was sorta amazing to see that this boy.This boy right here.Is actually a pirate CAPTAIN.

He doesn't even look any different from the last time he attacked the navy ship...


'Maybe its just me...'

The sun started to set and the sky started to light up brightly and then darken slowly.

The captain who's name is Scar from what I've heard,was busy all of a sudden but as soon as he saw the sun begining to set his eyes widened and he ran over to my side and told me to go into "are" cabin.

'A.K.A Captain and MY corders...'

I had no idea that I was actually shareing a bed with a PIRATE,let alone HIM!!

'I'm scared to think about how recently hes bathed...'

As he pushed me to the door I growled "Hands off me!!"And bit his hand (hard) but he didn't even flinch and continued to push me into the room.

I stared at him with wide eyes as the door opened and he pushed me inside.And closed...

What is the secret aboard this ship...?
What is the truth that hides with these famouse pirates of the 7 sea's...?
Just what could they be hiding?
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Chapter 7-Punishment

It had been an hour since Pirate Captain Crazy Pants locked me into OUR room and I was begining to get curios to why he was in such a rush to lock me in this room.

But whenever I thought of an idea to why.I came up with a perverted thought

I shock my head as crazy images popped into my head.

I felt so irratable.Maybe it was because I had pretty much been copped up all day,or either being intorduced to a bunch of lowsy pirates.

It may have been that or just my curiosity getting the better of me.

So I did what any kid,or curious girl like me would do.

I snuck out.

I quietly opened the window of the room that led outside the ship and slipped through.

I tried to hang onto the edge of the window but started to lose balance.But continued to keep my grip on the window.

When I looked across the boat (looked up at the deck) I saw some sort of...light?

It was actually VERY beautiful

But it was strange the light dimmed whenever the moon was clouded by the clouds.

But when it came back,so did the other lights.

I just put off the thought thinking it was just the moon refelcting off something and continued to try my escape.

Only problem was I heard voices from the entrance to the room!

I hung onto the edge of the window losing my balance once again from not paying attention and felt my hands slip down it slowly.

I gasped aloud just as Scar entered the room.

He imeditly noticed me and ran towards the window.

He almost grabbed my hand.Almost.

And I instently fell.Screaming at the top of my lungs as I plunged into the ocean waters.

I could have lived.But the only thing I had never learned to actually do was swim...

The iorny I KNOW!!

But...for some reason I blacked out through all the terror felt like I wasn't alone...For some reason...?

' that a hand?'My thoughts murmured as I driffted into unconciosness.


-Waking up-

My head hurt.And I was cold.And my throat was burning.

It really hurt.

I may be selfish but why did this happen to me!

Why couldn't this happen to some other girl with royal blood,and has the same boyish personalitys as me,and had their first kiss stolin by a pirate

But I knew the answer to that.

Cause their were NO girls like that.Like me anyway...

I cleared my throught quietly to myself as it began to ake more at all I was as a human being.

But for some reason my body all of a sudden felt warmer and finally...I could hear all around me.

"Captain are you sure your all right?"Asked a voice


"I see..."The voice murmured to himself almost understanding what the person was thinking.

I heard wind whistle around me and the sound of something being caught.

I started not to pay attention to anymore questions and listen more to the persons soft breathing.

I shivered again as the cold air became some what warmer from the room tempitor and the door close behind us.

I felt myself be placed lightly onto a soft substince (mattress) and the sound of a click

from were we had entered.

The door?No the Lock?


My body felt warmer but i was still cold,and my throught still hurt.

But instead of slowly freezing to death the person did something to make me feel warmer.

Body heat?


I felt hands crip to the back of my now torn and socked dress.

He pulled the material off with the sound of material being shredded.

And then I got what was happening.

Sure I felt weak.But I wasn't going to lose my woman hood to this!This!Pirate!

My eyes fluttered open slowly but my hands responded faster and pushed the body off mine.

I relized that I was actually feeling quit comfortable before.

But now all that comfort had vanished!

"What do you think your doing!!"I practically screamed but I was to weak for that...

"hhmm so you were awake?Then why didn't you stop me sooner?"Scar chuckled to himself as he pointed to my practically undressed body.

My face redened 3 shades of red.

"Uh you pervert"I growled weakly as he came closer relizing my weakness instantly.


Of all times for this to happen it had to be now in front of one of the greatest "supposid" pirates in the land.

He smiled lightly at my weak effort to push him off,and pulled me into a hug.

"W-What do you think your doing!!??"I growled

He mearly chuckled to himself and said "Making you warmer"

I felt my face redin more

"It seems to be working"He murmured to himself rather than me.

"Uh!Why are you doing this"I closed my eyes as he started to move his hands towards the back of my corset.

I had to buy myself some time to get stronger to fight back.

But he seemed to be the type that could do two things at once and continued his movements

"This is your punishment for trying to escape"He answered as he pulled the corset.

I felt my body freeze not wanting him to see my... *gulp* chest if/when he pulled the corset down.

He seemed to notice AGAIN my sudden non movements and pushed me down onto the bed.

I blushed more as his face was now inches away from mine.

I shoke off the weird feeling and tryed once again to find some matchable strength in my body.

But I couldn't.

All I mearly did was stare into his eyes as he looked into mine.

Almost like he was reading my expression.

But then he broke eye contact and lowered his face to mine.

I closed my eyes ready for the worst but all that I felt was his breath flowing down my neck and the sound of his breathing ringing in my ears.

"What are you waiting for"He murmured jokingly in my ear

My eyes flue open and AGAIN I relized him staring down at me.

For some reason I couldn't look into his eyes and tell him to get off.

For that matter I couldn't even say anything.

I looked away from his face and in the direction of the wall.

I sighed as my eyes started to feel dropy.

I couldn't believe myself!

How could I go and feel so comfortable at such a time and place!!!???

Suddenly his voice ecohed through my ears.

"How else can I make you feel warmer?"

My eyes widened in astonishment as my face lit up and I faced the pirate again who might be about to steal more from me than just a kiss....

Changing hearts...
New emotions...
Questions that are waiting to be answered...
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Chapter 8-Crappy Idea for an Escape

"B-Baka!!GET OFF!"I mound as he started to move his hands all over my body for a result of making me FEEL warmer.

He ignored my plea's and continued his exparement which finally led him back to my corset.

He ignored my suddenly stronger punches that I threw at him.

But instead of continued to pull down the corset he desided against it.

For NOW anyway.

His lips tapped my neck,and caressed it.

Honestly!I didn't know what had happened to me!Either my humanity had dissapeared or either I was SOMEHOW enjoying this.

I grouned at my sudden obidioncy in this EXPERIMENT to make me warmer,and mound softly to it.

Its like I was letting some stranger into a home,but then calling gaurds to watch him.

But for me I wasn't exactly struggling anymore.

I hit his back softly but somehow lost feeling in them from all the pleasure.


I have to stop this before he actually!

...does something...!

And finally he stopped as I sobbed "Stop"

He actually stopped emideatly as he lowered his kisses down my neck to my chest.

He lifted his head slowly his bangs covering his eyes and walked towards the door,buttoning up his shirt in the proses.

I stared at him in terror,and curiosity if he might shot me because I did something wronge.

Personaly I was screaming for joy in my head.But...My body sort of..liked it when he was...!

I metally slapped myself at that thought and heard his voice whisper "What did you like that?"I turned bright red and growled "OF COURSE NOT!!"

He mearly looked back a smirk apearing on his face and said "Well to bad thats your punishment"and left... WAS all for the punishment.That explained why he stopped so quickly because I had finally cried and he had done what he wanted.

I didn't know why exactly but I felt sort of hurt?

My heart did anyway.

I had never felt such pain before...

So why was I NOW?

That is what love is.
Or at least thats what it was for one couple in the sea...
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Chapter 9-My crappy Escape Plan

I was finally begining my life at sea and for some reason every one of those pirates acted different around me.

And I have NO idea why!!

'Well...I do have an idea why...I mean I am a GIRL and they are all a bunch of smelly,dimwitted pirates.Let me refrase that all a bunch of SMELLY,DIMWITTED pirate BOYS.'

"Oi don't just stand around in a daze"growled a voice from behind me.

I spun around embarressed by not just how close Scar was from my face,but by how embarresed and flustered I acted!

"Well their ain't that much around to do"I growled

"Ah would you look at that I'm already rubbing off on you and you don't even know it"He grinned mischiouvsly.

"What the HELL are you talking about?"I growled

"Pirate slang"He answered simply

"What are you talking about?I always talk like this-"I cut myself out from thinking about home and how I actually acted normal around here.

He noticed my hestitation instantly

He chuckled to himself queitly and walked over to the boats steering wheel.

"Cap'in looks like theirs a storm bru'in"Said a pirate with dark brown hair and navy blue eyes.

"heh whats our moto!"He smirked as he said this and seemed to glance over in my direction


I gave the bordest look that you possibly could make.

"No storm can define the king of the ocean.Neh the black pearl!!"Chimed all the pirates from their stations.

"Good now get to work ye' scurvey dogs!!"

I made a face at his moto

King of the ocean?Black Pearl?It all didn't make sence to me.

I didn't see anything else to do on the lowsy ship and began to give up on ever having some sort of exiting life.

'dream crushers'My thoughts wandered as I walked over towards My/captains corders and opened the door

"Ah!Captin lookie here!An island lay on the coast"Another pirate chimed to Scar

"This be the secret island Botta??"

"They' not be true stories.Aren't ye' all legends?"

"A Lengendary island?The' be a good barried goods under ground not yet found!"

All the pirates questions ecohed the ship and into my ears.

I didn't understand any of this pirate no how.But it seemed like a pretty neat place to explore.

Scars voice cut into my thoughts "Yeh stories or legends are never just legends until you see' with ye' on eyes"

I found myself staring at Scar with curious eyes.

I prayed that no one noticed and turned back to the door.

"Are you going to come exploring with us Alice?"My heart throbbed as he called me name.

He had never actually said it before.But for some reason that was a big deal to me...?

I turned around to face him and AGAIN relised how close he was to me

'How did he even get over so fast?'

"I wouldn't associat myself with something so stupid.PLUS I am not interested in treasure."

I was about to turn again when he continued questioning me

"What kind of treasure do you LIKE then?"He questioned but didn't let me answer

"Gold,jewles,Diamonds,Money?"He whispered in my ear

"NON"I answered plainly

"Their nothing to me"I whispered "And just to not let your curiosity get the better of you,its not because i've had them all my life,for that matter I never have got anything like that..."I suddenly noticed something.

My voice.It sounded so frail and sad,almost like I yearned for something.

"Then what do you WANT?"He asked

"Thats easy.Something with MEANINGFUL value"And with that I turned away and shut the door in his face.

I sort of felt sleepy actually

I drowsily dropped onto the mattress without bothering to take off my coat or even change my clothes at the very least.

Not that their was anything to change into.

My thoughts wandered as I driffted into uncoinciosuness.

Could I POSSIBLY escape on this island?

It would probly be the best chance of escaping to my home that I could get.

I would need to get someone to help me though

'help' My thoughts murmured


I heard a creak and then saw the door open reveling a faceless man no...boy?

He walked towards my sleeping body and sat next to me on the mattress.

"Alice"He whispered just as my heart seemed to beat faster

"I'm going on the island so no trying to escape while I'm gone.Theirs going to be someone outside your room watching to make sure if you try and escape"He paused.

Just as I breathed softly.

Then...Something tapped my lips.

It was warm and I sort of felt happy and protected.


And with that I woke up...

Protected from an annomonsiss aura...
Feeling safe at the strangest of times....
Feeling warm...
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Chapter 10-A new Crew member

It had now been an hour since I had last been asleep and having that crazy dream.

But who knew their'd actually BE a pirate/guard outside my door!

So I decided to try my former escape plan.

Window jumping

We were probly at land now so their'd be no water to drown in for me (joy)

I tryed jumping from the window and this time it worked but who knew it was so FAR down to get to the ground!

So I fell.

And ACTUALLY somehow landed on my feet.

But of course injured myself in the proses.

But since I USUALLY can take pain I desided to continue my escape.

I ran into a forest like jungle and surched around the place but found no sign of life near by...

But I continued onwards,I kept on strate thinking that I AVENTUALLY find SOMETHING

But it seemed that time wasn't with me and the day started to change into night.

And minutes turned into hours....

But I was MUCH to tired to carry on so I desided to sit/slump down next to a tree.

Bad idea.

I fell asleep.

And when I awoke hundreds of people suronded me.

And stared at me.

"W-What?"I said in a studder

they seemed to step back as I spoke.

Almost frightened

But I ignored it and tride to stand up.

But then felt the sharp pain in my legs from when I had jumped before and fell back down.

One of the people walked out of the croud and up to me.

He observed me and said "She' the one who cause the rath of de' pirate gods amounge us"In a africa'n or asian sort of accent.

All the people scowled at me and other (some women) hid their children from me.

'Pirate gods?'my thoughts repeated.

"We shall do the' honor of killing the girl for the pirates so they' will spare our lives"He sudenly pulled out a knife from his pocket and I just stared in horror.

'This was just another terrible way to die!!'My thoughts screamed out as he lunged the knife at me.

But for some reason...I didn't feel any pain?

My eyes opened slowly and warily to see a young boy about 6 years younger than me standing in front of me.

He didn't really look or dress like the rest of them.

He sort of actually looked like a pirate.

"We don't know if they want her dead uncle"The boy whispered strongly but in a slight studder

He turned around slowly and faced me and asked "Are you all right?"All I did was nod in a dumb founded sort of way and continued to stare as he helped me up.

"What do you think you are' doing?"Another voice from the crowd asked

All the boy did was shake his chocolate brown curly hair and start to walk in the direction I had come from before.

As he walked he helped me onto his back.

"u-um.."I studdered "Aren't I too heavy?"I asked shyly

All he did was grunt and shake his head "its fine,your not that heavy"

And with that everything went silent.For some strange reason I wasn't scared anymore even though I had to wonder why he was helping me.

"I'm going to take you to the pirates.I'm going to be their so I'm sure they won't really hurt you."He finally said

I was silent but finally asked "Isn't that dangerouse?I mean.Won't your..Uncle?Be mad?"

He shock his head again and continued to walk "No.I'm probly banished by all the tribe now anyway"He whispered

I gasped and he seemed shocked "Then why?"I whispered still in shock

"Because...its the right thing to do."He answered simply.

I stared at the back of his head in confussion now but didn't ask any more questions.

Shouldn't I be trying to escape right now?I could probly get away now even with this hurt leg.

'But I don't want to ruin his genourosity' My voice whispered in my head.

And finally we REACHED the ship.

Everyone seemed to be in panic mood,but I was starting to get sleepy again with the peaceful silence and the drumming of the boys feet on the ground.

So I nestled my head in the boys back and hair and listened to the piter pattering of the boys feet slowly stop and a new sound of feet come in the ditant along with many voices.

I think the whole ship crew might be surronding me.

But I was to tired to wake up even though I could hear all around me I couldn't really listen to the meaning of their words.

"Alice"Called out a voice

"Is she asleep?"Asked another

"What happened?"

And finally Scars,he sounded almost angry "What did you do to her kid?"He growled

That almost made me angry treating someone like that when they saved my life.

Even now I could feel heat from my anger burn my throught and my head.And sleepiness drown away.

"I-I didn't do anything a swear on the heart of Davy Jones!"The boy studdered

My eyes slowly lifted from his fear and I slapped away Scars hand on the boys neck.

"He saved my life you ass"I growled as I tried to get up but lost balance and almost fell over but some of the pirates steddied me.

I shoke off their questions of greif and faced the boy that had saved my life

"Whats your name?"I whispered

"Alto"He stared at me in surprise

I smiled sweetly at him and heard all gasps around us.

"Nice to meet'cha I'm Alice"My sweet smiled slowly turned into a grin as my arm extended out.

He shook "Nice to meet you to"He was smiling now but his face seemed a little red.

"Well then"I turned around to face Scar my grin now vanished and I glowered at him.

"Trying to beat up a kid?"I growled

"Heh your going to be punished for sure now"That brought shivers down my spine and gave me a small frown and crease on my head.

And with that all the pirates took off into the ship but when they dissapeared I relized that they were watching us,no hiding and watching us to see if anything happened.

That made me smirk for fun I would try a little something

"Alto"I smiled as I faced his

"U-Um yeah?"He studdered

"Thank You.For.Your.Help"I put my words in small form and leaned my face to his and kissed his cheek.

His face flared up and I didn't relise that he'd actually respond to it.

He fell backwords and passed out instantly

"Ah!!!Alto!!"Damn it!"I growled as I worried about him but heard the pirates chuckles on board the ship.

"Uh!If I made you all SO happy then your going to help me bring his on board!!"I growled

All their laughter ceased "Hes coming on board all of his family banished him from this place"I growled

And then all their voices dissipeared "Lowsy little"I stopped my swore midsentance and began to tug the boy onto the ship.

This was going to be a LONG night...

Friendship is born...
Rivalry is born...
Feelings are born from this rivalry...
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Chapter 11-Truth

It HAD been a long night and I was tired of it all I had just finished dragging Alto's unconcious body into the ship and the only place that I actually new were their were beds.

The jail room (downstairs)

He was still asleep and now I was begin'in to feel like I wanted to go back to sleep.Gosh I had been sleeping so MUCH recently that it was almost sad!

I slid next to Alto and curled up into a little ball.

Their were NO blankets around and it was getting PRETTY cold so I decided body heat was the best cure for that.

I blushed at that thought and memory of when Scar tried to "WARM" me up with bodyheat.

I didn't want to go to sleep in Scar/My room since he was probly going to "punish" me.

And I didn't want that.

My eyelids closed and I slowly drifted to sleep.

-wakes up-

When I woke up I wasn't cold I was actually room tempature warm.

And actually pretty comfy.

But WHY was I SO warm?

I mean body heat can't be that great right?

And it didn't feel like I had,had enough sleep yet.It felt like I had been wokin up.

And I had.

By captain Scars

My eyes slowly opened and I saw Scars hair and I felt something kissing my neck

I had to sort of wonder what was going on but at the time I was to sleepy to get it

I was being "punished"

I monued as his lips and breath went up and down my neck and around my cheek bones.

"Hello Darling'"He smirked as he raised his head to face me.

His shirt was now OFF and my clothes (a/n:except under clothes like bra/corset and um yeah...) now scattered around the room.

My face reddined to the state were it felt like it COULD explod.

"Uh get off!"I growled but in a sort of way that could make it sound perverted.

He just ignored me and continued his punishment and moved down my body

"AH!"I growled "GET OFF,GET OFF!!"I growled

But he continued to ignore me.

"Why are you doing this"I sobbed

"I almost die and I'm being punished!?"

He frooze and looked up at me and wipped my tears "NO"He simply put it.

"I-"He stopped "You see I'm not like many other pirates"His face was now grave

"DUH!"I sobbed

He smirked but then wnt back to his seriouse face "Your going to be a pirate on this ship soon so you need to know aventually"

I stopped him mid sentance "I never said I would!"

"But you WILL"He growled

I was about to say something else but he said "Don't say any more or else I will continued were we left off before.And let me tell you their aren't many more things to take off"

I frooze on the spot

"Good girl"He whispered in my ear

I blushed more and had a thrill of pleasure come down my spine

"You see I am known as the king of the ocean"


"And...all the crew members here.Don't age or die"If I could freeze anymore than I would have

"WHAT!?"I gaped aloud

He bit my ear and I frooze

'Ah can't...move?'

"We can only age when we find true love...or"He paused as I tried not to gasp even though I couldn't even if I wanted too.

"Their is someone who has special blood that we need to drink so ALL of us become human and will live and age normaly and AVENTUALLY die like any other normal human."


Truth be told...
Love be told...
Wants be told...
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Chapter 12-First Love

Finally my voice came back to me and I whispered drilly even though I already knew the answer to this

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because.You are my love."He whispered in my ear,his bangs now covering his eyes.

I gulped silently so that he couldn't hear me.

He loved me?I was guessing it was one of the two but I was ACTUALLY surprised.

I thought I was somehow the special blood person.Not his *gulp* love.

How is a person supposed to responed to this!?

"I-"I paused to try not to studder "I don't love you"I whispered.Again.It sounded dry.

His whole body that was NOW over top of me frooze.

"So...Do you love someone else then?"He whispered

My throught tightened and burned

I looked away from his face even though I couldn't see it

"I'll kill whoever they are"It surprised me by how cold and almost...scary his voice sounded.

"I don't-"He cut me off just as his lips attacked mine.

I didn't even get a chance to breath,Was he trying to soficat me?

I mouned as his hand started to tug down my now low corset.

"Ah!Stop"I gasped as I pushed him away from me.

But he continued to fight against my weak force to stop him.

I couldn't find the right word for how I felt right now it was...GREAT!And VERY pleshuring for some STRANGE reason.But it was hinted with a state of guilt?

Why did I feel sad?

I should be feeling TERRIFIED right now!

"I mean it get off!"I growled weakly.

He was still being very forceful but slowly stopped and stared into my eyes.

Reading my face almost.

His bangs NO longer hiding his eyes.

"If you don't love anyone then I still have a chance"He whispered to himself rather than me.

I stared at him with a terrified weak expression.

"If only you knew how much I loved you"He whispered

I didn't really understand this.

He had pretty much only met me once or twice so why did I matter to him.

I hated him and was rude to him.

Yet he cared SO much about ME of all people!

The real me?

Was this just one of those child hood first loves?


But why did his words stun me so much?

I could feel my face reddin to the state of a cherry red.

'I hate it when he makes me feel this way!And I don't even know what this feeling is!!'

And as I thought he slowly walked to the entrance door and opened it.

"Looks like I have something to work for"He joked his face no longer in pain but looking like he were about to resel down a bear or a challenge.

And for some reason that made my heart go *doki*

'Something to work for...huh?'

And with that he left and I somehow,shockingly,fell asleep....

First love,first heart throbs...
The first time a heart goes *doki* for anyone...
An interesting,and unknown feeling...
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Chapter 13-My New sort of boyfriend

When I woke up I noticed that their was a lump under the bed spread.

I was sort of scared at first to touch it.

More or less I was just scared that it was Scar and he would jump out of no were and start teasing me!

So I sort of just stood their barly breathing trying to see the size and shape of the thing.

It seemed sort of too small to be Scar...?

So I decided to quickly tug on the stupid thing and let this whole thing be over with!!

As soon as I did this my heart instantly settled to a slower rate

"Alto"I whispered almost smiling

He was breathing lightly,and slowly at a steady rate.

His curly chocolate brown hair a mess.

Who had brought him here?

And why?

Was it Scars?

Maybe one of his twisted way to steal my heart.

I was also amazed that I wasn't even freaking out about his instant confession and attempt of rape last night,I wasn't even constantly turning red at the thought of this.


I heard the door creak open and glanced over in its direction and saw all the eyes of the pirates on me or at least in my direction.

I glowered at their faces they almost looked like they were waiting for me to do something to the poor boy

"What!?"I growled

They continued to stare and one of them answered "You kissed the boy last night,so its only to be expected"

I glared at them all "Oh yeah I LOVE boys that are about 6 years younger than me"I joked

"Gotta love'm while their young"

They chuckled to one another and then finally I growled "Need anything else other than entertainment?"

"Iya"Another pirate answered

"Cap'in wanted you for something"

"Oh"I looked back down at Alto almost debating if I should leave him for that filthy pirate and see what he wanted.

Almost scared that while I was gone the other pirates would through him over board since Scars sounded seriose when he said that he'd kill anyone that I loved even though alto wasn't exactly my "lover" to be exact.

But he might be thought of one.

"Tell him I'm busy"I said simply as I lied back down onto the pillow.

"With what!!??"A pirate that looked sort of like a navy captain rather than a pirate asked in disbeleif

"Things"I growled sleepily through a yawn.

I heard the floor boards creak and the sound of breaths get closer and I got what they where about to try and do.

Just as I got up to escape they grabbed onto my shoulders and pulled me out of the bed and out the entrance door to the deck.

"Ah let go!!"I growled as they pulled me along my feet dragging along the floor.

"If cap'in says somethin we have to obey thats the whole point of ye'' cap'in?"A pirate explained.

I shook my head definatly as they opened a door to another room.

It had maps surronding all of it,and they were all charted and in the middle of the room stood a table were Scars sat.

"Ah so she came A'?"Scars smiled evily.

I growled at how sure of himself he looked when I had not come here without force.

"Iya' cap'in"The pirate grinned.

"Well I see ye' off then"He added as he dropped his grip on my shoulders and left the room.

I stared at the door foor a second but flew around and faced Scars who now stood inches away from my faces (again).

"Uh!How do you always do that!?"I growled

He stared at me for a second almost like I was the stange one and finally said "What do you mean?"

I shook my head in disbelief "You always apear out of no where so quickly"I answered plainly

He stared blankly again but then smirked "hhmm do I surprise you then?"He joked

I glared at him

"Anyone would!"

His smirk grew but then faded.

He stepped away from me and retreated back to his desk not answering my question.

"I'll let the boy stay on board"He answered all of a suddon


"What?"I repeated my confussed thoughts.

"I'll let that boy that...saved"He winked at the word "-You,stay here"

I stared at him in disbaleif and then shock it off "I won't let him become a pirate"I growled

He stared at me again almost like he was in shock by my suddin outburst.

"I dought thats possible,anyone that is ON a pirate ship BECOMES a pirate."He said finally

"Well then I guess I have a challenge now"I said as I got in his face.

He smirked at my challenge "I'm sure I'll win both challenges quickly then"

"Both?"I murmured

"hhmm so you don't remember then?"His smirk grew and then all of a sudden he pulled on a piece of my blond hair and crushed his and my lips togeather.

I stared in shock but then remembered slowly about HIS little "challenge" that he had decided on his own.

"AH!"I pushed our lips apart and gasped for air

"I never decided apon that!!"I growled breathlessly as I wipped my lips thoroly with the sleeve of my clothing.

"hhmmm scared that I'll win?"He smirked


he chuckled to himself evily at my now red,and feirce expression

"Then its a deal"

"Deal"I repeated.

A challenge to triump
A dream to crush
A love to bloom
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Chapter 14-Party Pirates

Its been a few hours since our challenge has begun and Alto just woke up looking quit sleepy.

"Ah Alto-kun"I smiled at him brightly

His face lightly turned red

"Ah!So that wasn't a dream then...?"He whispered to himself rather than me

I nodded absently.

He looked up at me "Um...then your names Alice right?"He murmured looking embarresed

I noticed all the pirates from all around us freeze and watch us.

'Annoying!'My thoughts growled

"Thats right"I tried to keep my voice normale.

"Oi Alice get over here"Growled a voice


"What!?Theirs a way to talk to people and thats not it!!"I growled as I turned around and looked at him.

He stood at the boat wheel.

"And theirs a way to talk to your captain.And thats not it"He said through his teeth

I hated the fact that I had ever agreed to becoming a pirate.Aspecially on this undead ship!!

I growled

"Fine"I spat

He didn't even smirk at my falior to fight back.

Was he possibly jelouse?

No.That couldn't be it.He was just being rude as usual.

I walked over to the wheel and stood next to him "What?"I growled

He finally smirked.

Alto walked up from behind me.

"You better be on your best behavior,were going to a party"he whispered in my ear.

My eyes widened "A what?"I asked in shock

"You heard me"

My eyes narrowed at how his voice sounded

"Fine,whatever I don't really care anyway"I growled.

"heh sure"He smirked

'A party?This might actually be fun...'My thoughts wandered and as they did,the trip to get to werever we were heading shortined.

And aventually we were their

A small little island,that wasn't hugley populated.

"You coming Alice?"Asked Alto.

I was sort of shocked that he had spokin to me,since he hadn't said a word since he had wokin up.

Not that it mattered to me,I was to busy daydreaming.

"um yeah"I nodded absently.

I was so scatter brained recently!!

I climbed down a long rope till I reached the bottem and then jumped off.

A party to enjoy...?

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