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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/24/08

This drama portrays the contents of the comic book "Iljimae Returns" written by Go Woo Young (고우영). Iljimae was a charming and legendary Korean hero who learned martial art while he was in and out of China and Japan. The PD Hwang In Lui (황인뢰) states, "After Iljimae was born, he was abandoned in Qing dynasty of China. Although he grew up with his adopted parents, he decides to go back to his homeland to search his real parents. Due to fate, he goes to Japan to find his identity. He also goes through the insurgence happened at the end of the Manchu War in China, and then he finally returns to Chosun, his homeland. That's why this drama’s title is 'Iljimae Returns'."

Yoon Jin Suh plays 2 roles, one is Iljimae's first love Dal Yi (달이) and another is Iljimae's destined lover Wal Hee (월희).

Kim Min Jong plays the investigator Goo Ja Myung (구자명) who has clear and sharp brain to successfully chase after thieves. Goo Ja Myung has loved Iljimae's mother and therefore he has sympathy with Iljimae. Supporting cast includes Jung Hye Young, Park Geun Hyung and Lee Gye In (김민종, 정혜영, 박근형, 이계인).

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