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Post Reply Why do we hate school?
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25 / M / Can't say
Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/8/09
i hate school because there are too many annoying people.
to much home work, to many tests, so much pressure .
you get scolded or yelled at if you get a "C..D...F" on your report card.
Not enough vacation time, to many Cornell notes.
no drinks on your desk no gum no candy . so many loud people.
so much trash. not enough funny teachers.
P.E teachers that make you write 3-4 page essays
And now its though's blood sucking vermin of the night classes...
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25 / F / nevada
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
the rules...some of the people....the teachers....THE WORK...
Posted 1/21/09 , edited 1/22/09
Lets see whats good about school.....hmmm........ummm.......lets see.........................................NOTHING!!!!!!!!

Lets see whats bad about school
~Principals especialy!
~No recess
~Banned websites
~Cant accsess Email
~Food at school sucks
~Know it alls
~People who try to fit in but clearly dont
~And everything else.....Cant wait to get out of school forever...
Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
.......its boring=.=
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26 / M / in my perverted w...
Posted 2/1/09 , edited 2/1/09
I wanna fuck school and say who's you daddy
and where I'm done will I scream you got aids now xD
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21 / F / Omggggg Stalker A...
Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/17/09
pokegirl21 hates school because
2)teachers(exept english and social studies =D)
4)quizes(also pop quizes)
8)waste of time!
9)Only fun for mega nerds
10)I fail alot
11)I get grounded for failing
12)The more hw i get, the less time i have online
13)Some things we learn have no reason to be used in the real world (why would anyone wanna know how rocks are made?!)
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27 / M / iYoshirou
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/28/09
I HATE School because...
-I can't say curse words out loud
-They're taking my time away!
-The work (Ew.....)
-Being around teachers all the time.
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26 / F / Up On Melancholly...
Posted 4/3/09 , edited 4/4/09
The seemingly endeless reasons y i hate school:
1.)almost all my teachers are mean
2.) some of them are just plain dumb and dont explain well and tell u to "Ask someone else" or "figure it out" or "youll catch on"
3.) atleast 4 of the teachers in school are REALLY strict and wiil give u a 2hour after school for wearing sun glasses on your head
4.) WAY too much HW
5.) takes up 2 much precious time
6.)2 much cliques and things
7.) alot of people in my school are stuck up snobs that think too high of themselves, aka, sluts
8.)like 3/6 of the school boys are butt-ugly
9.)a couple of my teachers make me stay like 4 mins after the bell (i only have 5 mins in between classes)
10.) my teachers are crazy obsessed w/ notes, and if it's not like PERFECTION u have to eiether have like an E or redo sucks.
11.)everyone in my school judges u by the cover.....ugh
Posted 4/5/09 , edited 4/6/09
kawaii_angel10 wrote:

I hate school because:

of teachers are so annoying same as my classmates.

Math and Science kills me.

the teachers always say "Sit properly" but I don't.

Too much homework,projects,quizzes,seatworks and bookworks.

And i always have too buy things for my school when we are sometimes going to cook because my classmates always choose me as a leader and I'm pissed off with them.

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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/12/09
you need to stay up late and wake up early.grr!
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F / Mars
Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
homework,teachers,exams,test,waking up early for school,boring subjects and some children that we hate make us dislike the school......
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24 / F / Far Far Away LAnd
Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/19/09
school make make stress out coz of so many subject to learn n lots of homework, project, exams, etc
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22 / F / wonder land
Posted 10/19/09 , edited 10/19/09
1. stupid uniforms
2. stupid rules
3. i dont feel happy in skool cuz im lonely. nobody hangs out w/ me :*(
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22 / F / Just around the c...
Posted 2/6/10 , edited 2/7/10
i hate school because i need to wake up early....too many assignments and projects...and math is so hard!
Posted 6/5/10 , edited 6/6/10
coz i HATE do HomeWork, Quiz, Test and Seatwork , Review !!
It's make me lazy >:[[
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