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Posted 4/27/08 , edited 4/27/08

neome17 wrote:

THE BEST EPISODE I EVER SAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree cant wait to see that episode
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Posted 8/20/11 , edited 8/21/11
Working on a fanfiction story where Naruto and Ichigo cause the death of Professor Zoom from DC Comics, accidentally before he can remake the universe in Flashpoint, and The Flash's change backs cause the DC Universe to be remade into the DC NU(New Universe? Wasn't there already one from the 80's). This causes the DC Universe to be changed into the DC-J or the Justice Japan Universe that my group roleplays on IMVU.

Ichigo is behind the upper word Balloon
Naruto is behind the head of the guy in the foreground(Ambush Bug)
Also there is Poppa Rocks from Boboboboh
Tony Chopper from One Piece
Kyd Wykkyd from Teen Titans
Mopee from the Flash (My version of this 5th dimensional Imp)
Ambush Bug from the 80's comics Ambush Bug & Son of Ambush Bug
It's a prototype, let me know if you have any suggestions...
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