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Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/20/08

This interview is from the magazine COOLmusic!
It is May 2007 issue which feature NEWS on the cover!
Ok, the interview is about their spring concert.

Today entry is Yamapi's interview.
Here we go~

And so they are suppose to say about what they think about each letter of SPRING.


S - SPECIAL. This year birthday has been a special and pleasure surprise. Alot of people celebrated it
with me and this is probably the best birthday in my life! I've received alot of birthday emails and calls!
When i reach home after work that night, my friends who have gathered in my house waiting for me
greeted me "Happy Birthday!" together! Although there were only 8 people, Ryo was there too!(RYOPI♥)
I was shock to see him there as we already said goodbye just now after work. "RYO! majide?"

- 山P. Maybe it is because i'm vain, the first thing i think of when i saw the letter P was my name. [laugh]
Maybe it is because i'm so used to the name already neh? People use to call me "P殿"(sorry,i don't know how to translate that but it means something like kingP) last time, but it feels too proud, so people start calling me "P~~tan" (thats what the magazine wrote).
But ever since Takki started to call me 山P, the name starts to spread around in Japan.
And now 山P is my name. Cause people call me that most part of my life.

R - RYO. (YES!!) When i think of Yamapi, i will think of Ryo. Ryo, like the name 'Yamapi', is always
accompanying me. (awwww.♥)

I - I. The workload has been very heavy recently. This is probably the busiest time since i debuted.
So, my body is getting tired, but i'm very happy! ^-^ I feel super lucky because the workcrew
and the people i'm working with are very cheerful and kind, i don't feel any stress working with them!
This make the drama shooting go on very smoothly!

N - NEWS. During the tour, we are staying in a hotel at Kagoshima. We enjoyed the hot spring
together without wearing anything! (O.O) And and, during this tour, we will perform something
special and local everytime we go somewhere new. Although it feels weird, but it make us feel
more "real".

G - GOOD. Is good the right word to use for good condition? "Good" is also used to refer to people who
you feel "Good" about neh? I always say "Good" to other people, and usually, they say it
back too! ^^ I will work hard in order to get other people praises! I'm super happy when peopel say
"Good!" to me after watching my show or hearing my songs! The "Good!" that Yamazaki senpai
said to me after filming the first episode of Kurosagi will always remain in my heart.

Thats all for Yamapi interview.
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