J-Drama "Fufudo" - Anyone else seen it? Working on it?
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
A drama I loved but which I haven't been able to find anywhere except on a Chinese DVD I found at a video shop in Chinatown - likely an unauthorized bootleg but impossible to tell from the packaging - is "Fufudo: The Perfect Path For Two," about a family that runs a green tea plantation. There's a beautifully-done official website located here: http://www.tbs.co.jp/fufudo/ and the theme song by Missa Johnouchi ("Avec Toi Toujours") is heavenly. The subtitles on that DVD vary from perfect English on a couple episodes to absolutely cryptic through most of the rest. It was a struggle at times (lots of pause-rewind-replay,) but a great series - hilarious, touching, inspiring, and oddly like relaxing with old friends. By the end I loved those people like they were extended family.

I'm not anywhere near even tourist level Japanese yet and am utterly illiterate at video editing software so I can't do translations, but am wondering a.) if anyone else has seen this one and b.) if anyone is working on translating and uploading it.

Fufudo is a fascinating slice-of-life drama about a product that I drink copiously, an often hilarious comedy about two bickering neighbors, and a certifiable tear-jerker. It would be great to see it again with intelligible subtitles.
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Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/20/08
who are the actors in it? try naming some, other people tend to get hook at a drama wherein there fav actors or actresses are in it ^^
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