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Write anything you want, but keep it PG 13. have any sugguestions to improve the group?(express ur feelings)
Try to meet new ppls here, and have fun. U can also make up a game in here and ask random questions.

I'll start:
What's up? How are you? how's your day? fave hobbies? Music? school's a drag? etc.
*gives free food and drinks*

here's a game, truth or dare the person above you, or below you. Or make up a start of a story and let other ppls want to continue it with a twist and it has to ryhme.


first person:There was a mouse who...
second person: Ruined the city and ate my house...
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Hi, what's up?
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Hhahah lol ! Once upon a time there was a tan colored dog. He was princess's dear friend. He's though he was a person because...
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