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34 / F / USA
Posted 10/22/08 , edited 6/13/11
Tell me what your wolf looks like and describe your personality, age, gender, rank (optional), name, etc.

Here's what my wolf form would look like:

My name is Shadow.
Age: In human years I'm 18.
Gender: Female
I am shy and a not very dominant..but I don't let others run me over easily...I can have an attitude and I'll stand up for what is right!
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20 / F / Narnia
Posted 6/14/11 , edited 6/14/11
age: 17
Gender: male
Personality: kind, timid, smart, cool.
pic: Dark Black with red streals and white belly.

Personality: short, friendly, mature, rough, fair.
pic: Dark midnight black with red paws and back of head
Posted 6/14/11 , edited 6/14/11
mercyless, loner, strong, aggressive
Posted 6/30/11 , edited 7/1/11
Name: Kiralee
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Color: White
Position: Alpha Female (in her pack)
Personality: Kiralee is gentle and kind but will not let other wolves walk all over her. Leadership is something that comes naturally to her but she tries to avoid complete dominance. Her mate is Higael.

Name: Higael
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Position: Alpha Male (in his pack)
Personality: Higael is a quiet wolf but will be the first to rise to a fight to defend his pack. He's very protective of his mate (Kiralee) and will defend her life with his own. Other wolves follow Higael willingly even if he does not wish it so.
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25 / M / In my dark world
Posted 7/12/11 , edited 7/12/11
Name: Omega

Age: 20

Color: Gray with White eyes

Gender: Male

personality: A lone wolf, Omega will hurt antony who bothers him when he sleeps or is hungry.
Posted 5/25/11 , edited 6/13/11
A lean black wolf, is great at hunting, tracking, fighting, healing, etc. Is looking for a mate. He can heal himself from anything and is very seductive. He is kind of shy when you first meet him, but then he reveals his kind, seductive nature.

A lean, pretty grey wolf, is great at hunting, tracking, fighting, healing, etc. Is a loner with a mate. She can heal herself from anything, her brother is Dark. She can be shy, but when she gets to know someone, she's playful & flirty. She's a great person to rely on.
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26 / F / In the Snow Mount...
Posted 6/7/11 , edited 6/7/11
Name: Snowbell
Age in human years: 16
gender: female
personality: Kind, friendly, doesn’t like fights but would try and protect her sister no matter what.

Name: Snowfire
Age in human years: 16
Gender: female
Personality: Kind, friendly, loves to fight; she will fight for the alpha male and will protect her sister no matter what.

Name: Nightmoon
Age in Human years: 10
Gender: Male
Personality: Friendly, sometimes shy, tries to make friends, tries not to pick fights and loves playing with other pups.

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