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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
post here all the news you can find about Hins so we could all share them!
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Chinese Name: 張敬軒
English Name: Hins Cheung
Birthday: 01.02.1981
Birth Place: Guangzhou
Ethnicity: Beijing
Religion: Christianity
Height: 175cm
Favorite Genre of Music: R & B, Jazznova, Drum & Bass
Favorite Asian Performers: Winnie Hsin, Sandy Lam, Deanie Yip, Tian Zhen, Joey Yung, Andy Hui, Daniel Chan, Chou Huei
Favorite Western Performers: Kelly Price, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Wanya Morris, Deborah Cox, Shanice Wilson and Justin Timberlake
Favorite Actor/Actress:Brigitte Lin, Josephine Siao, Julia Roberts and Lisa Kudrow
Favorite Colour: Purple, blue and white
Favorite Foods: Sashimi, Sichuan cuisine
Favorite Objects: Anything with Pandas
Favorite Sport: Swimming
Most Hated Things: Staying at home on a nice sunny day, yawning

Hins' First (2001)
My Way (2002)
a.m./p.m. (2004)
My Dream My Way (我的夢想我的路) (2005)
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (春‧夏‧秋‧冬) (2006)
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (笑忘書) (2007)
Ardently Love (酷愛) (2007)
My First Collection (2007)
Urban emotions (2008)


Moments of Love (擁抱每一刻花火) (2005)
Love Is Not All Around (十分愛) (2007)
Dancing Lion (醒獅) (2007)
Wonder Women (女人本色) (2007)
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Hins Cheung is a Cantopop singer and songwriter in Hong Kong and Guangdong. He studied and graduated from the Guangzhou City 7th Secondary School. He is now under contract with Universal Records.

He is 175 cm and a devoted Christian, and will become a permanent Hong Kong resident in 2011.
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Hins Cheung’s Concert Rumours
April 7, 2008 by roxxar -

Credit: ♥luvergal♥ @
Source: Mingpao

Kenny Kwan rumours raised at Hins Cheung’s concert

Hins’ three night Ardently Love concert began on Saturday night. Even though Hins’ good friend Kenny Kwan was not there that night, guest performer Kelvin Kwan decided to bring their rumours up onto the stage.

On saturday night, guest performer Kelvin Kwan gave Hins a sudden mouth to mouth kiss making Hins shout “My first HK coliseum kiss is yours now!” Kelvin nastily replied “No need to worry, my last name is Kwan too” Hins called him a betrayer and also made fun of Kelvin’s rumours: “Jill Wei is here to watch the show tonight” Hins then clarified that all the rumours were fake and also said that their god brother relationship was pretty coincedental: “One night I had a few drinks so I just called him my little brother and the next morning he rang me at 9am to ask me “Big brother are you awake yet?” Kelvin Kwan suddenly replied: “At the time were you sleeping by yourself or with someone?” Hins quickly answered: “Before I moved house I was sleeping on a single bed” Kelvin then asked: “Does that mean at the moment you’re sleeping on a double bed?” Hins answered while stuttering “At the moment I’m still single, the place has gotten bigger so the bed has to be bigger too”

Hins and Ivana’s Hot dance

Hins’ rumoured girlfriend Ivana was a guest performer that night, touching Hins’ body everywhere during their dance. Ivana has changed and she now has some good features causing Hins to say cheekily: “I like to look at women with good features” Ivana replied “I’ve been pretty nice tonight. Normally the collars of my shirts would go up to my neck and my sleeves would cover my arms”

Before the concert there were rumours regarding Ivana who was not happy about Hins having his own concert so she gave up on working with him and wasn’t going to be a guest performer. Hins stated “The rumours outside won’t affect our relationship, we have been through many obstacles to become good friends” He also revealed that he had to borrow $200 of Ivana once but when he asked she told him she was a bit tight as well and asked him for money instead. Hins also said that the two will share tough times together but they’re not sure if they can share wealth with each other: “As soon as Ivana changed companies she bought a new apartment, she’s very rich” Ivana didn’t reply. After holding hands and singing a duet together Ivana was inspired to say “Its very hard to get up on the Red coliseum stage, seeing Hins fulfill his dream, I am very happy for him”

Father gets $36 RMB a month

Hins revealed: “My dad’s a cadre (some kind of military officer), he only earns $36 RMB a month but my mum’s good at dealing with money so our home has a black and white tv and a radio so I can be in contact with music.” Hins’ parents were at the concert that night to support him but they wouldn’t reveal themselves.
Later that night Hins sang good friend Kenny Kwan’s song 萬能俠, Kay Tse’s 鍾無艷 and Chan Baak Keung’s well known melodies.

At the end of the concert Hins had too much to say so he cancelled one song. “I’m very happy here tonight and I have too many things to say to people that aren’t on the script. I’ll change this during the next 2 sessions.” Hins stated that Kenny Kwan will attend the last session, bringing their rumours on stage but then said: “I’m only joking, thats not real. I should be hit for stuffing up 鍾無艷” It was reported that Hins dancing wasn’t bad, he laughed and replied: “The most important thing for men is to have lots of strength in their waist”
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