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Ok so this form is to advertise some groups you have made that you would like your fellow sister to join! I will go first!

Magical X Miracle Fans


I hope mother does not mind I made this form.
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Nice idea, Tori. Its all good. Heh, this is the only group I made, so I guess I dont participate.
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Hey my sisters and mom!!!!! this is a group i made and i'd love to see you guys join it!!
PLS read the description!!!


any questions pls ask me!!! Jhoi-chan12
THX for letting me advertise!!!
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Okay, guys - I made a totally random group, and if you havent joined it already, join it - because it's cool, and random.

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Ok i will join that group!Thx
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please join my group ^_^ i know its crappy at the moment but i'm working on it...
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