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Posted 10/25/08 , edited 10/25/08
This thread is for the introudction of the new members, ok i'll start it up...

I'm Odin, but my real first name is Daniel Francisco. I'm from Mindanao in the Philippines... Firstly I got addicted to anime since I was about 9 years old, the anime that got me started into addiction was Voltes V

I never got sick of watching anime all day long, my sched in watching anime is if it's a holiday,vacation, etc i can probably watch from 5-11 hrs a day, depending on the household chores given to me when there are classes depends msotly its only about 30 mins - 3 hrs, depending on the situation for the next day... I joined crunchy since it needed an account to continue watching anime, at first that was my only reason, but as time passed i got bored of only watching by myself and without chatting with different otakus on the net...

Hmmm... what else.... Oh right, im a college freshmen in the Philippines taking up BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) I'm more of an Otaku than a gamer, but oftentimes i play games too, depending on my mood My favorite classes are PE and Science, my least favorite is DEFINITELY Math i'm no good with numbers to begin with I've got a senpai on anime 2 of 'em and all of 'em are college students, we chat from time to time and oftentimes talk about anime and life... Anyway if you have problems about life you can ask me for some advices since I really love helping out in anyway I can esp. if its about life experiences.. Anyway thats all I can think of right now, and I really haven't notice how long my introduction has already been
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Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/28/08
thank you odin-san,that was great!Now it's my turn:
Koinichiwa minna-san,hajimemashite!(hi everyone ,nice to meet you)
watakushi wa sonhi desu(my name is sonhi)
hanoi kara desu(l live in hanoi)
ju-go(l'm 15)
jugatsu no san(my birthday:3/10)
(l learned it in group:learn basic japanese created by xanimexwingsx)
l'm the creator of this group
you can see all my favorites and all about me in my profile
l love ghibli studio so much,at first ,i don't really plan to create one group,but,by some mistake(l joined this group while the ex-creator leaved it,so.....l became a CREATOR. But l don't want to leave it too so l decided to own it.l spendid one night to make it like you see now
l hope you all enjoy it!
And invite your friends join us too!
~~~onegai shimasu~~~

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