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What’s your Favorite Country

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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
Most people have never left their own countries. There is a minority amongst us, however, that have traveled. So, out of all the countries you’ve ever been to what was your favorite and why? What was it like there? Hopefully we can all learn about one another’s cultures.

I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, America, and Germany.


I was pretty young when I lived in Germany, but I really enjoyed being there. It was completely beautiful, and the people are nicer than they are in American cities. That’s probably because traffic isn’t so bad. Everybody walked unless they had a long way to go.

Germany is very concerned about the environment. It’s illegal to leave your car running unless you’re using it, and it’s illegal to -not- recycle. You can’t even buy a trash-can, you have to recycle.

Oh, and just so everyone knows…it’s not a myth, if you plug American appliances into a European building it will overload and start a fire. German electrical outlets produce a lot more electricity than American outlets and they’re too strong for American appliances.

Germans are also partiers. They love to drink and they love to socialize. Also, contrary to popular belief, most Germans are very receptive of Americans. I never experienced any form of racial discomfort or tension. Racism just isn’t a big thing in Germany-at least not in my experience.

As far as WWII goes…most Germans don’t know much about it. In history class at school they tell them that they fought a war and lost, but not much else.

They’ve also got really neat trolley carts they go around the city.

Their food isn’t my favorite. They eat a lot of sausage, and I mean -real- sausage. Essentially, it’s animal organs jammed into pig intestines. They’ve got “meat wagons,” that have sausages and other meat displayed for purchase.

Their ice-cream rocks, but if you order a single-scoop you’ll be let down. Because their ice-cream is so much sweater than ours they serve them in tiny scoops. Get at least a triple dip, if you ever get the chance. OH, and order spaghetti ice-cream. Kinder eggs are also delicious. I don’t like chocolate but those are the exception. The little toys that come with them are a pain to put together though…they’re so tiny that your fingers cram together on the individual parts.

Also, there’s no legal drinking age in Germany. Even when I was in first grade I was drinking wine with supper. Strangely, I never took a fancy to it. I preferred my juice… I don’t like beer, wine, or any of those other drinks. (Just so you know…yes, Germany does have a problem with drunk driving. It’s much worse there than it is here in America.)

At my school they also started teaching us foreign languages in elementary school, but that’s probably just because a lot of us were from America and England. They taught English and German. Still, the German kids didn’t really talk to the Americans much. I had a couple German friends, but I was never great at speaking German so I mostly hated being around them. They were really nice, but communication was frustratingly difficult.

(Living in a country is -not- a good way to learn the language. It takes forever, and you’ll at least need to know how to say, “Where’s the bathroom.”)

They’re more open with sexuality in Germany. Homosexuals aren’t subject to so much persecution. Prostitution is legal, and people walked across town to the swimming pool naked.


I was only there for a very, very short time. It’s the same thing as Washington state, I didn’t notice any real difference. There’re a lot of Koreans and Chinese people in the area. I didn’t talk to anyone in Canada, just drove around and looked at some things. We went back home that same day. (We lived about an hour away from the border.)


I went to Mexico on a mission trip with my church. We gave out food, prizes, and sermons. It was really fun, and nobody can say that religion hasn’t done any good. My trip alone brought food to thousands and thousands of people.

The thing that surprised me the most about Mexico was that they -love- Dragon Ball Z. We were driving along and I saw this giant picture of Goku kicking Vegeta in the face. I laughed really hard. The Spanish voice-acting was -so- weird! “Senior Frezaaaaaaaa!”

They also have Disney channel down there.

Anyway, I drank the water and ate the food and nothing happened. I didn’t get sick, didn’t puke my guts out, nothing. Real Mexican food is pretty good, but kind of bland. They use a lot of potatoes and chicken, and don’t season things too much. My gawd their tacos are awesome!

They’ve got great rice too. They put peas and corn and stuff in the rice, and it’s darker than the stuff you get in America. It’s very good.

Things are really cheap there. Oh, and everyone knows what Coke is. Apparently coke is the most universally recognized word.

The thing that surprised me most about Mexico is that the people were just like they are everywhere else. I don’t know what I was expecting, but everyone acted completely normal. Children embarrassed their parents, parents swatted their children, and young boys tried to sneak free raffle-tickets.

We got to play soccer with some of the locals. It’s really hot in Mexico, and those kids were ridiculously talented. I couldn’t keep up. Then again, I’ve never been great at sports.

They really need traffic laws. Whose got the right of way? Whoever’s got the bigger vehicle.

Also, there’s a tax on people with complete houses so you see a lot of homes without their roof-tops shingled. They don’t use a lot of barbed wire either. They’ve got big concrete fences with shards of bottles and jagged pieces of metal sticking out.

Oh! Get this, the trash-men ride donkey carts! That was so cool. There were some kids on horses riding through the city, and there are a -lot- of stray dogs.

I didn’t get to visit any of the tropical regions, but I did get to see what people call the “real Mexico.” It was really awesome, and I enjoyed it very much.

The people were incredibly kind.

This being said, my favorite nation is America. Germany was beautiful, and Mexico interesting-but it’s just more convenient to live in America. Germany is so concerned with the environment that they trespass on your daily life. It’s really annoying and really inconvenient. Maybe if I’d been born there and was accustom to it that’d be different, but I’m not.

I want to warm my car up in the morning, and I want to toss my coke-can (there’s coke in Germany too,) in the trash without having to stop and make sure it’s made out of the right kind of material.

Also, it really sucks that you can’t bring your little sister outside without the risk of her seeing some aroused and hair naked old man…. XO

Mexico was a great place to visit, and I love the people. The culture is interesting and the food is great. They’ve got anime on public TV and living is insanely cheap. The problem is that you have to be constantly cautious. There’s a lot of crime ranging from pick-pockets to sex-slaves. The sex-slave trade is very big in Mexico-and Americans sell very well.

Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
Mine is also Germany.
They were awesome in FIFA 2006.
German dungeon porn.
Need I say more?
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
I've only been to Mexico and Canada... They're both nice. I like America too because that's where I am.
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
I think I can guess what most of the weeaboo here are gonna say.
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
Norway, Canada, Alaska, Japan and Austria perhaps? (though I haven't visited them except Norway because I live there) The reason for those countries is... Snowboarding!

They all have excellent ski resorts and lots of snow =D There's others that I won't bother to mention as you're not THAT interested in my addiction to snowboard ...

booyadude wrote:

I think I can guess what most of the weeaboo here are gonna say.

Unleash the spam!
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
i was gonna say I dont like country music...
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
Well since i am from and never left the united states, i guess i have to say...The united states

EDIT: i like the phillipines though, sounds really cool
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
Umm i guess usa
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
Well,I haven't gone in any countries except for my country.
But my favorite would be Italy and Greece.
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
Turkeys my favourite country... Mainly because of one simple meal I had when I was out there, Highly spiced Potatoes and Trout.
So simple yet it was the BEST!!! The Watermelons, Cheese, Honey and Tomatos that you can buy at any market are to KILL for too. Oh yeah, The bakeries are great there too... WoW great memories!

(The people are good to get along with aswell.)

{Been to Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France and Malta.}

I will go to Germany one day.
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08

Kippu wrote:

Does it have to be only the countries we visited?
We cant choose random countries that are just our favourite and want to visit there for that reason? O_o
[And no I'm not talking about japan ...alllthouughh.. ]

yep i agree..never been out of my country but for some unknown reason IRELAND is my favorite..heheh..^____^

's next...well, this has a reason now..i love writing hangul and speaking it..heheh..^____^ neh, na sarang hangul ni da..

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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
o.O i'd say japan and korea but i like egypt as well o.O
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
The country where I born. Japan
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/25/08
Korea i want to live there

yo quiero vivir en korea
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