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Which Drama Do You Like Best?
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Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/27/08

Helleey wrote:

daisy_kue wrote:

i havn't watched those yet...
wht are they about?

Brown Sugar Macchiato is about One day, six boys with different personalities and backgrounds are notified they shared the same father. And on top of that they are entitled to a large inheritance. There is only one catch. They must attend the same school and live in the same house for one year to become loving brothers.

But, the boys not only hate each other, they have to deal with nine mean girls from their class. Will the brothers band together and successfully pass the inheritance test? Or, will falling in love with their classmates pull them farther apart?

Brown Sugar Macchiato cast is all in bang bang tang and all in hey girl + tong tong:)

The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries Cast is wang zi , xiao yu , ah wei , ah ben , xiao ma , xiao man , ya toy , xiao xun & mei mei :)

and The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries The story took place at West Side High School, during a time when the Jianghu was still the goods against the evils. For the two legendary martial art books which is hidden in 4 different schools, both of the groups uses all their power to get it. The ones who gets it will have the power to rule over Jianghu. People from all over the place whether it's male or female gathered together to search for it.

Amongst the students of West Side, Linghu Cong is the most powerful. A person who doesn't care about fame and wealth, who just wanted to be with his Lu Jian Ning. Meanwhile, he slowly developes a friendship with Ren Yin Ying, the seemingly-cold daughter of leaders of the Evil Clan. Later on Guo Jing has caught up to him in martial art and also develop feelings for Lu Jian Ning. Because of saving someone he lost all his internal power. In the end he learned "Gudu Swordfight" and "Yijingjing".

this sounds like a good drama!
thanks 4 the info..
im gonna watch it now..
do u know where i can watch other then youtube?
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