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22 / F
Posted 10/20/08 , edited 11/12/08
Make your charactor here: ((Note: if your profile has pic, please spoiler it....thank you...))

Age(if something that lives forever just put the age you look):

Heres mine

Age:looks 15
Extras:Is very gentle and very fun and sarcastic but she can be very dangerous too.She has forgotten alot of her past memories so she has forgotten her family except for her brother blood.She also only has one memory of when she was a kid but its only a picture memory so it confuses her alot.Has a little passion for singing
Picture memory

Human form

Vampire form

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23 / F / In the forest
Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/21/08
Username: moonfairygrl
Name: Reina
Age: 15
Type: Vampire/Angel
Extras: .......... O__O
Human Form:

Vampire Form:

Angel Form:
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M / coping with life....
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/2/08
Username: crashOveride2002
Name: Atreau
Age: 19
Type: Dimensional Vampire
Extras: Dante (vampire/demon)
Human form:

Vampire form:

Dimentional form:
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23 / M / somewhere
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/3/08
Username: Jackakalynch
Name: hibiki
Age: Looks 17
Type: Vampire/ Immortal
Extras: My immortal form cant be killed, but can only come out after the vampire form is killed or hurt badly.
Human Form:

Vampire Form:

Immortal Form:

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28 / M / JAcksonville FL
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/2/08
Username: Daronmack
Character name: Kurou
]Role: a random person who so happen to be a God traveling
Description of Character:
Human/vampire/LIGHT GOD OF LIFE

immortal half vampire/angel...

a wondering who one day left his town in search of his self ..also to seek control over his thirst Kurou eyes are normally red ..... he can either have a thirst or a little they still remains red.

Kurou forms

House ( Floats in air)

Family Description:

Family Description mother and a father an 4 sister an 3 brother most died in a attack on family
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 12/20/08

Name:Shirako Yu


Type: fox demon/yokai

Extras:she was sealed into a scythe and still posses it after being freed from her punishment.She can change how old she looks but her favorite forms are the early twenties and middle/high school girl(sometimes the forms look like a boy though)




Yokai form
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F / in my own kingdom
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/6/08
Username: kousagi
Name: Ai
Age(if something that lives forever just put the age you look): 14
Type: demon
Extras: she's very outgoing
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/3/08
Utau Aoinami
Her parents died when she was 2. Her sister which was a Idol died when she was 4. She then took on the carrier of a singer too. Utau loved her sister very much and still couldn't accept the fact everything dear to her disappeared, Then a girl with black wings went into her body. At night she takes control. She uses singing to take souls away...Her name is Murasaki...They each share both of their powers... She sings like Hatsune Miku and the girls from Morning Musume and Perfume and just like PichiPichiJeanne Murasaki sings like Nana Mizuki and Minori Chihara...
She also hopes to make a group. She knows she has another soul in her, but still she wants to sing.
She hopes she can create a small group of singers(About 2 members) and sing X3
Morasaki whenever she is hurt very badly becomes a vampire, but a very evil vampire... She sings with a violin is make people unconcious for 10 minutes



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M / Who honestly care...
Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/2/08
Username: topjenkinz
Name: Blood
Age: 15
Type: Shinigami God of Death, Destruction, Darkness
Extras: Shinigami + Darkness God parteners. Rez is a bahamut dragon. Shadow is Blood's oldest brother. Sephiroth is Blood's archenemy. Auel is Blood's commander and partener in the military. Yuki's brother. Boyfriend of Reina. Can see souls and soul wavelengths. Can amplify power through sound and music.

Special A uniform:




Death Form (controled, the same but more powerful):

Dark (controlled by Darkness):

Ultima Form:

Full God form:


Shadow Full Demon:



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F / ~In the Universe!...
Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/6/08
Username: PichiPchiJeanne
Name: Usa Yagami
Age(if something that lives forever just put the age you look): 15
Type: I appear to be a normal human, but have E.S.P. (i can see the future and see dead people. I sing like Nana Mizuki (Utau Hoshina) and Minori Chihara (Yuki Nagato.)
Extra: My parents died in a house fire that an evil spirit started.
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25 / F / Take a guess~
Posted 11/2/08 , edited 12/22/08
Username: miysui
Name: mitsuki/nana
Age(if something that lives forever just put the age you look): looks about 15 or 16
Type: human/vampire
Description: mitsuki (human) is shy, innocent, quiet and sings silently to herself; but she has a split personality which is a vampire named nana. nana comes out randomly. nana isnt exactly the opposite of mitsuki, she just speaks her mind and wants blood. mitsuki has the ability to fly and rapidly heal.

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27 / F / In the shitty wea...
Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/3/08
Username: Sesshys-Angel
Name: Rachie-Chan
Age: looks about 11 or 12
Type: Vampire
Extras: i could read minds ever since i was changed. I learnt over the years i could convice a mind to do what i like. like if you were making a cake, i can change your mind and you will make a drink. though i look young, im the 3rd oldest in the family, 2nd oldest daughter. through my power, i can very demanding, but ill only attack if i have too.
human form

vampire form
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F / tsuki
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/6/08
name: akuma
type:demon, half vampire, human


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25 / F / My momma's house
Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/7/08

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24 / M / New York
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/8/08
Ur Username: gokusnaruto
Character: tobi
Name: mikey
Age: 14
Role (related to who or who's enemy or something like that): i have no family(its still a mystery)
Short Description: i never got to see my father (people say he died) and all i have to remember him by is his sword that he left. At the age of 4 while i was asleep my mother was murdered the next morning i saw her dead body be4 my very eyes. the people of my village blamed me and i was an outcast as if i wasnt an outcast be4 kids laughed at me because of my different colored eyes (one was blood red and the other was sky blue) so i barely survived 4 the next 10 year all i would carry would be my fathers sword.all those years went by and the only thing that help me get through it was a snow white puppy thats was also an outcast from the moment i saw him it was like we had a connection. but at the age of 14 i decided i wasnt gonna keep my anger bottled up. so me and my puppy(i named him hitsugaya) set off to find my mothers murder. KEEP READIN 4 MORE SECRETS

family description: my father was supposedly a great swordsman my mothers past is unknown and i have a long lost twin brother

Short Description part 2: i was takin in by one of my fathers friends an ally of his he is a great swordsman himself but i hate him. one day i asked him about my family and he had alot to say. he told me about my mother 1st and about her past (ididnt remembered much about my mother because the day of her death my brain just went into shock). He told me my mother was a demon and thats were i got my blood red eye. this also ment i was part demon. I was shock but i didn't show any emotion as i wanted to hear more he told me about my father next. he said he was a great swordsman but i already knew that and he told me something i didnt know my father was a man of ice/water he could control it do practially what ever he wanted to with water. HE told me my father was the angel of ICE more like a fallen angel. and thats were i got my sky blue eyes. so i was the halfbreed of an angel and a demon. AS i sat there with a blank face thinking. HE didnt say much about my brother all he said was he took after our mother and he didnt know if he was alive but then he said something about my sister he said i had a sister about 1-2 years older than me and that she took after my father. How this be my head was kept saying no it not true but heart knew it was. PART 3 COMIN SOON

my eyes (my skin color the same its just in this pic its different)

my sword(and its other forms)

FUN FACTS ABOUT MY CHAR: his puppy hitsugaya is actually an angel dog sent from heaven it has abilitys unknow but so far ive learned he can bend air
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