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24 / F / Lil red dot
Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/11/08
Ahhh......I love describing my charas! ^^ I hav the dexcription tucked somewhere.. now only if I can find it. I dun wanna retype it will take too long, hahas. ^^ But the brief description will be:

Chara 1 -
Name: Hibi
Power: Singing
Transform into: Sunflower bloom

Chara 2 -
Names: Mai
Power: Dancing
Transform into: Rose Bloom

Oks, the powers are suppose to be more detailed but I dun wanna type it out now hahas. ^^
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21 / F
Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/13/08
I don't have mine yet....BUT IMMA PRAY FOR ANOTHER SELF AND THEN SEE IN THE MORNING IF THERE IS AN EGG IN MY BED...If there is I'll tell minna
Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
mine is exactly like miki, temari, kiseki and yoru...
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26 / M / London, Ontario
Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/16/08
my Shugo Chara:

Name: Larry
Age: unknown
looks: dresses in all black with an AK-47 on his back
Attitude: Mellow
Like: shooting me in the eye..... and cake
Dislikes: America (i live in Canada) and not having cake
Sex: male
Anime preference: subbed, hates American dub, no matter what (i lost 9 t.v's cuz it had some american anime dubbing)
Main goal in life: Killing all P.E.T.A members
Power: giving me the power to KILL me enemies, like the POLICE
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118 / F / Stalker.
Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/20/08
This is my Chara!!!

Name: Hiyoko

Really spunky and UNshy and TOTALLY HYPER!!!!
Very very funny and outgoing

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22 / F / i dunno where i i...
Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
hope i don't have one, too troublesome
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23 / F / Qatar
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
I have two of them ( I'm gonna upload picture soon )
they were made to reborn my old character
the first one :-
name : Naruki
a Chara that loves monkeys and is good at drawing , she might an air head sometimes =3
Chara nari : Monkey sketch (no stealling
the second one :-
name : Kourin
a Chara that loves to sing and knows how to talk japanese =D
Chara nari : Tokyo Melody (no stealing
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23 / F / My house.
Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/21/08
I would have 2 shugo charas

The first one
Gender: male
Name: Kota
chara change: cool, calm, collected
A shugo chara that is cool and calm and isn't afraid to stand up for himself.
Chara nari: cooled Black ( it's not evil or anything )

The second one
Gender: female
chara change: Top, Learn, Smart
A shugo chara that is on top of things organized and if focused on important things.
Chara nari: Pure Principal

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23 / F / FROM HELL!!!
Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/18/08
mine chara is a bit diff. than others, srry but plz read the whole thing!

to understand mine u needa read a bitta history(in my imagination world of coarse. lol)-
when i was six yrs old, tat was the yr when i got inta a total anime/manga freak, and from tat night on i would pray every 2 night to become one tat could enter any anime worlds. and it took me like 4 yrs(its tru) till my wish come tru. i believe tat the 4 yrs i prayed didnt work untill i got a diff personality at the age of 9. and tat personality would be amu's cool and spicy and bitta emo(dont laugh!). and my normal self was completely a cute/dreamy girl, while my would be self is cool... and on the night b4 my 11th b-day i prayed to be a cool/spicy/bitta emo character AND also be my other kind/dreamy self as well. so there on my 11th b-day night i became a anime world traveler(i would pretend i m in the anime world at night and get in the imaginary scene and talk blankly like talkin 2 characters) and also with the birth of Saki.
name: Saki
modes: she have 3 diff modes, cute/cool/normal
friends: everybody in shugo cha world, and would like to meet more only on pitchy mode or normal mode
gender: girl
mode 1-cute/kind/dreamy<--the usual me
transformation words:cute, kind,dreamy!!!
saki's cloth after transformation: pink and puffy dress with ribbons at the edges
me cloth after transformation: plain pink dress with a huge ribbon in the middle of my chest with the edges a bit puff
regular character change: i would be not shy and do what i want to do and be really cute(something like amulet heart without the athletic part)
mode name: pitchy mode
personality: being cute, often have daydreams and is pretty kind
like:cute stuff
dislike:the other self mode-ice mode, when people dont talk
good at/hobbies: fashion, getting long wit ppl, music and art
power: to turn regular x-eggs back to normal in the real world and in the shugo cha world
words of power: UNLOCK HEART. love pitch! lock on and open your heart with new dreams!!!
mode 2- cool/spicy/emo<--my would be self
hair: dark gray
transformation words: cool, emo, spicy...
saki's cloth after transformation: edited cool school uniform
me cloth after transformation: barrowed all from amu's closet
regular character change: suddenly would not talk and would grow a icy cold face
mode name: ice mode
personality: acting all cool and stuff and often cus
like:things with the skull symbols
dislike: the other cute mode/annoying ppl/cute stuff
good at/hobbies: avoid things, ignore, cusing
power: turn x-eggs back to normal(can only do 1 per day unlike pitch mode can do as many as you want) and to increase the damage tat amu does(amu's any form)
power words for turning x-eggs: UNLOCK HEART. freeze up!!! ice key, open the lock inside you!
power words for amu's damage: UNLOCK POWER. freeze in!!! let the ice give the one's strength!
mode3-normal<--saki's normal self not me
personality: lazy bum and funny and carefree
like: food
dislike: hunger, iru(utau's evil chara), me sometimes
my clothing would be my regular
saki's clothing: she unlike other charas, she changes cloth everyday
hair: aqua(light blue/mid green)
ok, this is long, SORRY!!! lol anywayz, tats my story and my chara!
Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/19/08
I have four shugo charas. I'm working on sketching them right now, but I have Adee, Reiko, Makoto, and Ichigo. I also have one egg.


Name: Adee
Age: 3 months
Looks: Bright yellow eyes. her hair is down and curly, and it is a golden colour. She wears a white long sleeve shirt with a yellow vest over it, and a yellow plaid skirt. She wears black shoes. She also has a dark yellow backpack and carries her notebook and pen everywhere she goes.
(Image coming soon)
Character Change: Wrote, Write, Written!
Chara Nari: Heart Dream
Purpose for creation: More confidence in my writing and to help excel in school.


Name: Reiko
Age: 9 months
Looks: A warm orange colour in her eyes, and a different tone of the same colour for her hair. She wears an orange sparkly shirt, and a short orange skirt. She had a brown belt around her waist on the shirt. She is sometimes seen with a microphone.
(Image coming soon)
Character Change: Sing Sang Sung!
Chara Nari: Star Dream
Purpose for creation: To help me gain confidence in my music. She was born when I was learning a really difficult piece.


Name: Makoto
Age: 9 months
Looks: She wears a simple green dress, green flats, and her hair is up in a bun at the top of her head with a wreath of flowers around it. Her eyes are emerald green, and she carries a tray.
(Image coming soon)
Character Change: Cook, Make, Bake!
Chara Nari: Striped Dream
Purpose for creation: To boost confidence in my baking.


Name: Ichigo
Age: 9 months
Looks: Her bright red hair is in an intricate style on the top of her head, and she wears a red and pink prima costume. She has eyes that match her hair.
(Image coming soon)
Character Change: Run, Skip, Dance!
Chara Nari: Swirl Dream
Purpose for creation: To boost confidence in sports and dance.

The Final Egg

The final egg hasn't hatched yet, but it's a light purple with crescent moons on it. It seems like it will hatch soon.
Predicted Chara Nari: Crescent Dream

I'll let you all know when it hatches!
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/21/08
i cant say much so im not sure
Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
age:6 months
transform:diamond flip

age:4 months
transform:diamond paws

i have a egg that is about to hatch 2!
it is light pink with with cherry blossoms on it :)
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24 / F / in a pizza box
Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/26/08
name: rei
confidence in singing...
loves singing (what i said above...duh )

(yes. thats kagamine rin from vocaloid 2. i thought she would represent my chara the best.)
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25 / F / Water Temple
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/27/08
I only have one Character. ^^ She helps me with my social/ happy problems, and acting more like a girl, and less like a tomboy.
Name: Ai
Age: About 3 weeks, when I started realizing how much I want to be feminine :'D
Character Change: Cute, Pretty, Girly!
Eye Color: Hot Pink
Hair: Blond, short with a flip at the end, and I headband with a pink bow on it.
Outfit: A pink, sleeveless dress with pleats at the bottom and a bow in the center, and knee high boots.
Personality: hyper and cutesy, kind of like a Ran-Su mix.
Power: Love? xD
Character Transformation: Beautiful Bow
Here's a quick sketch of our transformation (I'm too lazy to draw a fancy picture xD)

( I may draw a better one later :'P)
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