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Sleeping Chara
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dis is like well gud well dun woop woop keep writing
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Sleeping Chara

Last Year of Deal

Ikuto’s POV

‘It’s been a year since the incident that Amu suddenly went into a deep sleep,’ I thought.

‘Some times I would think about giving up on saving Amu, but I knew if it were her she would do all she can to save me,’ I thought.

‘Amu just lies there on her bed, but every time I look at her face she looks in pain, I wonder why,’ I thought. I then left my room to go see Amu.

In Amu’s room

Amu’s conscience’s POV

‘Amu…Amu…Amu!!’ a voice yelled. ‘What!?’ I yelled to the voice.

‘I was having a nice dream ‘til you went and wrecked it,’ I said. ‘Amu this is much serious than a dream,’ the voice said.

‘How important is it to a dream?’ I questioned. The voice sighed and then asked ‘Amu how long have you been asleep?’

‘Of course one day because yesterday was my birthday,’ I answered. ‘Amu it has been a year since your birthday,’ said the voice.

‘That’s impossible,’ I said. ‘Try to wake up then,’ the voice said.

‘Ok, after I wake up it will be the day after my birthday,’ I said. I tried to get up, but however many times I tried it wouldn’t work.

‘What’s happened,’ I asked in a panic tone. ‘See, this is what I was talking about,’ the voice said.

‘Well how do I get out of this?’ I asked. ‘I think I overheard those girls you call friends saying that their plan worked,’ the voice said.

‘W-What?’ I stammered in disbelief. ‘No, Utau and Kana would never try to do anything to me,’ I thought.

‘Amu, you have to put the facts together, one minute your fine then the next minute, your sleeping beauty,’ the voice said.

I knew the voice was right about the facts, but I couldn’t believe that they would do something to me.

Then suddenly I heard a door open and then close then I heard two voices.

I then knew who it was it was Utau and Kana. I then started to listen to see if they were visting me, but I overheard their real reason behind them being here.

“Aww look at sleeping beauty,” said Kana. “Yep, isn’t it a pretty sight,” Utau said.

“Just a few more days and Ikuto will get over her,” Utau said. “This is all just working out well,” Kana said.

“You really out did yourself with the of coming close to Amu and then putting her in a long sleep with the powder,” Utau said.

“Yep, I know I did,” Kana said proudly. I was in shock to hear that they planned for this to happen.

I then heard the footsteps heading towards the door, but before they left they said “Bye Amu see you later oops unless you’ll still be sleeping,” the said then started to laugh evilly.

I was devastated to hear my so called friends just to leave me in an eternal sleep.

I started to cry (on the inside folks), but I stopped because I knew that crying wouldn’t get me anywhere.

So I just did what I could just wait until something anything could happen to get me out of this nightmare.

Ikuto’s POV

Right now I’m just walking aimlessly to where ever my feet take me and it seems it was to Amu’s room.

I entered to see Amu with her pink hair and her face still full of life like before.

Ikuto then started to talk her not knowing that she was listening.

“Amu, you still look the same,” I said with a chuckle and a smile, but it faded away soon after.

“Why did you have to suddenly go into comma worrying everyone including me on your birthday?” I asked.

“My mind was so set to ask you to marry me that day, but when I heard that you just suddenly passed out I thought that I should have been there tohelp you,” I said almost to the point of crying.

I then stood getting ready to leave, but before that I just wanted to feel Amu’s lips just once more.

I then gave her a light kiss.

Amu’s POV

I heard someone come in then the person began to speak I knew who it was, Ikuto.

He was going on about what happened last year and the he said something that made my heart, skip.

He said that he that he was going to propose to me. I felt like I was in quicksand and I just kept sinking and sinking.

Ikuto started to leave, but turned back around and did something that shocked me.

He lightly kissed me on the lips then suddenly my body started to fell weird.

Ikuto’s POV

When I finished kissing Amu her body started to glow. Then something miraculous happened Amu started to open her eyes.

Amu’s POV

After that strange feeling left I felt my eyes opening. When they opened fully I woke up to see a bewildered Ikuto staring at me.

Normal POV

“A-Amu your Amu right,” Ikuto questioned. “Yes,” Amu answered while crying because she missed a whole year while in a deep sleep because of Utau and Kana.

Ikuto started to wipe away all of her tears then the two hugged. “Amu, what happened to you on that day?” Ikuto asked.

“Utau and Kana is what happened,” Amu said. “I should’ve known that it was those two with Utau just letting me be alone I knew it was just too good to be true,’ Ikuto said while getting mad.

“Ikuto, please don’t be mad at them I’m sure they had a good reason to do this,” Amu said while still half believing in them and the other half not.

“Well, I guess since it’s been a year you’ve found somebody else right?” Amu asked.

Ikuto smirked then said “And if I did would you be jealous?” he asked. Amu started to blush “O-Of course I would because I love you,” she said.

Then Ikuto expression became serious. He then bowed on one knee taking out a small box and opening it then showing her the ring then he said the most magical two words “Marry me?”
Amu then started to cry and nodded to answer his question. Ikuto slipped the ring on her finger.

The two looked so happy after being reunited with each other. “Ikuto what month is it?” Amu asked. “May, why?” Ikuto asked.

“Well me and my father made a deal that if I find another suitor before five years are over I can marry him,” Amu said.

“Oh,” Ikuto said. “I want to go talk to him so he can approve us,” Amu said.

“Why don’t we see him right now the sooner he approves of us the sooner our wedding can, be.

Amu agreed so the two headed for the kings chambers.

King’s Chamber

Knock…Knock “Oh! My sparrow has awakened,” the king said in a happy tone.

“Amu! Amu!” the queen said while hugging Amu. “Mother, father I’m back,” Amu said.

“Oh, but before we continue me and Ikuto would like to talk to you guys,” Amu said.

The four then sat down in the king’s chamber to have their conversation. “Um…well,” Amu began.

“Me and Amu would like to get married,’ Ikuto said bluntly. “Is what he say true my little sparrow?” the king questioned.

“Yes, it is please, approve of us?” Amu asked. The king thought for a while then said “If he makes you happy then I will allow it,” he said

“Thank you,” Ikuto and Amu said simultaneously. The king started to cry and said “My little sparrow is finally leaving the nest.”

“Amu, I’m happy that you have found someone for you,” the queen said. Amu nodded with happiness.

Ikuto and Amu then decided to leave and tell their friends the news.

In the Kingdom

Amu and Ikuto searched around for their friends in the kingdom. They found them lounging under a tree.

Their friends looked up and to their surprise they saw Amu. They all had wide eyes especially Utau and Kana.

“P-Princess is that really you?” asked Tadase-kun. Amu nodded.

“A-Amu, how did you wake up?” Utau asked. “Y-Yeah, how?” Kana asked.

“Well it was kind of like the story ‘Sleeping Beauty’” Amu said. Utau and Kana had a shock look on their face.

“B-But how you love both Tadase and Ikuto,” Kana said. “No, I didn’t I loved Ikuto and I still do,” Amu said while showing her engagement ring.

“Kana, I only thought of Tadase-kun as a friend,” Amu said. “But why did you always look at him?” Kana questioned.

“Oh, that I always did that because he reminds me of Ikuto when he was younger,” Amu said. “Oh, so I’m always on your mind huh,” Ikuto said while smirking.

“How did this happen, why does this have to happen to me?” Utau questioned.

“The plan me and Kana made was so perfect,” Utau said. “What plan is she talking about Kana?” Tadase asked.

“It was to put Amu to sleep to keep her away from you because I thought she loved you and you loved her,” Kana said. “Why would you think that?” Tadase said.

“Well, because you always paid more attention to her,” Kana said. “Kana the only reason I did that was to do my job, but the princess helped me when she made that deal with the king,” Tadase said.

“The one I love is you Kana since we were kids I always had a crush on you,” Tadase said. Kana went into a deep blush.

‘See what happens when you jump to conclusions,’ Amu thought. Then she felt like a pair of eyes were burning in her back.

She turned around to find Utau glaring at her. “Why? Why is everyone siding with her?” Utau questioned.

“THIS ISN’T FAIR!” Utau screamed. Ikuto walked up to her and then slap everyone went silent as Utau looked at Ikuto with a shocked expression about his action.

Then Amu came between the two to check on Utau. When Amu tried to help Utau’s cheek Utau slapped Amu’s hand away.

“Don’t touch me; go back to the one you love; at least you have someone that loves,” Utau was interrupted when Amu pulled her into a hug.

“Utau there are people that love you, so don’t say that,” Amu said. “Yeah, me and Amu love you, but you couldn’t get that through that thick skull of yours,” Ikuto said.

When Utau heard this she began to cry and returned the hug back. She finally understood what it meant to be loved.

4 Months Later

Ikuto and the others waited in church while the bride was having some technical difficulties. “I can’t do it Utau,” Amu said.

“You can’t what!? Amu you love Ikuto right?” Utau questioned. Amu nodded.

“Besides if you don’t marry him he’ll have that lonely face on forever,” Utau said. “Yeah, you’re right,” Amu said.
The bride then started out of the room to find her father waiting to walk her down the aisle. The music began to play and all heads turned to see the bride.

Ikuto smiled at his bride when the music ended and her father gave her away. The minister married the two.

Then the reception began. The bride threw her boquet and Utau caught it. Ikuto did the same and a man with caramel hair and green hair caught it.

Utau saw the man and you could see hearts in her eyes. As for the newly weds and everyone else well they lived Happily Ever After.

NOTE: I might make a sequel staring Kukai and Utau as a pair
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F / USA. nuff said.
Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/14/08
Cute Fanfic!
Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
u r a very good writer..!!!!! >.<
how do u even get this many ideas!!!
Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/18/08
Holy crap you write really fast
Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/18/08
nice story
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F / world of happines...
Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
nice!! you should make a sequel to this story!!
Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
nice ^_^
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Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/21/08
nice fanfic
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/23/08
Nice story~~~ Go be a novelist~~~
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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/23/08
Thanks everyone and I might make a sequel starring Utau and Kukai, but it's going to be tough since those two are very stubborn characters
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