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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 2/13/09
Attention: ALL credit goes to Buzzini! Please do not ask me for the next chapters i did not write this! i especially do NOT own this!
Buzzini: *runs up* YAY! My Fanfic. Jenna67213 please take it away! *bows and runs away*
Jenna67213:*runs up*Hai Hai!~ Here is Chapter 1 of "My Locked Heart!" *runs off*
Chapter 1
Amu Hinamori, age 22, is successful model and many people admire her style and beauty, but she's always cold towards everyone. Nobody knows why.
-Amu's POV-
"Stupid people" I said flatly as I shredded another letter "that's the third one this month, I really don't care about that brat." When did it get this way...
"Was that from you're family again?" Suu asked. She always asked the dumbest questions. At least Ran and Miki were smart enough to know.
"Who else would it be from?" I spat at her
"Sorry desu..."
"Don't get mad at her Amu," Ran said, comforting Suu, "she didn't do anything"
"Whatever" I sighed, slumping onto my bed as I listened solemnly to violin music. It always calmed me, but made me a little sad. I secretly missed my old life, but I couldn't go back after what I did...
-flashback to 4 years earlier-
"Tadase!!!! I finally got my licence!"
"Good job! so do you want to drive tonight?"
My eyes widened and I squealed with joy at the thought of driving my own car somewhere fun "Yes! That reminds me, I gotta get ready for our date. Pick ya up at 7?"
"Yep. See ya then"
I ran to my room and changed as fast as I could. I was wearing a midnight blue mini dress with a pair of drop earrings the same shade and white heels. I felt beautiful. It was my eighteenth birthday, and 5Th anniversary of dating Tadase, my first love. We were going out to a french restaurant, then a park by the sea. I looked at my watch, a present from him.
"shoot, gotta go. Bye mom! bye dad! I'll be home by midnight!" I hopped into my new silver car and drove to Tadase's house. He was waiting for me, wearing black pants, a blue button up shirt, and a gray tie. he had his coat slung over his shoulder, looking like a real prince.
"You coming?" I shouted out the window, startling him
"Yeah, sorry." He was silent the whole way to the restaurant, and his face looked anxious or worried.
Xxafter eatingxX
"You ready to go? Tadase? Tadase!"
"oh, yeah. Ready when you are"
"Whats wrong? you've been silent since I picked you up. Are you okay?"
"I'm just fine. Do you truly love me Amu?" he looked like he was going to cry
"Of course I do! I've never loved anyone as much as you, and I never will!" This seemed to make him relax a little. He laughed a little and suggested we leave.
Xxin the carxX
"How fast does this car go?" Tadase asked me
"I don't know. I'm gonna test it" I replied daringly. I slowly put more pressure on the pedal until we were going full speed. I felt so free!
"Amu, you should slow down now, it's really dark and there are a lot of sharp turns"
"Relax, there's hardly anyone out on the road tonight." geez, what a worry-wart. I turned another corner, thinking it was just fine.
I heard it before I saw it. A loud crunch, a smash, a scream. My body lurched forward as the truck smashed through the passengers side. Tadase was thrown back then forward. The crunch was from his head, cracked and bleeding. A small silver ring and a card came flying out of his breast pocket as his head came in contact with the dashboard. I was just able to figure out what the ring was before I slipped out of conciousness.
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Buzzini: *runs up* Hope You Enjoy The Next Chapter! *bows and runs away*
Jenna67213:*runs up*Here is Chapter 2 of "My Locked Heart!" *runs off*
Chapter 2
When I woke up there were noises all around me, beeping, ticking, and whispering. The voices were so hushed I couldn't even tell what they were saying, until mom noticed I was awake.
"Amu!" she cried, "we were so worried! Papa, go tell the doctor Amu's awake"
"I feel weird. not in pain, but woozy" I said
"Pain killers. They work miracles." She replied.
"Is Tadase okay?"I asked
"Define okay..."
My heart sunk. He's dead. I can't belive it! He can't be!
"You can't be seroius mom! please tell me you're kidding! Please!" I begged frantically.
"I know what you're thinking, but he's not dead." My spirits were lifted.
"So he's okay?"
"not really..." my heart sunk again.
"Please just tell me what happened" She sighed
"He is..." She paused for a moment, taking a deep breath, "He's paralyzed from the waist down and he has complete amnesia" she blurted out
"a-amnesia" I stuttered in disbelief but... he was going to propose to me! How could he do this to me?! No... he didn't do this to me... I did it to him! He told me to slow down. It's my fault... I'm a monster! I ruined his life and mine! I swear, if his memories of me aren't back in 3 months, I'm giving up and I'll never love again! 3 months came and passed. I moved away in the middle of the night. Soon after, I shut all of my emotions out, and my sparkling honey eyes went cold.
-end flashback-
"Amu! Amu! Wake up!" small hands shook me out of my sleep. "Dia? What time is it?" I asked
"It's midnight. I woke you up because you were crying in your sleep." Her eyes showed deep concern.
"next time let me cry," I snapped, making Dia flinch "I'm going out for a walk" I slammed the door as I walked out into the cool summer air. I hardly had to think about where I was going as I strolled toward my favorite park. Tears threatened to spill until I heard something rustle in the trees above me. There was nothing there when I looked up. "Damn birds" I muttered. I heard the rustle again, this time when I turned around I was greeted by a familiar blue haired perverted cat guy.
"Ikuto" I gasped. Tears came streaming down my face as memories came rushing back and I ran into his arms for a warm embrace for the first time in 5 years.
Xx2 hours earlierxX
(Ikuto's POV)
I stood outside the airport, searching for Mrs. Hinamori, my ride, and I found her stepping out of her car. I rushed to get in.
"Thanks for the ride"
"No problem. How was your flight?"
"I slept the whole time."
"Thats good. By the way, I need to run over some last minute wedding plans with Utau, so we'll be stopping by her place first."
"There are still things you need to do? the wedding is in 5 days!"
"It's only a minor change. Kukai wants less frill on his tux. He is the groom, he gets some input."
"How are you going to make up for the lack of frill?"
"We're adding some around the edge of Utau's train and on the railings of the spiral staircase."
"You were going to do that anyway, weren't you?" She smiled
"I needed an excuse to do it. oh, we're here." she said as we pulled up to a mansion. I sighed
"she can't be suttle, can she?" I said, jumping out of my car and closing the door.
"Send Amu my love!" Mrs. Hinamori shouted as she sped off.
"What does she mean by that? and why did she leave me here?"
"So I can do this" Utau said as she shoved me into her car
"Utau! Where are we going?"
"Did you're brain knocked out in England?"
"No... oh! I get it! Where does she live now?"
"About an hour away from me."
"I'll take a cat nap then."
"oh no you won't! I'm the only one who Amu trusts, so I'm the only one who knows how she feels right now. She's a lot different from the last time you saw her. It's almost as if she's... lost"
Utau explained everything to me. The coldness, her restless fits of sleep, everything. We finally stopped in front of an an apartment building. I started getting out when Utau said something.
"Wait, one more thing. Amu's heart is really weak right now... her charas have been slipping in and out of existence, so don't expect her to run into your arms with tears of joy."
"I never did. Which balconey is hers?" I asked
"Farthest left on the top. you should be able to jump up there if you chara nari with yoru. See ya."She sped away leaving me.
I took her advice then jumped up to her balconey just as I heard a familiar voice shout "I'm going for a walk!" then a door slam. I saw pink hair and followed it closely in the shadows until she noticed me.
"Ikuto" She gasped and ran into my arms crying. It felt so good to embrace her again after all this time, It was terrible being away from the one I loved... the one I lost... My eyes started the match hers as I cried for the first time in years. I couldn't hold my tears back. "I missed you," I whispered into her soft hair.
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Buzzini: *runs up* i think this is getting pretty good!! *bows and runs away*
Jenna67213:*runs up*I do too!. Ah!Here is Chapter 3 of "My Locked Heart!", Enjoy! *runs off*
Chapter 3
Why did I run into his arms? I haven't seen him in 5 years, and I still love Tadase, so why did I run into his arms? and how did he end up at my place? I was snapped out of my thoughts by angry voice. Ikuto was arguing with Yoru and Miki again.
"I wish they would shut up" I muttered to myself now I remembered why I invited him. He was crying so I felt bad. maybe I should have sent him packing instead of letting him stay with me.
"hey Amu, I have to leave to get a suit for the wedding. I'll be back in a while." Ikuto shouted to me before the door shut and he was gone.
"Good, now that he's gone, I can take a bath." I said to nobody.
Xxa few hours laterxX
"I'm back." Ikuto grumbled as he slammed the door.
"Wow. Somebodys in a bad mood" I joked
"Somebody else is in a good one"
Before I could reply, Ikuto had me pinned against the wall, his right hand holding my hands above my head and his other one on my waist. I could feel my heart pounding and my face turning red. ehh? Why am I reacting like this? He may be charming, caring, and sexy, but I'm in love with Ikuto not Tadase! Wait! I meant the other way around! I think... I give up! I love them both again.
I suddenly noticed our lips were only inches apart, a space that was closed as soon as it was noticed. He pressed his lips to mine, then flicked his tongue across my lips, trying to get in. I granted him access and as his tongue explored my mouth, mine did a dance with his. But it was soon over when we both pulled away for air. then came the words I dreaded the most.
"I love you" Ikuto said, almost a whisper.
"I... can't. I'm sorry" I pushed him off me then ran to my bed, collapsing in sobs. I love you too, but that will only hurt you
I woke up to the the smell of hotcakes and the sound of people chattering happily. I rolled over to look at the clock next to my bed. It read 10 a.m. I had slept for 14 hours?! I grumbled as I went to change and brush my hair.
"Morning sleepyhead" was my greeting from my best friend, Utau, as I walked into the dining room
"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be getting ready for the wedding?"
"All of the preparations are done, and it's a traditon in my family that the bride doesn't see the groom for 3 days before the wedding. You're Mom lives too close, theres still a chance I could run into Kukai." She giggled at the last word.
"love sick idiots staying at my house" I mumbled under my breath.
"I forgot, I need to talk to you about that Amu." Apparantly she heard me.
"Damn good ears" I muttered
Utau grabbed my hands and dragged me away to my balconey before I could protest. "okay, spill. Ikuto told me all about what happened last night." She demanded
I started crying again as I recounted the events of last night and why I couldn't tell him my real feelings.
"Coward" Was all she said when I was done
"W-what?" I stuttered, taken aback. I thought she would understand.
"You heard me. You're a coward. You're just running away from the truth." This really pissed me off
"What truth would that be?" I snapped sourly
"The truth that Tadase will never be the same and you've given up on him." I was enraged at that point. I had to do something to let my anger out.
"My own heart, unlock!" I shouted as I took the form of amulet heart, a peppy cheerleader with a powerful punch.
"hold on Amu, don't go crazy. I was just pointing it out."
"Who's the coward now? Are you even going to fight me?"
"I don't want to, but I guess I have no choice. My own heart,unlock!" She took the form of Lunatic Charm, a devil-like character.
An evil grin spread across my face as she transformed. "Now this makes the fight a little more fair." I said
"Amu, Please don't do this." She looked pained, but I was going to make her take back what she said.
"Spiral Heart!" I shouted as I threw my heart rod straight at Utau. She dodged it easily.
"Nightmare Lorelai" A pinkish-purple light came from her body and aimed straight at me. I was able to transform with Miki just in time. I blocked Utau's attack with colorful canvas.
"Why are you doing this?" She shouted
"What you said was true! But I can't accept it!"
"Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? That's not even a reason to be fighting me!" I was shocked. She was right again. I was being stupid.
"You're right..." I admitted
"So are you finally going to accept it and tell him?"
"I think so" I said while we both returned to normal. Just then the door opened and Ikuto popped his head out.
"Breakfast is ready" He said. My stomach grumbled at the thought of food. I hadn't realized I was hungry.
"I guess we should go eat before Amu makes us deaf" Utau laughed
"Shut up" I giggled as I stuck my tongue out at her.
We ate breakfast in total silence until the end
"I forgot, I needed to get a new bathing suit for the honeymoon. I should get going now. Amu, I need to have a word with you first," Utau said, getting up. I followed her to the door. "I will be gone for 2 hours. In that time, confess to him, or else I won't let you be maid of honor."
"But, how will I do that?" I was so confused about the whole confession thing.
"Hmm... You could bring it up when there's a silent moment. Try when you're washing dishes."
"Thanks. Have fun bathing suit shopping" but they're honeymooning in North Canada... I really don't want to know what she's using it for...
Utau left and I headed for the kitchen to help Ikuto with the dishes.
"you don't have to help, I can do them on my own." He said quietly
"It's my house, you're a guest, I shouldn't make you do all the work." I protested
"Fine." We washed in silence for a few minutes, so I decided it was my chance.
"Hey Ikuto, about last night, I'm sorry I reacted that way. I was just kinda freaked out and confused. The truth is, I-I-I " I took a deep breath, turned to face Ikuto and shouted "I LOVE YOU!" My face was burning and I felt like I was going to explode if my heart beat any faster. after what felt like hours of silence, I finally opened one of my eyes to see Ikuto's expression. He looked surprised, then a grin broke out on his face as he started laughing.
"Whats so funny?" I asked, appalled at his reaction.
"You should have seen you're face! It looked like a ripe tomato. A very cute ripe tomato," He replied, pulling me into a hug. "I love you too."
I looked up at him and suddenly had the urge to kiss him, and I guess he had the same urge. I raised up on my toes as he leaned down and we kissed, slowly and easily. The kiss was broken as there was applause from all of the charas. Suu, Ran, Miki, Dia, Eru, even Iru and Yoru.
"It finally happened!" Ran shouted
"It only took 12 years to tell him" Miki said, rolling her eyes.
Everybody laughed, then Utau came in the door.
"I found one faster than I thought I would." She said then added, "Judging by the way you're locked together, I'm guessing Amu finally confessed." I blushed as I realized the way we were standing, my arms were around Ikuto's neck, his were around my waist our foreheads were touching. We quickly got out of that position and faced opposite ways, blushing. The rest of the day and the day after were hectic as the wedding crept closer and more people interupted Ikuto and I kissing. Then the wedding finally arrived.
"Utau, you look... stunning" I sighed as I handed Utau the bouquet.
"Thanks, but I'm so nervous! what if I trip going down the stairs?"
"Are you kidding? you're the most graceful person I know. I should be the one worried about tripping!" the charas all nodded in agreement.
"Thanks, Amu, you've been a big help." We both started tearing up until we were slapped on the head by someone.
"You guys look like babies." Yaya giggled as Rima said this
"Rima-chan, Yaya-chan!" Utau shouted excitedly. I glanced at the clock on the wall. we had 2 minutes until we had to start walking downstairs.
"We should probably start lining up." I said gesturing toward the clock.
"Amu's right" Rima agreed
We lined up as the music started.
"Good luck" I whispered to Utau before I walked off, arms linked with Nagehiko, the best man.
The rest of the wedding went without flaw. afterwards was the wedding reception, I spent most of the time dancing with Ikuto, but when it was time for the buffet dinner, we were confronted by the last person I wanted to see. Tadase.
"Amu, you're with Ikuto now?" He asked.
I gasped, "You remember Ikuto?"
"Ya. I also remember you"
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Buzzini: *runs up* Wahh! This is doing a great job! I didnt think that this many people would read it! *bows and runs away*
Jenna67213:*runs up*Yup! its amazing! Oh!,Here is Chapter 7 of "My Locked Heart!" *runs off*
Chapter 4
(Tadase POV) (Author's note. The first part takes place a few minutes B4 where the last chapter left off)
I was making my way over to Amu, Midori's daughter, it was hard to do because of my wheelchair and all the people there. I haven't seen her in so long. I wonder why she never visits.
I saw Amu talking to what seemed like thin air. who is she talking to?
Just then I saw a man with dark blue hair talking to Amu and memories from before the accident came rushing back to me. It was the strangest feeling I ever had, I felt lightheaded and surprised at some of it. I finally got over to where Amu was standing and saw she was holding hands with Ikuto. I was surprised, I thought he was in England.
"Amu, you're with Ikuto now?" I asked, trying to not sound surprised. Amu gasped
"You remember Ikuto?"
"Ya. I also remember you."
"Since when? How much? Is it just us? Do y-"
"Amu, please slow down. Just one question at a time." I cut her off
"Fine. Answer the first three" She let go of Ikuto's hand, looking embarrassed.
"I just remembered while I was coming over here to see you and I remember everything about everyone."
"E-even..." she trailed off.
"yes. I remember us. But I'm okay, the memories are back, but not the feelings." I hated lying straight to her face...
(Amu's POV)
"That was torture." I said as I kicked my shoes off.
"Which part?" Ikuto asked
"The reception"
"Is dancing with me really that bad? And you caught the bouquet!"
I blushed as he mentioned the bouquet, remembering what it meant. "that wasn't the bad part. It was the shoes, they hurt really bad. And..." My mind flashed back to Tadase's face when he spoke to me. He looked pained, like looking at me hurt. I suddenly felt warm arms around my waist.
"I told you not to come in here while I was changing" I sniffled.
"You got really quiet, so I peeked in and saw you crying."
I turned around so we were facing each other and buried my face in his chest. "I feel so bad." I sobbed
"It's not you're fault. You didn't know if his memory was ever coming back."
I looked at him, my eyes red and puffy from tears "Thank you." I managed to say before I collapsed in Ikuto's arms.
(Ikuto's POV)
I sighed, setting Amu down on her bed. Tonight was just too overwhelming for her. She just can't handle that much drama.
I laid down next to her, listening to her even breathing, fighting sleep, then losing.
XxSometime in the afternoonxX
"Ikuto. Ikuto. Ikuto!" It was Amu's voice. I opened my eyes, then snapped them back shut as the sun shone across my face.
"Amu! Why're you waking me up so early?" I grumbled
"It's almost 1." She giggled
"It's still too early."
"Lazy. Are you spending the whole day in bed?"
I swiftly grabbed Amu's hand and pulled her down next to me, kissing her. "Does that answer your question?"
"No." She replied. I kissed her again
"How about now?"
"Nope." I kissed her longer this time
"Maybe" This time I kissed her until I could feel her heart quicken and her breath quicken. I pulled away.
"What about now?"
"Ya." She giggled
Xx5 minutes laterxX
I jumped as Amu and I were interrupted by a faint knock on the bedroom door. We looked at each other, then frantically started trying to make ourselves look normal. Then I realized we would look suspicious no matter how normal we looked.
"Pretend you're asleep." I whispered sharply. We laid down just as the door swung all the way open
"Hinamori! Get up! You have work today!" I had no idea who that was.
"Yumi! Why are you here? You could have called me." Amu said.
"I'm sorry,but there was a major change in plans. You have to be at the studio in an hour, so I came to pick you up"
(Amu's POV)
I felt Ikuto sit up beside me and my cheeks got hot with embarrassment.
"Who is this?" Yumi asked
"This is Ikuto Tsukiyomi, my... boyfriend"
"Whatever. Get ready, we have to go."
"Okay, I'm going."I said,slightly annoyed, "Shes starting to sound like my mother" I added under my breath
"Can somebody please explain to me whats going on?" Ikuto asked
"I have to work today so I need to leave in a few minutes. Yumi, Am I doing my own make up or is the make up artist doing it?"
"Make up artist. It's for a candy ad so you're going to have your face painted."
"Good. Then can I just go in my pajamas?"
"Ya. They also have you're wardrobe. Just get in the car."
"What exactly do you do Amu?" Ikuto asked, sounding confused
"Modeling. I also do a little acting. I thought you knew."
"Utau left that part out."
"Oh. I'm sorry. By the way, this is my manager, Yumi."
"Save the greetings for later! we need to go! You can come too if you want, Tsukiyomi-san"
"I'll go." An evil grin spread across his face.
Xx4 hours laterxX
"Is it time for lunch yet? I'm so hungry!" I whined.
"Sure, the shoots over so you can eat. Be back in 45 minutes. we have to be at the office to start planning for the show."
"I will." I shouted over my shoulder while I walked away.
"where did you want to go to eat?" Ikuto asked, falling into step beside me.
"I don't know. What do you want?" I asked, immediately regretting it. He spun me around, putting his arm on my waist and holding my hand with his.
"I think you know what I want." He said, pulling me closer until he kissed me. I quickly pulled away.
"Ikuto!" I gasped, a little dizzy from the shock. Just then I heard a bush rustle, then the pounding of feet running.
"Lets just go get lunch." I said.
"Fine." he said, disappointed
XxThe next dayxX
I answered my phone groggily as I woke up from a deep sleep.
"What do you want Yumi?" I asked rudely
"Are you just getting up? it's almost noon! Nevermind that, I'm sending you a link to a website, get on you're computer. and check it out."
"okay." I opened up my e-mail and clicked on the link, wondering what could be so urgent. I found out as soon as the page loaded. There was a giant picture of Ikuto and I kissing the day before.
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Buzzini: *runs up* Thanks for everyones Support! *bows and runs away*
Jenna67213:*runs up*Here is Chapter 5 of "My Locked Heart!" *runs off*
Chapter 5
(Ikuto's POV)
I stealthily snuck up behind Amu, trying to scare her, but I was stopped dead in my tracks when I looked at the computer screen. It showed a picture of me and Amu kissing. underneath there was a short article
As the Summer slowly fades into Fall, Japans biggest model, Amu Hinamori, finally reveals her love!
But who exactly is the lucky guy? Our sources say he's a popular violinist.
Originally from Japan, Ikuto Tsukiyomi made his name in England, but recently came back.
They were also childhood... well nobody really knows what they were to each other.
'They fought a lot, but they were really close sometimes. Amu always became flustered around him though.' says one of amu's friends.*
'yeah, it was a little weird. I also saw him jump away from Amu's balcony in the middle of the night a few times.' another friend* shares.
Hinamori hasn't said anything about it yet, but we hope to get the truth out of her soon.
*=name not included for safety.
By: Midori Hinamori
"Mom..." Amu grumbled
"What's wrong? Do you want to keep our relationship secret?" I asked teasingly, making Amu jump with shock
"That's not it... The paparazzi... And Tadase..." She looked at me, tears in her eyes.
"Amu... It's okay, the I'm here for you, and Tadase already said he didn't have feelings for you." I pulled her towards me, resting my chin on her head.
"Do you really believe him?" She looked up at me, tears spilling out of her honey eyes.
"I do, Amu" She shivered and turned away as I said those words. She was obviously thinking about another reason I would say those words.
"I-Ikuto?" She stammered after few moments of silence
"Do you think we rushed into this relationship a little too fast?"
"Not at all. I love you." I replied, then lightly kissed her neck.
"I love you too." She arched her neck and I could feel her breathing get harder as I turned her around and gently traced her collar bone with butterfly kisses.
(3rd person, 45 minutes later) (a/n: warning! Suggestive material in the next few paragraphs!)
The young couple was completely oblivious to their crippled visitor. He wheeled in, because the door was swung open when he knocked. There was a dim light coming from a door on the other side of the large apartment. He peeked in the small crack and gasped at what he saw. Ikuto and Amu were laying on the king sized bed, covered by a blanket, staring at each other, seeming to have a secret conversation. Their hair was a wreck and clothes were scattered around the bed. He was fuming.
'What did he do to Amu? My Amu!' He rushed out of the apartment, already making a plan in his head.
(Amu's POV)
I got dressed, thinking about what happened a few minutes earlier.
"You feel better?" Ikuto asked, watching me dress
"I barely even remember what I was upset about. You always make me forget my problems." I replied shyly
"I like making you forget your problems. Can I do it more often?" An evil smirk spread on his face
"Not a chance" I retorted. His face suddenly had a shocked expression. "Whats wrong?" I asked frantically
"It's September 18th right?"
"I've been here for a month and I haven't even seen my apartment!" He was dressed and out the door within seconds.
"Geez, is it that bad living with me?" I looked around and noticed the piles of clutter everywhere. That answers my question.
"Okay! I'm cleaning up today! Suu! Chara change with me!"
"Yes!" I set to work without any breaks, knowing it would take all day, even with Suu.
(Ikuto's POV)
I ran out the door after noticing a couple things. 1: Amu's birthday was in 6 days and I had nothing planned. 2: I was living with Amu. 3: because of 2, I forgot I had my own apartment, I needed to cancel my lease since I wasn't using it.
I don't know why These thoughts suddenly struck me. I was so absorbed in them, I barely noticed it when I opened my car door and a voice came from somewhere in the car.
"Amu is mine. Break up with her and leave the country if you want to see the light of another day." It was a deep voice I didn't recognize.
"Stupid" I muttered, sitting down on a pin.
(3rd person)
The rest of the day wasn't any better. a vase was broken in an antique store and he was blamed for it, a necklace was stolen from a jewelry store and he was blamed again, then he had hot coffee spilled on his shirt as he left his newly vacant apartment. Worst of all, when he got home, Amu was fast asleep on the couch so he couldn't do anything perverted to her to cheer him up.
"I've had a shitty day." he told his chara, Yoru.
"You should have catnip. it cheers me up, nya!" the sound of glass shattering came from the kitchen. Ikuto leaped up to find out what it was. when he walked in, he saw the strangest sight, Amu's charas gathered around a strange chara that looked like a ninja with a heart on his torso.
"What's going on here?" Ikuto asked, rushing towards them.
"We don't know!" Ran shouted.
"He just jumped in through the window." Dia added
"SOOO COOL!" Miki and Suu said in unison. Ikuto noticed a note hanging from the window sill, fluttering from the wind. He walked over to inspect it.
A small purple crown was used as a signature at the bottom. Ikuto immediately knew who it was.
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Posted 10/19/08 , edited 2/13/09
Buzzini: *runs up* Thanks for everyones Support!hmmm i sence sme more romance and something shocking in this Chapter.....maybe i am psychic * runs away*
Jenna67213:*runs up*...You wrote it....anyway, Here is Chapter 6 of "My Locked Heart!" *runs off*
Chapter 6
(A/n:Nadeshiko and Nagehiko are brother and sister in this story)
Ikuto was sitting at the table surrounded by Amu's friends and family, planning tomorrows surprise birthday party for Amu.
"Since she's been in Paris for the last week and a half and she wasn't here for her birthday, we have to make this party AMAZING and flawless." Nadeshiko said, passing an angry glance at her lovesick twin, Nagehiko, who saw this and tore his gaze away from Rima and blushed.
"Y-yeah. What my sister said." Everyone besides Rima and Nagehiko was clearly stifling laughter. Nobody could hold it in any longer, the room was full of roaring laughter. Even Ikuto and Kairi couldn't help but let it out.
"W-what's so funny?" Nagehiko asked, oblivious to how stupid the question sounded.
"You're not exactly quiet about confessing!" Yaya said between laughs. "We all heard you last night" Nagehiko and Rima locked eyes and blushed.
"R-Rima! I LOVE YOU! PLEASE DON'T REJECT ME!" Kukai yelled, mimicking Nagehiko. Everyone collapsed with laughter. This time, even Rima joined. The door opened and Tadase rolled in with bags of decorations in his lap.
"What in the world is going on here?" Everyone stopped. Most of them stood up, embarrassed.
"We're making fun of Nagehiko-kun" Yumi said, smiling brightly.
"we should be going over the plan for Amu's party." Utau said, sauntering in with more bags of decorations. She set down the bags, sat down next to her husband at the huge table, and pulled out a purple notebook in one fluid motion. Everyone followed suit and sat down.
"Okay, now to our plan." She flipped the notebook open. "So, Midori, You will be picking Amu up from the airport along with you're husband. Bring her here. If she asks where you're going, tell her that you had to drop something off for one of her clients and it might take a while so she should come in as well. And please try to get Ami to show up."
"Okay!"Midori responded with a hint of sadness in her voice.
"Everybody else will be helping decorate or leading people inside."
"What about clothes? She won't be expecting this huge party." Saaya (Tadase/Kukai fangirl) pointed out while others nodded.
"We have that covered" Yumi and Yuri, Yumi's identical twin and Saaya's manager, said in unison.
"Please tell." Utau said, pulling out a pen.
(Ikuto's POV)
I wasn't paying attention to the chattering around me, I couldn't. Tadase was giving me a death glare, and I was glaring back, thinking about Tadase's little threats.
'Did you think I wouldn't find out it was you?' I mouthed. The corners of his mouth curled up in a sneer.
Something moved behind his shoulder. My eyes flickered to where the movement came from, but whatever it was had already disappeared.
"Ikuto! Are you paying attention?" Utau's voice broke me away from my glaring contest.
"What? Sorry I wasn't listening." I apologized
"Remember to escort Amu to the very center of the room for the spotlight dance."
"Exactly how formal will this be?" I asked, dreading the answer
"Not really formal. You just have to look nice." I sighed with relief.
XxThe next dayxX (Amu's POV)
I was kneeling on the ground in the airplane lavatory, throwing up AGAIN! It had been going on almost all week! It wasn't the flu, or food poisoning, I felt just fine, until I threw up. Then I was back to normal when I was done. There was a knock on the door
"Are you okay?" A flight attendant asked
"Yeah" I stood up and walked out, shaking with fear. I knew what it was, but I didn't want to admit it. I sat back down in my seat, playing with the frill on my skirt. I was getting a lot of stares because of what i was wearing. Yumi didn't say why she had to wear it, but it was probably a party or something for work. I hope they have tomato juice. Tomato juice? Why did I say that? I don't like tomato juice... weird. I must be tired.
(3rd person)
Utau was freaking out over the decorations. She was yelling the whole time.
"Utau, why are you getting so worked up over this? She's turning 23 not sweet 16." Saaya said
"It's the first time since junior high that all of her friends and family are here at the same time for her birthday. And, between you and me, Amu was offered a lead role in a new T.V. show coming out about a pregnant model."
"What?! Really?! But...I thought she liked modeling more" Utau shook her head.
"She wants to be an actress, but she was having trouble acting when she was so cold and loveless. The producer noticed she had opened up so he wanted to give her a chance."
"Oh." was all Saaya could say.
Xx1 hour laterxX (Amu's POV)
Mom dragged me through the extravagant hotel to the ballroom. Definitely a party, but whose? My question was answered when I walked in and was greeted by cheering, 'happy birthday', and confetti and balloons floating around me. A familiar hand extended towards me. I took it as Ikuto took me to the center of the room. A slow song I didn't recognize started playing and a spotlight was suddenly on us. We slow danced while everyone watched. It was like a dream.
"I missed you." I whispered.
"So did I." The song ended, but we stayed in each others arms.
"I love you" I said. He kissed me lightly on the lips, making my heart flutter. It had been almost 2 weeks without him.
Everyone continued dancing for a while, until two people wheeled out a giant chocolate cake. I stared at it, my stomach churning, as people sang happy birthday. I tried blowing out the candle, but I couldn't do make it. I ran towards the bathroom, Utau, Ikuto, and Nadeshiko followed me. I reached the bathroom just in time. Utau held my hair as Ikuto rubbed my back. Nadeshiko was watching, thinking.
"Thanks guys." I said when I was done rinsing my mouth out.
"Amu, how long have you been throwing up like this?"
"almost a week..."
"What makes you throw up?"
"Sometimes the smell of food, usually it's nothing"
"Has anything else been weird?"
"I've been really tired, and I want foods that I usually don't like."
"This question is a little awkward, but are you and Ikuto... 'active'?" Ikuto and I looked at each other, blushed, and looked away.
"Utau, stay with Amu. Ikuto, come with me." Nadeshiko demanded
"Wait, what's going on?" Ikuto asked.
"I'll explain in the car." They left
"What's Nadeshiko doing?" Utau asked. I sighed
"She's getting a pregnancy test. I might be pregnant." We waited in silence until Nadeshiko and Ikuto came back. Ikuto looked stunned.
"Here, Amu. Just pee on this part, then we'll wait 15 minutes." I went into a stall (hotel lobby bathroom) and obeyed. It was torturous waiting for the results. finally, the timer rang.
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Buzzini: *runs up* Thanks for everyones Support! *bows and runs away*
Jenna67213:*runs up*Here is Chapter 7 of "My Locked Heart!" *runs off*
(Amu's POV)
I struggled to get my eyes to open, I wanted to know, but I also didn't. Curiosity finally got to me and I looked at the stick. What I saw shocked me. a little smiley face.
"W-wait! smiley means yay I'm not pregnant, right?" I was in denial. everybody around me gasped
"Amu-chan, it means you're pregnant." Nadeshiko said gravely
"N-no! I can't be! It must be broken!" It felt like I was in a somebody else's life. This couldn't be happening to me! I ran into Ikuto's arms and cried into his chest, soaking his shirt and smearing my makeup.
"How will I tell everyone?" I croaked
"It's okay, I'll help you."He began stoking my hair absentmindedly
"Thank you." I straitened up and wiped a couple stray tears from my eyes, "Then should we do it now?" I looked at Nadeshiko
"If you feel ready..."
"Ok. Everybody's here and I'm as ready as I'll ever be." well, almost everybody...
"let's go, Amu." I took a deep breath and began walking toward the door.
(You'll have to guess POV)
I quietly walked through the ballroom doors, it looked like a party was going on, but Yuri told me it was a photo shoot. That wasn't what surprised me though, Amu Hinamori was up front speaking. I realized I had been set up, it was actually her birthday party.
"Sorry I rushed off like that, something happened and... well, I have really big news. I'm pregnant!" She said
"Onee-chan!!!!" I shouted as I ran up to her
"Ami!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug.
(Amu's POV)
"I'm sorry nee-chan, really. I-" I cut her off
"Hold on we'll talk about this when the party's over."
"B-but-" I cut her off again
"I'm sorry, but I need to go. I just found out I was pregnant, so I'm feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for the great party everyone!" I winked at Ami as I grabbed her hand and turned around. "let's go!"
"W-wait! where are we going?" I smiled at her.
"You'll see!"
(Ikuto's POV)
I followed the sisters to Amu's room as I wondered to myself what was going on.
"Sit down. I want to fill you in on some things." I faintly heard Amu say, but my thoughts were too jumbled to pay attention.
"Hey, did something happen between you two?" I asked Ami while Amu got herself some tea. Her expression looked grim.
"I blamed nee-chan for Tadase being paralyzed and his stomach problem. I was in love with him. I completely ignored nee-chan except for when I was yelling at her for Tadase's pain. before I knew it, nee-chan moved out and we stopped speaking. It's been almost 4 years since we've spoken. I was such an idiot." Tears were in her eyes. I didn't really know what to do.
"Uh... I'm sure she forgives you."
"I hope so..." she sniffed
"Only if you agree to call me at least once a week." Amu said, making Ami jump.
"Nee-chan!" Her eyes widened as the tears came again.
"Amu, why are we up here anyway?" I asked
"I want to explain everything that's happened in the last couple of months to Ami."
"I'm going to bed then. night." I kissed Amu on the lips before I walked toward the bed.
"Ikuto! Ikuto! Ikuto! Iku-" Amu stopped abruptly as I slipped an arm around her waist and put my other hand on her cheek.
"You know what happens when you wake me up." I lightly bit her ear
"Yeah, I get pregnant."
"How cold, Amu" Nothing, not even a blush.
"We have to get going. I have my monthly check up!" It had been almost a month since she found out she was pregnant. so now the baby was 2 months along. I had been thinking about it for a while and finally decided the right thing to do... I was going to-
"IKUTO! You're so slow!!!" Amu interrupted my thoughts.
"I'll be out in a sec." I shouted to her. she was already in the car. I was about to walk out the door when a baseball crashed through the window and almost hit me. There was a note on it.
"Another one of kiddy kings threats" I mumbled to myself. I walked over and plucked the note up, reading it.
I told you to get away from Amu, she was mine first.
I will hurt her if you don't leave her!
(purple crown)
"this is the third time this week!" I pulled out my cell and sent Tadase a message
A real man doesn't leave his pregnant girlfreind! just leave her alone!
I walked out the door, making sure I had the box
(Amu's POV)
"Geez, Ikuto's taking too long!" I said to myself as Ikuto walked out the door. "I spoke too soon."
"Amu, lets go to an amusement park after the appointment." He looked excited.
"Sure, but why?"
"Oh, no reason." He was acting suspicious.
"fine, don't tell me."
"I won't"
"I try."
Xx2 hours laterxX
"Well, ms. Hinamori," The doctor said calmly, "We were finally able to get a clear ultrasound and it looks like you're having twins! Congratulations!"
"Twins! I can dress them up in cute matching outfits, put their hair in ponytails on different sides so I don't mix them up, It's like having 2 of the same child!" I bubbled. Ikuto, The doctor, and all of the charas sweatdropped.
"Amu, let's go." Ikuto looked really anxious, so I agreed.
"What ride do you want to go on first?" I asked him when we arrived at the amusement park.
"Anything is fine with me, as long as it's not the teacups."
"Why the teacups?" I asked
"Because I want to ride them last."
"Okay, then lets go on that one!" We spent the whole afternoon on the rides. at about six Ikuto grabbed my hand and pulled me into the car.
"I-ikuto, what's going on?"
"I want to take you somewhere."
"You'll see" I trusted him, so I didn't ask again. We stopped somewhere vaugely familiar.
"Where are we?" I asked. Ikuto rushed over to the other side of the car, opened my door, and offered me his hand.
"Take my hand and I'll show you." I blushed at how romantic it was. He led me to an abandoned amusement park. Yoru flipped the switch and I remembered the place.
"Ikuto!" I gasped. He pulled me towards the teacups. We sat down in the pink one, same as before.
"Amu, I brought you here for a special reason. You're the most amazing, beautiful, and cheerful person I've ever met. You're also pregnant with my child, and I love you more than life, so..." He stepped out of the teacup (It stopped, don't worry), got down on one knee and pulled out a little blue box, "Will you marry me?" I gasped and my eyes filled with tears.
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(Buzzini:*runs up*hehe, I said I would wait for 3, but I got bored and decided to type it up. My writing skills have gotten a lot better cuz I wrote a bunch of one shots for other random animes. and I added ch 8 part 1 too, but I changed some parts up a little... I think... lol. anywho;*runs off*
Jenna67213:*runs up*please enjoy Chapter 8 of "My locked Heart! *runs off w/ Buzzini*
Chapter 8
(Amu’s POV)
I could only think about one possible answer. It was ringing in my head, but it's so hard to say!
"Y-yes!" I choked out. Ikuto slipped the ring on my finger and stood up. He tilted my face up to catch my lips in a quick kiss.
"I love you." He whispered
Xx_2 days later_xX
I stood in the kitchen admiring my ring for what had to be the millionth time. It was a medium-sized diamond centered between two smaller sapphires, my birthstone and the color of Ikuto's eyes, subtle, beautiful, and meaningful.
"The water's boiling over" Ikuto said. I jumped as my...fiancée snaked his arms around my waist.
"It is? Oh shoot!" I ran to the stove, pretending to not notice the mood Ikuto had set. It's not that I didn't like it, it's just that I know I wouldn't be able to resist myself. My hormones are totally out of control from being pregnant, and everyone will be here soon so we really shouldn't do 'that'. I watched Ikuto as he mumbled something about demon water. Just then there was a large crash from the living room as Yaya came storming in with a tired Kairi hanging on her arm.
“Amu-chiii! How are Tsukasa and Kagami?” Yaya asked eagerly, rubbing my stomach. I sighed.
“You’ve been watching too much anime again Yaya.” (a/n: Tsukasa and Kagami are the twins from lucky star.)
“Yep! My favorite right now is Cardcaptor Sakura! Kero’s so cute and Sakura looks so pretty in…” She kept going on about her anime obliviously.
“Kairi… How do you keep up with her?” I asked, already tired just from looking at her.
“I’m not sure, but it’s worth it…” He looked at her with such love in his eyes, I almost cried. Damn mood swings.
(Utau’s POV)
The guests began piling into Amu’s relatively large apartment, a total of 18 people, including Amu and Ikuto. As I looked around, I noticed that almost everyone was a couple. (a/n: posting the couples at the end) The only single ones were Yumi, Nadeshiko, and Tadase. Well, Yumi was married, but her husband couldn’t come. Nadeshiko had a crush on Tadase, but he was too bent on revenge to notice. Oh yeah, I could read every one of them like a book. At that thought, I noticed Amu’s hand as she set a plate of various hors d’oeuvres on the table. I gasped when I noticed a ring on her finger. Then that means this “random dinner party” was actually an engagement announcement! I smirked and grabbed Amu’s hand, pulling her in close enough so I could whisper in her ear, “Congratulations Amu. When’s the wedding?”
(Amu’s POV)
Utau really Ikuto’s sister. All I could do was blush when she said those words. How did she find out anyway? Oh well, I shouldn’t get hung up over that. My maid of honor should know first I guess. We ate dinner normally, well, as normal as it gets with this odd bunch… Then the remaining charas come out with dessert, setting a slice of strawberry shortcake in front of everyone along with a glass of champagne; sparkling cider for me. Ikuto and I stood up, hand in hand, as he cleared his throat.
“Why are you standing up? Are you going somewhere?” Yaya asked innocently.
“We actually have an announcement for all of you, which is the real reason for inviting you here…” He trailed off as he turned away, blushing a deep red.
“Umm, uhhh, errr,” I stuttered nervously.
“Spit it out Hinamori,” Kukai somewhat encouraged, giving me an idea on how to confess.
“S-stop calling me that Kukai! In a few months it won’t be Hinamori anymore, it’ll be Tsukiyomi because Ikuto and I are engaged!” I shouted out in one breath, my head turning into a giant cherry.
It took a few seconds to register in everybody mind, then they broke out into cheers and squeals for the happy couple. Nobody noticed the dark aura coming from the corner of the table, nor could they have predicted what would happen next…
Buzzini: *runs up*OOOOH cliffy! *runs off*
Jenna67213:*runs up*Here are the couples!;
Nagehiko + Rima (not exactly a fan of this pairing...), Kairi +Yaya, Kukai + Utau. Ikuto + Amu (not a fan of this pairing either), Nikaidou + Sanjou, Keiichiro + Ami, Saaya + Yuri (betcha didn't see that one coming.)
*runs off*
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