-GuiLun FanFiction 3-
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GuiGui whirled around only to see Yatou smiling widely and giving the breakfast she made to WangZi.By now, the smile which was originally on her face had vanished.She stared at the duo as she slowly turned away and tears brimmed in her eyes...

As she was about to break down, a voice came into her head...

Voice:There, a beautiful girl shouldn't cry over a small issue.Not for that guy....

Immediately, she wiped away her tears and said:

GuiGui: Silly me, WangZi is not mine.Anyone can specially make him breakfast and that includes Yatou...But...Yatou...She and WangZi...

Just then a voice slashed through her thoughts...

Yatou: (smiling cheerfully) GuiGui! Are you free after school?Lets catch a movie! WangZi is coming along too!

GuiGui:(Very hesitant) Uh...well...Ya Lun..I am meeting him after school.

Yatou:(having the same bright cheerful smile) Oh! That's even better!Bring him along...This can be called a double date right?Haha~

Yatou doesn't wait for GuiGui to reply.She happily skips off humming a merry tune.On the other hand, GuiGui looks at Yatou and slouches over her table feeling a little upset.


As the school bell rings, GuiGui packs her stuff.She was still and hesitant and kept wondering if going out with Yatou and WangZi was a good idea.

GuiGui: If Ah Bu goes along, it would be okay right?But, what if...

Suddenly, someone interrupts.

WangZi:(Tries to talk to her normally) GuiGui, lets go.I told Yatou to wait for us at the School's main gate.

GuiGui:(Surprised)What?Huh?I...I don't think i should go because...

WangZi:(Interrupts) I didn't eat the breakfast Yatou made for me.I gave it to Ah Wei...(Looks right into her eyes) And i don't think it's right for Yatou and me to go out together,alone...

GuiGui looks into WangZi's eyes as she feels her face growing hot and instantly turns away.She snatches her bag and said quietly

GuiGui:(Smiling secretly) Uh, okay then, lets go.

As they headed for the main gate, GuiGui couldn't help but grin ear to ear.What WangZi had just said flashed repreatedly through her mind.

GuiGui:(Thinking, smiling very widely)He didn't eat it...He gave it to Ah Wei!And he said he wouldn't have gone out with Yatou alone!HAHAHA~I must tell Ah Bu what WangZi said! I must! I must!

GuiGui could no longer control her joy.She simply couldn't wait to let Aaron know what WangZi had said.So, as soon as she saw Aaron, she rushed up to him...

GuiGui:(Joyfully) AHHHHHHH BBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GuiGui extended out her arms and she ran to hug Aaron.Aaron responded by embracing her.He was quite shock by her sudden passionate outburst but seeing her smile made him feel happy.He couldn't help but laughed.

Aaron:(Laughing) Wow! What has gotten into you?

GuiGui:(Smiling) Haha! Nothing...Just happy to see you...

Despite the duo temporarily forgetting about WangZi's presence, WangZi was watching them very closely.No.He wasn't watching.He was staring.Glaring.He couldn't believe how close Aaron and GuiGui were. They acted as if they were a couple....WangZi burnt with jealousy and anger as his fist clenched together tighter than ever.He wanted to go up to them and tear them apart.

WangZi:(Exploding with anger and THINKIng)GuiGui is mine!She's mine. SHE'S MINE!

Then, GuiGui speaks.

GuiGui: Oh, Ah Bu, this is WangZi.WangZi this is Aaron Yan Ya Lun! I call him Ah Bu.But sometimes i call him Huo Huo.Huo Huo is the cute cute name that i made up for him!

GuiGui clings onto Aaron as she muses at how many names she has for Aaron.She didn't realise that she was acting intimately with Aaron.To her, clinging and hugging Aaron was normal.Little did she know, WangZi was filled with jealousy.She didn't know that the raging jealousy in WangZi would a twist to everything...

To be continued

The next episode..

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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/23/08
sorry there isn't much GuiGui and Aaron scenes yet.Probably be more in the future few episodes to come =)

I think the next episode would be more focuse on both of them....so yeah~

please comment =)
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hellos. :)
hahas...faster upload the next episode!!
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hope u will upload soon
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waaaaaaaah!! cant w8!!
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