Post Reply Why do you not like May?
Posted 10/21/08 , edited 10/21/08
I have nothing against May. But Ash is Misty's. May already has Drew. Besides, Ash don't like her like that. If anything, it is as a friend and a little sister at most. Besides, isn't he like six years older than her?

I know that you've all seen this picture by now. But i like to put pictures on my posts. This was the only one i had. Sorry!
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Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
I don't have anything against May either. I just don't like the pairing between her and Ash^^ I'm voting for Ash & Misty too<3
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
i dont have anything against her...unless she likes ash i am a devoted pokeshipping fan, as well as a contestshipping fan...this means i am anti ash/may. so yeah, if may knows whats best for her she will not be with ash and will go out with drew!
Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/7/08
the thing your start to notice though is ash and that new girl. dawn. i just cant help but get the fact that ash is some kinda pedophile now he's like way older than her and he wont leave lil irls alone..still its fun to watch but ash needs to focus on misty more
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/9/08
unlike evry 1 eles........I HATE MAY becos of that i hate howin and every thing from it i hate dawn 2 ash and misty forever!
Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/9/09
she ruined the show!!!! im soooo maaaad!!!!!!! and ash and may arent supposed to be together!!!!!! only misty should!!!!!!!! and she cries to much as so does dawn!!!!! but misty barely does cuz shes AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! even my sister likes her more!!!!!!! and at least i hav vids that have misty in there and are SOOO MUCH BETTEEEEERRR than now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE may and dawn cuz they re STUPID!!!!!!! but misty ROX!!!!!!
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