The guy of her DREAMS
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“Good morning how are you!.”
“Ohhh!!!!!, leave me alone Sakura I want to go to sleep!.”
“We only have 1hour left to go to school!”
Hi I’m Amu I’m a senior in high school my sister Sakura is a freshman. She allows wants to be early to school like a nerd. I mean its not annoying, but to be one of the coolest girls in school it can of weird.
“Ok, ok stop being a nerd and I will get ready.”
“I’m not a nerd Amu!”
So we were walking to school when I just noticed Miki, Ran, Su, and Dia. They are my best friends. Miki is the artistic type. Ran the athletic type. Su the girly girl. Dia is the popular singer. And you know which one I am… I am the goth punk girl. I don’t even like to do my cool and spicy personality. The reason why Miki, Ran, Su, and Dia are my best friends is because they know my real personality.
“Do you know about the new kids coming to our school!,” Miki was so happy because she has heard that they are going to be cute. Even when she is crushing on my boyfriends brother.
“So Amu do you know if Tadase feels better.”
Dia is really concerned about my love life with Tadase because you know you always have a friend that is really concerned.
“No, he’s still sick,” For some reason Su looked sad.
“Su why are you sad?”
“Its because I heard that the new girl has one of the greatest voice and I’m worried she might join chorus and kick Dia of her spot as the lead singer.”
I think Su is right but seeing the rest of the girls faces that I think we are gonna cheer on for Dia.

XxxDuring ClassxxX
“Hello students.”
“Good morning Nikaidou sensei!”
I like to call Nikaidou sensei Yuu, cause its his real name I don’t want to call a teacher by his/her last name, too boring.
“Good morning Yuu.”
“So let me call out the new kids,” his face was so cheerful how come?
When the new kids were entering two of them look so beautiful. The girl had long blonde pig tails, purple eyes, and the boy next to her looked amazing. He had long blue hair and beautiful icey blue eyes.
“This is Utau and Ikuto Tsukyomi.”
“Hello, I’m Utau Tsukyomi and if any of you try to flirt or go near Ikuto you will never see the sun!”
Damn Utau sounded serious see must be in love with her own brother that is so wrong.
“Yo, I’m Ikuto and don’t be scared of Utau shes just kidding,” I felt weird because he was looking at my face while saying about Utau.
“Utau behind Kukai and Ikuto… why don’t you sit next to Amu. “Ehhh, Yuu why me there are about 3 more seats left.”
“ I know, Ikuto the rest are coming tomorrow right.”
“See Himamori san.”
So now Ikuto is sitting next to me not even my own boy friend doesn’t even sit next to me. This is going to be one long year!

hope you liked it its my first fanfic i actually tried it to make sense tell me if u like it oh and Ami does exist i just put an extra person
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nice fanficton so far
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“Hey Ami, can I talk to Sakura for a minute alone.”
“NO!,” Ami hates it when I have to talk to Sakura she thinks that Sakura is more important to me. Which is not true is that Ami is just in elementary, thought is last year, and its about boys and she acts like a baby.
“So whats the problem Amu, is it about Ikuto.”
“Ehhhh, how did you know, you’re a freshman and I’m in senior!”
“Utau looked mad and was mumbling what happened and you know I have very good hearing.”
Man Sakura is really a nerd now she is starting to me annoying.
“Look Amu the only way you can stop crushing on Ikuto is to not see him.”
“Ok, ok, but there is only one problem.”
“Just do what I told you and try hard not to look at him.”
How I’m I going to ignore a guy who sits next to and especially a new guy.

XxxNext DayxxX
“Hello, oh hi Tadase-kun how are you feeling?”
“Good Hinamori-san, so see you in school later.”
“Is that what you called for?”
“No, but I just realized I have to get ready.”
“Oh, okay see you in school.”
Tadase-kun is so nice and cute, that’s why he’s my boyfriend. Actually Tadase is the cutest guy in school, that’s why he made me so popular.
“Come on Amu we will be late for school!”
I heard Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia were coming my way. The sounded worried I wonder what happened.
“Amu-chan, something happened to Ikuto!”
What the hell happened to Ikuto, did he get into a fight or something.
I saw someone licking Ikuto’s wound. He had blue hair and yellow bright eyes.
“Who are you people and why did…..”
“Yoru, shut up!”
“Ikuto why did you just scream at him, you know your lucky your already hurt if not I would have beaten you up.”
“Amu, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t say sorry to me say sorry to Yoru.”
“Sorry Yoru.”
“Thank you~nya”
I pulled out my hankerchief to wipe of all the blood off of Ikuto.
“Uhh, sorry, did that hurt?”
“Its okay Amu.”

XxxDuring ClassxxX
“Oh hi Hinamori-san.”
I went to hug Tadase. Its been about 5 days that Tadase hasn’t been to school and I really miss him.
“Tadase this is Ikuto.”
“Hello Ikuto!”
Ikuto looked mad when he saw Tadase.
“Sit down class.”
“Now Ikuto can you introduce the new students.”
Ok I think I know why Yuu picked Ikuto to introduce them. He was the only one standing up.
“Ok this is Yoru, Eru, and Iru Tsukyomi.
“Hi!!!!,” wow they all chorused.
Yuu already place them in their seats the weird thing is that I think that Iru was looking at me for some reason. I hope she isn’t another Ikuto fan girl like Utau.
Hope you liked it this is the second chapter but i also think the longest!!
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